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Could This Weed Really Be the Answer for Endometriosis?

I received an email from a guy a number of weeks ago recommending this weed to me. He expressed his thanks for creating my blog and wanting to help women around the world and that he had found this weed/herb, that claimed to be able to cure Endometriosis. To be honest, I dismissed the email for a few weeks because I am suspicious when someone claims that one thing, one product, one herb can cure Endometriosis.

Having had a little more time to read through the email again, I decided to research the plant a little further. What I found was really interesting. The plant is called milfoil or yarrow. (yarrow achillea millefolium)

It is actually like a weed that grows in many locations around the world. It is easy to grow and easy to get.

The amazing healing powers of yarrow for Endometriosis:

  • Yarrow promotes circulation and will stop excessive blood flow— it was used in ancient Greek times to stop hemorrhages.
  • Yarrow is known as a uterine tonic and will improve uterine tone. It also thereby increases blood flow where needed and regulates scanty or irregular flow. So, it increases where needed and slows down where needed—brilliant!
  • Yarrow stimulates bile flow—this means, it will help with liver digestion and toxic load on the liver.
  • It has a drying effect on the system—that means, it will reduce any “damp” symptoms in the body. Many women with endometriosis suffer from “damp” or what is more commonly known as candida or sinus or mucous in the body. “damp” is a Chinese medicine term which are associated with blockages in the abdominal area.
  • It normalises opposing conditions (any extremes in the body)
  • Yarrow is used in traditional Chinese medicine as well as Ayurvedic medicine and has been dated back to the burial caves 60,000 years ago (this proves it has been used throughout the world and in history)
  • Yarrow contains antispasmodic activity. It has a substance much like Aspirin, which alleviates pain and inflammation. WOW!
  • It is super cheap and easy to get.
Could yarrow be the ultimate answer for Endometriosis?
How to find some in your area?
I found this great article about yarrow achillea millefolium and how to recognise yarrow. It is found throughout the world.
Here is the article on how to recognise and find yarrow where you live.

Yarrow has heaps more healing powers!
It can be used to prevent a cold, heal a sore throat and all sorts of things. Here is a great article on other uses for yarrow. 


How to use it?

Just make a cup of tea with a few of the flowers, three times a day. If they are dried leaves, use about a teaspoon in a cup three times a day.


* Don’t use yarrow if you think you might be pregnant, after ovulation.

I am truly excited about finding and hearing about this weed! I do hope it lives up to its amazing promises for Endometriosis and I am planning on growing it in my garden this weekend! It is very exciting!

Had you heard of milfoil? Do you want to try it?

Any questions?

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Maria Pendleton

    Can yarrow tea help with enlarged uterus? What about adenomyosis??

  2. Melissa

    Hi Aniko,
    Yes, Yarrow can most certainly help you with endometriosis, adenomyosis and ovarian cysts. Endometriosis is not an estrogen dependant condition – they have outdated information. Try it for a month and see how you feel 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Dear Melissa,
    thank you so much for this website.
    I came across this article about yarrow last week. I would like to ask if yarrow can be used for endotriosis, adenomyosis and for ovarian cysts?
    In my country it has been told to be harmful in estrogen dependant conditions such as endo, mioma, etc.
    Can I use this herb for endo, adenomyosis and cysts or not?
    If yes, on which days of my period can I use it?
    Thank you for your answer.

  4. Melissa

    Sure. Just make sure there are no fillers in the capsules and as pure as possible 🙂

  5. Yolanda Gooding

    What about using yarrow capsules? Can this work instead of using yarrow tea?

  6. monica

    Definitely, cause the plant has also an anti clogging effect.

  7. monica

    Hi girls! Finally found some info about “yarrow for endo” cause in my country,somewhere in Eastern Europe I found none. But that is not the point. The point is I have been using this plant for more than three years for my endometriosis and my fibroids, and this, because I red somewhere in a magazine that is good for uterine diseases. I had a surgery 5 years ago, January 2012, first and last until now,ovarian cyst- 8,5 cm, 1,5 cm. 1 cm. 3 cm fibroids. After 5 years I am more or less ok, still have fibroids growing, feeling very tired, depressed, can’t sleep, sweat a lot in the night, different of other minor pains. But, there is a huge “but”. My periods are ok, no pain, no heavy bleeding.Yes I am pain free for almost five years. Couple of months ago I was wondering if it was worthing the pain to drink a cup of tea every day for 21 days a month if my fibroids are still there. I don’t know about my endo, which by the way was also spread on my colon at the time, and this is because I’ve never been to a doctor since 2012-don’t have the time and the mood to tell you why but women who have endometriosis know why…Couple of days ago I found out that the answer is yes. It worth it. I red a lot of comments on http://www.endo-resolved.com and I was in shock finding out about the terrible pain women are in every day because of this stupid disease and what is worse because of the doctors. Plus family and friends who don’t understand , don’t accept and sadly don’t even wanna do some research about it. To make a long story short:YES, yarrow helps a lot, helps your whole body and bust your immunity, you just need to be patient and perseverent. The fact that in five years I didn’t have another surgery is enough proof I hope. For more information here is my mail: monica.gitei@yahoo.com

  8. Georgia

    hi, it’s me again! I was wondering if there is a way we can connect? I have cyst and irregular period and would like to ask you some questions!! Thx :$

  9. Georgia

    Hi, I have ovarian cystS. Can yarrow tea be taken as an infusion (Susan weed style 🙂 ) and can I consume everyday or just particular days?

  10. Maria

    Hi Melissa,

    I think I’m going to try the yarrow again. I’m going to buy some more next paycheck. I was putting yarrow in my tea again. I always ask for an ultrasound at my yearly physical exam and just had one done (But the Nurse Practitioner ordered only an external one – not the internal one like they usually do. I was not very happy about this because the technician last Sat when I had it done told me she couldn’t really see my ovaries doing an external one. Then what was the point of having one done?! I want to ask for an internal one, BUT I am not sure my new insurance will pay for another one done. I just want some peace of mind.). The report came back from the ultrasound done last Sat that I have one 16 mm fibroid (I used to have three of them!) and the cyst on my right ovary was resolved and they couldn’t see anything on my left ovary (I am not sure I totally trust this report because it was an external ultrasound and not an internal). I am hoping that all this drinking tea with rasberry leaf and yarrow and taking vitex in pill form has helped some. I have to go back to the primary physician for a follow up in early Dec. and I want to ask for another ultrasound – an internal one. I am not sure she will go for it. I have a feeling she will try to send me to a new GYN due to the fibroid, but I don’t think my fibroid is that big – 16 mm is small right?? Also, I haven’t had a cycle now since May. I am praying hard that the fibroids and cysts are disappearing! I do sometimes have low grade pain/ache on my right lower side, which makes me wonder is the cyst on the right ovary really gone or not? I have become so discouraged and frustrated with some of these doctors. They don’t really help me. The only ones who have really helped me and encouraged me are Melissa and my Napro GYN who treated me for the endometriosis. I can’t see the Napro GYN anymore because he closed his office and is now training doctors in another state. Bummer! But hey, I still have you Melissa! Do you think I should continue drinking the yarrow? If I could get rid of this small fibroid and the endometriomas (I am not fully convinced yet they are gone!)and the asthma and sebborheic dermatitis on my scalp, I’d be so much happier, less stressed, and frustrated LOL. Now I have to worry what this doctor is going to say in Dec and if she is going to try to send me to another GYN who will recommend Lupron and a hysterectomy! No, thank you! I am not convinced Lupron and hysterectomy are the answer, especially since I’m 49, probably will be in menopause in six months, and my only complaint right now are moodiness, lack of sleep, headaches, and hot flashes. I really want to treat this naturally!

    Thank you, dear Melissa for all you do! Love you! You’ve been such a blessing to me and such a BIG help and encouragement! XOXO

    Maria In Mass

  11. admin

    Hi Maria,
    Thanks for your wonderful support. I definitely think Yarrow will help you sweetheart. I will send you an email and perhaps we can chat on Skype sometime 🙂

  12. Maria

    My sister in law Olga recommended this herb to me several years ago before my first surgery. She and her best friend are from Serbia. Her best friend is quite knowledgeable about herbs and recommended this herb to me. I made it into tea a few times, but not often enough to make a difference. Since then, I’ve had two surgeries.
    I just had an ultrasound and am very dismayed to find out I have for the third time (grrrrr!)bi-lateral cysts on my ovaries and numerous fibroids. They are sending me to a GYN. I saw this GYN two years ago and she was very nice, but she gave me the option of either going on Lupron or having a hysterectomy. I told her no, thank you! I feel so dismayed that I have to keep having these surgeries. I am forty eight and even though my periods are skipping and a lot lighter than they used to be, my last period reminded me of what my old periods used to be like – headaches and cramps on day one and two and then the third day, I had such horrible pain I could barely stand it. I took motrin 800, but it did nothing for the pain. When I got home I took Midol, which took awhile to work, and started drinking red rasberry tea, which worked much better than the motrin 800. Now I read this article on yarrow and I have a bunch of it. Could this help with the horrible cramps, headaches, ect.? Could it help diminish the ovarian cysts and the fibroids? I am not sure I really want a hysterectomy, but I am so tired of being scared by doctors who tell me “your right cyst is full of blood. we have to keep an eye on it.” and being told I need a hysterectomy. How much yarrow tea should I be taking? What is your recommendation? I have an appointment with the GYN on Sept. 15th and I am not sure what I am going to tell her. All these doctors say the same things! Is it any wonder I suffer from such anxiety being told these cysts could develop into cancer or being told I am at high risk for developing the scary ovarian cancer due to the endometriosis? I feel done with these doctors! Frustrated! Thank God for Melissa, the information she shares on this website, her programs, and her e-books! Melissa is a life saver! Love her! Thank you melissa, for everything you do to help and encourage us!

    Much love and hugs to you, my dear friend!

    Maria N. In Mass. XO

  13. Catherine

    I developed endo/fibroid/cyst/tailbone pain in the last year, since having a copper iud- which is now removed. I have been trying a routine of serrapeptase and mostly vegan plant based diet plus liver detox, plus daily exercise and last week I came across yarrow mentioned in relation to the liver detox research I had been doing. I was interested in making a compress for my liver, but when it arrived in the post (I bought three bags of dried leaves) I was interested to see if it was totally safe for the endo etc and wouldn’t have any adverse reactions for the fibroid etc- and was also intreaged to see if it may be good for the condition- and …turned out it was with a lot of information of the benefits for uterine health- so I drank a really strong tea last night, about 5 teaspoons in a pot with two cups of water- I drank one cup before I went to bed last night and one this morning (hot and cold has two different reactions on the system so I thought I would try both) and today- well- my pain is usually level 6-7 and today I can honestly say it has dropped down to 0.5. It is back up to level 2 now but I thought to research specifically yarrow and endo- and found this thread on your fabulous site! so…thought Id share! The tea is very bitter to drink but just chug it down. And ofcourse don’t make it too strong because it could be counter productive. Best of luck and hugs to all x

  14. Dianne

    Hi Mel
    I have been drinking my yarrow tea daily for the past 2 months and i have had no ovulation pain since! Before this my doctor wanted me on either Depo-Provera to stop my periods or operate and remove everything included my one and only ovary which keeps getting cysts. I refused and when i read this article i decided that i have nothing to lose. It will be interesting to see if that cyst that has been so persistent for the past couple of years, even after surgery, is still there. I will keep you updated 🙂

  15. Melissa

    Yes. The fresher the better. The tincture just ensures it’s density and you can take it over a longer period, without needing it in your garden 🙂

  16. Kirsty

    hi all,

    so is the tincture just as good as using the leaves / flowers? Also I’ve found some organic teabags would they work just as well?

  17. Melissa

    Hi Dianne,
    Yes, that should be perfect. I got a tincture of Yarrow and have noticed it works wonders. Check out the Tincture by Dr Vogel.

  18. Dianne

    Is that 3 coffee spoons of the leaves or the flowers? My yarrow plant doesn’t have any flowers yet, so can i just put some leaves in hot water and drink it?

  19. Dianne

    Great i will definitely lookout for this one and give it a try. Thanks very much for all your info!

  20. Melissa

    Thank you Lotfai.
    It is great to have such support and recommendations coming in 🙂
    Great that you look after your wife too!

  21. Lotfaï

    I am so glad you gave a chance to my researches. I can’t wait to see new testimonies about this plant. Can you imagine ? If Milfoil IS the official answer ? I give my wife 3 coffee-spoon in 1/2 liter of water everyday (it represents 2 mugs) and she started few weeks ago.

    I also recommend it to heal ovarian cysts (it really works).

    Love to all of you girls, you’re courageous and you’ll find the light soon.


  22. Melissa

    Thanks for the vote of confidence on Yarrow. It is great when we find one and great to have it confirmed 🙂

  23. Ana

    It’s role is to harmonise your hormonal system and while you are under BC pills this is not an easy exercise since you have sinthetic hormones in your body. Worst that could happen, you BC effect would be lower. But of course, you should you check this with your doctor as well.

  24. Ana

    Hi Melissa
    I’ve came across your blog a couple of weeks ago when I was researching desperate for a natural cure for endometriosis. I have discovered mine last year, when I had a laparoscopic surgery to remove an ovarian cyst and the diagnosis was confirmed. This year I got another cyst but I won’t go for surgery anymore. Now I am on a natural therapy, recommended by a natural therapist, which also incluse yarrow. I am from Romania, and here this plant is very popular in helping women fighting against many type of gynecologycal disorders. It is also included in my current treatment. I have started it a couple of days ago and I am feeling much better. So I strongly recommned it, but like any natural treatment, it has to be taken constantly and in large quantity for at least 3-4 months to see the results.

  25. Amber

    I think I’ve seen this type of tea at my grocery store. Can’t wait to give it a try!

  26. Melissa

    I can’t see any harm in it for sure – it isn’t hormone based, so should be fine – maybe check with your GP:)

  27. Melissa

    Gotta love weeds! They are the hardiest of plants!

  28. Hdkhan

    Wonder if we can take this while on BC? Good post though, it’s worth a try.Thank you!

  29. Cindy

    I have used yarrow before in tinctures for my children to aid in immune building but have not used it this intensely on myself. I will definitely try this! Thanks for being open to the possibility of a weed being so helpful.

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