Whole Body Healing

Using the REACH Technique© to address endometriosis holistically


The REACH Technique™

The most comprehensive technique designed to provide a holistic approach to managing endometriosis.

Look at the Whole Body

Your body operates as a whole unit and every organ influences your ability to manage endometriosis. We assess the health of your whole body and treat every organ accordingly.

Address “Endo” Triggers

Endometriosis is far more than an hormone imbalance based condition. Let us work through the other elements which trigger growth and adhesions.

The Perfect Environment

Your body has an ideal environment for healing. We can provide that environment through better lifestyle choices, reducing stress and elimination of toxins from the body.

Empower yourself


Option 1:

The REACH Bundle

Get started with the REACH Technique© includes a selection of eBooks & a Yoga session.


  • The Eat Endo Happy Recipe Book and the Nude Food Recipe Book to replenish with nourishing foods with over 50 recipes in each book.
  • The Kissed by Nature eBook to love your body with naturally created beauty products from within your own home.
  • The Lets Juice Fast eBook to guide you on how to safely cleanse your body.
  • Candida Cleanse Challenge with shopping list & recipe book to eliminate candida overgrowth – common with women with endometriosis.
  • Mel’s Yoga session in Queenstown to help ease adhesion pain and ease anxiety.

LIFETIME ACCESS. One time payment.

Special package price of $97.00 (normal RP $142.00)

Option 2:

REACH beyond Endo

Join this 12 month program which guarantees results to every member that joins.


  • All the eBooks & Yoga Session from the REACH Bundle (above). (worth $142.00)
  • 52 Video delivered lessons with specifics on how, why and what to do to manage endometriosis effectively – includes 7 years of research and personal insight.
  • Monthly Q&A sessions with Melissa.
  • Private Support Group.
  • Video & Audio versions of every session.
  • Includes 1-month free access to the Healthy Eating Made Easy membership.
  • Full access to the Beach Yoga Program (worth $79.00)
  • Full access to the Warrior Princess training program (worth $27.00).

LIFETIME ACCESS. One time payment.

Special package price of $1997.00

(normal RP $9640.00)

Endo Empowered

Empowering women to REACH© beyond endometriosis by using a holistic approach.

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