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Yarrow: I recommend this to all my clients

Yarrow for endometriosis

Yarrow, this little herb – often considered a weed, is one of my top recommended herbs to help you address endometriosis. I want to share some cool information about Yarrow with you today and share my recommended uses for it with endometriosis.

Here is why I love Yarrow:

When we consider what is happening with endometriosis, we can see why this herb is such a good match. Let us break it down…

Endometriosis. A bunch of dispersed cells of blood. They trigger inflammation and cause the prostaglandins to react with pain and bloating. Yes, I know it is very simplified but you will see the links shortly. As discussed in previous articles, we know that there is a link with Candida Albicans and endometriosis for many women. There is certainly a higher susceptibility for infections.

So, imagine our new friend Yarrow. It is like a sponge with soothing properties but also able to fight off infection and happens to be a blood mover. The key actions of Yarrow from a technical herbal reference: Astringent (draws fluids inward), Antimicrobial (fights off infection), Spasmolytic (reduces cramping) and Anti-Inflammatory (reduces inflammation & pain).

Because Yarrow helps move the blood, it will help reduce period pain. Much of the pain is simply your uterine muscles contracting to try and get stuff out – Yarrow is gonna help with that. When we consider how Chinese Medicine describe endometriosis, it makes even more sense. According to this ancient form of medicine, endometriosis is described as “blood stagnation”. So, it makes perfect sense to use Yarrow which is going to help move the blood and purify it.

Menstruation Specific Benefits of Yarrow:

  • Reduces Period Pain
  • Helps with regulating irregular periods
  • Helps to get your period back – if it went missing (Amenorrhoea)
  • Pelvic Atonia – muscles may not contract effectively. This could effect the bladder, kidneys etc. Think prolapse or any kind of muscle weakness.
  • To clear up Vaginal Infection (Leukorrhea)
  • Helps reduce heavy periods (Menorrhagia)
  • Helps treat fibroids

Extra overlapping good stuff:

  • Helps soothe the gut function. One study showed how it reduces spasm often associated with IBS.

Yipppeee! You found Yarrow. Your new spongy best-friend.

Here’s how to take Yarrow:

Ideally get the tea and drink 3 times per day. If you have them growing near you, even better! Not sure? Check out this foraging for Yarrow guide to make sure you have the right plant. 

If you use just the flowers in a tea, they will be amplified to help reduce pain and cramping. If you want all the benefits including the ability to draw in fluids (heavy periods), then incorporate the whole herb. The whole herb will be quite bitter when drinking so perhaps add some honey.

Contraindicated during pregnancy

Can’t find it? Buy the tincture off iherb here.

Historical uses:

Heal-all. Used as a blood purifier and to help the kidneys. Used externally to relieve migraines by inserting into the nose. Reduces nose bleeds, toothache and helps heal wounds and ulcers.


Hugs, Melissa x
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