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Love Being a Woman and How to Enjoy Your Cycle

This is the month of appreciating our womanly cycle and all the things that come with that. I know how easy it is to hate-on our bodies and to hate-on having endometriosis. It is a tough condition to deal with. Today, I want to share a different view on being a woman and how we can appreciate and love where we are at.

I have interviewed Audrey from Lotus Power Health to give us some new ideas to explore around our womanly cycle and having endometriosis. She is also an endo sister!

I love the idea of working with our cycle and accepting that there are gifts within every part of that cycle. As a woman, I think we are often tempted to compete as men, in a man’s world (as they say). Why can’t we compete as women in our world?

Explore some of these ideas for yourself:

  • Notice how you feel at different times of the month. Do you have more energy at the beginning, middle or end?
  • Work with your cycle and notice if it shifts your levels of pain with having endometriosis.
  • Explore the beauty of being a woman with some books about appreciating yourself.

What has been your experience with having endometriosis, being a woman and any connections to releasing angst around these topics? Do you feel that there is a connection?

Would love you to share any thoughts and personal experiences to help others or to explore your own connections.


Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Jothi

    All these years since i got my periods.. it was always a stress.. every month i would feel it as a burden.. but last year when i was diagnosed with endometriosis it was nothing less… i felt this is t.. i cant do anything more.. but post surgery.. i thought it s my option choosing to overcome it or end with it.. i started knowing what it is actually and what happens in my body.. it was like a new world.. being a para medical student it helped me a lot to learn in deep.. after all those meds and mood swings i dealt bcos of it… i chose to explore different option .. nutrition and endometriosis..i explored more.. picked up my dietician who is also my yoga therapist.. tuk classes.. and following diet.. keeping in vision what i would be when im healthy i did hold on to that feeling.. now with mild improper diet and asana practises..years of stress doesnot go away easily.. but im workingout to be better.. dealing with pain ..fear of periods.. im pushing myself forward.. for a better health.. better life..

  2. Brooke Briggs

    I have been struggling with endometriosis for years now, but just grasping that I am dealing with it. This was very encouraging to hear. I have developed a hate relationship with my female organs and my body as I don’t know when I will have a flare up. I would like to understand more how I can accept my endo and my female cycle.

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