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What It Feels Like to Have Endometriosis

I thought I would create this video so you can share it with your friends, family and colleagues, so they can understand how you feel. It is a tough one to explain endometriosis to everyone and since they can’t see our pain, how can they trust we are not just making it up? How do you explain what it feels like to have endometriosis?

How do you tell someone what it feels like to have endometriosis?

Feel free to share any symptoms or feelings you might have that I haven’t mentioned.

We are not alone so don’t feel too bad! There are many women with endo. We can stick together and also be there for each other!

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Amber

    Hello, thank you for this video. One of the biggest surprises about Endo for me was that I bleed so heavily that it makes me anemic…not just any anemia though. I lose feretin (though my hemoglobin is fine). My previous Obgyn never told me that Endo could lead to anemia. The bleeding is worse than the horrible pain for me..because I’ve had to wear Depends to keep from getting blood everywhere. The bleeding got worse after my laparoscopy. I’ve bled big clots and went to the ER several times thinking I was miscarrying…just to be embarrassed and told it was only Endo. I got dangerously anemic after a couple of years. I found a natural doctor who finally connected the dots and got my anemia diagnosis. I take iron now. Natural progesterone has helped get rid of the clots. I also wonder about the Endo and arthritis connection. I feel like Endo is a bag of surprises. As far as leg pain, my legs would get weak and shaky and it’d be hard to walk. I think the progesterone has helped me with that too. Also I’ve dealt with migraines, low blood pressure, fainting, and pain in strange places.

  2. endoangel

    Hi Lena,
    Yes, the monthly is the biggest symptom! It is sometimes during ovulation, sometimes just before the period and sometimes after. I find it is really valuable to keep an Endo Diary which helps me see trends in my pain and whether it is getting better.
    I personally don't get the feeling in my legs much anymore, since doing Yoga and stuff but I would just describe it as a tension, like being stiff from too much exercise. The monthly cycle used to be sore for the entire time, now it is only sore for about 3hrs on the first day! Getting better! 🙂
    How about you? What do you experience? – you can write to me personally if you prefer not to go public….

  3. Lena

    Hi there,
    I understand everyone has different symptoms and levels of pain, but do you experience your pain regularly, with every period? And how would you describe the feelings you get in your legs?
    Thank you, I just love reading your posts; so helpful! 🙂

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