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What Are the 5 Supplements I Recommend for Endometriosis?

I used to have an entire cupboard full of supplements. As a matter of fact, I would devote one kitchen cupboard just for my supplements. Looking back on it now, I believe it was partly psychological that I had so many. Truth was, I didn’t take that many of them each day and part of me, just liked having them there, just in case I felt more tired or had more pain than before. I also had this weird correlation with buying supplements. Whenever I bought something, somehow I would feel better. It wasn’t that I had even taken the supplement yet. It was simply knowing that this new supplement was going to offer my body amazing healing that somehow made me feel better already.

Unfortunately though, this way of purchasing supplements was not just wasteful but it was also really expensive, the only supplements I needed were BioOptimal Collagen Powder, Collagen Peptides Grass Fed, Non-GMO Premium Quality Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein, Pasture Raised, Dissolves Easily, 300 Grams and I was definitely taking more than that. Upon doing a calculation of my average spending on supplements a month, it was leaning into the hundreds and the reality was, I couldn’t pin-point what each supplement had achieved for my health.

It was time to look at supplements more carefully and really weigh up what each one was meant to deliver and assess whether there was some better way of gaining the superior nutritive benefits they provided.

What I started to notice was that I had individual mineral supplements, individual vitamin supplements and individual trace element supplements. I had Vitamin B, zinc, selenium, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin C etc. Each individual supplement taken to overcome the poor absorption of a specific vitamin. It was not just confusing but really unnecessary.

In the end, I decided to find sources of nutritive benefit from individual plants, superfoods or herbs that provided me with everything I needed. I no longer needed endless supplements but chose to find true healing nutrition in the foods that I eat. The main plants, superfoods and herbs that I eat or drink are: spirulina, goji berries, noni juice, dandelion root tea, dandelion leaves, maca root powder, cocoa powder, manuka honey, seaweeds, sprouts, hemp protein powder, baobab powder etc.

So, all that was left were things I couldn’t drink or eat… so herewith my final list of supplements. I have restricted my supplement purchases to only 5 per month, which made me choose the best of what I believe helps my body heal:


1. Vitalzym/ Exclzyme/Serrapeptase

This is really, in my opinion, a wonder supplement for women with Endometriosis. It actually eats away dead cell matter in the body, in other words adhesions and endometriosis growths. It is expensive, compared to other supplements but I believe it has made a dramatic improvement to my pain levels and my need to go for any laparoscopic surgeries. If there is only one supplement I would recommend for Endometriosis, this would be it!

2. Maitake or a Mushroom Supplement

Mushrooms have super healing powers. It is believed that they can actually adjust the genetic predispositions which may exist in our bodies. They also contain vast amounts of minerals, vitamins and trace elements all in one source. You can get a supplement which contains a selection of mushrooms or just choose one or the other. I like Maitake as it also helps the liver heal. You can get really adventurous and source Chaga mushrooms from trees — I will let you know when I decide to go to this level 🙂

3. Krill Oil

To reduce inflammation, PMS and severe pain during our menstrual cycle, we need heaps of Omega 3 in our diet. Krill Oil is unpolluted, doesn’t contain any mercury and is easy for our bodies to absorb. It will even out the imbalance of Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio and provide your body with the tools to reduce inflammation, clotting and pain. I always double dose on these a few days before my period and it makes a massive difference.

4. Astragalus

This is a herb from Ayurvedic medicine and is designed to relax us. It works wonders and I feel it is important as stress contributes to the overuse of all other nutrients in the body. By keeping our stress levels down, we also have less pain, less fluctuation of our hormones and we also simply use less of our bodies’ mineral and vitamin reserves.

5. Glutamine

This is an amino acid many of us are lacking and will help with digestion and a poor intestinal lining. Unfortunately, with Endometriosis there is a close connection to our poor digestion and this supplement really helps with the breakdown of foods and healing that intestinal lining.

There are many, many supplements that can help you feel better with Endometriosis. What I did learn, with having a cupboard full of a variety of them, is that sometimes our bodies crave certain ones. It indicates that we might need something, at that particular moment, an advantage to having an entire health store in your kitchen cupboard.

I also didn’t like focusing solely on our hormones to relieve symptoms. I therefore included just Maca Root powder and focused more heavily on healing the liver and ensuring my digestion was working, which alleviated heaps of the hormone-related symptoms associated with Endometriosis.

This week was like that for me. I was completely craving Maca Root Powder. I just couldn’t get enough of it and there was clearly something in Maca that my body was needing.

Are there any supplements that you feel have made it into your top 5? Which supplements would you recommend to someone with Endo? Would love to hear your ideas.


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    It depends on what brand you land up buying Candice but start off with half the recommended dose and build up. The key thing is to take it on an empty stomach and not mix it with food for at least 1 hour before food and 2 hours after food. I find taking it first thing in the morning is best.

  2. Candice

    What is the dosage you take for Serrapeptase? I have stage 4 Endometriosis. Is there a difference between Vitalzym/Exclzyme/Serrapeptase? do you recommend taking all three at the same time? if so, at what dose? thank you! This post was VERY informative and helpful to me!

  3. SASA


    Have you tried Chaga extract? I’m looking forward about it!

  4. Celeste

    BTW …. If you have to choose between Serrapeptase or vitalzym? Which one would you prefer? (I’d really appreciate if you can indicate me the brand, a friend of mine is going to visit USA and maybe she can buy for me) Thanks a lot!

  5. Celeste

    Thanks for your answer, Melissa!

    This is the the info in the bottle:

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 Veggie Caps
    Servings per Container: 90
    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    Calcium (from Serrateric™) 36 mg 3%
    Serrapeptase Enzyme 120,000 SPU
    (serratiopeptidase activity units) *
    *Daily value not established.
    Other Ingredients: Cellulose, Serrateric™, modified cellulose (vegetarian capsule).

    You can see the product here: https://www.vitacost.com/doctors-best-high-potency-serrapeptase-120000-spu-90-veggie-caps-1

    Thanks again!

  6. Melissa

    It depends on other ingredients. What does the bottle say?

  7. Celeste

    Hi Melissa,
    I have an endometrioma 2×2,5 in. In my country I just could bought Dr Best Serrapeptase 120 SPU. Could please recommend the dosage? Many thanks!

  8. HappyCamper

    I have endo and had a lap to remove adhesions in January of this year. I started taking the list of supplements above about a week and a half ago. I have been noticing what seems like Candida die off symptoms, most noticeably nausea the past 2 days after taking serrapeptase, then anal itching after a bowel movement. Is this a good sign, or am I starting with too high of a dose? Thanks!

  9. Melissa

    I generally don’t recommend Nattokinase as it does thin the blood. I like the one I recommend 🙂

  10. Sue

    I also have heavy bleeding and am trying to find out which is the best serrapeptase supplement to take. I haven’t had any problems with Doctor’s Best 40.000 iu so far but I am looking at a more natural option in a higher dosage. I also came across the one which includes nattokinase. I think that is the problem that causes the excessive bleeding and not serrapeptase. Nattokinase is a blood thinner and a soy product. I believe with endometriosis we should avoid that. I am now doubting between SerroEnzym by Robert Redfern and the 100% natural Serrapeptase by Seventh Wave. Has anybody tried the latter?

  11. ikkka


    I was recommended visanne to stop my severe active endometriosis. i wanna know whats your take on that? Doctor said the condition will recur again very quickly if i dont do anything to stop it. Please help me! i dunno if visanne is good for me.

  12. Melissa

    Hi Evely,
    Healing the body requires far more than just taking a supplement sweets. I am sorry to hear of your struggles but there is a way forward. I would start by looking carefully at what you are eating and detoxing your body. If your body is not ready to carry a child, then it simply won’t. Think of a seed in the ground, without all the right nutrients, water and light, it won’t grow. You need to create the ideal environment in your body for a baby to grow. IVF is not a great solution as it stimulates more estrogen growth, which is going to aggravate your endometriosis.
    I would eat right, think right and move your body. It is a holistic approach to healing 🙂

  13. Evely

    I just took serrapeptase and nattokinase for one week now and i have heavy bleeding . i know that adenomyosis and endometriosis cause heavy bleeding, but this time is much more heavy. i also feel it’s burning inside. will these enzyme help with adenomyosis, i also have hydorsalpinx on both tubes and my doc advice me to tie the tubes before i proceed to ivf. i want to get rid of the operation that’s why i’m taking these supplements. kindly help me. i’ve done 3 laparoscopy and 5 cycles of ivf with no success.
    I’m 40 yrs old and i know it’s hard but i desperately wants a child. kindly advice as to what should i prepare for ivf?

  14. Melissa

    That is wonderful Andrea 🙂 Please let me know how you go and if you incorporate any other things to your diet!

  15. Andrea

    Just wanted to give an update on my Serracor-NK progress. It’s been 3 months now and each month (period) is better than before! I can’t believe I was actually able to clean my house on day 4 of my cycle, when only a few months ago it was work to even fill my own hot water bottle on that day!

    It hasn’t cured me, I still have to be careful not to push myself,etc. But the pain relief during my cycle is so wonderful!

  16. Melissa

    That is so super awesome Andrea 🙂 I am glad you found something that worked so well for you! I will make a point of recommending it more!

  17. Andrea

    I started taking Exclzyme after I read some of your posts. I have severe Endo, my surgeon said it was the worst she’s ever seen. I was skeptical if Exclzyme would work for me and it didn’t. BUT I only took the recommended dosage. I “upgraded” to Serracor-NK (same company) which also has Nattokinase and triple the dose.

    Oh my goodness, did it work.

    I get those types of periods where I cry just knowing that it’s coming. This month (after only taking it for one month at the triple dose – 6 caps, 3 times a day), I was able to be sitting up on day one, by day two I was doing dishes and “normal” activities (while still sort-of taking it easy – no scrubbing floors or anything!) My bleeding was more consistent, while be lessened in intensity, and I even shaved off a day!

    This stuff is amazing, I’m so glad I learned about it. We are on an extremely tight budget and these pills are expensive, but my husband is convinced that this is something we are going to continue with. We have tried many natural things over the past 6 years (including permanent diet change) and this one is one of the best (next to diet).

    The best thing is that it is actually doing something to FIX the problem, not just cover it up like pain killers do.

  18. Melissa

    Yes. You can and it helps with digestion too 🙂

  19. Joanne

    Hi Melissa,

    I just got my Vitalzym today. Is it ok to take all the time? Even when your ovulating and after? (if you might be pregnant) As silly as it sounds I don’t want to take it incorrectly. I’m also going to start acupuncture and fertility massage next month 🙂 Thanks for all your help!

  20. Melissa

    There is no singular pill that can work for Endometriosis. You need to take a more well rounded approach sweets. 🙂 Start by cutting out Gluten and you will notice a fairly instant effect.

  21. wendy

    Pls has anyone used d fuyan pill, I want to know if its for real, I v bin havin pelvic and lower back pian for months now, I have taken several courses of antibiotics but they aren’t helping, I am beginning to feel it is endo, but my doc diagnosed chronic PID, I just want to know from anyone if this fuyan pill is for real so I can try it, tnks

  22. Melissa

    It certainly would be and will also help increase your chances 🙂

  23. Joanne

    Hi Melissa!
    I was wondering if the Vitalzym/ Exclzyme was safe to use while TTC? I’m very new to endo and don’t have my appt with dr until the 1st of the month. Thanks in advance.

  24. Rachel

    Hi Melissa,

    Just wondering if you still recommend Ghu Zhi Fu Ling Wan? I know it was on a previous list of supplements you rate – but I can’t see it above. Before I start using it, I just wanted to check whether you think that it would be good for both endometriosis and adenomyosis?

    Thanks so much,


  25. Melissa

    Super awesome! Glad it helped. I find Krill oil much easier to take 🙂

  26. Jennifer

    Hi Melissa, I just wanted to follow-up on the fermented cod liver oil — I finally tried it after a discouraging month of non-stop bleeding and lining that my naturopath had no idea how to stop (and I choose not to use birth control) — I am on my 3rd day of taking FCLO pills and the bleeding, while still there, is GREATLY reduced — no joke!! BTW, I also bought the krill oil you suggested, which I will switch to once I get the bleeding under control, but I was just so surprised and excited by the dramatic change I wanted to share. I will let you know if the FCLO continues to help.

  27. Melissa

    Hi Jennifer,
    Fermented Cod Liver Oil sounds brilliant. Give it a try 🙂

  28. Jennifer

    Hi Melissa, I keep reading about fermented cod liver oil to help with heavy bleeding. I have menorrhagia so I’m interested in replacing my regular fish oil with this. Do you have any information/experience with this, and if so do you still recommend the krill oil over fermented CLO? Any thoughts are appreciated before I buy one. 🙂 Thanks!!

  29. Katrina

    Another great article! Thanks for sharing with us your ‘cupboard’ full of supplements and what you learnt from it!

  30. Melissa

    Haven’t tried it but feel free to keep us posted if you do 🙂

  31. Shannon

    I was wondering if anyone has tried the fuyan pill, it claims to cure endo in 3 months, it is expensive so I would like to get others opinions before purchasing.

  32. Shari

    Melissa, ho much of the Vitalzym/ Exclzyme do you take each day?

  33. Melissa

    Brilliant suggestion! Forget I take that one too 🙂

  34. Allannah

    Thanks Mel, this is really interesting! i – like you- believe in getting the best from the food we eat and believe supplements are way over prescribed.
    The only supplement I take is a probiotic and I give probiotics to my children as well, as I believe if the gut is working well – the rest should to! If energy level of my children is anything to go by, it works beautifully.
    I tend to avoid probiotics that contain dairy and the one I use for myself is an IBS formula. namaste xxx

  35. Amber

    This article has a wealth of knowledge! Thank you! My husband is always concerned about the amount of supplements we have in the house and I feel the same way as you, they just make me feel better. But I really do need to narrow it down. What I love to take that has mushroom extracts is called ChiTox tea from Isabella .com. You add it to water and it tastes really good!

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