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What to Do When Nothing Seems to Be Working on Your Natural Healing Journey

I used to have these moments. They were moments in my healing journey where I just felt like nothing was really working. I felt like I was doing all the right things. I felt like I was eating the best diet, exercising, de-stressing and following every bit of advice I could follow from naturopaths and natural practitioners. It felt stressful to actually follow all of this stuff!

I felt like my healing journey had plateaued. Kinda like people who are really into exercising for fitness. They get to a level with it and they somehow plateau. It doesn’t matter how much they do, they just don’t seem to break through to that next level of fitness. Don’t get me wrong! My body was doing amazingly better. I had less of those niggly symptoms, had lost weight and generally felt better for changing my diet etc but somehow, the pain still came and that nasty endo still reared its ugly head and said, “Guess what? I am still here!”

It was frustrating! I felt stuck. Lost and somehow baffled.

To me, there were no other options out there. I know many women will turn back to operations or the contraceptive pill for relief but those never worked for me and the thought of them was more terrifying than just dealing with the pain.

I had to dig deeper and search harder. The diet and the exercise stuff somehow felt logical but it also felt somewhat superficial. It was like it was dealing with just one layer of endo. There was a much deeper layer, which I hadn’t even considered.


The Toxin Connection

You see, most of us go through our lives with endo, mistreating our bodies, not necessarily physically but many times emotionally. We feed it the wrong stuff to begin with but then we add in a whole lot of foreign objects, which essentially land up as toxins. Those could be in the form of mercury from our fillings, hormonal treatments, drugs and painkillers and yes, the emotional stuff is a toxin too.

Those toxins are given to our liver to process and are then sent to our digestive system to get them out of our bodies. Here is where the first clue came from. When we take all these hormonal treatments, drugs and painkillers, we are adding to the burden of the liver. There was a study in Japan which illustrated that just by having headache tablets every now and again, Japanese women were now experiencing PMS symptoms, which they never had before. Our liver gets burdened easily. Too much anger in your life will affect the liver. Too much fat in your diet will affect your liver. It hates sugar and it certainly hates drugs and hormonal treatments.

So, we have this liver, which is completely overworked with a massive workload still in front of it! Even if you have been following a natural way of eating for years, it might only be getting to the top layer within its INBOX! There is just so much stuff still there and unfortunately, toxins are still coming in, even when we are doing our best to avoid them. Eating healthy and exercising and following the advice of your naturopath and Chinese doctors etc will all help with this workload but inevitably, it is still a massive big MOUNTAIN of stuff to get through!

What we need to do is to get rid of that workload faster! We can certainly help things along by avoiding certain things in our diet and eating more “clean” but that is a long and hard road. The better alternatives are to CLEANSE. Clean out the body! That means, finding ways for it to get rid of unwanted matter fast.

Cleansing is incredibly important for your body. I don’t believe we can ever heal endo without it!

Please don’t give up on your natural journey. It has taken me a little while but I crossed over that hurdle. It just took some deep cleansing!

You can cleanse too—get that nasty stuff out and free up your liver!


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Aubree

    Agreed! Cleansing the liver is the ticket.

  2. Jenny

    Excellent post and very encouraging! Thanks for the reminder that detoxing is part of the long haul!

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