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How does Yoga specifically address Endo Pain?

Could yoga for endometriosis actually help?

One of the nastiest symptoms of endometriosis is the pain. We are familiar with it. It is that constant dull ache in the lower abdominal area. The exhaustion of that pain. The unflinching never-stopping pain. It pulsates, it aggravates and it can feel never-ending. I know when I was first diagnosed with endometriosis, it never ended. It was a daily struggle, that just never stopped. How good would anyone feel when you feel like you are being repeatedly punched in the stomach? Can I get a #totallygetit?

Let us get all sciency for a minute…the underlying reason for pain with endometriosis is an umbrella term called inflammation. It is the key driver for that pain and interestingly enough is also a driver for hormone imbalances and a whole bunch of domino effects within the body.

Now, inflammation is a natural thing to happen in the body. It is what drives things to heal. Trouble is… for many of us, we live in a permanent state of inflammation. This basically means living in a permanent state of pain. Endometriosis pain, pain with going to the toilet, pain with sex and well… any kind of pain. You get the idea!

My experience…So, over the years, I tried a host of things to try and reduce my endometriosis pain or the inflammation that was going on in my body. Initially, I tried a bunch of anti-inflammatory foods and yes, that helped a bunch but I needed to take it to the next level – hence developing my REACH Technique©. So, the next step was exercise and finding a form of exercise that could reduce inflammation. I explored a few different options and in the end, the one that really proved helpful was Yoga.

I have been practising yoga for endometriosis for about 4 years. It is honestly life changing for us woman with endometriosis! It works so incredibly well at reducing inflammation in the body.

Here is a great video where I explain the inflammation, pain connection and reveal a study showing us the benefits of Yoga for Endometriosis:

This video is part of the Yoga for Endometriosis Challenge, where I share all sorts of cool insights about the health benefits of Yoga plus you get FREE access to our yoga for endometriosis Program for 30 days. If you want to find out more and register to get all the insights, visit www.endoempowered.com/yogachallenge

Do you feel like you are in a constant state of pain? Does your whole body feel inflamed?

Are you keen to join the yoga for endometriosis challenge? Got questions? Feel free to post them below…

Hugs, Melissa x
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