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Yoga for Endometriosis. Specific poses designed by Allanah for us Endo Women!

The whole idea with Yoga is to stimulate movement and to loosen up any blockages in the body. Yoga does this sooo well! In this video, Allanah, shares her experience and expertise and has created a video just for us!

Only do as little or as much as you can and make sure you are warm before you try the stretchy poses. I find lifting up and dropping down, while breathing is a great way to get the blood moving! Or go for a small walk and then do the poses afterwards.

I know for me, the second one was not that easy, but bend your knees or do it in smaller circles. It still has benefits!


Thanks Allanah for sharing with us!

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Kim

    Thanks Allanah. I tried these poses for the first time this morning. They helped a lot. Have a good day.


  2. Sarai

    very nice! Thanks! I also find that happy baby pose opens the pelvic area nicely, as does badakanasana does lying down, knees apart and soles of feet together, I like to end my day in this pose with my hands on my lower belly, very soothing and helpful to direct healing breath to those parts.

  3. Julie

    Thanks Melissa! I am looking forward to trying these out. Hope all is well with you.


  4. Melissa

    It is my pleasure! It is a fabulous video and I tried it again this morning and it definitely helps get movement down there 🙂

  5. Allannah Law

    Thanks Mel,

    That third pose (upavista Konasana) is a doozy, but with your knees bent fine or with your buttocks on a pillow to tilt the pelvis. Many thnaks!


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