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Do You Worry that Your Endometriosis Is Getting Worse and Spreading without You Realizing It?

It is easy to worry about Endometriosis. I know I used to worry about it for years. I would imagine the Endo cells just taking over my entire abdomen and there would be nothing, recognisable left inside of me! It was honestly like watching a horror movie unfold in my mind sometimes!

What I have come to realise is that the fears of Endometriosis getting worse are only really justified if we are doing nothing to aid the body’s healing journey. When I did nothing for myself, ate junk food, drank heaps and just generally didn’t really look after myself, my Endometriosis would return within a year and a half. It was obvious when it was back and it was an unbearable pain. I couldn’t get out of bed for two days of the month and the rest of the time, the pain would consume my life at any given moment. My “treatment plan” at the time simply involved having surgery every year and a half. Well, after seven operations, you can imagine how sick of that “treatment plan” I became.

It has been over seven years of not having any surgery. I know the Endometriosis is back but I also know it is not out of control.

How do I know not to worry about it spreading and getting worse?

  • Pain with your period

I only experience pain occasionally with my period and when I do have it, I don’t even need painkillers to deal with the pain. It is completely manageable—certainly not like it used to be, where getting out of bed was a complete struggle. If your pain is improving, you are on the right track. If it is getting worse, you need to do more within your healing journey.


  • Listening to all of your bodily symptoms

I review what my body is telling me and keep a record of its progress or shortcomings. There are heaps of signs that indicate whether your healing journey is going in the right direction toward healing. The symptoms your body gives you are all indications of whether you are healing or whether your body is struggling. Indicators include: good/bad digestion, headaches, nausea, bloating, skin break-outs/sensitivity, sore muscles and aches in your body, emotional instability. It is important for you to keep a record of what is happening with your body and your personal improvements. Some of us don’t share all the symptoms to begin with and may have additional symptoms, which we need to remember. They all count! They are all indicators of improvement in your healing.


  • What comes out

I know this is a funny subject but it is important to recognise what is coming out with your period. If it is lumpy, dark and stringy, it is a sign that things are not good. We want red blood that flows like water or a little thicker. Certainly not stringy, lumpy bits. This is a massive indicator of endometriosis improving or getting worse. I found using Vitalzym made a huge improvement with this one!


  • Your overall energy levels

One of the key indicators that your body is balanced and happy is how much energy you have. If you feel constantly tired, it is a clear indicator that things are still out of balance somewhere. This is mainly connected to the liver not being able to process all the toxins and fats in your diet but also an indicator of hormone imbalance and thyroid imbalance.


  • Pain with Sex

This to me was always the most obvious indicator that Endometriosis was returning and the more painful it was, the more I knew my Endometriosis had spread. It is really the best indicator, in my opinion. It doesn’t indicate this for everyone as the endometriosis deposits can form in different places. For me, however, it was always my most obvious indicator.


These are signs I have personally found to indicate that my Endometriosis is improving or getting worse. We are all different and you might not get all the signs—I know many women with Endometriosis who don’t experience any pain at all. The point is to recognise the signals within your body and to realise when they are getting better or worse. If they are getting worse, just up the natural techniques you are using or see a natural practitioner to help you get the right focus.

The body is super powerful and only needs guidance to heal. It is not an instant fix. It has taken years for it to develop these imbalances and it will often take months or even years to fix those imbalances. The thing to remember is that they are imbalances and just need to be put back into balance. This is when you feel light, happy and everything will work as it should.

What signs do you remember having, that you no longer have? What tells you that your Endometriosis is getting worse/better? Feel free to share your personal signs so other women can recognise them too.

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Bronwyn

    Hello Melissa, I’m not sure if this will reach you or not but do you have more information in regards to the part in this article about paying attention to what comes out? My periods have been getting much darker, lumpy, clotted and stringy the last several months. It has me concerned as I do feel my endometriosis is getting worse. I’m trying to get back on track for healing and I’m trying to find the cause of this change in the consistency in my periods to know what I need to change to help. Thank you,

  2. Melissa

    Hi Adrianna,
    Unfortunately, an ultrasound won’t pick up endometriosis. It is very small and very difficult to detect.
    The birth control pill, unfortunately, doesn’t address endometriosis and only suppresses the symptoms and will make your period stop. It is not a period when you are on the pill but is called break-through bleeding.
    It sounds to me like you could still have endometriosis but I would need to know more about your symptoms to help you, sweetheart.

  3. Adrianna

    Hello, I am a 16 year old girl who gets stabbing pains once in a while and they don’t just happen when I’m on my period. They get worse when I’m menstrating. I have went to the doctors and they did an altrasound to see if there was any endometriosis and there wasent . They also checked for ovarian cysts and that cake back negative. They put me on a very low dosage of birth control, that seamed to help for about 2 months and then after that the pains came back. My period is 2 weeks late and I’m wondering if there is something else going on.

  4. Anonymous

    Hello, I am a 16 year old girl who gets stabbing pains once in a while and they don’t just happen when I’m on my period. They get worse when I’m menstrating. I have went to the doctors and they did an altrasound to see if there was any endometriosis and there wasent . They also checked for ovarian cysts and that cake back negative. They put me on a very low dosage of birth control, that seamed to help for about 2 months and then after that the pains came back. My period is 2 weeks late and I’m wondering if there is something else going on.

  5. Melissa

    Thanks for sharing Cathy and sorry for the struggles you have been through. You can help your body naturally with my programs or challenges hun. It all aids the body to help it heal itself. IBS is also easily resolved with the right diet and herbs.

  6. Shannelle

    I have a what they call “eddomitrioma” it is only small at the moment and it is sitting towards the back on my bowl, I really worry that it is going to get worse without me knowing. I got tested for this 3 years ago and there was no result until I ended up in hospital with sever abdominal pains which turned out to be endometriosis.
    What should I do?
    I haven’t received my letter from the gynaecologist and it’s almost been 2 months. I get a lot of discomfort during intercourse which is how I knew I had endometriosis. I am only 19 so it worries me a lot to think that is is getting worse, every now and then I get pains on my right side which is caused from the endometriosis

  7. Cathy

    I had a laproscopy because i complained of pain during sex. They found micro endometriosis (which can still cause severe pain during sex) and the surgeon did not remove it. He said it is too small and not that big of an issue and that when and if i get pregnant it should help with the pain. I found that ridiculous as a sugeon is only offering advice for temporary pain relief.
    I cant use condoms because i feel inflammation and pain from it and stopped taking birth control because ive learnt that can cause endo to spread. It is hard to tell however if it is getting worse or not. I generally experience lower back pain on a daily basis and have IBS . I know IBS and endo can inflict back pain and i am 27.. just worried as to how long i should be waiting to get pregnant
    Not exactly ready yet as ive got to work etc.. but its so confusing!

  8. Melissa

    How lovely to connect with you Mia and wow! you are doing so much already hun. I am happy to hear it is all helping.
    I have not heard of using carnivora tincture so I am fascinated to hear about it and will certainly go on a little adventure to learn more. I would imagine using bicarb as a douche could help with uterine cancer but I would be a little hesitant as it would change the PH down there and offers protection from bacteria that way.
    I am so happy to meet you sweetheart and glad you don’t feel so scared and alone anymore 🙂

  9. Mia Bienz

    Hi Melissa, very grateful I found this site, its already given me much hope, im 26 and have self diagnosed myself with endo. Symtoms started about two years ago with pain during sex, not really from penitration, but only immediately after an orgasm. At some points last year they got so bad I would spontaniously vomit after sex. Lol not cute at all, thankful i have an amazing partner. Can also see how fatigue and mood swings have been a symptom in the past year, also at the beggining of 2017 is when i first started experiencing dark cloty cycles. I even skipped a whole month (last january). I mean my blood was black! It was scary i didnt know what was wrong with me. Ive recently been taking tinctures regulary (red rasberry leaf, nettles, red clover leaf, angelica, ashwaganda, dong quai, rhodiola, damiana, ladys mantle, wild rose, burrdock) and have since noticed less pain during sex. Ive also been tracking my cycle and notice the most pain when im ovulating. I recently heard a podcast on woman who had uterine cancer using sodium bicarbonate in a douche and seeing positive results, and was curious as to if it could have a similar effect on endo…what are your thoughts on that? Also have heard of woman taking the venus flytrap tincture “carnivora” and diminishing their fibroids, (i was told i had a “small” fibroid by kaiser once and was then told that i dont have endo and not to “worry” about it, i never saw the ultrasound image but think its either maybe actually endo tissue or a fibroid as a symptom?) am also curious on your thoughts about carnivora tincture and endo? Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and thank you for all that you do. This is a really scary experience that has often left me feeling alone and so scared that ill never be able to have a child. Woman like you are angels to me. Thank you!

  10. Melissa

    Big hugs Susan. It sounds like you have been through a really rought journey. There is another option, which doesn’t involve pain killers and a hysterectomy! You can opt to really support your body and it will reward you with good health. Hopefully you have signed up for my Endo Make-Over and are getting some inside information about how to truly support your body.


    Hi Melissa. I’m glad I found your website. Like others, I almost bought the Ebook Endo bible, and like you I could only see reviews leading back to the seller. Very suspicious, but hopeful – and then I stumbled upon your website whilst searching for reviews.

    I fear my endometriosis is quite rare or so I’ve been told. My periods are heavy, no clotting to speak of, but I get horrendous pain in the rectal region – feels like I’ve been kicked hard up the backside. I’ve been on this cycle of pain for five years. I was only diagnosed two years ago after lots of other investigations. Endometriosis wasn’t even mentioned to me for years until my 3rd Gyno suggested it and then found it on my bowel and other places. It has been a frustrating journey and still no cure – just lots of pain killers and suggestions of a hysterectomy. Anyway that’s my journey, in brief, so far. Thanks again for all your info. Cheers, Susan

  12. Melissa

    It’s a total pleasure Lisa. I am excited cos I am creating the perfect space in a few months which will provide a complete picture, rather than just individual programs.

  13. lisa

    Thanks Melissa..

    That’s exactly what I am doing…Yoga on a regular basis and ordered Serrepeptase last week and waiting for the delivery.
    Thank you for creating an amazing support group. When there’s no where else to turn, I know I can always find comfort and solutions on your site.

  14. Melissa

    So sorry to hear about your lesions. I would combine Serrapeptase and Yoga. The Yoga will dramatically reduce the tightness of any adhesions and that will reduce the pain and inflammation, while the Serrapeptase can help the body flush them out.
    Find out about Serrepeptase here:

  15. lisa

    Hi ,
    I fear that my problem is rare…I have been an endo sufferer for a long time, experiencing what all the lovely ladies on here at some point in my ‘healing journey’ but for the past 8 to 10 mos. I have developed these ‘lesions’ or ‘cysts’ on my lower back on both sides where the hip bone sits.
    I have had and MRI, ultrasounds, xrays….etc and all inconclusive…something is there they just don’t know what….I think there endo cysts, although it is a strange spot for cysts to form , they react with inflammation and pain every cycle I have…..
    its very frustrating to say the least…..is there anyone else that has experienced this, and any suggestions as to what kind of specialist I can go to who will take it seriously…..
    I have been to a plastic surgeon already and he didn’t do anything….again…so frustrating..

  16. Katelyn

    Well it’s been about two months and I ended up having a laparoscopy done about 2 weeks ago, I was feeling better but I’m already going back to the horrible cramping, and being cranky, not being able to sleep again…. Forgetting to eat regularly. They told me I would feel better as soon as my incisions healed. There healed and I’m just getting worse, they told me I would bleed a lot after the surgery and I didn’t 🙁 not sure if that’s a bad thing. I’m a little afraid they are going to tell me I will need another surgery to remove more tissue. They told me when I went in for surgery they removed excessive amounts of endometrial tissue, more than they thought I even had. I’ve been working out and eat healthy and I just can’t seem to feel better.

    It’s getting a little exhausting… It’s stressing me out beyond belief! Not sure what else I can do anymore…

  17. Melissa

    Hi Lana,
    I am so happy you keep coming back – though not for the best of reasons but glad I can be here for you.
    How wonderful to have a new man in your life 🙂
    I personally think having lots of sex with endo would actually be a good thing. I think it can provide lots of blood flow to the area and as long as it isn’t too painful, I say – enjoy :). I found that there are certain times when that inner pain is more noticeable so perhaps you can record when it is more sore – what time of month cos there might be a pattern.
    I don’t think surgery is a necessary evil if you don’t want it to be. You need to just decide to put your body first and start providing it with some real healing. It might be getting worse with the lack of good nutrition and sadly the added strain on the liver but at least you are recognising it and are ready to do something about it. Since we “met” I compiled a course, called the The Endo Wellness Retreat which might just what you need right now. I guarantee it will help you with the pain sweetheart! You can check it out on http://www.endowellnessretreat.com.
    If you need a student discount, let me know and I might be able to swing something for you. just email me on melissa@endoempowered.com.
    You can get better even if the endo has spread again! I have seen women completely heal from endo! Chin up sweetheart, You can do this thing!

  18. Lana

    Hey Melissa,

    Its been a while since I’ve been on your blog, mostly cos i was doing fine, or at least better than since before i came across it in the first place. but reading this article for the second time a few years later now, has me worried. I’ve read some of the responses some of the ladies have written and i really feel for them, i feel sad cos i can relate to it all over again.

    Ive got a new partner now and we are noticing the same old symptoms :(….pain with sex and in the last month I’ve really noticed a difference in my pain, its been worse, more stabby and sharp like it used to be. I cant say I’ve been going that well on the natural healing path because i just did a year of Uni and juggling with all sorts of other stressors that have resulted in an Iron and vitamin D deficiency and me drinking alcohol and not eating properly. My last period was so painful my partner said it was scary to watch, and i had to take pain relief again 🙁 I feel my mood is down, and i cant help but wonder whether the ‘growing’ is perhaps out of control, mostly i feel overwhelmed, as you expressed in another one of your articles.

    This year i really want to take better care of myself, i worry with Uni and work and everything else that i may not get through my studies and that makes me feel like a failure and more hopeless…i just feel lost to be honest. I want to start eating better and do yoga, but i notice that every time i try even mild exercise i get the same dull pain like i do for a few days after i have sex. Can i ask a personal question, do you think its bad to have regular sex for someone with Endo? i know we are all different, but could i be making it worse by having a healthy and regular sex life? more importantly, lets say my endo has returned or is growing, without having surgery, do you think its possible to reverse this or to make it better or does this just mean whatever I’m experiencing now will continue but just wont get to a severe level?

    on a more positive note, each time i come across your blog, i want to express how grateful i am that you’ve done this, it was your calling perhaps! 🙂 any advice, from anybody would be supportive right now…


  19. Melissa

    Dearest Katelyn,
    I wish I could give you just a massive big hug! You are not alone sweetheart and your pain is not in your head and you are not imagining it!
    I would highly recommend reconcidering the pill. It is interfering with your natural gut bacteria which is causing more imbalances. You have a Candida overgrowth problem in your body sweets. Chances are you are craving sugar and breads like mad right now! I would highly recommend getting on a Candida Cleanse and fixing your digestive issues.
    Sorry to hear of your loss sweetheart. You might like to join our Facebook Group? Check it out

  20. Katelyn

    I am 19 years old and only went to the doctor because of a bad yeast infection and a missed period and major pain. I’ve always had horrible pains during my time of the month and pain with intercourse. I figured It was normal because I experienced it so often, and the doctors said I was okay. They told me I have pretty bad endometriosis and they gave me birth control to try and thin out my uterus lining. Since then the pain has gotten worse along with my nausea, headaches, bloating. It’s hard to get out of bed, I don’t want to call the doctors again and have them tell me I’m okay I’m just worrying to much. But I’m so freaked out, the pain gets worse everyday. I look like I’m gaining weight very quickly. I am just not sure if I’m over thinking the whole thing. It scares me knowing that having children can be a problem with endometriosis, I was pregnant a year ago and lost the baby at 3 months, and now I may never get the chance to have a child?…
    It’s very stressful while in college and working and dealing with all these thoughts. Any information Or hearing other peoples stories may help.

  21. Melissa

    Hi Lisamarie,
    You need to change your diet and lifestyle to stop it from spreading. It won’t stop, just because they keep cutting things out. There is an imbalance in your body that needs to be healed.

  22. i was worried that it was spreading till 7 months agao it came back, after taking out my uterus 2 years ago, then it destroyed my overies, had those gone with 4 days ago, now to find i have bowel endo, and i dont want surgery again, is it going to keep spreading????

  23. Terra Chavez via Facebook


  24. Samantha

    Try Swiss ball workout on abs. Will help to reduce pain and heavy flow 😉 try that,

  25. Melissa

    Hi Katherine,
    I am so happy you found me and felt that you could share your story and your struggles. I guess all I can say is that there are levels of detoxing and dieting. One of the key elements which I am realising is the importance of what food we eat. It might sound good to eat vegetarian but this diet is often still loaded with toxins from pesticides and fungicides. Are you eating 100% organic? You can eat fermented foods which eat away all the toxins they have on them. This will also help your endo as your bowels will work better. Research more on fermented foods and you will be amazed at the link with fertility and endo.
    I am also hesitant to take vitex and maca for such a long time. They are both designed to help with oestrogen dominance which is often a symptom of endo. I personally think if we take them for longer than 6months they actually create a different imbalance. I have heard from other girls that this was the case for them too.
    Don’t give up sweets. I know it seems like it has all been for nothing but it is all a learning and you can find heaps more on my site to show you even more methods to explore. Try Moringa leaf as a better alternative to Maca and Vitex.

    Biggest hugs and best wishes,


  26. Katherine

    Hi Melissa!

    Thank you for your blog posts…they are a huge support for me.

    I’m currently feeling rather beaten. I’ve been drug-free for 2 years now after stopping birth control because of a formation of a cyst that grew to be the size of a golfball before it burst. I’m 90% vegetarian (the only meat I eat is seafood) and take Macau root, wheatgrass, b complex vitamins, vitex berry, and live iron every day. I practice yoga, detox regularly, and do all that I can for my body.

    I thought things were getting better. However, this past weekend I had to go to urgent care because of severe pain. It was debilitating abd blinding. I just laid on my back with my knees to my chest crying, needing relief. Advil PM helped with that, although I know it isn’t very good for me. While at the urgent care center, they diagnosed me with a burst ovarian cyst on my right ovary. However, they also found my gallbladder, appendix, kidneys, colon, and bladder were inflamed or otherwise affected because of the endo.

    The doctor offered surgery or birth control, but I turned down both knowing neither of those options would work in the long run.

    I feel very depressed. I’m still recovering from the weekend with my swollen belly and hip and soreness that feels as if I were kicked hard in the gut. I feel as if my hard work and changing to my healthy lifestyle isn’t working. I’m only 20 years old and I don’t want to have a child until I’m about 30. But as this disease spreads, and as I’m racing the clock, I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle. 2 years of detoxing and eating right, yet my endo is growing. Have you battled with this too? What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you for your insight!


  27. sameera

    Thanks for this article Melissa

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