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Why Weight Loss Is So Important to Healing Endometriosis and Some Weight Loss Tips Hopefully You Haven’t Heard Of!

It has been over a year since I made all the dramatic changes to my diet. The first one, cutting out sugar, was probably the hardest. I then gradually cut out every other food suggested on the Endometriosis diet. I must admit, when I look back on it, I can’t believe it was that long. It feels like it has only been a few months. The thing is, my health and how I feel are dramatically better. Which is kinda obvious as everything in this blog directs you to do these things.

It got me thinking though… was it just that I had cut out all these “bad” foods or was there more to this?

I went shopping the other day, clothes shopping. It hasn’t been this much fun in years! I tried on a smaller size than I have been able to wear in years! Yip! I have lost a whole dress size in a year! This was the one connection I had not realized with Endometriosis, hormones and our weight. I know I hated my weight and it was always an issue. I blame it on all those nasty fake hormone treatments but I think it was also largely the poorly created diet I lived on. I always felt chubby. My arms were fatty and I always felt like I was an adult in a baby body, you know all poofy and cuddly!

Here’s the thing you don’t want to hear… your excess weight is affecting your Endometriosis and naturally your health. Why?

1. It is a storage area

The toxins we accumulate in our diets and within our environment accumulate in our body’s fat cells. It is like a massive big space for it to reside and make itself comfortable. The more of these fat cells we have, the more space the toxins have. The more toxins we have, the more it will affect our hormone imbalance.


2. Our livers become over-worked

The liver is very closely related to our hormone levels and ultimately our Endometriosis developing further. When our livers become overworked, it is less able to flush out excess hormones and regulate what is already there. Being overweight will impact on your liver and your gallbladder. The liver flushes out excess fat cells but when we are overweight, we have so much fat for the liver to process and guess what? It puts your hormone-flushing on the backburner.


3. Your body is simply not running at its optimum

Excess weight is placing strain on all your organs. They all have to work extra hard to do their work. This is naturally going to affect every organ that directly and indirectly relates to Endometriosis. The funny thing is, we seldom associate Endometriosis with our digestion, our kidneys, our lymphatic system and our heart. It is all related and every strain you place on your body will affect it overall.

To heal your body you need to get it working properly. All of it and not just the Endometriosis part. That means giving it the very best chance of healing itself.

I know weight loss is hard and so much of it is tied to our emotional bond we hold with food, for those struggling, we suggest to check www.resultswithlucy.com. I used to replace my feelings of inadequacy and not feeling valued with lots and lots of chocolate, ice cream and alcohol! Food is so related to our emotions and Endo, being such an emotional condition, makes us want more food… it  all makes us literally go around in circles. Feel crap because of endo, eat some food, feel better, get fatter, feel worse with Endo pain, eat more food, feel better, get fatter, feel worse… you get the picture.

Thing is, you need to get off the merry-go-round! It doesn’t stop calling you until you make the decision that you need to do something for your health, each and every day. Make the right decision with what you put in your mouth, each time you do it. That power is within you. You can take steps and do something positive and constructive towards improving your Endometriosis through that choice, every day, with every meal. Realizing how powerful that is makes you feel more in control and that you are on your personal road to recovery! Giving in to sugar, meat or whatever your personal temptations may be actually makes you feel worse, not just physically but mentally. You lose focus, lose control of your goal to get better. I don’t want you to take this as a thing to make you feel guilty, not at all. Guilt will just make you eat more bad foods. I know because I did that too! What I want you to see is the power that you hold in the decisions you make to heal yourself with what you eat! It is the one thing you can have control over. There is no control over when Endo may strike or how it reacts. This is often out of our control but what you eat is! Grab it and feel it and you will feel so much better, just knowing that there is something you can do, easily and every day!

So, I guess your next question is going to be, well okay Mel, so where do I start? What should I do to lose weight?

Here are 4 steps to easy weight loss that hopefully you haven’t heard of:

1. Replace the oils. Throw out all the vegetable oils and refined, overprocessed stuff in your cupboard. Get onto organic coconut oil. It works wonders and is also a natural anti-inflammatory. You can get deodorized coconut oil, so if you are cooking something where you don’t want the coconut flavor, there is another option. Extra virgin olive oil is also good but coconut oil is better to help you lose weight.

2. Consume more water. Water flushes out excess weight and toxins. The highest volume is in raw fruits and vegetables. Eat heaps of them, first thing in the morning until midday and you will flush out everything! You can eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as you like, no restrictions. Naturally, drinking heaps of water is a given!

3. Cut out gluten. I could list all the things here that we should ideally cut out with Endo but for rapid weight loss, I would have to say that gluten was my biggest one! It reduced my bloating, my water retention and my digestion!

4. Eat all day, often but little. We are used to our three meals a day. Try eating every 90 minutes instead. Eat often and never feel hungry. This will level out your metabolism and your glycemic index.

I am not going to go through all the usual weight loss stuff here because I am sure you can find it on plenty of other sites. You know the drill: cut out sugar, fats and do some exercise!

It is a delicate topic—our weight. Thing is, it is not a personal external thing anymore. It is so much bigger than just how you look. It is after all your one and only body, so give yourself the best chance.

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Ed

    Try acupuncture and wet cupping

  2. Heather Herrin

    Did you cut out all sugar or just added sugars?

  3. Marie

    This link doesn’t work. Please advise. Thank you.

  4. Belinda Woodward

    Thank you Melissa! This article is informative and helpful;)

  5. Cathy

    Hi Belinda
    I had hysterectomy ten years ago at 39 due to endo and Pcos. Have had trouble ever since losing weight. Have tried ww, slimming world, herbal life and Cambridge diet. I exercise 4 times a week and Cannot get below 13stone I’m so depressed with it all have this week gone to dr to have all bloods done but I know they going to come back all clear. I’m also going to counselling in few weeks as I have real self esteem and body image issues due to my weight can you suggest anything I could try thanks cat

  6. Maria Teran

    Hi iam 53 years old some people say i look 35…lol
    Wish that i felt 35 but this disease gotten a toll over my body and it’s not something people talk about cause all they know is that they are in pain.
    Well hopefully you can help me out I’ve learned alot in reading this information you have put out & now i have a brighter tomorrow my friend thank you!❤

  7. Shazia kashif

    I have endo last 3 year and i done a operation of endo but it not cure i m married and i have noo baby yet and my wait is continously gain it rais from 73 to 105 and it continously gain doctor suggest m that try to lose the wait buti cant now due two my endo cyct i have continously staining of brown blood and doctor not handle my case plz help m plz suggest me any treatment and tips to lose waight plz what i do plz i m from pakistan i m very worried i need baby

  8. Melissa

    Sounds to me like you might have PCOS. Maybe get them to test for that?

  9. Chloe Finch

    Thank you for your research. At the age of 20 i had 3 operations in the space of 18months. They found cysts ruptured and endometriosis. I am now 24 and in so much pain every time i have my period. I can’t eat gluten/wheat. I can’t eat cheese or chocolate, anr i live a very healthy lifestyle. I have just noticed recently that i have started to pile on the weight and i cant get rid of it.

    I went to the doctors because i have also got alot of hair growing in places i dont want etc… So i am having a hormone blood test.

  10. Carla Walters

    Good day, My name is Carla and I’ve been diagnosed in January 2016 with Endro. My weight has been constant for years and I’ve started picking up weight since Nov 2015 and thought it was my wedding arrangements giving me stress. I am not a sweet tooth and I’ve started eating things i never used too and it confused me very much. My weight has been rising and what is strange, I’m not a dairy, gluten, meat lover. I’m gaining weight in my legs, tummy and most of all in my knees. I do not eat much, sometimes I even forget to have a meal. I need help please. The pain normally came a weak before my periods but since last month it has never gone. I am currently not on any treatment due to the fact that I’ve been diagnosed with Thalassemia and I cannot afford not to get my periods because I will have an overdose of iron in my body. Please help as I cannot handle the weight gain and the pain has become rapidly severe.

  11. Anonymous

    Thanks so much for the information. I was told when I was 16 had has endometriosis. When I was in my 20s they tried to burn it off but mine was too severe 90% coverage, but I was still able to give birth to two wonderful kids. I noticed after having my kids the pain became more intense and I started having a lot of trouble losing weight. I exercise a lot. It was only recently I heard the my endometriosis may be part of the cause. This is the first helpful site I have came across.

  12. lesego


    Thanks for sharing.Sugar and the gluten is a big problem surely i will be able cut.

  13. Melissa

    Wow! Thanks for sharing Roxanne. That is an amazing story and gives us all heaps of hope 🙂

  14. Roxanne

    Hi, I liked this reading and I would like to share. I have had endometriosis since I was 11 and was infertile by the time I was 21. I wasn’t diagnosed though for another year because my dr told me that I was just a small person and that the pain was normal. I got married expecting to have children but after 3 different surgeries of burning, trying to open tubes with catheters, etc, exploratory hysterectomy, no help. Went on the meds including the Luprin, gained 60 pounds and couldn’t take the meds because they upset my hormones so much I became seriously depressed. My dr’s had no hope, I had no hope, I was going to have cancer and then they would give me a hysterectomy but not until then because of my age. I researched and decided that the pain was not worth the food. I started by cutting out all red meat, and went to a vegetarian diet. I really didn’t lose any weight but because of cutting this out with daily exercise, the pain went from 3 weeks a month to 1 week. I have been on this diet for quite a few years now and I am looking now into going vegan but let me tell you the best thing. You all know how this disease progresses. I went to the Dr’s for my last physical, I am 37 years old now. The Dr checks me more then once and says to me, if I hadn’t read your chart I would not believe you have this disease. Your organs are still pliable and very healthy. She asked me what I was doing (this was a specialist), I told her and she stated that we don’t realize how much food effects are bodies.

  15. Melissa

    Hi Sweetheart,
    Start by cutting out Gluten. That is anything made with flour. Bread, donuts, biscuits, oats and cereals. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Full Easy Guide coming soon 🙂 Just keep subscribed and I will let you know.
    Big hugs,

  16. cynta Clemens

    Hey My Name is Cynta and i Have Endro. Im 23 years old and Recently had my blessing because i dont believe in luck. She 6Month now but the pain started again and i think it worst now then it used to ne. Im trying to Change my eating habit but i have no idea where to start. this was Helpful But i Still Dont know Where to start. Please Help me cause Lord know Im tired Of this pain

  17. Melissa

    Hi Fee,
    I really believe my new course would be the perfect answer for you. It will show you how to eat right but more importantly it will give you the motivation to do so. There are specific techniques to conquer that sugar craving 🙂
    Check it out: http://www.endowellnessretreat.com

  18. Fee

    Hi Melissa
    Thanks so much for the inspiration and motivation. I have endo and had four ops already. Despite my endo I gave birth three months ago to my fourth child. My pregnancy was difficult as I have a tvt sling holding my prolapsed bladder up. Besides having iBS I also have severe lymphedema that makes my legs so swollen that it looks like elephantitis. I am on a downward road…I have no confidence and hate my body that has doubled itself. I just cant seem to let go of my sweet tooth. I crave chocolate and ice cream. What can I do to stop this terrible addiction. I need a lifestyle change.

  19. Melissa

    The ideal endo diet is to cut out sugar, gluten, dairy and meat. Though this is really hard for many of us to cut all these yummy things out, the results are a flat, bloat free tummy, less pain from endo and more energy to do what you want in your life. Bloating is essentially a stagnation in the abdominal area. You can move that out with Castor Oil Packs and Yoga – amongst other things. It doesn’t matter what you call it, the technique to healing is always the same 🙂 Let me know how you go!

  20. chris

    This is great information and I did not know this b4. I think the information is good whether you are trying to lose weight, or not. It is good to know that the natural foods will help, and the info on the fat cells holding on to the bad stuff. I have had severe endo my entire life, in surgery 2x to have it burned out – the last time was early this year. Are there things you can suggest for foods for individuals who do not need to lose weight? From the way I understand your post, the good diet will help the endo symtoms. My goal is to able to stand straight, button pants comfortably, etc. (I’ve been to several specialists for many different things to test in order to ensure there were not other issues).
    Thank you!

  21. Melissa

    That is awesome! Do share!!!!

  22. Melissa

    Hi Belinda! Happy to hear you are not taking things lying down – excuse the pun!
    I found the food combining thing made a huge difference for me 🙂 Gluten was huge but hard to stick to. Definitely let me know how you go!

  23. Belinda

    Thank you Melissa for your research as I have been suffering for over 10 years with digestion problems, gas, and even anxiety!!
    I was diagnosed with endometriosis about 18 years ago and had all of it lasered out about 17 years ago, which brought about my miracle, my beautiful daughter!! Since giving birth I think the endo has gone rampant. I’ve had every test you can possibly imagine, and my gynocologist just says “wait until your on the other side of menopause”.
    Easy for him to say!!! Through my own research I had a suspision that what I ate made a difference with my pain level, my cycles and my digestion. I knew that sometimes I can eat dairy and sometimes it sends me through the roof, sometimes I can eat chicken or fish and sometimes it causes great pain! I never thought of the gluten and that it what I am trying next:) I will keep you updated!

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