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Why I No Longer Support the Contraceptive Pill as a Treatment Option for Endometriosis

I must admit I was a little scared in the beginning. I was scared to recommend that women with Endometriosis get off the contraceptive pill. I was perhaps coming from a place of my own journey and my own fears around having Endometriosis and using the contraceptive pill as a treatment option. I took it for seven years and it was really daunting to come off it. Every fear of Endometriosis came rushing back to me. How could I possibly control this condition with nothing to help me? Right?

I guess my thinking at the time was that I wanted to do SOMETHING, rather than nothing at all for my Endometriosis. I also thought that it was fairly safe and not nearly as dangerous as something like Lupron or the other hormone treatments recommended for Endometriosis. Words like “mini pill” and “low dose” made me feel better about it all. Surely there was nothing wrong with taking it in combination with a healthy diet and lifestyle?

There are a few things I just didn’t realize about the pill and there are things you possibly don’t know either.

I thought I would share some insights with you…

1. The pill is synthetic

The pill is not a natural thing. It is made of synthetic hormones. These synthetic elements are toxic to our bodies and when we consider that we add them every single day, it is not surprising that women experience so many side effects. Toxin affect our liver health, our immune health and will have consequences on ageing and overall vitality of a woman.

Can we really expect our bodies to feel vital and healthy, when we fill it with a toxin every single day? Our aim is to cleanse out toxins, and adding them in just doesn’t make sense!

2. They alter our hormones

These hormones physically STOP natural processes in our bodies. They stop ovulation! This is kinda crucial if you ever want to have a baby! That “period” you experience is not a “period”. It is breakthrough bleeding. There was no egg, no ovulation and therefore no real period. When we stop hormone signals in the body, they will affect other functions. Hormones never only have one job like looking after the ovaries and ovulation etc. Many of them have plenty of other important functions like building our bones, brain function and regulating fluid retention in the body. The consequences of stopping hormones is what is so scary about the contraceptive pill.

The “oh so innocent” mini pill consists of mainly testosterone-like progestin called 19-nor-testosterone, or a progestin and a small amount of estrogen. It is well known that 19-nor-testosterone progestins bind to estradiol receptors and thus have the potential to stimulate breast- and endometrial cancer.

Hormone imbalance is only one symptom of Endometriosis. It is not the key aspect we should be looking at with Endometriosis. Altering hormones doesn’t resolve the reason why our hormones have become out of balance in the first place!

3. They substantially increase the risk of blood clots

According to a Danish study recently published in the British Medical Journal, blood clots are very dangerous and can lead to things like strokes or heart attacks. The article reported that when the mini pill was used, the hospital admission rate for women suffering from thromboembolism rose 16 percent. Thromboembolism is caused by a blood clot, usually in the legs, which can be extremely painful. If a piece of it breaks off and travels to the lungs, it can be fatal. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists reported that for every 100,000 women taking the third generation pills, 20 to 30 will develop nonfatal blood clots. (British Medical Journal, 1999)

Could there be a connection with Endometriosis and this blood clotting side effect from the pill? Ask any woman with Endometriosis and she will likely describe her period as heavy, thick and clotty. Possible connection?

4. They increase the risk of many cancers and diseases.

We often hear about how the pill reduces the risk of ovarian cancer but we seldom hear about how it increases the risk of cervical cancer, breast cancer and bowel cancer. It would also increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, and blocks the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals.

A recent study in The Lancet indicated that cervial cancer is closely linked to the oral contraceptive pill. It is known that HPV (human papilloma virus) is among the most important causes of cervical cancer. What the researchers discovered is that using the pill for a long duration increased the risk of cervical cancer in HPV-positive women.

Examining 28 studies that included 12,531 women with cervical cancer, and interpreting the results very conservatively, they found that the risk of cervical cancer increased dramatically with increasing duration of use of oral contraceptives, for all women—not just HPV-positive women. (Lancet, 2003)

What happened to First do no harm? These are some real dangers and life threatening conditions. Is it really risking cancer over Endometriosis?

5. It depletes our minerals and vitamin stores

There are numerous studies, which illustrate how the contraceptive pill depletes vitamin and mineral stores. These include vital vitamins like B vitamins (stress regulators), Vitamin C (immune fighters) and minerals like magnesium (reduces cramping and twitching in the muscles), selenium (strong antioxidant) and zinc (helps with immune function and maintains healthy skin).

One of the biggest ones is folic acid which can cause anemia, birth defects and cervical dysplasia. Cervical dysplasia is a pre-cancerous condition characterized by abnormal cells that can be detected in the cervix by a pap smear and other methods. Many women with cervical dysplasia end up having a hysterectomy, which could have been prevented by taking adequate amounts of folic acid.

My principles within the REACH Technique© always begin with replenishing the body. How can we truly replenish what is lost when we toss something into the body every single day that depletes it of so many vital minerals and vitamins?

Is it really worth the risk?

Watch this introduction into a new documentary that is coming out in the new year:

Okay, so perhaps I have shocked you into really reconsidering the contraceptive pill. It is dangerous and the risks of all of the above far outweigh the potential so-called “benefits” as a treatment option for Endometriosis. The contraceptive pill is not treating anything!

I highly encourage you to support the making of this new documentary. It is being Kickstarter-funded and every little bit helps. Support something worthwhile and find out more about natural alternatives by giving your pledge here.

I conducted an interview with Jane Bennett. She is the author of The Pill: Are you sure it’s for you?

Go check out the interview here:

You will be shocked at the connections with all of the above and the many other things you may not know. There is also further information on this page with a free download of the other potential side effects of the pill.


As much as I would love to say that the contraceptive pill could be used in conjunction with natural approaches, I simply don’t believe that anymore.

There is nothing sweet or innocent about these “mini” pills. They are a real danger to our health and ultimately don’t resolve Endometriosis.

There is a far better way to truly support your body!


Smith JS, Green J, “Cervical cancer and use of hormonal contraceptives: a systematic review,” Lancet, 2003 Apr 5;361(9364):1159-67.

British Medical Journal September 25, 1999;319:795-796, 820-821. Bennett, J., & Pope, A. (2008). The Pill. Allen & Unwin.

Are you worried? Not sure what to do next?

Feel free to share your comments below.


Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. Kitty

    OH MY THANK YOU for this article!! I hate the pill – it is NOT a solution. It is dangerous and a chemical and not natural to skip your period I don’t care how “safe” doctors spruik it!

    The first Gyno that did my first surgery clearly was so old school he knew nothing much about Endo and google was more helpful than he was. BUT he was adamant that if I skipped my period all would be well. Well all was deifnitely not well and I got severe depression from 2 different pills I tried AND I got serious period pain at the time of skipping the period ( and I don’t usually get pain at period time!

    At least now i have more real reasons to not agree with the contraceptive pill other than just knowing it is bad for me.

  2. silvia

    Hi Melissa,
    Thank you for your amazing website and for sharing your experience.
    I was taking the visane for 2 Years and since 6 months I stopped… I change my diet, was taking maca, some supplements, doing yoga, and so on… now It seams like the endometriosis its slow coming back, I went last week in a new doctor ( anthroposophic medicine gynecology) and she gave me some anthroposophic medicine and sad to complement I should take the ”’natural progesterone pills” in the second half of the menstrual cycle and do another exam in 2 months. I’m not sure if I should take the pills it or if I should maybe instead try serrapeptase.. What do you think about this ”’natural progesterone”?
    thank you so much, I’m so happy I found your blog, I’ve been looking for something like this for years!

  3. Louise stanley

    I came off the pill over 9 months ago – finally got the confidence to do so after many years. And I’ve not looked back. It’s been lovely being free of synthetic hormones and I’ve noticed the difference for sure. I’m more aware of what my body is doing and feeling. My energy levels have increased and my libido which is nice! I definitely think my body has a better chance without the pill.

  4. Wendy Josephine

    Hi Melissa

    I am currently taking Visanne. ( pres ribed by specialist who suspect me having infection in my endrometrium) .

    According to specialist. It will takes 3 months to heal. And this product is a progrestone.
    She said that for women above 40s normally facing premenopause stage as well as having severe pains in the pelvis is common
    So I dont know what to say. But I wished to get rid of this pain. So have been in this for 1 n 1/2months already.

    There are side effect like bone aching. Tummy cramping. Eating more than my 3 meals a day. ( crazy)

  5. Anonymous

    Hey melissa, where i can get info about that? In in this web?

  6. Melissa

    You can use the REACH Technique, which is a completely natural approach which is 97% effective for women with Endometriosis.
    Have you signed up to receive the information all about it?

  7. Melissa

    Hi Jenn,
    Welcome and so happy you found me 🙂
    I am launching a new program very soon which will support your body completely and reduce the effects of the endometriosis symptoms and pain. You will have control over it and won’t need to worry about the effects of hormone treatments either!
    You can find out about it here: http://www.endowellnessretreat.com.
    To get an understanding of how we approach the body, check out this video animation: http://endoempowered.com/holistic-versus-conventional-treatments-understanding-the-differences/

  8. pau

    I agree, with all but what do you do then?
    I stop my pill 6 months ago, i can feel a big difference! but my cysts are growing I am experimenting the worst pain ever. I can barely walk and I cannot get surgery… I am afraid, but i dont know if i am more afraid of the cyst or the pills.
    what do you think. I was on cerazette for 6 years but 13 years on different treatments.

  9. Jenn Anonymity

    Hey there, Melissa:)
    First–thank you for all this incredible information you share with us women who suffer from this beast of a disease.
    I was diagnosed April of this year with my laparoscopy. It hit me like a train and I’m trying to gather the pieces and return to the jenny I was once before. I’ve been on the pill since February. I hate the pill. It’s toxic, it’s dangerous and it always made me feel like a crazy bitch.
    I’m new to your blog. I love what you write. But I need guidance. I want off the pill. But I’m terrified because the horrors of this disease will return.
    I have to change my diet and basically my life. I need the extra push to do so.
    Please tell me what resource to go to so I can begin my journey to manage this disease pharmaceutical free.
    Thank you for all you do and many blessings to you.

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