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Why do we struggle to stick with it all?

In the last few months I have been reading many books on productivity and why we do the things we do. What makes us change habits and stick with things? It seems that there is much more to all of this, than perhaps I considered.

I want to share a little insight on what made me shift my life to allow me to live pain free in the hope that it might motivate you to do the same…


When I began my blog back in 2010, there was nobody else talking about endometriosis. Nobody. Crickets. I was the lone voyager seeking to share insights about endometriosis without any idea of what would help me or not.

So, I searched outside of endometriosis for proof that “all this natural stuff” could actually make a difference to my pain and symptoms. One of the biggest leaders out there at the time was Kris Carr and her story of cancer and how she was using dietary recommendations over cancer treatment. I remember feeling genuine concern for her and hoping with all my heart that she would find the resolve she was looking for. I also remember feeling like she was really “gutsy” for choosing that option and being so public about it.

As my journey continued, I found more and more stories of women and men, who had overcome incredible odds within their own healing journeys. This of course, made me see that it was possible to heal…

It was the hope I needed to believe I could achieve it for myself.


No choice

The truth was, after 7 surgeries, I couldn’t do anymore of them. My body had enough and I just couldn’t put myself through that all again. The anxiety, the pain and then the long recovery. It was just all too much. It didn’t help that the last surgery brought on a severe reaction to the anti-biotics they put me on! Yes…very, very painful runs to the toilet!

Surgery didn’t feel like a last-resort to me because I knew I wouldn’t have another one. Perhaps, this in itself makes commitment easier? I gave it everything because there was no other option.


I started small

I didn’t make all the changes I share in my program overnight. It happened over many, many years and every change was incremental. First, it was dairy, then a few months later, it was sugar and then after over a year, it was gluten. I only learned about all the tools and herbs and amazing foods after many, many years of trying everything else.

The problem with holistic healing, is that it does ultimately take a long time and perhaps that is why women might feel overwhelmed – they want it all to happen yesterday and all in one quick hit. It doesn’t. I wish it did because then I could promise you results so much sooner.



For me, the big thing I see is how different women approach change. It becomes something they have to “stick to”, that there are a bunch of things they have to “give up” and they focus on what they are missing out on, rather than what they are gaining. I never did that. I chose to eat a certain way because I knew it could give me something. It gave me more energy, more control over endo symptoms and ultimately the freedom I now enjoy without having endo.

I invite you to look at your journey as an adventure. Something to explore, to challenge and to test. Not to see things in such detrimental ways but rather as a way to find out what works for you. There are always more options to explore and you definitely have more time than you think. There are always more insights to help you.

Seek them out, rather than being forced to live with them.

Endo has come to you for a reason. Perhaps it is time to travel the journey to find out the lessons it is here to teach you?


I know there are different things that motivate us to make changes. For me, it was learning and discovering how the body works which is why the program is currently laid out with this key focus. However, I am also mindful that we might need other ways for us to implement change so I will be exploring some unique ways we can achieve that in the next few months.

If you are a member and want to be part of the women who have been selected to share your thoughts and insights, feel free to reach out to me.


What I can tell you is that habits and change has many layers and I will try my best to provide you with ways that you can implement everything I am sharing, so you too can live a pain & symptom free life.


Hugs, Melissa x
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