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You’re Stronger than You Realize!

I recently had a client who struggled to see any real results within her healing journey with endometriosis. I felt that I had given her so much information and resources to help her. I shared some of my most transformative techniques and methods – including all the fabulous foods which I have found to now be proven to see real results specifically for endometriosis!

The problem was that she simply couldn’t seem to stick with it. She kept wanting faster, easier methods. She was looking for a miracle pill that simply doesn’t exist in natural healing. I tried narrowing things down to just smoothies or just 5 specific foods to focus on. Somehow nothing seemed to work and I felt like I had let her down.

After a hard conversation I asked her one specific question: “Did you really give this 100%?”. Sadly, her answer was “No”. She had still managed to not actually follow the plan I had laid out for her. She still ate the foods I suggested she steer clear of. She still “cheated” and she then informed me that she was giving up and going for IVF treatment instead.

I felt sad for her. Sad because the opportunity to truly transform her health wasn’t taken advantage of. She kept searching for a quick fix, instead of spending that time investing in the very methods I had recommended to her. She never committed to her health. She never gave my suggestions 100% and so there was no evidence that it hadn’t worked.

So, I decided to create this video in the hope to encourage you to put your health first and make yourself a priority:

I invite you to reframe your experience with endometriosis. Instead of looking at the endometriosis to stay stuck in pain and symptoms, I invite you to use the strength you have gained from the struggle as the motivator for change. Every time you experience pain or a nasty monthly, I invite you to use that as motivation to make the changes you want to make. Pain is your new motivator. How can you shift that pain with foods? How can you shift your stress by simply shifting your outlook? Explore with me…

This is not about blame or making you feel guilty. This is about using what is available to you and grabbing it with both hands and never letting go.

I know you are strong. You have already endured so much and that takes strength. Getting through a day with pain takes strength. Seeing loss and experiencing loss takes strength. I know you have endured these things. I know you have experienced the true struggle of questioning everything about who you are as a women and more. That is strength. That is truly who you are and it is that strength that I want you to use to motivate you.

Feel free to share your thoughts below…

Hugs, Melissa x
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