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A Warning about Taking Maca Root Powder: Hormone-Specific Treatments Interfere with This Vegetable Plant’s Effectiveness

I love Maca Root and I have promoted it heaps on this blog, so I thought I better tell you what I have discovered about it recently. A few weeks back, I had a few women email me and describe that they had experienced worse pain after going on Maca Root. I found this incredibly hard because Maca Root had given me nothing but good results. I couldn’t figure it out and started to get quite concerned that I had recommended something that was perhaps not beneficial to all of us with endometriosis and that it might actually be causing some women harm—which is so not what this blog is about!

So, in my research I began to find out why this could be or if in fact there was a side effect to taking Maca Root, which I wasn’t aware of. If you are not familiar with this plant, please read this article I did on it a while ago.

What is Maca Root?

Maca Root is a vegetable plant and it essentially reduces endometriosis symptoms by regulating all our hormones. This means all of them together—not trying to reduce one or the other, depending on what our imbalances are. It will also regulate our thyroid gland, which has to do with feeling cold all the time. If we have estrogen dominance, it will work out which hormone is less and get the body to create more of the hormone we need. So, in other words, it regulates everything and lets the body determine what it needs and in what quantities.

The interfering phytoestrogens

If we then combine our treatment of endometriosis with hormone-specific treatment using phytoestrogens, it will make our pain and symptoms worse. So, if we take any phytoestrogens as a supplement, they directly interfere with Maca Root. The Chinese herbal pharmacopeia contains many such herbs and they do not generally combine well with this vegetable plant. So check this first before combining Chinese medicine with Maca Root.

You see, phytoestrogens are adding hormone elements to the body.

Basically, estrogen and progesterone work as a partnership. If one is too dominant, the other needs to step up. So, if we are estrogen-dominant, it means we are more likely to be low on progesterone. If one added more progesterone, it will lower the estrogen levels, so both are in balance again. This is what Maca Root does so well. It allows the body to work this out all on its own. The reason phytoestrogens cause such problems is that they are found in very high quantities in the body. Please read this article on more specific information on why phytoestrogens are not recommended for endometriosis. 

Solely Maca Root

In conclusion, we shouldn’t combine Maca Root with ANYTHING hormone-related. This includes any phytoestrogens, progesterone creams, DIM and even Evening Primrose Oil.

The good news is that you could essentially save yourself a whole heap of money by just sticking with Maca Root and there is no guesswork with this plant—your body can work it out. I have always been hesitant with progesterone creams/drops etc because I ask myself, how do we know when to stop? Surely we can get the balance to go the wrong way, out of balance?

So, now we understand why Maca Root and other stuff don’t mix well, we need to decide which way to go on this one. Personally, I love my Maca Root and will probably stick with that. If I decide to explore any Chinese Medicine or anything else, I will make a point of stopping the Maca Root supplements first!

Did you have an adverse reaction from Maca Root? Were you taking phytoestrogens at the time? Would love to hear your experiences.


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. eli

    Hi Melissa
    i received your email since you couldn’t find my comment here. I don’t know what happened
    I tried replying to you via email but it came as undelivered

    What would you suggest if my period is late 22 days, and i have slight lower back pain
    I am 49, and this happened only first time this year that it’s late , last year it was late once for a week, this time i don’t know if i will get my period again
    I am taking maca for perimenopause from Royal Maca , but i see that it doesn’t help me much
    i used to take progesterone and progesterone cream. But i stoped both since i don’t know what cycle i am in at the moment

  2. Melissa

    Hi Amelie,
    Look into iodine deficiency as a starting point but you ideally want to work with a Naturopath. Maca is just a small piece of the puzzle.

  3. Amelie

    Hello and Thanks to all of you sharing your stories.
    I have a hormonal breast cancer and doctors want to put me on a balancing hormones therapy.
    Can I take maca instead ?

  4. Melissa

    Hi Stephanie,
    I would probably recommend a high dose Curcumin supplement instead. It has been shown to cause apoptosis in endometrial cells so if there are any left, then this would assist. Maca is perhaps not your best option.
    hugs for all you have gone through.

  5. Stephanie

    What are your thoughts on taking maca with a history of endo BUT I’ve had a hysterectomy with an endo clean out… The doctor believes he got all the endo out but we all know that may not be the case. I still have my ovaries so even though I am no getting a period, I still have cycles and if there is any endo hidden somewhere, it can continue to grow with my cycles.

  6. eli

    hi Melissa
    Can i take Maca if i have history of prolactinoma? prolactin levels are little high and i am 47 i think i am in perimenopause
    periods are coming normal

    thank you

  7. van oord

    Its best to take Gelatinised Maca Poeder.Then you won`t have the horrible pain.Don`t believe me,do your research.

  8. Melissa

    No. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  9. Melissa

    That sounds very strange. I have not heard this before. Did you get the Maca from a good source?

  10. Jj

    My wife suffers from endometriosis she started taking maca in pill form. I noticed after taking for just a few days she had a yeast infection and woke up with hives. We thought bug bites. After little research it was evident they were hives not extrem but only like 3-4 bug bit like hives. I read this morning that it could cause yeast infections, we thought it was from natural reason for the infection.
    I almost feel guilty for giving her the maca pills and said to stop taking them this morning.

    My ? Is has anyone been in this same place and continued to take the maca and went through this to eventually balance out and start to feel somewhat better. Pls pls respond

  11. Corrine

    This warning means if you have an existing condition like uterine cancer.. it can make it worse. If you have endometriosis you shouldn’t take it . Other than that it’s safe and natural.

  12. Kirsty

    Hi, I’ve been reading the post on Maca, I’ve been taking it for 6 weeks to help with fertility, however since starting it I’ve had pre period cramps which I’ve never had before. I’ve also been taking spirulina, multi vits, folic acid anf royal jelly. Do you think the combination of these could be to blame? Thanks.

  13. Trinaiti

    Do you think it would be safe to take it while on depo provera?

  14. Jmilan

    I have been taking Maca recently, two times with smoothies and one time with soup…
    I noticed something weird going on with me. The first couple of times i have extreme pain in my breasts couldnt even lat on my side.,, the last time i got a tachi cardia and shakiness all over my body, also difficulty breathing… i felt like i am about to die…
    Note that i have severe endometriosis but i do not take any hormone treatment. I only take iodine supplement daily because i lack iodine but a very low dose…
    Did anyone else experience this?
    I’m really devastated by the experience because i was hoping this can help me.


  15. Melissa

    Are you looking at the bovine ovary glandular therapy for thyroid health? Could you give me more of a picture as I would be hesistant to recommend something which isn’t correct.

  16. Peaches


    Is it safe to take bovine ovary glandular therapy capsules with maca root?

    Also, I’ve heard gelatinous maca is more absorbable in the body than non-gelatinous maca. Is this true? Which type in gelatinous form is best if this is the case (red, black, etc)?


  17. Melissa

    Hi Ashley,

    So sorry to hear that you are struggling. I would welcome you to check out our new presentation that might give you a bigger picture. Taking supplements can only help to some extent but there is more to endo and more to addressing this fully, than just supplements. You can watch the replay instantly on http://www.endoempowered.com/pain_preso

  18. Ashley Mann

    Hello ????… I’ve been battling endo since giving birth to my last little one . After several attempts to try and battle this with meds and surgeries I ended up having Bi-Oop .. and woke up in surgical menopause (I’ll be 34 today ) I still battle it from time .. but that’s mainly during intercourse or a fibromyalgia flair ????‍♀️…so I’ve been battling this for about 2 years now and as of lately the menopause has caused me to go into rages and have crazy hot flashes etc. So that’s being said Incase huge on natural meds (love maca) we’ll ive only been back on it for a few days and Incase noticing its making it worse !!! The only other natural medicine I take are turmeric b12 and apple cider vinegar. So while it’s helping me in some good ways it’s hurting me in the endo dept! So … I’m stuck once again !!! ????

  19. Doris

    I took Maca for 3 three weeks and Royal Jelly last month and now my period is 12 days late. I went to the doctor and after an ultrasound, she also determined that I probably didn’t ovulate. Before this, I had regular periods and was able to ovulate. I also had two recent IUIs, but was off of those drugs when I started taking the Maca.
    Not sure why the missed period and when it might return?? But I actually read about others who had the same issue after taking Maca.

  20. Melissa

    I dont’ recommend isoflavones for women with endo. I would try and figure out why you have low estrogen, rather than focusing on the symptom of it. Maybe look at your liver health and your gut?

  21. Melissa

    Maca doesn’t stimulate oestrogen and isn’t estrogenic. I don’t recommend evening primrose oil as it has estrogenic compounds in it. I personally don’t think this is the right approach for women with endo.
    I would avoid EPO with endo for sure. Maca can help regulate hormones but there is generally more to it than that.

  22. Judy

    Thanku Melissa! I was scared to try Macca because thinking more estrogen would make endo grow. This helps! Thanku! Do u know if it’s safe if I have ulcerative colitis?

  23. Lauren

    Interesting info, thanks for sharing. Could you explain the difference between maca and evening promise oil? I’m in my early 40s and have hormonal issues starting (acne, irregular cycles, etc…). Doctor wants to put me on the pill but I refuse. I bought EPO to start but now I’m wondering if maca is more effective? I appreciate your insight. Thanks!

  24. Melissa

    Definitely stop the pill before going on the maca. Maybe a month or two.

  25. Melissa

    Maca isn’t right for everyone and one does need to be careful with it. You can increase your libido with other herbs. Maybe try Damiana?

  26. Melissa

    Hi Rocky,

    How did you get the idea to use this combination to raise progesterone? If you have endometriosis, then I would certainly not recommend this combination, particularly with the evening primrose oil. My recommended treatment would be to look outside of just supplements as it is likely you have other things going on. Let me know if you have other symptoms or if you want to book a consult.

  27. rocky


    I am currently taking maca 3mg a day to raise progesterone levels delay ovulation and increase cervical mucus I also take it with evening primrose oil a prenatal and iron. so far I have seen absolutely no results besides for ovulating earlier than normal. could you advise?

    could you also advise which is the best brand maca powder – I guess its the red one for women?


  28. Courtney

    So far I started maca for the first time when my cycle started and let me tell you this is the best period i have had in my life. I have had little to no pain at all. Since I am TTC I will take it from day 1 of my cycle and stop at ovulation. Then break until my bfp or my next cycle. So far. Miracle.

  29. Anonymous

    Is that normal ? I was taking it for permenopause . No period for 10 months then maca 11 days and it’s back?

  30. Jackie

    I haven’t had a period in 10 months took maca now I have one Bam! Dizzy

  31. TaraH

    I am glad to have stumbled upon this. I was beginning to question if I should be taking Macs Root at all. I noticed that maybe I should increase on some days, decrease on others, and not take it at all for times when I’m on my cycle. One day I hope to be normal again and not experience endo pain, so I can take this supplement for the real reason I got it and that was to increase my libido.

  32. Safina


    I want to try maca root because i cannot stand being on the pill for my acne. I was just wondering should i stop the pill first and then start the maca root? like how long after stopping the pill should i go on maca? or should i start it whilst on the pill?

    Thank you

  33. Karen

    I’ve been taking natural progesterone cream for a couple of years now for severe pms and endometriosis (also perimenopausal) and started maca root powder a few weeks now. I’m not sure how to stop the progesterone cream. I’m afraid of how my body will react. I remember how it took my body a few cycles to adjust to the cream.

  34. Anonymous

    About 2 years before my surgery to remove an endometrioma mass in my groin, I tried to take Maca root upon the urging of a friend who had been diagnosed with endometriosis. However, I began spotting and having longer periods after this. As soon as I stopped taking it, the spotting stopped immediately.

  35. Tanisha

    Should I take maca root just had partial hysterectomy I kept my ovaries and cervix

  36. Marzena

    Hello my name is Marzena and I want to share with you my experience . I had a few weeks ago laparoscopic surgery , remove right ovary . I research about Maca roots Supposed to be good for the hormones level . I start to take three weeks ago after my surgery And I experience burning pain on the one right side some side-when ovaries was removed . I was Taking the Maca every morning . But I stop a few days ago and I will see how I feel . Can you email me some recommendation what I should to do .

  37. Michelle Sakatian

    Can I take maca with vitex? Since I use them both syngergystically.

  38. Becky

    Will Maca block estrogen receptors? I was taking it with my HRT (estrogen and testosterone pellets), oral progesterone and DHEA. I also take thyroid meds. I heard that Maca would work well with these because it’ll help them be used more efficiently. Well, I broke out in horrible acne and had insomnia. I stopped take the Maca after a month. Now my breasts are really starting to shrink and I am having hot flashes. I’m wondering if I block my estrogen receptors. I had a total hysterectomy and ovaries out 12 years ago. I’m 43 years old.

  39. Melissa

    You can do for sure.

  40. Melissa

    No. Probably not the best idea.

  41. Aviance


    I’m just wondering can you take maca while on birth control. I have adenomyosis, low libido,hot flashes, and cold flashes.

  42. Becky

    So I shouldn’t be taking maca if I’m on oral progesterone, dhea, and estrogen/testosterone pellets, and Armour Thyroid. I had a total hysterectomy and both ovaries out 12 years ago. Will maca permanently block my estrogen receptors?

  43. Marli

    I took Maca for one month and I stopped because my period was late something super uncommon for me. And now my cycle is messed up. I got it a week and a half early and after that ten days later I feel like it’s coming again. Please does anyone know if it will regulate by itself?? Taking this was the worst thing I’ve ever done

  44. Karina

    Can you take Maca while seed cycling?

  45. Leonor

    Hi there. I have been taken one maca root capsule 1000mg per day and for the past 2 days I have been spotting in the morning. My period is due in 6 days!! Is this normal? Should I keep taken maca or should I stop? Thanks for your reply.

  46. Dunphy

    I have endo and have been on maca for a year. Little did I know maca acts like the pill does with bipolar disorder. I have been suicidal and almost checked myself in because of how crazy I have felt for months. I have never been able to be on any hormonal birth control because of my bipolar and little did I know till I did alot of research on maca it was doing the same thing to me as birth control would. Please be careful advising people on taking this. Your not a doctor and because of websites like yours recommending maca without knowing everything about a person I could have ended up hurting myself to the point of no return. Please please do not take maca with mental disorders of any kind without taking to an actual doctor first.

  47. Melissa

    Hi Kresha,

    I would look at more natural options hun and establish why your hormones are out of balance. Maca can serve you very well. Maybe explore some other options there?

  48. Maria

    Thank you Melissa! This explain the pain I felt in my ovaries after starting Maca. I had started DIM and Vitex a few days prior with no symptoms until Maca. Your post is gold!!!!

  49. Kresha

    Hello Melissa,

    I had a hysterectomy in 2008 of which I only had one ovary. I wasn’t put on any hormone replacements at that time. A couple of years ago I started experiencing extreme vaginal dryness and did some research and began taking Royal Maca. Well her recently I decided to start on HRT (estrodial 1mg). While I was on Maca Root I did feel a little better (it definetly help my desire) but I still had to use lubricants (Luvena). My Gynecologist did blood work to find out my Testosterone was low so I am now on Test cream. I have been taking these for a month now and still don’t have a desire and the vulva area is still suffering from dryness. The vaginal dryness is getting a little (and I mean a little) better but still have to use lubricants. My question is in your educational experience can I still consume Maca Root without doing harm to my hormones

  50. Sarah casey

    Thank you for this article. I to believe in the healing power of maca root for endo. I have been taking it for years, I have pnes associated with my endo and when I put maca and ashwanghda in, I am almost seizure free,except for the bad months. Thank you again.

  51. Breca

    very important that people know to only take the ‘gelatinized’ (cooked) maca root and not the cheap ‘raw’ (often unspecified). It’s like eating raw potato or pills full of mold and made me so sick I thought I was dying, threw my digestion off and now my hormones and digestion cannot get back to normal. MAKE SURE you are taking a very high quality, gelatinized maca. Don’t buy the cheap stuff.

  52. Melissa

    Hi Daniela,

    Please get a second opinion hun. There is always more that can be done before resorting to surgery like that.
    Maca would however be a great start if you do decide to go ahead with the hysterectomy. Hugs and healing to you sweetheart.

  53. Melissa

    Hi Hannah,
    Yes, you certainly can. Please let me know how you get on sweetheart.

  54. HannahJ

    So I was diagnosed with stage 3 Endo 5 years ago and i was on the pill since being diagnose but i recently decided to try a natural approach of treatment I have been on a plant based diet for about three months now with some occasional cheats here and there. And am on some supplements like a liver complex and an adrenal complex, as well as an estrogen cleanser from my natropath that’s made up of Calcium D-Glucarate, DIM, I3C indole-3-carbinol and vatiman E. Would I be able to take Maca root as well?

    Please and Thank you!

  55. Daniela

    I’m suffering from severe endometriosis, after a surgery and 6 months on GnRH analogues, I’m now on the pill (long-term). My plan is to have a hysterectomy next year (as the adenomyosis seems to be the dominant part at the moment)and to come off hormone therapy (as it has many side-effects and my body doesn’t seem too happy with it). At the moment I am taking courses to become a phytotherapist. My idea was to complement the hormone therapy with herbal medicines – but I’ve given up on that for now since most plants also flush out medicine from your body…Do you think taking Maca after the hysterectomy could be a good start? Should I then be careful with using other herbs which have effects on the hormone system?

  56. Adriana

    I was diagnosed with endometrial polyps, high prolactin and very little endometriosis which was just removed back in January. After two weeks my surgery I started taking supplements of which two come from bees, bee propolis and royal jelly. I am concern because I just found out royal jelly acts as estrogen and since I was diagnosed with Endo Ian a bit hesitant about my hormones. I stopped using royal but continue with propolis. Would be t be safe to take both maca and propolis ir decide on just one? Thank you for the info it is very helpful

  57. Melissa

    That is scary Sara. Proof that Shatavari is not ideal for women with endo. I would focus on liver health and flushing out the hormones as effectively as you can. We can work together on it or you can go through my program to know exactly how to do it.

  58. Anonymous

    Is it good or bad ?

  59. Amanda C.

    I am on the cusp of 35 and ttc. I started taking Maca root to help me get fertile. We’ve only been trying for 2 months when I went to the doctor for severe pelvic pain. The ultrasound revealed a 16 mm thick endometrium and a 150 cc uterus. I was 3 dpo. I’m convinced the Maca did have adverse affects for me. Every body is different and it’s important to stay in tune with it!

  60. Sara

    Four years ago, I started taking shatavari, 2 pills , 3 times a day and Maca 2 pills, twice a day. This was a recommendation from a Naturopath. I was 38 years old and wanted to have a baby. I wanted to take a natural path and that’s why I went to a naturopath. It was terrible! I got horrible acne on my chin and neckline area, some sort of enormous cysts that made me look like a monster. My breasts and hips became 2 sizes bigger and my uterus became so big that I looked pregnant without being pregnant! I quit them all after 4 months of taking them. It was do huge my desire to have a baby and now I’m 42 and I could never had one.
    I developed cysts on my ovaries and I went through a DNC at age 40. My gynaecologist tested my hormones and found that my estrogen was sky rocket and my progesterone was so low. I’ve been taking progesterone for a year, pills, cream and it is still low. It’s been a nightmare! And I look permanently pregnant without being pregnant. No matter what I do, diet, exercise, combined, I can’t loose weight.

  61. elib

    thank you
    will check it out

  62. elib

    thank you Melissa
    can you say anything about vitex..?
    i take Maca now and frankly haven’t noticed much effect on my PMS symptoms, also i dont ovulate lately,44 yrs old probably entering pri-menopause..
    i think i have low progesterone.. and high prolactin ( i had a history of prolactinoma in the past)
    i thought of taking Vitex, for its very beneficial for lowering prolactin levels and promote ovulation and progesterone
    I was hoping that Maca will do all that, and will balance my hormones.
    What do you think?
    how long it takes for Maca to work?

  63. Melissa

    Hi Priyanka,

    It looks to me like you are trying to address your hormone imbalances with supplements and herbs and some of these may be contradicting themselves. I would pick EITHER maca or vitex or Shatavari but wouldn’t recommend all of them.
    However, the key thing is to look deeper than just the hormone balances as this is a symptom, rather than a root cause of your hormone imbalances and health conditions.
    You need to ask yourself – why do I have hormone imbalances?
    There are many layers to this – both physical and emotional. I would explore the physical first – looking at liver health, digestive health, how much sugar is in your diet etc.
    You can find out all about hormone imbalances and what is going on within the new “Unfunk your hormone” series which is launching this week. Vhttps://endofreedom.life/

  64. Melissa

    Yeah. Choose between Estroblock and Maca. Too many supplements can also be counter productive.

  65. Theresa

    Hi Melissa,

    I’m currently taking these supplements to help with my Endo: NAC, Serrapepase, and Estroblock. I recently purchased Maca Harmony too, but after reading your article and other articles, I’m thinking it wouldn’t be a good idea especially since I take Estroblock. What are your thoughts?

  66. Priyanka Indolia

    Hi Team,

    I am 31 year old and planning to conceive for last 2 years but my health conditions are not good.
    I have AMH 0.1 , low estrogen ,thin Uterus line,high FSH and only 1 folical generated during my periods. Some time i missed the periods too. My Doctor advice me to go for egg domor but i really want to try atleast for few more years to conceive naturally. My doctor made IUI attempt but that was unsuccessful.

    I’ve recently started taking MACA 1 teaspoon, Vitex 800 mg, Coconut milk with smoothie, Wheat grass powder (1 teaspoon),Respberry tea (2 cups in a day) and multivitamins .
    Can i take shatavari & Ashwaganha Powder in a day including all above herbs & super food?

    Please suggest what else i can do to conceive faster. I am not able to control my emotions these days and want to stay alone and disconnected with everyone but i know what will lead me to depression which is 100% reduce my chances to conceive.

    I am planning to take Acupuncture therapy -few friends suggested its really helpful.

    Seeking for your expert advice and support.

  67. Angela

    My DHEA is 83.
    Estradiol 81
    Fsh. 16.1
    Glucose 75
    Igf-1. 94
    Lh. 16.8
    Progesterone 2.6
    Tfree. 1.3
    Ttotal. 13
    T3 free 2.6
    Tsh 2.07.

  68. Melissa

    It depends on your personal hormone balance or imbalances hun. I would focus on liver health and diet to regulate hormones as this is really looking at the root cause of it, instead of using creams or herbal remedies which don’t always work.

  69. Melissa

    Hi Kaushalya,
    Heavy bleeding indicates high oestrogen levels in the body. What you ideally want to do is look at reducing this naturally. I don’t recommend maca with birth control at all. Vitex would be better but you want to be off the birth control ideally or it can conflict.

  70. Angela

    I am in menopause and estrogen dominant. I made the mistake of taking maca and over the counter estrogen together. It crashed my system pretty bad. I was tired all the time. I went off both and started a wild yam cream. It’s not working. I am going back to maca alone. Any suggestions for a menopause woman?

  71. Kaushalya

    Hi Melissa,
    Suffering from heavy and prolonged bleeding for the last 2 months, Doctor keep me on birth control pills (combination) and multivitamin… my second ultrasound report is normal…in first report there was thick endometrium lining were present there,rest is pretty good…. Can I take maca with combination birth control pills… Which one is good for manage over bleeding… Vitex or maca? Pls help with ur precious suggestions….

  72. Melissa

    Yes, Maca has been shown to be beneficial and as a natural replacement for HRT. Try it out and let me know…

  73. Melissa

    Hi Amanda,
    Yes, the DIM will help flush out the excess hormones from the depo shots. It should clear your acne as it helps your liver detoxify better. It depends on how clogged up your liver is. You can aid it with eating lots of dark leafy greens though 🙂

  74. Amanda

    I have been off the depo shot for around 8 months now and my hormones are out of whack and dealing with bad hormonal acne, my naturopath gave me something with DIM in it, is this the right path for me? Will DIM make my hormonal acne worse? What exactly does DIM do? The depo was a progesterone only birth control. How long will it take to see clear skin from DIM if this is the case. Never had acne before coming off the shot.

  75. Chenille Allen

    I have had a complete hysterectomy and I just recently stopped my HRT because of my endometriosis. I am 34 and I am feeling really bad. Is Maca root ok for me to take? I just want to feel somewhat normal again.

  76. V

    The first couple weeks of taking Maca I dint notice much difference until taking it on and off for about a month. It has drastically increased my sex drive and I’m only taking it for PCOS

  77. Melissa

    Hi Carmen and sorry for the nasty experience with taking Depo. You can certainly try taking Maca but I would probably focus on getting the Depo out of your body faster to get you back to normal. Get yourself some DIM or Calcium D Glucarate to support your liver to flush it out and also eat sprouts every day or get a supplement with sprouts.

  78. Melissa

    The week before your period is ideal 🙂

  79. Melissa

    Hi Amanda,
    I would recommend picking one or the other. If you are having good results with the vitex, then by all means stick with that one 🙂

  80. Carmen

    I am currently taking the depo shot as birth control. I took the depo a few years back and loved every minute of it, I went off for approximately a year and decided to go back on. Unfortunately, I am not having the same love for my choice of birth control this time! I am experiencing breakthrough bleeding on an everyday basis for the past 4 months now. I’ve decided to change forms of birth control but meanwhile I’m stuck until late Feb until I can make any changes since the depo will still be within my bodies system. The continuous bleeding is killing me, not to mention my fairly new relationship. The reason, so to speak, for the bleeding is the unbalance of hormones I am experiencing from the depo and nothing can be done. Will taking Maca help with my issues? How long does Maca to take effect? How much Maca should I be taking per day? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  81. EliB

    when is it beneficial to take Maca (for the purpose of balancing hormones. During Luteal phase, menstrual phase…or?

    Thank you

  82. Amanda

    Thank you so much for this article. I have been taking vitex for about seven months now. I was on birth control for over ten years to control blindingly painful menstrual cramps and decided to go the natural route. I should add that I have mild Endo. The vitex has worked very well and made my pain manageable. I used to take maca for other issues years earlier and decided to take it again a few weeks ago. I am now on my period and my cramps are a lot more severe than usual.Not as miserable as they used to be but still very painful.I am usually very careful about wheat I take and look out for interactions but the vitex really slipped my mind. Is vitex something that should not be taken with maca? I wish that I had the courage to stop the vitex and just stick with the maca but I am afraid of those horrible cramps coming back. Thank you so much.

  83. Melissa

    I wouldn’t combine the progesterone and the maca together hun. Pick one or the other. I would also highly recommend you try Gingko Biloba herb to help you with the depression/ irritability you may be experiencing.

  84. Melissa

    It can definitely help with sex drive and is often recommended for other hormone support when you’ve had a hysterectomy. An alternative would also be to try Damiana Tea. It has been shown to increase sex drive.

  85. Robin

    I’m 41 years old and had a hysterectomy (overies are all that’s left). I have had some issues with sex drive since, so i wonder if Maca root would be helpful. I read it would, but I haven’t noticed a difference since starting it.It’s only been a week,but I actually feel a little irritable on it.

  86. Shirlene Hundley

    I am an 80 year old woman, newlywed of one year. My MD prescribed 100mg of Progesterone about 5 years ago, mainly because I was having night sweats and insomnia. It helped a lot before I remarried a year ago, but when I started using Maca about a month ago, I got really depressed and irritable, hated the world and was very judgemental about everything and everyone(not like me at all, I’m usually happy and accepting). I take it in a smoothie every morning and like the taste, but your advice to vary times and days and not take it with any hormone product helps. I will try it and stop the Progesterone to see if that helps. Thanks for the advice.

  87. Eva

    Hi! Such a great article! Thank you for sharing that with us ☺
    I’m going through comment, but I also wanted to ask.
    I’m taking maca for mood swings, and it’s a life saviour – from breaking up we went to the happiest couple ever.
    But, I was an idiot and took macą together with vitex and primrose oil, for a few days.
    It gave me a cyst on my ovary, which hurts like hell. Is there a way to convince my ovary to ovulate? Or all I can do is wait? I take paracetamol, but ibuprofen works better – its just, I have issues with histamine (contained in maca BTW ?) and can’t take that.
    Thank you very much in advance! ☺

  88. Viby

    I started maca root few days to my period and it delayed my period until now , i am already 3 days late for my period cos my period is regular (29 days) . Should i stop taking it or continue?

  89. Therese

    Do your research on soy products. Soy is very harmful.

  90. Malissa

    Does Maca powder Lower estrogen?

    Does Maca powder raise testosterone?

    If you are a pear body shape and you take maca root, will you lose your shape or would the maca help gain more weight in the thigh/buttock area?

  91. DMC

    Is maca safe to take if you suffer from fibroids? I was told it wasn’t by an acupuncturist. Please help…reading so many conflicting things.

  92. Leticia

    I am in menopause and take soy to keep my horomones balanced. Every time I tried MACA supplement, it seemed to make me crazy and emotional. I don’t have End, however I do need to treat my hormonal issues that I was going through during perimenopause and now in menopause. Not sure if I should go off soy and the try MACA or not.

  93. Mei

    Hello Melissa,

    May I know is it safe to take Maca & bee propolis together?
    Many thanks in advance.

  94. Teah

    Do you know if Maca will make my IUD less effective?

  95. Catherine

    Hi Melissa.

    I have endo and we’ve been trying to conceive our 2nd for nearly 3 years. I started taking serrepeptase and maca then we conceived and lost it at 5 weeks. From my own research endo is probably the reason for the miscarriage and the fact on low, progesterone levels I stopped taking the maca and serrepeptase when I found out I was pregnant. Do you think it’s OK too keep taking them during pregnancy will the, maca still raise the levels the body needs to sustain the pregnancy I’m really stressed thinking of this and just want some honest knowledgeable advice I know it’s a super food and it has so many benefits I just want to know it will continue to do what it’s supposed to when we’re pregnant. Doctors over here in uk don’t know much about these supplements and it’s not helpful and I don’t take meds anymore. Many thanks

  96. Kristyn


  97. Kristyn

    Hi there! Just a quick question. Can the maca root effect the length of my luteal phase? I stopped taking it around 4dpo and I am currently 17dpo. My luteal phase is usually 12 or 13, maybe 14 days long. It’s never longer than that.

  98. Sarah

    Hi there, thank you for sharing all this fantastic information with me, do you think there is hope after all I had mentioned before plus. Eggs quality is low and no ivf work. I was not going for it anyways.

  99. Kali

    Hi Hun try vitex, and maca

  100. Kali

    Hi there
    I had cysts which was pcos I google for whole month on why I couldn’t get pregnant. It was sugar sugar stopped eggs from maturity and stuff my hormones around cause insulin n pituitary gland was not fictional
    So I stopped sugar for 1 month. Started taking maca powder, vitex it’s awesome look it up, also Vera juice, beetroot juice with molasses after 1 month, stopped processed foods fresh only. My eggs grew my period was regular again
    I got pregnant after 2 months after I was told I had to use ivf. So proved everyone wrong. Just by stopping sugar and going on vitex.

  101. Kali

    Hi there
    I had cysts which was pcos I google for whole month on why I couldn’t get pregnant. It was sugar sugar stopped eggs from maturity and stuff my hormones around cause insulin n pituitary gland was not fictional
    So I stopped sugar for 1 month. Started taking maca powder, vitex it’s awesome look it up, also Vera juice, beetroot juice with molasses after 1 month, stopped processed foods fresh only. My eggs grew my period was regular again
    I got pregnant after 2 months after I was told I had to use ivf. So proved everyone wrong. Just by stopping sugar and going on vitex.

  102. Macap

    I have similar effect from the maca, I’ve written a huge comment above but basically I’m wondering the same thing, is it just part of the cleansing/balancing. I’d stick through it but as the pain I get is so horrific it concerns me that something will go majorly wrong and without seeing inside of our bodies or knowing exactly what hormones we are dominant in etc seems quite scary… I have to take painkillers when using maca, often I can get by with just heat and ginger but not with maca, the pain level is as bad as when I’ve been rushed into hospital and needed medical attention.
    Are you also experiencing pain?
    I’d be worried with 9 days and if it’s bright red blood that that isn’t healthy.

  103. Macap

    I really don’t know what to think of Maca in whether it’s good for me or not.

    I use to take it often on a raw vegan diet for at least 2 years. I noticed an improvement, I took a heap of other things too like spirilina, guarana, cacao, camu camu… I noticed positive things except horrific periods. My doctors wanted to do an endoscopy to look for endo but I refused as felt it would not be a good thing having been left with complications from another one only three years previously in the bowels and went about following guidelines for curing it if I had it through herbs etc
    Someone recommend ginger. After taking this i got no more period pains for almost a year and instead monthly migraines, then the occasional twinge or pains but was not monthly and more like 1 out of every 4-5 periods, but always a migraine usually 1-2 days before my period started.

    I recently started to take maca again because I have symptoms of hormonal balance, I was born with a hormonal imbalance or had it from aged 6-7 and required presumably progrestron e cream, I had post menopausal symptoms and was told I’d start my period early, just feel that’s important to add.

    So I started taking it again around 3 weeks ago, just after my last period, my periods are always on time, always last around 3-6 days, only 2-3 days of light bleeding, by light I mean I can usually only need to change 2-3x per day and the other days are so light I only change for hygiene reasons and not because I need to do, I could wear 1 pad all day and sometimes at night.

    This period have experienced a 1 day delay, it didn’t just start as usual but but with a day of very light brown spotting almost. Then heavier than usual and lots of bright red blood, having to change 4-5 x daily and leaking, leaking at night, feeling extremely drained and exhausted, dizziness, fluttering heart despite eating high iron foods.
    I’ve been taking Chinese red dates, I don’t believe they do anything to hormones but I guess I should look, other than that I take slippery elm, passion towards, b12 and vitamin D as I’ve had problems absorbing.

    The thing that scares me was the pain I had, last night I thought I may need to call an ambulance the pains were that horrific I was imobolised, luckily it stopped after 5 minutes but today I feel terrible energy wise, feel very weak and dizzy, making me wonder if something burst, it made me realise how much pain free my periods have been since not taking it, yet I’m exhausted without it…

    I don’t know what to do, I’ve had internal scans, external scans after refusing the endoscopy, I wanted my hormone levels checking so I could just balance them myself but nobody would do without me having some kind of evidence to need a test and I don’t have enough funds to pay for it privately​.

    Im not sure whether to carry on taking it and eventually it will improve (which I doubt as took it for a while in the past as previously mentioned) or stop, it’s a shame though because it has so many benefits.
    My GP just suggests eating a balanced diet and taking contraception, so seeing a doctor about this is not possible.

    Im wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience? Did you keep on with the maca over a longer time period? Did you discover anything?

  104. Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure she is trying to respect her body by not getting pregnant.

  105. Marilee Larson

    I have been a huge fan of Maca and love the effects it gives me. I am 56 and was nearly through with menopause but started a period that lasted 8 weeks straight! My hormone levels showed I had completed menopause but still had this random period! I had also developed a large ovarian cyst. My gynecologist thought the Maca was possibly mimicking estrogen and had caused my prolonged period and ovarian cyst. She put me on a three month cycle of progesterone and asked me to stop taking Maca. So sad! I hope to resume the Maca after my issues are resolved.

  106. Carolyn

    Mellissa, I just want to answer your question about vaginal dryness… the herb Pueraria Mirifica will help with this. This herb is POWERFUL. I have been using it for post menopausal hot flashes for a year and a half. The problem with it is to make sure you do not take too much. I do not know how much a woman of your age with a hysterectomy would need. I do know that 50 mg is plenty for hot flashes and taking it once a day is what is recommended by what I have read on line.

  107. Cristina

    Hi Melissa,

    Thank you so much for all of your information. I’ve been taking Maca Powder every day and random days in the morning with coffee – I’ve always been very on time and regular with my cycle. Every 28 days I’d get it for 5 days.I’ve gotten my first period since on Maca and my cycle is going on for 9 days now – (I’m sorry if this is TMI) I have no period symptoms (not moody, cravings, tired or anything) just bleeding out and occassionaly some clots. Is this a cleansing effect? What should I do? HELP.

  108. Karina

    Hello Melissa,
    I am 38 years old & happily married. Had surgical menopause at 24, no children, no hormone replacement. I am very familiar with Maca, Vitex, black cohosh, primrose oil and the such. I used each one individually over the course of many years at recommended dosage & length of time diligently. My findings were the following for me personally:
    _Evening primrose was best for my Acne. Actually it worked amazingly!, not so much for menopause symptoms overall.
    _The Vitex & Black cohosh were slow acting, but good at reducing hot flushes over time. I used the Gaia brand extracts & also the herb pharm extracts. I only use one treatment at a time. I used the stop and go method for both vitex & black cohosh. I took each separately for 8 weeks then stopped when I felt better.
    _Maca was the one I had the best and longest lasting effects with after a 3 month course. I used the Organic Maca Team brand raw red Maca for at least 3 months at the recommended dosage at back of their packaging. Their website is macateam.com. They carry red, black and yellow Organic Maca, Raw and Gelatinized. Each one has specific added benefits. I found them to be of high quality.

    The only lingering & most difficult problem I am experiencing is vaginal dryness to the point I cannot have intercourse. I am familiar with natural lubricants, but Is there a stand alone treatment or Herb you know of that can help with vaginal dryness/vaginal atrophy?. Thank you kindly & thank you for this wonderful blog.

  109. Karina

    Hello there,
    I am in your same position. So hard to find folks like us!. I am 38. Do you want to keep in touch?. I also took Maca for some time. I’d like to share a few things with you if that is ok with you.

  110. Melissa

    Not recommended. I am not sure what sort of IUD you are on but if it releases hormones, then don’t combine with Maca. Best solution is to remove the IUD and respect your body 🙂

  111. Brielle

    Does this negative reaction include iuds? I am worried about the small amount of progestin that is being released into my body from my iud (skyla) and was hoping that taking a maca root/ dim supplement would help regulate my hormones while I have an iud. Would this work? Or be a bad reaction?

  112. Katie

    It was simply amazing. I had history of recurrent miscarriages and was also diagnosed with genetic problems but using your system http://iyareyarespellstemple.webs.com/ I got pregnant naturally at age 44& after 2 HSGs and 4 negative IUIs including 6 induction Clomid cycles and laparscopy

  113. Kat

    Hi , I got pregnant off maca twice. First time u stopped as soon as i found out and two weeks later lost the baby due to low progestrone and hcg levels.

    This time I continued with it but my progesterone is dropping yet again even tho I am on maca.

    I was prescribed progestrone progesterone and started taking it last night. I can’t stop Maca all of a sudden so i am weaning off of it slowly.

    I am taking 1000mg now , before i was taking 1500.

    Is this going to create issues to wean off of it slowly while taking progestrone in pills?

  114. Yane

    I had thyroid cancer and now i don’t have thyroid. Can I take maca?

  115. Anonymous

    The same thing happened to me. I had much better luck with Sharavari. My acne completely disappeared within a few days once I figure out the dose that was correct for me (half of what the package recommended)

  116. Maggie

    My question as well. I have started taking Maca and Ashwaghanda together after my monthly cycle ended and it came back early. I am 52 and premenopausel and had read that these two herbs would help with hormone levels and sex drive. I stopped taking them when my period came back.

  117. Sarah

    Hi Melissa ,if you please can you answer me after two surgery I had and I still have endometriosis . I want to be organic on food and I been doing great with eating good diet no sugar and no GMO at all. So my last period was late for 20 days and I took pragrancy test was negative and then on the day 21 I got my period. I was disappointed so you think change my life style and my diet that could be what happened with my period. I want now to take Maca but I am afraid that my period will late again or Maca will affect my ovarian cyst and endometriosis. ?

  118. Sarah

    I have ovarian cyst I had two surgery and I have endometriosis . And the doctor told me the only way to conseving is by IVF. It’s very expensive and I do not want to take anymore medicine . I want to be natural I been eat good since three month ago . Eating organic food. And I hered a lot about Maca. Can I take Maca with medforium ? I take medforium just once a day at night.sa

  119. Rachelle Crosbie

    I tried maca, have taken it for 2 days but found that it’s flared my bowel pain issues, started feeling like a bad period though. It’s also given me hot flushes. I’ve not been taking anything else for about a month so it’s not that sort of interaction. After some research I’ve found out that raw maca is not consumed in Peru, they always cook it as it removes the toxins in the raw root. I’m suspecting it’s these toxins that are upsetting my bowel so I’ve stopped the maca and am now taking aloe vera juice and slippery elm powder to get things back to normal.

  120. Addis

    Hi Mel,

    I was going through an older post on Maca. I looked through it and also the comments to see if my question has already been answered but I didn’t see it. I honestly couldn’t get through the hundreds of comments so I hope it is ok that I contact you.
    I am 44 and have been ttc my second child for years. I finally got the courage to try again because my husband also has a newfound faith that it may happen this time around. I am currently taking red maca root powder, one flat tsp a day. I take multivitamins, iron and omega 3 but no other hormon related supplements.
    I have been reading conflicting information on taking maca during pregnancy. I have also read that low progesterone is a cause for some miscarriages. So my question, if maca is food that balances the hormones, would it be safe to continue to small doses through out pregnancy, to keep the hormones balances or to avoid a possible miscarriage resulting from a low or sudden drop from progesterone? If no, what is the reason?
    I apologize for the lengthy message.
    Thank you

  121. Allie

    Hi, I am 43 and have been trying to conceive naturally. I heard that maca may help with fertility since I have a low AMH. After taking a teaspoon of maca every day for about 2-3 weeks, my period is late and I am not pregnant 🙁 Anyone had any issues like this? This is making me nervous, I hope I haven’t screwed up my hormones…since I have always been right on time.
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


  122. Lori

    Faye, this same exact thing happened to me! I’m 52 and thought I was finished my menstrual cycle after a year of not having one. The other day I took the Maca powder in my smoothie it induced my menstrual cycle same day. Still have it today.

  123. Jennifer Toledo

    Can I take ashwaghanda and maca together?

  124. Faye

    Dear Melissa,
    MaCA has induced my period at least on two attempts. The first time I had not had a menstrual cycle for almost a year. Then I tried maca and I kid you not, my cycle started within the first week and was regular for a while.
    This month, I started taking the supplements afterms not having a cycle again for some months. Within 2 weeks my cycle started.

    So to answer your question , yes it does. It also improves your libido as I have experienced and general feeling of wellbeing.

  125. Mide

    Maca gave me horrible cystic acne. Go off the pill for a few days and reduce the dosage when you resume again.

  126. Naomi

    Would it also effect implanon please?

  127. Sara

    Thanks! I started Maca a few days ago, and I thought I was in labor, the pain was and still is intense. Now in reading this, I realized it’s probably because I also take Evening Primrose Oil as well. So I will discontinue the EPO for now, and switch back to it next month, do I can give Maca a chance.

  128. Rachelle Crosbie

    I had been planning on taking maca, in fact took it for the first time yesterday but after reading this I’m going to stop for the moment as I’m weaning off HRT and suspect they may not work that well together. I’ll give it a few days and then try DIM instead since that’s supposed to help clear out excess estrogen and I’m already on Milk Thistle. Once things settle from removing the HRT then I can stop the DIM and try Maca unless of course DIM has sorted things out on that front. Your blog is a wealth of knowledge so far, thank you!

  129. maria

    Thank you for this! Which maca do we endo girls take? There are sooo many kinds of maca out there?

    Thanks a ton!

  130. Vanessa

    Hi there,
    I just wanted to share my Maca experience. I’ve had mild hormonal breakouts since I went off the pill a few years back. I’ve tried many different remedies (vitex, DIM, EPO…etc). Recently I had decided to give Maca a shot. However, my skin became very congested after a few weeks on it and has broken out worse than before I started it. Do you think this could be my hormones adjusting or could this mean that Maca is imbalancing my hormones even further?

    Thanks for your time!

  131. Anonymous

    hello Melissa,

    I’m recovering from my second abdominal myomectomy at 37, I had many many small fibroids and one large one, the first time around I had three large ones and tons of small ones. I’d like to avoid future surgeries and regrowth and possibly attempt to get pregnant in the next two years so I am reading up and modifying my diet. Sugars seem like the enemy unless consumed in tiny amounts in natural form. Only hormone free meat and chicken and sparingly at that, lots of fish, cruciferous vegetables and very little coffee and alcohol to keep the liver happy. I have started drinking apple cider vinegar in the AM first thing followed by a protein shake with a teaspoon of maca powder. Is this compatible? Reading the other comments I see that maca shouldn’t be mixed with other hormone controlling supplements but it seems challenging to avoid all foods with phytoestrogens, especially because there are so many healthy ones… is this the case or were these comments referring to phytoestrogen supplements?


  132. anonymous

    I’ve been reading about maca and i have purchased it to gain a little bit of weight but i’ve heard that it may counteract the birth control.. I’m taking yasmin BC ..will maca make it less effective?

  133. Gianna

    Hi Melissa,

    I have amenorrhea due to low estrogen so I have been taking Maca for about a month so far. Should I take soy isoflavones as well or continue trying maca? Have you heard of it being able to induce a period?

  134. Susie Blanchat

    Need morec info on fibroids.
    I would like to get them to shrink. I am taking vitex, red raspberry and dandelion extract capsules…also omega 3 and will try to get kelp going too. I am wondering if maca can help me. I will be 69 in Feb. I stopped my hrt because I think it has caused fibroids to grow. I want to avoid a hysterectomy.

  135. Melissa

    I have lived since 1999 with one ovary due to endo. Your remaining ovary will compensate. I went on to have 3 pregnancies, 2 viable.

  136. Neha

    I had 4th stage endo on both sides,1 side of cyst was removed in 2012 since then trying to conceive.last month I started taking maca ,royal jelly ,cod liver oil and multivitamin ,minerals from day 1 of my period. During ovulation and 3 days post ovulation I felt cramps in low abs and lower back.what could be the reason ?Am I doing something wrong? Should I continue or discontinue ?I am planning to start chastberry tablets from next cycle, will thatgo with herbs I am already taking?

  137. Kristine

    Is it safe to take maca root if I have an birth control implanon?
    I am looking for herbal remedies to help with my really bad mood swings that I have from implantant :(.As Implanon releases hormone – progestin, l just wonder how maca root combines with it and if I am safe with my implanon?
    I am looking forward for any advice :).

  138. Anonymous

    Same with me! I have just started taking maca and it’s prolonging my period! Just won’t stop and it’s 2 weeks now! I don’t think maca root is right for me.


  139. Melissa

    Yes, you can 🙂

  140. Melissa

    It is fine for TTC 🙂

  141. Aora

    Do you know if it is okay to take it even if i am trying to concieve?

  142. Shelly

    Hi Melissa,

    I have been reading the comments on your blog, which I find very interesting. I have been trying to conceive for a year since December 2014 but not happening. I have 2 fibroid which is pea sized and one fallopian tube which was removed in September 2013 due to ectopic pregnancy. I have just started to take Maca, B complex and multi vitamins since 2 days ago to help me conceive. I have not seen any changes yet, but could you please advise me on this. I would love to hear from you.

  143. Mary

    I recently started using maca for conception and its been wonderful so far no PMS,i used to have very painful cramps, im just amazed. But please can i use it during my ovulation period i.e days leading up to ovulation and also during my period to aid conception

  144. Janesda

    Hi I’m 33 and have a 2.5 year old girl. Before she was born my periods were all out of whack And my Dr prescribed Metformin and within a month my period regulated and three months later I was pregnant. It will be a year next month since I stopped BC and I’ve had my period once. I’ve been on metformin again since July as we are ttc and still no period. I’m wondering if it’s worth a shot to try this maca?

  145. Melissa

    I would probably stop taking it Clarissa. It doesn’t sound like it is a good solution for you personally. Hormone imbalances are typically tied to the liver. 🙂

  146. Clarissa

    Hi I’ve been taking maca for about 3-4months now to help balance out my hormones and to help me start my period and it was working up until September I missed my period and I keep taking the maca and still nothing. :/ just wondering what’s going on.

  147. Sherry

    Hi Melissa –

    I was wondering about your thoughts on taking MACA long-term in cases where the ovaries have been removed. I’m 63 & had my ovaries removed about 20 yrs. ago. Took HRT for only a couple of months & since then mostly nothing except for a few unsuccessful tries with creams. I’ve recently found MACA & it seems to be helping with some thyroid/adrenal symptoms, so I hate to stop taking it three weeks at a time or even every other day. I do vary the times during the day that I take it. Since I’ve been in Menopause for many years (surgically induced), is it still necessary for me to stop taking MACA periodically? I’ve gained 5 lbs. since taking it & am not enjoying the bloated feeling, but I read where that may be because I don’t eat enough fiber. I’d appreciate your advice. Thanks 🙂

  148. Sara Beth Mattis

    I just wanted to tell you, this article has stuck with me for so long. I started taking Maca because I thought it would help with fertilization. I was trying to conceive. Anyway, I was also taking Shatavari (phytoestrogenic herb for women). The month I was planning to start trying to conceive, I got a yeast infection and on top of that I had no period. Once the yeast infection went away I still… had no period. Thankfully, I saw this article and dropped one of the vitamins (I can’t even remember which one). I got a period, tried to conceive, and now I have a bouncing baby boy! Literally. lol He just started bouncing like yesterday. 🙂 He was born during a snow storm on February 22, 2015. It was all in God’s timing. Again, thank you so much for posting! Had I not seen this, who knows how long it would’ve taken me to figure it out. I was worried. How could I just start ttc and be missing my period!

  149. Melissa

    I haven’t tried red but yellow so try either and report back Robin 🙂

  150. Jen

    Does maca help with ovarian cysts? If not, what can you recommend?

  151. Robin

    Which maca would be the one to try? Red or Yellow? I have endo and large fibroids… Tia!

  152. Aqua

    Hi Melissa:)
    Im trying to find any information about what to expect when loosing one overy and a tube with endometriosis? Im 36 years old. One child. With endo i live about 5 years or more. Had one laproscopy 4 years ago (just cleaning). After 2 years became vegan, changed my life stile. Second laproscopy had just week ago and, how i said, lost ovary with 9cm endo cyst. What side efects i should be ready for? Will there be any good from having only one ovary? Is there any chance to have normal moods and normal body function? Please, help me, any information would be appreciated:)

  153. Melissa

    Hi Adel,

    I am not sure how you settled on Vitamin A as we can get too much of that one, so I would be careful with it.
    Maca works on the Pituitary gland, which is where the body creates the various hormones that we need. Vitex works more on stimulating progesterone. I wouldn’t be mixing the Vitex and Maca together but would rather suggest trying one or the other.
    In my personal experience, Vitex can be great for a short time – like 3 months but generally not as good for longer terms things.
    I would also focus your energies on Liver health. A good liver supplement and making sure your diet is clean will really help with this.
    Glad you are opting out of birth control. Your body will love you for it 🙂

  154. Adel

    I am a 30 year old mother of two, and have major issues with hormones. I just recently had a period for 7 months and saw three Dr’s that suggested birth control, iud, and surgery. I opted for birth control, which made me worse. I have done non-stop research and settled on vitamin A. I also bought vitex and maca, but I am terrified to take the maca and vitex, because I am unsure about getting my period after having it stop. I want to take them because I think they’d be beneficial, but I also want to keep taking the vitamin A. My question is will maca interfere with vitamin A? This is not for fertility as I have my tube tied, but more for an overall way to be more healthy. I cannot lose my weight or even feel better until my hormones start to straighten out. Thanks.

  155. Svetlana

    Hey Luna,

    Sorry to hear about your rollercoaster! That happened to me once i went off the pill, but what helped me a lot was seeing a naturopath and starting on some chinese herbs to flush out excess residue in the body left over from the pill. Then i did maca for 3 months which worked well but the next time i tried maca it didnt work for me. So i guess your body knows best at any one point in time. I do think give maca a longer shot tho, like 1-3months to see improvement. Good luck 😉 you should check out the fb site for extra support! Xo lana

  156. Luna

    Hi, I have pcos and have been suffering from acne almost my whole life. The clearest I’ve ever gotten was when I was on aczone and birth control. But I was not happy that one suppressed hormones and the other killed bacteria both good and bad. So I stopped using both. Now, I’m on a paleo diet and have started taking maca and tumeric recently. Before, I took vitex, evening primrose oil, and olive leaf extract. I also took maca back then but that broke me out so I stopped. After reading your blog, I decided to give it another go. I’ve been on it about a week now, still no improvements. The previous supplements I’ve taken seemed to be more effective but I’m afraid that nothing seems to clear my stubborn hormonal acne much. Do you think I might be allergic to maca? Should I try it longer? I’m losing hope. It’s been about three months since I’ve completely stopped taking birth control. My face is covered in horrible cystic acne. I’m starting to think that maybe I should go back to the old regimine even though it’s probably the least healthiest thing for me.

  157. Melissa

    It can certainly not work for everyone. Great to see that you are changing your diet. That is always our best first start 🙂

  158. karen

    Hi Mel
    I’m glad I came across your site and maca article. I’ve been managing my symptoms with a changes in my diet for the past few months and I notice a big decrease in the cramps I get bofore and during my period. About a week ago I found a bottle of maca that I used to take and started taking it again and I’ve noticed the past few days worsening hormonal issues. I began getting hot and cold flashes, extreme mood swings, crying, and endo pain. I was confused and couldn’t understand how I was experiencing this when my symptoms had been well controlled based on my diet. I thought about it some more and I realize that it must be the maca that is causing this. I’ve stopped taking maca and am waiting to see if this will help.

  159. Surila

    thanks Melissa.

    Immediately after I found out I had a fibroid, i completely changed my diet. I only ever consumed raw honey or maple syrup, never refined sugar, but still cut that down. I also removed all wheat and grain products, and added hormone and antibiotic free fish, chicken and eggs. I also cut down on all alcohol…other than one drink a week. I drink tonnes of water.

    My question was actually regarding Estrosmart and Maca together. I was wondering if they are safe together, based on this article.

    Thanks for your time.

  160. Melissa

    Hi Surila,
    It might also be a case of looking at your diet and trying to work out why the body has formed a fibroid. Have you cut out sugars out of your diet?
    I personally loved Maca but it doesn’t agree with everyone. Go with what feels good to you. From the sounds of it, it doesn’t agree. I would avoid Vitex for sure. Estrosmart is a great option!

  161. Surila

    Hi There! I have a medium sized fibroid, and trying for a second baby. I had my first at 41, quite easily. The second one hasn’t been so easy.

    After some self-diagnosis, I feel that my hormones were imbalanced. I started taking Maca, and Vitex, and it did not feel right, so I stopped.

    Now I take natural vitamin D supplements, a whole foods prenatal vitamin, and 2 Estrosmart tablets a day. I was wondering if I can take Maca again. I am guessing that with the Estrosmart, Maca is not a good idea?

    I just want to shrink my fibroid and get pregnant again!
    Thanks in advance.

  162. Melissa

    You can and I have heard great things about it for this.

  163. Sharon

    I am 43 and getting full hysterectomy in a couple weeks. Can you take maca after for replacement?

  164. Sarah

    Hi Melissa
    My naturopath has just started me on something called Vitex. I have been taking Maca root in my morning smoothies on and off for about 6 weeks now. Would you recommend that I stop taking it with Vitex?
    Thanks x

  165. Melissa

    Hi Amber,
    I would pick one hormone based suggestion – so either maca,or estroblock or vitex or progesterone cream but not all of them. You need to have a very small effect on the hormones so you can notice if things are not working. It is really hard to measure what is working or interfering if you use too many once.
    I would also focus more on the liver health to ensure you get to the root cause of the imbalance. Try searching “Liver” in my search box for more info 😉

  166. lisa

    no, haven’t been on birth control for almost 10 years. i hated birth control. it never did anything to help me. also my doctor told me that i shouldn’t be on it because i get migraines with aura.
    as for maca coming with a warning-
    anything that you take that changes your hormones will mess with you once you get off it. whether it be natural (maca, etc) or synthetic (birth control, lupron, etc). for me, it was about finding something NATURAL and not man-made to put into my body. then again, i also have a very strict diet so i’m not looking for a magical, cure-all pill. i find that most americans (where i am from) expect to have a magical pill that takes away all their problems. when in actuality, it’s not just one thing that makes you feel better.
    anyway, good luck with your journey! i hope you start feeling better soon!

  167. Steph

    I think it depends on the doctor you go to. I am not looking to conceive, but the first doctor told me my only options were to deal with the pill not working very well, or go on Lupron. I went to another doctor, who gave me at least 5 different options to try prior to resorting to Lupron, because it is a pretty horrible treatment. I currently have an Implanon, after months of being on Ralovera (pill form of Depo Provera) which worked great for endo but the depression that came as a side effect for me meant I need to try other methods!

    I have a feeling Lupron isn’t suitable if you are trying to conceive either, I know it can cause birth defects, so I would possibly be seeking out another doctor’s opinion.

    I myself am looking into natural ways to control endometriosis, hoping Maca helps me too!

  168. Stephanie

    Hi Lisa,

    I’m sorry to hear that your problems have continued. I am really hoping that I will get my period normally in a few days, and hopefully my cycle will go back to normal now that it’s been weeks since I’ve taken any macca powder. I wish that there had been a warning as to how badly it can mess with your hormones.

    Are you on a birth control pill?

  169. lisa

    Hi Stephanie,
    I have continued to have a period every other week. If it continues on that schedule, I’m due any day now. I did end up going to the doctor and because of all the periods, I’m anemic now (which is common for me but my levels are pretty low this time). My doctor has suggested an ablation so I’m going to try that (after I get an ultrasound next week to make sure there’s nothing else going on). I cant continue having no energy because I’m so low iron all the time. And my doctor doesn’t understand how maca could balance out all my hormones. Nothing I can do about that…he doesn’t mind me using natural methods to control my endo, but he cant advice me either. Good luck. If you need to vent or anything, just write back. 🙂

  170. Stephanie

    Hi Lisa- I am experiencing the same problem. I stopped taking the Macca about 2 weeks ago, around the time I started spotting- I have been spotting nonstop since then, and am due to get my period in a few days. I am worried that this trend will continue, even now that I have stopped taking the macca. Has your mid-cycle bleeding continued?

  171. Amber

    Melissa, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. I’ve been desperately trying to get some answers and don’t have access to a natural health consultant where I am. A couple final questions and I promise I will leave you alone:
    Given what you said about the Vitex and Maca….I recently purchased a supplement called FemRebalance by Vitanica and noticed that both maca and Vitex are incorportated with several other herbs: 200mg Vitex and 100mg Maca. Should I not take this? If not, would the Estroblock mentioned in your linked article be comparable in function and a good substitute for this blend?
    Should Estroblock be taken for a short period of time or permanently?
    Would you recommend taking progesterone cream and Vitex along with the Estroblock.
    My list of supplements/oils etc is growing by the minute!
    So sorry for the “twenty questions”….
    Thank so much again!

  172. Melissa

    Hi Amber,
    I would probably not combine Maca and Vitex together but pick one or the other. You could also take Calcium D Glucarate which will help support the liver to flush out the synthetic hormones from the pill. I would also avoid Clary Sage initially while the body works through the excess oestrogen. This article might help too: http://endoempowered.com/contraceptive-pil/

  173. Amber

    Hello! Thank you for this post. I am an endometriosis sufferer who is about to come off of “the pill” because it was causing hair loss. Trying to rebalance my hormones after coming off of the pill. Is it ok to combine Maca with Vitex (chastetree berry) and/or hormone balancing essential oils such as Clary Sage, Geranium…etc.??? I’m also on Spirinolactone (which is an androgen blocker) for the hair loss…..?? Please help!

  174. Anonymous

    Hello! Thank you for this post. I am an endometriosis sufferer who is about to come off of “the pill” because it was causing hair loss. Trying to rebalance my hormones after coming off of the pill. Is it ok to combine Maca with Vitex (chastetree berry) and/or hormone balancing essential oils such as Clary Sage, Geranium…etc.??? I’m also on Spirinolactone (which is an androgen blocker) for the hair loss…..?? Please help!

  175. Melissa

    I would pick the progesterone cream or the maca but not both. You can combine either with both Serrapeptase or Nattokinase though 🙂

  176. lisa

    i have been taking maca for a year and decided to stop taking it (mainly because i forgot to take it on schedule so i thought i would see what happened without it). the first month i was off it, my period was normal and the pain was normal and everything seemed fine. the next month, i started my period two weeks early, was a normal period again (even tho it was early) and i spotted 2 days after i stopped (abnormal for me) and i’ve been off my period for a week now, and i started again. so this is my 3rd period in a month and a half. this whole month my boobs have been so sore and i’ve been bloated and my cramps are horrible. i’m assuming my body is confused without the maca?? can anyone confirm this? i guess i thought since the first month went fine, then i would be fine without maca, but now i’m not so sure! i cant find any help online so i’m hoping someone can help here! i could call my doc but he doesn’t know anything about maca and hes ok with using natural ways to deal with my endo, but he also cant help if he doesn’t know. at this point, i’m confused on when i should start taking maca again. usually i take it starting 2 weeks after i start my period, for 14 days.
    someone please help!

  177. alex

    Hi Melissa,
    I have a large number of fibroids and a large cyst. These were multiplied after I stopped using natural progesterone cream that had previously managed the symptoms I have. I was thinking of starting maca and I wondered if I can safely combine this with serrapeptase and nattokinase

  178. Melissa

    Sorry to hear of your struggles Bre. I would look at your diet too as things like Gluten and Dairy could be contributing to endo pain and symptoms. I would look at Serrapeptase and possibly Maca. Definitely stay away from Lupron though!

  179. Melissa

    You could try Serrapeptase to remove the cyst. I doubt that Maca would be a factor in developing the cyst. Cysts are typically caused by excess oestrogen.

  180. Corinna

    Hi! Sorry My english is mit good…
    I am Taking maca Since about 2 month… Before i had östrogendominance and Took Progesteron Creme homöopatic.
    Now suddenly the doctor Found a endo Cyst! It is ms First. 3 Weeks ago it was bot there and i didn’t new i Would have Endo.
    mybe it is because i took Maca?
    What can i do to Remove the Cyste?
    We Try to get pregnant since One year…

  181. Bre

    I am been diagnosed with endo stage 4. I have had the laproscopy done in june 2014 and we have been trying to get pregnant. Also on top of it I only have one ovary working. So heres my question, I have been looking into natural stuff that will help us. My doctor only said lupron will work, which has crazy side effects. Will maca help me?

  182. Melissa

    It can do. I would perhaps avoid Maca if you are thyroid medication. I would try Vitex or other herbal remedies for Endometriosis instead.

  183. Kylie

    I have hypothyroid and was diagnosed with endo this year but have not taken any b/c for this because I have been on it before and I gained a lot of weight esp with my hypothyroid. I a, on thyroid medications will maca interfere with this?

  184. admin

    It sounds like it doesn’t agree with you but perhaps you are also taking a very large dosage too quickly. I would recommend only taking 2 tablet sized amounts per day for the first 3weeks and then moving up over 3months to 2 tablespoons.

  185. Kim

    Hi Melissa,

    I have fibroids and endometriosis. I took gelatinized Maca root powder for 1 week before ovulation and stopped a few days then I started taking it again after my ovulation for 2 weeks. I drink 2 tablespoon a day with almond milk. Now I am 7 days late on my period and having slight cramping-negative pregnancy test. I am still taking Maca root whenever I feel like it but reduced to a teaspoon. I am trying to get pregnant for 6 yrs now. My question is since it causes me to delay my period should I still continue taking it or should I stop?

    Thank you,

  186. kathy

    Hey I’ve been experiencing some breast pain and nipple soreness. Also my lower part of my stomach hurts while I was taking maca

  187. Holly

    Thanks Shelly! I was looking for an answer to whether I should continue taking my DIM or switch to Maca. I’ve been trying to get pregnant since Nov 2012. I had an HSG that showed my tubes are open, but my ob/gyn is concerned I might have endo because of my very painful periods where I take 12-17 ibuprofens in 2.5 days and on ultrasound my rt ovary appears to be more butted up against my uterus (possible endo)…whereas my left ovary is swinging freely within the adnexa. I also had a breast biopsy done on my left breast due to a lump. It showed fbenign fibrosis. I saw a fertility acupuncturist who put me on Vitex and herbs. They made me have pain all throughout my cycle when normally I didn’t and I spotted everyday and never ovulated and I definitely ovulated normally before starting those herbs/vitex. Anyways, I feel like DIM keeps my mood in checked, my left nipple isn’t crusty anymore, and it feels like the lump in my left breast is smaller. I also take bioidentical progesterone troches…200mg (only luteal phase) and it adds on a day to my 26-27 day luteal phase to 28 and it reduces the amount of spotting I have right before my period.

  188. Ann

    Hello! I’ve been taking the thompson brand maca root for about three days now and I’m feeling this pain near my ovaries and also my breast feel very tender and my nipples are so sore. I’m only taking this pill to regulate my hormones… I was wondering if this is normal??

  189. Michelle

    And as far as I know I don’t have endo

  190. Michelle

    I have a quick question. I want to know if taking maca with 200 milligrams of prometrium can cause issues with maintaining high enough levels to support a pregnancy. My Dr has me on the progesterone and I’ve been taking maca since before I got pregnant.

  191. ellen

    I experienced the dizziness and finally vertigo when I tried taking hormones in the pill form then finally in just the cream form you apply vaginally. I tried several different types of bio identical etc. They all made me dizzy and the vertigo got bad so I stopped completely. Estrogen is known to cause dizziness, it says so in big letters in the literature that comes with any prescription, the ‘side effects’. Even though my gynecologist and reg. doctor said it doesn’t. So much for their clinical experience. They don’t even read the literature that comes with the prescriptions. LOL so much for doctors. I am now trying Maca hoping this will help me without the side effects. Maybe the macca root gave you too much estrogen stimulation in the body, but could be so many things. I am only taking a 1/4 of the dose to start once a day and well see. I need estrogen as I am older and depleted. Hope this helps you a bit.

  192. Savannah


    I had been diagnosed with Endometriosis about a year ago and had a chocolate cyst removed and I have been TTC for a year & a half and no results. I’m now seeing a fertility specialist whom has given my the Ovritrelle Trigger injection and still no luck. I have read up on the internet about Maca Powder and just checking if its advisable for me to take it.

  193. Michelle

    Hi Melissa,
    I have fibroids and starting taking the Maca Root to help shrink them also for general health for energy (which it works for this) etc. I use to take it everyday and then I noticed my period was delayed by ten days. I came off of it for a time. I recently just before my cycle started started taking the Maca Root again but only off and on, only taking a teaspoon in my cereal with Almond Milk. My period came and came very heavy, I checked my temperature and like it should when your period starts my temperature dropped just as it started. It was 96.6 degrees. In the day I did a general check of my temperature and it was 97.6. It’s day 4, my period last for 7 days, I noticed my period had gotten a lot lighter, but still bleeding. I checked my temperature and it’s now 96.6? That’s the temperature when your or have ovulated. I don’t understand.This is taken when I’m relaxed and sitting or lying down. Not sure if the Maca would do this?

    Thanks much appreciate the feed back.

  194. Dani

    Sounds like you may be pregnant:) Brown discharge in the beginning of pregnancy is normal.

  195. ei

    Iam having problems in sleeping and bit of tension and anxiety. iam seeing Ayuverdic doc for 6 months i take herbal things
    i wonder if maca can work with my medication
    second if i take it in evening does it disturb sleeping

  196. Melissa

    Are you sure that is the only thing that is different Halexa. I haven’t heard of such extreme results from taking Maca. If you suspect that it is Maca then definitely stop taking it. It is not normal to miss a period. Could you be pregnant?

  197. Halexa

    I started taking Maca pills back in May. Since then I have not had my period as the last one started on the 16th of May, 2014. But for more than two weeks now I have been having cramps, the ones you usually have before your period starts and I have had some discharge. It first came out as a clear liquid and the next day as a brownish discharge, no spotting at all. So my question is whether this is normal to have a missed period as a result of taking of Maca pills? And should I stop or continue taking it?

  198. Radha

    Homeopathy doctor doesn’t know about Maca powder. He said it could be a antidote of his medicine. In my case I want to use something on my body addition to Homeopathy remedy. When I got my irregular cycle, I feel acne on elbow and side of my shoulder. When I had the regular cycle I don’t have any Acne. I have Autoimmune Hypothyroid and Endo with CC. I don’t want to use the synthetic medicine for Thyroid. I am in Charlotte, USA, I was looking for Natural practitioner or Bioidentical Hormones doctor. I don’t know what kind of doctor I should pick for my problems.

    Please help me to find a good doctor and what kind of things (detox, cocnut kefir) I can use for maintaining the hormones. I want to follow your directions. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

    Everyday morning I will take warm water, lemon, Honey and Turmeric with Thyroid medicine. My breakfast is pineapple, spinach, banana, carrot, protein powder shake with Homeopathy medicine.. After noon I will eat salad or any sandwich. Apple – snack. Evening I drink Indian tea with Ginger. Dinner I will eat any curry with Quinoa or brown rice. Before sleep I will take Homeopathy medicine, Vit D3, E, Magni, Fish oil.

  199. Melissa

    Hi Radha,
    I am unfamiliar with homeopathic medicine but it works on a very differently than herbs for the body. I can’t imagine Maca would be harmful with homoepathic medicine but perhaps check with a practitioner to be sure:)

  200. Radha


    I am taking the Homeopathy medicine for last 8 moths for Endo and CC. It was working very good. Last few months I have been problem with irregular menstrual cycle. First cycle comes at 25 days and second cycle — 15 days, thrid cycle 25 days. I asked my doctor, different medicine for menstrual problem, he wants to continue the same medicines.Can I use the Maca powder with my Homeopathy medicine?

  201. Anonymous

    Interesting. Okay, thank you! I will try a detox.

  202. Melissa

    That is very interesting and not something I have heard before. Vertigo can also be linked to Candida or fungal overgrowths in the body, which will be stimulated by hormones. Maybe look at doing some kind of detox for your bowels and liver hun?

  203. Lisa

    Hi Melissa,
    I had several problems on birth control, including reoccurring dizziness/vertigo. My doctor said to go off BC. I did and the vertigo stopped immediately… other than it happening maybe once or twice again in a 2 year time frame. I have now gone on Maca to help balance my hormones. i take 1/4 teaspoon once a day. I have seen good result with my skin clearing up and my libido increasing, but oddly enough, the vertigo issue is back and it’s been bad. Do you think their may be a connection between my hormones and vertigo? It seems oddly coincidental to me that Birth Control and Maca both effects hormones and that I experienced vertigo during both. I would love your input or opinion. Thank you!

  204. Melissa

    I am not a fan of Whey Protein Sumaira but would definitely recommend Milk Thistle & Schizandra. Maca shouldn’t interfere with either one.
    Pleasure hun!

  205. sumaira

    or Melissa if there is some thing else that you would suggest to get rid of excess estrogen?

  206. sumaira

    Hi Melissa, I left comments before as well but i think you might not have seen it…any ways I am 30 weight 112lb , hight 5’1….and have very irregular periods (most of month i am on periods) they are prolong, I have started Maca, omega 3 and prenatal and now thinking to start Milk thistle or as you suggested here some one about Schizandra berry…. i feel a slight headache 4th day of taking Maca.. I DON’T KNOW IT’S BECAUSE OF MACA OR WHEY PROTEIN…..my question is can i take Schizandra berry or milk thistle tea while on Maca as i am going to take a small dosage of maca and see how it’s work for me…

    Please suggest me on that…Thanks dear for the wonderful information.

  207. Melissa

    Hi Becky,
    I wouldn’t take it with birth control as it can interfere with your hormones. There is a way to know when you are fertile and simply avoid those days – thereby you don’t need to be on birth control.
    I am not sure how you get curves from Maca but it will make you feel more sexy 😉

  208. Becky

    Hello, i have a question, i ordered maca powder and already recieved it 🙂 but im scared to start drinking it since alot of people say that i can get pregnant, because i am on birth control and im not looking foward on getting pregnant. I also started to work out and wanted more curves, this is the reason why i bought the powder, but i dont know what to do now, any advice??

  209. Melissa

    It will affect the whole body hun and doesn’t just target on area. Maybe visit a Natural Practitioner who can guide you onto some alternatives? Maca is great but I wouldn’t necessarily take it with metformin.

  210. Corinne Angell

    I take metformin for pcos and get ref p eriodsm its supposed to regulate menstruation amd ovulation. It doesn’t do much for me im terms of ovulation.

  211. Melissa

    Hi Pooja,
    I think it may be the Metformin causing the problems hun. Maybe try going completely natural and providing for your body and see if it can regulate itself? Here are some posts I found on the internet of other women also experiencing these reactions: https://www.google.co.nz/search?q=metformin&oq=metformin&aqs=chrome..69i57&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=119&ie=UTF-8#q=metformin+stopping+periods

  212. pooja

    Hi I have started taking maca and wondering if it can regulate my periods. I am taking metformin for PCOS and had three regular periods but now no periods over three months.Iam very worried. pls help and suggest.

  213. sumaira

    Hi Melissa , Thanks for sharing this info… I am thinking to buy Maca but had a question… i usually have prolonged periods and mostly 2 times in a month , should i try it? i have started taking prenatal and omega 3 fish oil as i am TTC…please suggest me on that..would appreciate it..Thanks

  214. Liv

    Hi Melissa, what a great website it is great to have support for our endometriosis which has many of us in such pain!!! I have been diagnosed with endo as of December 2013. My periods had always been fairly regular, with the help of Yasmin birth control pill which I was on for 4 years. In 2012, I decided to go off b/c. I was not sexually active at the time and was ready to come off of the hormones. At the end of that year, towards January 2013 I began noticing pain above my right hip flexor. I am very active, a yoga instructor and had pulled my hip flexor during that year as well but turns out the pain was caused by a uterine fibroid that was around 5 cm. That summer I had the pregnant look due to the fibroid. I started on a low-estrogen birth control advised by my GP who is very b/c focused and not into herbal remedies. Around this time, my skin began to break out a bit as well, but nothing major however before this, my skin was near perfect (help from the yasmin b/c we assumed). I hated being on the new b/c as I felt I gained weight and a lot of it around my hips (estrogen dominance?). I dropped the pill after two months of taking it, and then got a period which was extremely painful. After this, I began believing in a more herbal route- drinking tons of raspberry tea around my periods and taking estro smart supplement. I took this 6 capsules 2x per day every day. I noticed my period pain in my back and pelvis became lighter however my skin began to break out like crazy like cystic and very painful like I was 13 again. In December 2013, I went back to my ob gyn and GP. My fibroid had shrunk down to 2 cm (YAY) but because of the pain I was still having and utlrasounds my ob gyn diagnosed me with endo. I was also sexually active at this time (however, dealing with the pain of sex and endo and not a very high sex drive to be honest!) They also suggested I try another b/c, so I tried Alesse for a month (HORRIBLE) and then dropped it. I also dropped the Estro smart because it was getting to me that my skin was so bad. So now since January 2014, I have been experiencing very very light periods (as said I am very very active, work out almost everyday, eat clean no gluten or dairy for years due to intolerances, no processed, nothing)but BRUTAL cramps that are so painful it feels like the pain is reaching up into my stomach especially during and after ovulation just as my period is about to start. These cramps last for about 2-3 days at most,then move more into my back like dull aching and then fade and then I get a period which lasts a day or 2. Then I have about a week or 2 of a great flat stomach, and then the cycle continues! I am curious about maca, but also have my ob gyn and GP in my head telling me to go back on the yasmin which kept my hair, skin and health fairly good and did not have any reaction like the Alesse did when I started back on a pill. I am nervous I will not be able to have a baby, that my endo will keep growing, and not to mention the pain that I am in for weeks. I work through it with lots of advil and chugging raspberry tea, but you all know the pain. I am hoping for a bit of clarification and advice. I could try both? I can be very very very hormonal, angry like rage and crying for no reason, laughing and crying at the same time (not even during a period!) and to be honest, very weak libido and I am only 24!! I am hoping for some answers for you. Such a great site for women Thank you for hearing me out!!! oxoxo

  215. Tyra

    I was diagnosed with estrogen dominance about 12 years ago. I didn’t think much of it at the time because I wasn’t having many symptoms other than very long periods (2 to 3 weeks, with 1 week off in between, docs told me this was ‘normal’ for me and not to worry about it). About 4 years ago I started to grow à cyst. I took milk thistle to support my liver, turmeric and dong quai on and off for almost 4 years to try and get this cyst (left ovarian) to go away. The cyst did not go away, it grew and grew. Last month I has laparoscopy to remove the cyst (it was 9.5cm) and the doctor also found mild endo which he also abalated. Since the surgery, I’ve been feeling ok but the doctor wants to give me hormone therapy to prevent the endo from reoccuring. I have been having some pain in my breasts this month (during my cycle) likely due to leftover high estrogen. I would like to rid my body of this estrogen quickly to avoid further negative effects. I now eat only organic, no dairy/soy/gluten or sugar (other than fruit) and I use only organic cleaners, detergents, shampoos and toothpaste. As well, I have eliminated plastics and teflon from my life. I would like to know which would be better for me at this point (it’s one month post surgery), DIM to eliminate estrogen or MACA to balance hormones? Thank you

  216. Melissa

    Either way, I would probably steer away from that combination Peggy 🙂

  217. Peggy

    Thanks for your reply, Melissa. Sorry I forgot to mention that I don’t know if I have endometriosis or not (it was never diagnosed). I am going to try Maca only for some time and I hope it will balance my hormones. 🙂

  218. Melissa

    Hi Peggy,
    I am not keen on taking Phytoestrogens for Endometriosis and would probably be a little hesitant to mix it with Maca. I would probably try one or the other. Some women experience worse effects from Phytoestrogens taken long term. It might be good for an immediate change in the first few months.

  219. Peggy

    Hi and thanks for this nice article. I have a question: Could I use Pueraria Mirifica (phytoestrogen) in follicular phase (e.g. cycle day 4-12) and Maca in luteal phase (e.g. cycle day 16-28)? I would use nothing during my period and during ovulation. My cycles are typically 30-34 days, which means on the longer side and I have quite painful and heavy periods. 🙁

    I made a saliva test recently and my DHEA is below the range, my estradiol is also in the lower range and so is my progesterone (low range). Or would you recommend to take Maca only and nothing else? THANKS.

  220. Melissa

    I just take Maca intermittently now. It seems to work for sure, in 3month bursts 🙂

  221. Sara

    Any updates? I’m actually looking at ttc and have also missed a period (but the test says negatory), so I’m curious as to how this has gone for you.

  222. Sara

    This might explain my first ever missed period. lol um, I hope I can get out of this whack. I have been doing a lot of research on ttc, a lot of people suggested, maca, cassava, prenatals, whole milk, whole grains, eggs, AND lactating and then stopping the month prior to ttc as it would cause a shift in hormones that would promote fertility. I’ve been taking maca supplements, Avesta Shatavari (phytoestogenic herb for women), cassanovum, and the pre-natals. Apparently I goofed by doing this. Your article is VERY helpful and I’m glad I’ve figured out the issue.

  223. Melissa

    I wouldn’t recommend taking them together. I am not a fan of progesterone pills at all – they tend to be synthetic. If you are not sure maybe consider taking Maca for 3months and measure how you feel after that. If you are still finding your hormones are out of balance, try some progesterone cream. The root cause to focus on though is the liver 🙂

  224. Heidi

    Hi Melissa,
    My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while (over a year). I started taking progesterone, as recommended by my doctor, about a month and a half ago. My thyroid levels are slightly low, cortisol is low, and progesterone is low. It sounds like maca root might be helpful? Do you recommend EITHER maca OR progesterone pills? Or do you think it’d be ok to take together?

    Thank you 🙂

  225. kim

    I have just from Dr a week ago and he put me on estrodiol gel as my blood work shows that I have extremely low estrogen. I am in menopause and had an ovary and tumor removed 2 mos ago. I have been taking in royal maca supplement 3 caps a day for about 6 mos but went off it to try the estrodiol cream to see if it willl help my symptoms but now I have bad hot flashes so not sure if I should take the maca with the estrodiol of not.

  226. Brigid

    Okay girls… So I got off the birth control back in February and in the beginning of April I started taking Maca Root for a bigger but working out. I had my last period March 17th and now it’s April 22nd and I haven’t been successful in having my period I’m 5 days late, I didn’t know if I became irregular from getting off the nuvering (birth control) or if the Maca had something to do with it… And it’s causing me major grief… April 12th I celebrated my birthday and I ended up sleeping with someone… 21st birthday regret…. ( ._.) so I have no idea but I’m waiting for a pregnancy test to come in the mail.. Iv having sharp pains in my lower abdominal region where it makes me stop on a dime.. Any words of what might be going would help and I’m under severe stress!

  227. Shelly

    I had the same experience, Amanda. But DIM + milk thistle seems to be working much better for me. I should be having terrible PMS right now, but I feel totally normal.

  228. Shelly

    It doesn’t sound like Tumi is expelling toxins… it sounds like Tumi is spotting, in which case she should get checked out by her gynecologist. It’s probably nothing, but in rare cases spotting can be a symptom of gynecologic issues that need professional treatment.

  229. Melissa

    Serrapeptase doesn’t work on hormones 🙂

  230. Melissa

    It is totally safe to take with Maca and no it doesn’t work on hormones at all 🙂

  231. Anya

    Hi, Melissa,

    Thank you for your website – it’s immensely helpful. I have not been able to ascertain whether serrapeptase works on a hormonal level or simply eats away at the dead tissue. Is it ok to take it with maca?

    Many thanks,

  232. Melissa

    I would probably not recommend it for her then 🙂

  233. Val

    My sister has IBS and she is trying Maca Powder. Should it be causing gas/bloating? She is trying to introduce slowly but seems it is giving her grief.

  234. Melissa

    I am not sure to be honest but would probably recommend Milk Thistle and Schisandra for your liver. The liver regulates hormones so you will be achieving a similar result.

  235. Veronica

    Hi,could you tell me if maca is ok for someone with damaged liver.Had hepatitis about 40 years ago from contaminated water..No hep in blood now & liver given good bill of health at blood test last Oct.but there is scar tissue.Eat pretty healthily & do not overeat.reasonable exercise walking etc.Never smoked & very rare small amount alcohol.Thank you for so much info.

  236. Shelly

    Interesting website! I’m battling both endo & fibrocystic breasts (both indicative of estrogen dominance). I took DIM for a few days and my breast cysts started shrinking, but I preferred the idea of balancing my hormones over just flushing out the estrogen. So I started taking maca about a week ago. I feel really good, but my cysts are back and bad as ever. So I’m moving back to the DIM. Just thought I’d post a note in case any of your readers are also battling both and trying to decide between maca & DIM.

  237. Emily


    About 6 months ago my doctor found out I had excess estrogen and due to familial history of breast cancer put me on compounded progesterone cream days 10-25 of my cycle. 4 months ago my horrible endo pain started. I have cleaned up my diet even more, take borage oil now (just started this month) and ordered maca powder last week. If I am reading correctly though I shouldn’t use maca if I am on the cream and borage oil? My pain has been less this month and I was hoping it was in relation to the borage oil. I also have hypothyroidism which plays into estrogen dominance and which I have read would benefit from maca. I would love to hear your thoughts/tips etc as I had been looking forward to using maca! Thank you soo much for your site!!!

  238. Stephanie

    I was on BC for 20+ years and had to stop taking it due to all sorts of health problems that started. Good news is my health started getting better. Then my OB put in a Mirena. Almost immediately I started having problems so I had her take it out. I also developed ovarian cyst and have been having mid cycle pain. My doctors don’t want to talk to me about any treatment unless it is a perscription drug. I stared my own research and started taking DIM and Vitex and using progesterone cream. I fell better but still have some mid month pain. Then I read about maca and added that to the mix (500 mg capsule 2x day). Now I am having some stomach problems so I am stopping the maca. I also intend on stopping the progesterone cream at the end of this cycle ( have used it for 3 months). So at the start of my next cycle I thought about dropping them (it’s time to scale back now that I have been doing this for 3 months) all and just using maca but I’m concerned the stomach problems will start back up. Also I am confused how many weeks a month to try maca or if I should be on it all month.

  239. Melissa

    Hi Rachael,
    Thanks for sharing your story 🙂
    I would take DIM or Maca. I personally prefer Maca but some women prefer DIM. It is kinda a personal choice but from the sounds of it, Maca would help that sex drive 🙂 You do need to go off the pill first though. When you go off the pill, take Calcium D Glucarate for at least 3 months to avoid Estrogen dominance effects.
    You can take Milk Thistle but I would recommend Schizandra berry above that one. It is even more effective and doesn’t stimulate estrogen mimicking as Milk Thistle sometimes does.
    You might also like some other tips within the Facebook Group 🙂 I have added you in case you want to join 🙂


  240. N

    Do not take Maca in conjunction with birth control. It will make the pill ineffective. As will St. John’s Wort.

  241. rachael


    first of all, I LOVE this site, I’ve taken so much advice from you already and I firmly believe it is helping so thank you ever so much!

    What I really need some help on (and I cant ask gynie or my GP cos they think I’m just dumb and more hormones is the answer) is this:

    I came off yasmin for a few months at the back of 2012, and went back on. 3 months after stopping I had temporary hair loss for about 6 weeks, I was absolutely distraught, my hair went so thin! its still in recovery now, and I’m not entirely sure whether it was yasmin or other stresses (which were at boiling point at the time) or a combination that caused it, but after this, in early 2013, I had to take a morning after pill (whilst shair was still in shedding phase) and by July 13, I was having excruciating pail in my pubic bone (just above my groin near my lymphnodes) every month just after my period – I went to A&E and they said I had a femoral hernia and operated on it but the pain was the same every month, during and then the week after my period – it took 5 months of being fobbed off and shouting to get them to refer me to gynie who thinks its scar endo from my op (even though i had the pain before it!)

    he wanted me to shut my hormones down and trigger menopause for 3 months to diagnose and I tole him to get lost, I bedrudgingly took yasmin continuously for 3 months instead – there was no pain, had a little breakthrough bleed towards the end and then the pain came back (its always in my pubic bone and my lower back – lower back pain has been going on for 3 years)

    Anyway, because I am OCD 🙂 I found your site doing endless research to fix myself of this horrible pain…. I binned EVERYTHING that had parabens / chemicals in and swapped for nice kind organic products, I cut right down on meat and dont eat red meat anymore – I have a bit of organic now and again, I cut down on eggs and only eat organic when I do, increased my oily fish and avocado intake, cook in virgin coconut oil and eat raw extra virgin olive oil, I quit bad dairy, switched to unsweetened carageenan free almond milk, eat a bit of raw goats cheese and goats butter now and again as a treat. ditched coffee everyday for a now and again treat, drink green and herbal/fruit teas instead, barely drink alcohol anymore except for the odd glass of red in a blue moon – I’m trying my hardest to cut out wheat – switched to wheat/gluten free bread, brown rice pasta, increased my veggies / kale / spinach / ginger… basically nothing “unclean” (except for the odd dairy/gluten free dark chocolate) has passed my lips in weeks – I feel great but havent had the full blown period at the end of the 3 months back to back…. (my follow up appt is April 17th where he wants to discuss sticky plaster treatment)

    (wow that was a long story) so I guess now I’ve explained where I’ve arrived at, I would REALLY like and appreciate your opinions on the following:

    I am DESPERATE to get off this bloody pill, I hate it – my sex drive is through the floor and I believe it triggered that hair loss and isnt helping it now, but I am frightened to death that my already thin unrecovered hair will fall out again if I stop taking it.
    I’m frightened that my endo pain will worsen if I do

    Ive read alsorts of articles about DIM / Maca / Liver cleanses with milk thistle / chlorophyll etc… to keep my body balanced when I come off the pill, but i dont want to overdose on stuff and I’m confused?!?

    What is better to regulate hormones, Maca or DIM?
    Can I also take these with chlorophyll and milk thistle?
    I do think I need a liver detox as in my younder days when I could handle hangovers (I’m 30 now) I used to go out all the time and had a taste for a good wine, I ate cheap chicken, eggs, whey powder and all the things that have probably over the years contributed to endo and I just wanna look after myself and get right with my diet and fitness, and push for the op to remove the rogue tissue rather than cover it with more hormones…

    Please help??? xxxx

  242. Melissa

    Probably a couple of months Nancy but we are all different. Just test it earlier and see how you feel 🙂

  243. Nancy

    Hi! Like your blog… A little history- 51, peri menopausal, hypo thyroid. I take Vitex, a phyto estrogen and a porcine thyroid. I eat organic, grass fed, free range-all the good buzz words… I feel good, am well regulated, but have been doing research on maca and it sounds like it be able to replace everything I take. How much time should I give between stopping what I currently take and starting the maca? I expect my body to be kinda wonky during the transition, I can tolerate that, hopefully! Thanks in advance!

  244. Aya

    I have been taking maca this month and surprisingly I was pregnant. I am very worried since it’s a hormones balancer will it affect my pregnancy and lower my progesterone? Since it’s already high when pregnant obviously. I stopped it immediately at 5 weeks and 4 days and I don’t have an ultrasound or blood check until three days.

  245. Melissa

    I never thought anyone would worry about extreme libido 🙂 You will figure it out. The body will tell you what it likes and doesn’t.

  246. Lulu

    Thanks for the advice, just wanted to update you on my condition, so I stopped the macs and ashwaganda at the same time and the hot flashes were gone immediately. Since i had been taking maca for about 6 months and never had this before, I am going to assume it was either ashwaganda or the combination of the both that did this. I did the hormone test and waiting for the result. But as it is really hard to figure out the cause of these things since doctors don’t really listen to you, I am gonna try with the one at a time experiment. I doubt it is perimenaupse since i am too young for it. But my extreme libido is back, although this is my ovulation week so it might have effected that as well. I am taking milk tistel as well to clean my liver so it might be helping to regulate hormones. But i have decided to stay off the Maca and ashvaganda for couple of weeks and try macs on its own again and see what happens. You are right, I didn’t know how strong these herbs are. But the extreme libido is worrying me a little, hopefully it’s a good sign.
    Thanks again

  247. Melissa

    I would get onto some Calcium D Glucarate when you get off the pill first and then try maca. I strongly recommend getting off the pill for endo 🙂

  248. Monica

    Hi. It wouldn’t be bad to take a Lo Lo estrogen birth control pill with maca root right? Do you suggest me taking 3 weeks to a month of no birth control pills then starting maca root?

  249. lisa

    thanks for the response! i did start taking it again and the pain is gone so i’m just waiting it out to see how i feel. i am very much into nutrition and eat a whole foods plant based diet. i will look into moringa and tumeric too, thank you!

  250. Melissa

    I think if the Maca is helping you, then there is no harm in taking it for longer. Trouble is, you don’t want to become reliant on it. Make sure you are gaining vital nutrients from your diet and also add some other natural superfoods into your diet. You would probably find Moringa really beneficial and Turmeric too 🙂
    Just listen to your body and adjust as you need to. The dose you are on is not very high either 🙂

  251. lisa

    hi. i’m hoping you can help me…
    i got diagnosed with endo about 6 months ago. doctor wanted to put me on hormone treatments and i didn’t want to do that. so i’ve been doing the natural route.
    for the past 6 months i have been taking maca during the luteal phase of my cycle. i take it once a day and its usually about 2 weeks a month. i read that you should not take maca for longer than 6 months. so this month i haven’t taken any…and i have been bloated and i’m breaking out and i’ve had pain in my ovaries, ever since the day i would normally start taking maca again!
    now it could be a fluke but that’s a lot of things to change drastically all of a sudden!!
    the maca has helped a lot, but i cant find any more info about taking maca long term. which is why i’m asking you… i’d much rather just keep taking maca but because i read you shouldn’t take it for longer than 6 months i got nervous.
    any insight on this??

  252. Melissa

    I would maybe lay off the Maca or at least reduce how much you are taking. I am not sure about combining them but it sounds like Maca is too much for you or perhaps it is the quantity you are taking.
    It can be perimenopause too. If it doesn’t agree, it is best to find the root cause rather than focusing on supplements. They are still very powerful herbal remedies 🙂

  253. Lulu

    Hi Melissa,
    I am waiting for the clinic to open and see if they can help me. In the meantime i am wondering if you know anything about this;
    As I mentioned before I took Ashwaganda and Macca on same days for a week or so. I was few days late on my period and they 2 days ago I started to get hot flashes, I am getting extreme hot flashes now and feels like my blood pressure is going high, cause my brain is hot. and I also feel like my libido is coming back very strongly. I am only 35 yrs old and I don’t know if Ashwaganda did this, or is this early menopause. I had asked the doctor to test my hormones, but she said they don’t do that!! I am gonna go ask for it again. But wondering if I shouldn’t have taken these two together, different places say different things.
    If you let me know I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you

  254. Melissa

    Hi Caitlin,

    I would probably not mix the progesterone with the maca. If it is a natural source it might be all you need 🙂 Progesterone doesn’t work for everyone though so if it is getting wrose, then perhaps stop that one and try maca instead.

  255. Caitlin

    This last year I found out I had stage 4 endo. I had it removed through surgery roughly six months ago. My hormones were off before surgery, and they are still off after surgery. My doctor told me I need a hormone tune-up and has me taking 200mg of pure progesterone in just the luteal phase of my cycle. I was wondering if taking maca during the first half of my cycle, before ovulation, would still have any benefits? As of right now, I have 5 times more estrogen then I need and half the amount of progesterone that I should have. Apparently my ovaries didn’t read the user manual correctly….

  256. Melissa

    For sure. Just be careful with Vitex as some women have had adverse reactions to it 🙂

  257. meekspirit

    The thing is with this super-food, is that it is NOT a one size fits all if you have under lying thyroid issues that are undiagnosed. OR

    If you are currently receiving treatment for a thyroid-related medical condition, then you may want to reconsider taking maca root powder for the treatment of another health ailment. According to Herbal-Supplement-Resource.com, one major side effect associated with maca root is an unhealthy increase in iodine levels in patients suffering from a thyroid disorder.

    As the website suggests, maca root supplements contain a high level of natural iodine, which could lead to complications for patients already afflicted with abnormally high iodine blood levels.

    When in a high concentration within the body, iodine excess can lead to further medical complications including but not limited to kidney failure and other insulin-related illnesses.
    As the website suggests, extreme cases of iodine-related disorders include the development of goiter, or an enlarged thyroid gland.

    Before anyone should recomment what works for them, always encourage others to see a health care professional for any underlying problems first.

    Now i’m trying to reverse the effects of this maca herb that made my menstrual cycle shorter then before! from a perfect 21 day cycle to a messed up 16-18 day cycle, having a period every 2 weeks is depressing. maca for me caused severe frequent urination, breast enlargement, high blood pressure, indigestion, heart burn, hot flashes and an increased heart rate, insomnia, irritability and a constant feeling of something is stuck in my throat all the time.

    I’ll just stick with my B 100 Vitamin complex and Prenatal Multivitamin. might try the Vitex after a few cycle runs as i have heard more positive about this herb then the maca root.

    I wish you all the best happy and healthy!

  258. Lulu

    I am wondering, I read few places that I should not take Ashwaganda at the same time as MAca? What are your thoughts in that?

  259. Melissa

    I have written a few articles on Estrogen dominance. Just use the search box on the right 🙂 You can get your hormones tested with labs.

  260. Lulu

    I forgot to mention, I am not sure if I am estrogen dominated or no, but I did a bit of research and seems like lot of it might cause the stomach pain. Is there a way for me to measure these without doctors?

  261. Lulu

    Ok, so because of my endo issues I decided to start detox first and then I became Vegan after that and at the same time started taking Maca route, Don quoe , Chaste berry, etc. All the hormonal herbs that could have helped me with the issue and balance my hormones. So one month after starting that I started to get stomach pains only on 2 first days of my period(not cramps, just stomach pain on top) And been wondering what it was, I haven’t been able to sleep well on and off for the last few months, also my sex drive has gone to zero! I use to be sexual like 247!! And now it’s down to none, also my period pain is still there. I am so glad I found you here. I have gone through lot of changes in my life to fix this hormonal issue and period pains and years of no one believing me that there is something wrong. So I am hoping that finally I have found the cure.
    So my question to you is; you said Maca route is not good for endo and then you said it is ? How should i decide what to take? The hormonal herbs Don que and Chaste berry stuff, or Maca ? I have to mention the only one that I have been consistent lately has been macs that i take with my daily smoothy, last couple of months I have been taking the others every day, just every other day or whenever I remember. I took them a lot at first when I started.
    Any way that i could find out what I exactly need without going to the silly doctors, I have totally lost confidence in doctors, since for years they have been giving me useless advice and don’t seem to know anything about the human body!
    Thanks so much for your help and this website, please let me know.
    Im so glad I found you here 🙂

  262. Melissa

    Hi Lulu,

    I would be weary of taking all of those – especially the Chasteberry and especially mixing them all together. Pick one and take just that one for 3months and see how your body feels. If it doesn’t feel good after a couple of weeks, then drop it. We are all different and for some Maca has been fabulous and for others it hasn’t. I had great results with Maca.
    I would also look at your diet more seriously. Vegan is quite extreme and there are elements within meat that our bodies need – not heaps of it but definitely some of it. It comes down to quality. You would so benefit from my new course : http://www.endowellnessretreat.com 🙂

  263. Melissa

    Hi Miss Wonder Why – great name 🙂
    I totally agree that all those synthetic hormones throw out the natural balance within the body. They will defintely have all those side-effects you mentioned – note my sarcasm 🙂
    Maca can certainly have fabulous effects but I would also look at focusing more strongly on cleansing the liver and diet – supplements can only take us so far 🙂

  264. Melissa

    Hi Kara,

    I would probably not recommend Maca if you had a bad reaction with focusing on just hormones as a remedy. I would do some sort of cleansing for your liver – maybe a juice fast to start off with? You could do more advanced herbal remedies too for the liver which will really help.
    I just wrote an article on it which might help: http://endoempowered.com/support-liver-mels-top-5-recommendations/
    Our liver regulates all our hormones and your symptoms definitely sound hormonal. If you can cut out the coffee completely that would totally help as coffee affects all our hormones by throwing out the adrenals. 🙂

  265. Melissa

    Hi Natalia,
    I would ensure you are eating enough fats – the good fats like avocado, coconut milk (in a smoothie with banana is super yum) and Chia Seeds. Maca would be brilliant for this – I would avoid the others and including the progesterone pills. Maybe try Maca for a few months and see how you feel 🙂

  266. Natalia

    Hi there! I’m 18 years old and havn’t gotten my period in the last 6 months, and i got tests and an ultrasound done but everything looks normal, so my doctor prescribed me to take progesterone pills to force a period, but i havn’t started taking it yet. I also suffer from acne and i feel cold all the time (my hands turn purple from being so cold). I am eating really clean (vegan, gluten free, low sugar diet), but eating this way hasnt fixed my problems, although it has made me feel better overall, but i was wondering if i should take the progesterone pills like my doctor wanted me to or try maca and wait so see if that will help me? If i do start taking maca, when should i start noticing anything? I was also thinking about trying DIM or Vitex Chasteberry, but i’ve heard not to take that with maca, i just dont know which one would work best for me.

  267. Kara

    I am thinking of trying maca root OR evening primrose oil. I have tried vitex and had negative results. (Immediately induced a heavy clotty period with severe breast tenderness and an acne flare up) I am 25 and since having a child 4 years ago I have had persistent cystic acne and since coming off BC 2 years ago it has gotten worse and worse. My cycles are a steady 28 days but are very heavy with very tender breasts and terrible mood
    swings. I eat an organic diet with very little sugar and no processed foods or white flour. I drink only water and a single cup of coffee daily. I use a detox tea with dandelion and licorice and burdock every other month. I exercise and meditate almost daily. I have gained a notable amount of stubborn weight around my midsection and I am lethargic but have trouble sleeping. My moods are all over the place. Low sex drive. And fairly persistent reproductive area cramping. My husband and i have been trying to conceive for nearly 2 try years with no luck. I am wondering if you have advice? I feel like my hormones are to blame. I am afraid to try the maca root because of the bad experience I had with the vitex. 🙁

  268. Miss Wonder Why

    Hi. I don’t have endo…my prayers to all of you struggling with this.

    I came across this discussion when researching maca. I had a mirena iud for 2 years, that I just had removed because of side effects that were investigated and treated for any other cause. My ob/gyn would never confirm/acknowledge that the iud would have any adverse affect.

    I did a lot of reading and found tons, and I mean tons, of women who experienced the same problems while on this iud. Not everyone reacts the same way, for sure, but clearly a lot do even if the doctors won’t admit it.

    It seems that for me the synthetic hormone has caused me to suppress my own production of progesterone and brought me to some level of estrogen dominance…at least as best as I can understand. I gained nearly 25 pounds, and worse yet, was unable to lose any regardless of diet or exercise…frustrating. But more importantly, I have joint pain, numbness/tingling, hair loss and appear 6 months pregnant. I am not a tiny person, nor am I big boned, just average but now look prego.

    So, after researching I found a product (happy to say brand, but not sure if I’m allowed to) that got great reviews, is all natural (not synthetic anyway) maca and I’m waiting to start.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, should I have my hormones checked before starting? Is there someone I should see before starting? My ob/gyn seems to think I’m nuts, my gp is great but don’t know if that’s where to start.

    Thanks again.

  269. Mrs.Meldrum

    I ate a very clean diet until 2009- rarely ate processed foods, sweets, or fats… Then, after a tooth infection ransacked my system in the end of 2008, & 8 weeks of powerful antibiotics, I suddenly started craving all of the above- likely due to candida… Even since I started craving these foods, tho, I still maintain at least an 85% clean diet… I mostly eat fish, shrimp, & free range chickens for meat, tons of different veggies, some nuts, very little dairy beyond an occasional yogurt (I take eggshell calcium with vitamin D to make sure I consume sufficient calcium), rice, oats, quinoa, beans, nuts, eggs, Green Goodness(green smoothies), green tea, lemon water, coconut oil, & raw cacao powder… I’m still looking for ways to improve my diet, but have trouble coming up with new recipes that both my husband & I enjoy enough to continue eating… I’ll definitely check out your course… I’ve tried so many different things to bring a healthy balance back into my body- you would not believe what I’ve put my body through, hormonally, out of sheer desperation… I have seen so many drs seeking a way to regain my health, & left feeling frustrated & empty handed as far as options… I hit a point about 2 years ago, where I realized that it was gonna have to be up to me to fix myself… At that time, I began rashly overloading my body to fix everything thinking that I had several separate malfunctions… I was unaware that all of these things could be due to 1 issue- candida… Hormonally, I have been diagnosed officially with weak ovulation, low progesterone, & a luteal phase defect…

    Supplements I’m currently taking are:
    Liver Care
    Eggshell calcium
    Systemic enzymes
    Apple Cider Vinegar tablets

    Am doing my best to make sure that all other nutrition comes from diet…

  270. Susan

    Hi Everyone! I am writing to everyone who has been posting lately, especially the ones posting about the periods and the irregular body reactions. MACA IS A HORMONE BALANCER!!!! While Maca is natural, if there is nothing ‘wrong’ with your hormonal levels, it will cause you to have ‘adverse’ effects. If you are taking it with other supplements, it will also cause you to have ‘adverse’ effects. They may not be negative side effects, periods are not all that bad, but I noticed some of you mentioned you were attempting to conceive. Please please please consult with a legit herbalist before taking herbs that are as strong as Maca. It is important. Sometimes our bodies do not need it. There are A LOT of herbs out there that when taken with other herbs/ drugs, or when not needed can have some serious consequences. I love Maca, but it is not for everyone. If you are having a lot of hormone imbalanced symptoms, begin with what you are eating. SOY SOY SOY…pumped full of hormones and can set your body off. If you have sensitivities, this will also cause like symptoms. And also…and no one wants to hear this. Processed foods. Often times these symptoms are brought on by your thyroid doing to much. I.e. attempting to get rid of things in your body, your body views as toxins. Like food. Good luck ladies, and seriously. Ask someone who went to school before taking herbs! They can be just as dangerous as drugs!

  271. Melissa

    It will do. The IUD isn’t really just localized. The body operates as a whole unit 🙂

  272. Melissa

    The only way to know is to test it but I probably wouldn’t combine them 🙂

  273. Melissa

    Maca has been shown to extend the natural flow of having a period for many women – which is a good thing 🙂 I would stick on it but take breaks every 3months or so, so the body doesn’t get too used to it 🙂

  274. Melissa

    That is super awesome! Great to hear it helped you as much as it helped me 🙂

  275. Mrs.Meldrum

    Have not been officially diagnosed with endo, but 99.995% certain that I’ve had it at for at least 7 years do to unexplained crippling pains within pelvic cage throughout entire cycles… Saw several drs in 2 states but they did nothing but shove painkillers at me- ultrasounds, bloods, & paps show nothing… Have been TTC for 6 years with a ludicrous number of early miscarriages… Was also diagnosed as perimenopausal almost 5 years ago(@26) due to sudden extreme drop in hormone levels, although was considered by drs to be in fantastic physical shape & health… At that time I began studying up on reproductive health & natural remedies… Decided to see if could resolve endo myself, so started taking Wobenzyme a year ago… 1st cycle- only had 1 brief sharp pain just before end of cycle… 2nd cycle- no sharp pains… Found that enzymes appear to cause me a very unusual amount of bruising on my legs… Sharp pains have been slowly returning in about the last 4 cycles… I decided to start Maca in mid December, forego use of tampons, started a less potent systemic enzyme, added oatmeal, coconut oil & raw cacao powder to my diet (for magnesium to help with severe abdominal inflammation)… I started Maca with 750mg of gelatinized Maca per day for the 1st cycle & have bumped it up to 3000mg of gelatinized Maca per day during this cycle… Am again experiencing a great deal of bruising on my legs- likely from the enzymes… With Maca, I felt amazing until about day 10 of current cycle (including very heightened sex drive)… Then I just started feeling incredibly crummy all around – almost certainly due to body detoxifying due to the high dose of Maca… My question, what is a useful way to aid my body in the detoxification process as my liver is easily plugged with cholesterol, my system as a whole becomes easily inflamed, & am TTC?

    Thought I’d also share on a side note that in the last 2 years am only able take Vitex during annovulatory cycles to help regulate- if I take Vitex during a normal cycle I notice more severe & more frequent sharp, crippling pains that I’m pretty certain are caused by endo…

    I’m so ready to reclaim my health, happiness, & fertility…

  276. Melissa

    Hi Mrs Meldrum,
    I would focus on your diet and cleansing the liver, rather than relying on just supplements. It is very dangerous to just play with hormone based supplements as they all have an effect on some level. Inflammation is so easy to get rid of with the right diet. Have you seen my new course? The Endo Wellness Retreat guides you through the whole process and gets rid of pain, inflammation and so many other symptoms we experience with Endometriosis. http://www.endowellnessretreat.com

  277. Mary Lu

    Hi, will Calcium D-Glucarate interfere with the Mirena IUD since it is an Intrauterine device with localized effects not processed through the liver?

  278. GEmma

    Hey Annabelle, I just googled Evening primrose oil and maca and thus came across your blog. I am taking both of these supplements because of my severe PMS, I do not have endometriosis, just hashimoto, is it still a bad idea to take them together?

  279. Michelle

    my breasts have increased in size at least a full cup. I know this is all due to maca. I have a ton of energy for my age and started IronTribe with great results. I am already eating a paleo type organic diet with a little bit of diary and have been for over a year, which I think has contributed to the effectiveness of the maca. Anyway, my question to you is: how long can I expect my period continue? Will I have a period as long as I am on maca or will my body still continue the process of menopause but at a more natural pace? Thanks for your blog – although I have never suffered from endrometriosis the information on here is valuable for all women. I wish I had known about maca a long time ago.

  280. Michelle

    Hi Melissa,

    I am a 50 year old woman who thought my periods pretty much over. At my pap in July of 2012, I told my doctor my periods had been very irregular so she put me on a mild progesterone pill to take 10 days every month to stimulate my period. I did this once but have never been comfortable with taking hormones so stopped. 8 months later the hot flashes and night sweats got so bad that a decent night’s sleep became a fantasy. I stopped having periods. I don’t know if I was terribly irritable but I know I had bad days. I was gaining weight even though I had a good diet. Last October, at the advice of a woman in the local health food market, I began taking organic maca which I add to a smoothie every day. Fast forward to the end of January; no hot flashes, no night sweats, my periods have started again – AND –

  281. Meghan

    Please help! I have PCOS and did a lot of research on maca. Liked what I read about helping to conceive and regulate hormones. I started taking maca capules, 3 of them (1500mg each) as the bottle recommended.
    For the past 4 days I was spotting brown discharge and now today started a full blown Period and it is just dark brown/black. Is this good or bad? Its been 2 weeks since my normal period. I am also cramping pretty heavy! Advice?

  282. Amanda

    I tried one 500mg capsule of maca and began to has cramps too, then maybe a few hours later I went to use the bathroom and heard something splash in the toilet, I looked and it was a huge blood clot! It brought my period on and it was so so very painful, I thought I had to go to the E.R. I discontinued immediately. My period lasted so log and it was so heavy. Then I had another period after a week. Sucked pretty bad. All from one capsule. I wanted to try maca for it’s even distribution of fat to our butt and hips etc. and to regulate my period. Well that was 3 months ago, I just purchased maca again but different brand, maybe if I take less than 500 mg and I’m waiting until after my period this time. I will probably have the same results, I’m scared but I’m mad that this is like a miracle super food for women and yet I can’t even try to take it long enough to see if it works for me!

  283. Jane Roth

    Thanks for the article. My personal experience with maca root supplements is very positive. I was in a stage that i was constantly tired and in bad mood(depressed). Couldn’t get up from the bed in the morning. I heard about maca properties and decided to try it. Started with daily dose of 500mg of raw maca powder, but it had bad effect on my stomach. I changed it to Gelatinized form of maca( i took organic gelatinized capsules) and after a while felt some improvement. I increased my daily dose to 1000mg and after 2 month I had energies that i couldn’t believe! Now it’s been 8 months and I’m still taking maca as a part of my daily diet and very happy with my high energies.

  284. Melissa

    Not sure sweets. Perhaps it was the brand you bought? Some are filled with fillers and things that might not agree. It could also just not be for you.

  285. Lissette

    I took it at lunch time with my multi vitamin. I’ve taken my multi before no effects at all so I figured it was that…

  286. Melissa

    I can’t imagine the reaction would happen that quickly Lissett. How did you take it?

  287. Lissett

    Hi, im glad i found this cause i have so many concerns i took maca pills today for the first time and about an hour later after taking i started getting cramps is that normal? Im trying to regulate my period and hopefully conceive any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  288. Melissa

    Hi Enny,
    If you have taken any hormone based treatments I would highly recommend flushing those out first. You can try DIM for that. I would avoid phytoestrogens as they just make the endometriosis worse.
    Maca can certainly help but you need to flush out the excess hormones first 🙂

  289. Enny

    Thank U soo much for this blog! I hav been on metformin for 3months now to battle PCOS without result as I haven’t seen my period yet and now am on phytoestrogen to see if it will work for me, and for 3weeks now, don’t really know if it working @all. My question now is dat can Maca work it out for me since its my hormone am trying to balance. Pls can Maca work on my PCOS to reduce the insulin thereby inducing my mensturation? Waiting in anticipation for Ur reply Thanks.

  290. Melissa

    Hi Sweetheart,
    It could be conflicting with the Evening Primrose Oil as Evening Primrose Oil is quite estrogenic. Maybe try it without any other supplements and see how you go 🙂

  291. Melissa

    Brown discharge is a way of your body expelling toxins from your body. It can also be that your uterine lining is very thick and is dispelling. I would look at building up your uterus and giving it strength. Maybe check out Mayan Massage as this can be super helpful 🙂

  292. tumi

    Hi,ive been using macaroot for two weeks now,but my problem is that im experiencing this brown discharge and it doesnt stop.Is is good or bad for my system?

  293. Anonymous

    2nd day of taking maca pills (2 day1 / 1 day 2) terrible headache & dizziness – took it with multi vit perfectil / antihistimine & evening primrose/starflower oil not on pill/any other birth control. Not happy will go off it for a while & perhaps try again with maca only. Ouch!

  294. Melissa

    Yes, the IUD will do that sweets. There are better natural options 🙂

  295. Melissa

    I think it is a great addition 🙂

  296. Aqua

    Thank you for your time:)
    I will try come back to Kelp and Agnus Castus.
    What is your opinion about Cats Claw?
    I tried long time ago, first days was hell, but later i was getting better. And at that time i didnt do much effort to my diet and exercise. So not much changed.

  297. corinne

    Only had the iud since march this year. i don’t know if its me or the iud itself but i feel hormonal and moody. I get it out next month, when would be best to start maca.

  298. Melissa

    It doesn’t sound like the Maca is agreeing with you hun. I would perhaps go back on the Agnus Cactus and Kelp (if your thyroid still needs it) as that seemed to work well. The thyroid and endo cysts are also very closely related as a lack of Iodine will create growths. It is also a good idea to eat some seaweed. 🙂

  299. Aqua

    Hi again, thank you for your answer:)
    I stoped taking maca 9th october and hade 2 more days of spotting (in all 9 days spotting)
    Im not taking any other medicine or treatment. After laparoscopy (2years ago) i hade Yasmin pills for 3moths, but couldnt take it any more, cos it made me crazy and horrible person, even worsened my thyroid.
    About two months im not eating meat, dairy or gluten products. Doing yoga.
    About two months ago finished course of kelp, what i hade about for 6 months with couple of breaks in between. My thyroid now better but still not perfect:)
    Im worried about endometriosis, cos last time ( in July) my gynaecologist suggested laparoscopy again, but in the end taled me to come back after 3months for scan. I hade that scan third day of taking maca. Thay said my endometriosis went little bit smaller.
    At the same time, when iv been taking Kelp i hade and Agnus Castus. Im not very sure if it made any difference.
    So should i try again with maca later and smaller dose or should i give up on it?

  300. Melissa

    There could be other factors here hun 🙂 Maybe look at taking some Kelp powder for your thyroid 🙂
    Are you on the pill or any hormonal treatments?

  301. Aqua

    Hi Melissa,

    Im a bit confused and need good advise, please:) Im 34 years old. I have endometriosis (laparoscopy about 2 years ago), under active thyroid. My last period started at 23/09/2013, Maca powder i started taking 3/10/2013, the same day i started spotting with a lot of pain (pain lasted for two days (like usual periods)). At first i fought that its ovulation, but today is 8/10/2013 im still spotting and more amount of blood than at the beginning and is very brown colour. I am taking Maca 0.5 tbs in the morning. In general im feeling different, but i wouldnt say bad different. Could it be that is clearing up or is it something wrong? Maybe im taking to much of maca? Should i stop it or should i take smaller amount?

  302. Melissa

    Hi Corinne,
    I would maybe look at eating more seaweeds instead hun 🙂 I can’t really give you specifics without knowing a little more.

  303. corinne

    Hi Melissa,
    I have hypothyroidism and an iud until nov. when should i start maca? I also have to take met to get preg as i have pcos.

  304. Melissa

    Hi Suzanne,
    Yes, I would be hesitant to take them together and if you have been on the lower dosage for a few weeks, I would definitely up the dosage to the recommended amount. See how you feel and allow your body to tell you if it is happy 🙂

  305. Suzanne

    I have cysts on my ovaries and have been taking MacaHarmony. I have been taking 1 capsule a day but read I should combine it with DIM. Did you say it was not a good combination? I am mid 40’s and do not want to make anything worse. Just want to balance my hormones again & shrink my cysts naturally. My gyn does not support any natural supplements. I am also wondering if I should bump my dosage up to 2 capsules a day which is the recommended dosage-1000mg.

  306. corinne

    I have the same problem Sue. I have the IUD and have hypothyroid and pcos. I don’t know what I should do either.

  307. Melissa

    Hi Julia,
    Maybe try the cleanse without anything else first and then add the others back in. The Chlorophyll would be a great follow through after the cleanse too 🙂
    Thanks for the support!


  308. Julia

    Dear Melissa,

    So happy to hear from you ! Yesterday I ordered the Fertility Cleanse kit at http://www.naturalfertilityshop.com/ which includes
    Liver Renew Capsules, Liver Cleanse Flushing Tea,Milk Thistle Seed Extract
    Conception Tea,Women’s best friend capsules. When I start using this kit should I continue with Maca at the same time ? Also when in this process would you advise to take chlorophyll and could it interact with one of these products? If I want to buy chlorophyll where would I buy this and how should I use it.
    I also ordered your book so Im sure I will find lots of health treasures in there 🙂

    Hugs right back to you.


  309. Melissa

    Hi Julia,
    I am super excited that you found my website too 🙂
    Cystic Acne is totally related to high toxin load on the liver and the consumption of dairy. I would avoid anything that puts a strain on the liver – over processed fats, food with sugar in them and any sugar, too much meat. Avoid any of the white foods: bread, dairy, sugar, wheat and rice – even potato if you can :).
    Maca is wonderful and would make a great addition to a healthy diet.
    I would focus your energies on cleansing your body from all the stuff you have taken over the years. Chlorophyll makes a wonderful cleanser 🙂

    Hugs sweetheart and enjoy the healing journey

  310. Melissa

    Hi Carol. I reckon it would be perfect for you 🙂 Just give it a try and see how your body feels.

  311. Julia

    Dear Melissa,
    I am delighted to have found your website as I was very close starting Yasmin pill to get rid of my cystic acne caused by hormonal imbalance. I am 45 and been through Diane / Roacutane but prefer the way my body feels without. I want to try Maca as it seems the right thing to do. Would you advise another supplement to take with Maca and how much should I take daily ?
    I have the impression I am allergic to dairy products and most of all cheese. I also get breakouts when eating white rice and chicken ?
    Could you advise ?
    Love your website your are amazing !

  312. Carol

    I am 55, going through menopause suffering with hot flashes at nighttime only and severe insomnia. My moods swings are raging and off the charts. I am told that maca may be the sweet answer to my dilemma. What do you say?

  313. Melissa

    Hi Lucky,
    The natural approach is quite different to using drugs and hormones. It takes a complete holistic approach for things to work. That means, diet, exercise, cleansing and herbs. Maca alone will not be enough. There are supplements that can help with cyst reduction and prevention but you do need to do all the other stuff too 😉

  314. Melissa

    It is probably not necessary. I would focus on the two weeks leading up to your period.

  315. Mally Keo

    Do you recommend taking maca during my menstrual cycle?

  316. lucky

    I have severe endometriosis and my body makes endometrioma cysts. i just had my second laproscopic surgery in 22 months and I want to know what I can do. I’ve had adrenal issues since age 19, too much DHEA which caused hair and ance, so the doc put me on Sprironolactone, then the pill because that messed up my periods. At age 35 I went off the pill to have horrible periods and pain and at 36 my gyno discovered a cyst on my ovary and lots of adhesions. It was mostly removed and grew back in 6 weeks. Then the doc tried everything, Lupron, Agyestin, continuous birth control. Additionally, my thyroid went hypo. I’m 38 now, 5’3″ and 115 lbs. I’ve been vegetarian for 16 years. I don’t like taking all these drugs but I also don’t want another 10 cm cyst. Help? Can I take Maca? Can I take it with the pill and synthroid and spironolactone? or do i cut them all cold turkey? Any advice, articles, anything is much appreciated.

  317. Melissa

    Hi Sue,
    I would maybe check with your doc on combining the two but I believe Maca is quite good for the thyroid 🙂
    Hope the lining returns to normal soon. Maybe also take some DIM or something to flush out the excess hormones.

  318. Sue

    Hi Melissa and everyone,
    thankfully my husband and I have one child already and now we are having problems conceiving. Everything seems to be ok on his end after he got tested.
    Since I had my Ob-gyn take my IUD (Mirena) out in October 2011, my period has been rather light. I had no period while the IUD was inside my body. It really has messed me up. I also have a hypothyroid condition which i got checked out last in February and will again be checked in August. Last status with my thyroid levels was that the results look great. Could taking Maca improve my periods and improve the lining of the Uterus? I only have my period like 1-2 days and my husband and I want to get pregnant but i believe that my lining with this little blood is way too thin. When you have an IUD, it says that it thins out the lining and It seems that my body is still not recovered from that birth control method after 1 3/4 years that it’s out. I am considering taking Maca to maybe get that regulated if possible but I worry that it could mess with my thryoid meds i take in the morning.
    All my ob-gyn recommends at this point is Clomid or go to Fertility Specialist.

  319. Shari

    When I first started Maca about 3 years ago, I took it in the raw form. I started to have another period three days after the last one ended. Within two days of starting to bleed, I was filling up a super tampon every hour. I thought I might have to have a transfusion. My midwife prescribed a low dose birth control pill to stop the bleeding.

    I was intrigued. It was scary how dramatic an effect it had, but it was also encouraging because it had an effect. I also noticed at that time that my acne had begun to clear (which hadn’t generally happened since before adolescence).

    I found some Maca that was sundried and concentrated and decided to try that method. I started with a much smaller dose (about 1/8 tsp) and am now taking a little over 1/4 tsp. most days. I stop taking it when I’m having my period and for several days after its cessation. I’ve had really good results and notice a difference in my hormonal symptoms when I’m diligent about taking it. It seems to help with the fatigue I get during the premenstrual phase.

  320. Melissa

    Hi Chandra,
    Maca works a little differently with our hormones and goes straight to the Pituitary gland to regulate all the hormones. I would however, recommend focusing on flushing out the excess estrogens with more than just Maca. The key ones are to avoid foods which are estrogenic, which might have been pumped with hormones. Meat that is not organic is one of the highest estrogen contributors. Avoid chickens for sure.
    Flaxseeds, red clovers and pomegranates are also more concentrated estrogens. They are plant estrogens but will still affect our estrogen levels. Also avoid cooking or drinking from plastics as these are estrogenic in nature.
    Soy is the biggest culprit though. Hope that helps.

  321. Chandra

    Hi, thanks for posting on this. I am getting conflicting info about Maca? I actually purchased some to increase the possiblity of fertility But then I read that it actually raises your estrogen levels. Is this true? I have a history of Endo and Fibroids which I know that estrogen increase fibroid growth. Is it possible that Maca can increase my estrogen levels and cause fibroids to grow? I know this is not a fibroid site, but wanted to let you know why I was so concerned about it increasing estrogen in my body.

  322. Melissa

    It should be fine 🙂 They work in different ways for the body.

  323. S.

    Is Maca ok to take with supergreen powders, like wheatgrass, spiraling & chlorella?

    Thanks so much for the great information!

  324. Melissa

    I am not sure what “cited” is. I love Maca to regulate periods though 🙂 It is all personal preference really – try things and see what works for you 🙂

  325. Saleena

    Hello, I have a question on what to take to get a regular period. Many have been recommending cited and others maca , I’m very confused! Could I take them @ the same time? Btw I’m trying to conceive but it has been hard for me because sometimes I go 3-6 months without a menstrual cycle. Thank you! I love your website it’s very helpful!

  326. Melissa

    Hi Ingvild,
    Perhaps you were just taking too many things all at once? I know when I combined too many hormone specific supplements together, I developed problems. Glad you found the progesterone cream to work for you. Just make sure you don’t take it for too long 🙂

    Glad you like the book! Hugs

  327. Ingvild

    Hi Melissa! I have also taken Maca Root powder for the last couple of months, alongside naturual wild yam pills and progesterone cream. I take regular blood tests since I am doing Ivf on a natural cycle. The last months my estradiol level has been too high, so the Ivf has been cancelled. I never had that high estradiol level before. I have now stoped taking maca root powder because I believe it has caused this inbalance. Hopefully my blood tests will normalize next months.
    Wild yam and progesterone cream really works for me.

    I love your cookbook and use your recipies quite often. Keep up your good work:)
    Thank you!


  328. Tammy

    Thank you 🙂

  329. Melissa

    Hi Diana,
    Milk Thistle works more on the liver and Maca would work more with your hormones, so it would definitely be helpful. Maca helped me heaps to get onto my healing journey.

  330. Diana

    Hi Melissa,
    I found all this very interesting and helpful. I have endo and a fatty liver, for the fatty liver I take milk thistle capsules, and had been thinking about trying maca. Do you think the two combined would be bad?
    I’ve had endo for years and when I was researching it online, there wasn’t that much info on it, doctors all tell you the same thing. Now I’m looking it up again because I feel like it’s gotten worse, and it sounds worse than before. I really hope maca can help me. 🙂

  331. Melissa

    Hi Tammy,
    I personally wouldn’t advise taking Maca with the birth control pill. I would consider going off the pill and then waiting a month and then taking it. Maca will try to regulate your hormones and the birth control pill doesn’t work with your natural hormones.

  332. Melissa

    Calcium D-Glucarate, works on healing the liver, so I can’t see any harm in taking it with Maca. I wouldn’t advise taking it with any hormone specific supplements or on the contraceptive pill though.

  333. Lauralynn

    Hello, Is it alright to take calcium d-glucarate along with maca? Or will it lower estrogen levels too much.

  334. Tammy

    Hi Melissa,
    I was told to take Meca capsules as I have peri menopause symptoms (racing pulse, anxiety, spotting between periods to name a few) . I am on the Seasonique birth control pill, is it safe to take maca while on the pill?

  335. Shari

    Do you know how long I should be off the pill before starting maca root?

  336. Melissa

    It might clash with the pill but perhaps ask a herbalist as it depends on what pill you are on. The best is to just get off the pill completely 🙂

  337. Shari

    I have endometriosis and am on the pill to help control it but I am low on estrogen and having severe insomnia and clammy skin. I don’t like the options that my gyn is giving me and would like to try maca. Do I need to get off the pill first?

  338. Demetria

    Hi Iam 45 years old and love to workout 4-5 times a week I love to drink protien shakes after a good workout or even as a meal replacement. I started to take the maca once aday and started to feela little pain here and there along with dizziness I knew right away it had tobe something in that protien shake that did not mix with the maca since then Iam really foucusing on all the ingredients in the protien shakes as they like to add alot of different kind of herbs

  339. Melissa

    Thank you for sharing. That sounds like a nasty experience. Can I ask what else was in the meal replacement? It might be that there were other ingredients that were in there that might have contributed or caused it to be so bad? I have heard bad experiences with Maca but never to that extreme.

  340. Peacetree

    Listen to your body when starting maca. Maca works great for some people, I’ve read some glowing reviews online, but I’ve also found a few that are like my experience. Maca is not for everyone. I don’t typically get menstrual cramps that are anything beyond just uncomfortable, and that’s usually only one day out my cycle, day 2, my heavy day. I started a meal replacement shake that contained a very large amount of maca,1000 mg of organic gelatinized maca, and started having HORRIBLE off the charts painful cramping four days out from even beginning my period. I was doubled over, having cold sweats, trouble breathing, ready to vomit… the pain was INTENSE. I suspected the meal replacement with maca was the only thing I had changed in my diet/lifestyle. I immediately stopped taking it. Next menstrual cycle rolled around and everything went fine and normal, some very mild cramping, one day only, to remind me my uterus was still there, but nothing too out of control. A few weeks later in the middle of my cycle I decided to try this meal replacement shake again that I had laying around and that I had dropped big money on. BIG mistake. This was the middle of my cycle. I had just ovulated, and the next day after taking this shake I had absolutely excruciating uterine cramping that was just like the worst menstrual cramps ever that I had experienced when taking the maca before. This time the pain was so intense I did vomit. I was ready to go to the emergency room, had I even been well enough at the time to move or breathe or get those words out… This time the doubling over and uterine contraction like pain lasted over an hour and caused my entire abdomen to convulse and cramp up and it took me a week to recover before I could even walk upright again because all my insides were so sore. Of course stopped taking the shake with maca, and my cycles have been fine and have not experienced that horrible pain since. Seems to me to be a connection… I am only thirty and perfectly healthy, living a “clean and organic lifestyle”.

  341. Rain

    I’ve found much conflicting information about maca. As I’m trying to conceive, I research a variety of concerns frequently, maca root being a hot topic for me. Apparently, it’s a staple food in it’s area of origin; I’ve read mother’s introduce it into their daughters’ diets at around 3 years old. As it nourishes the related glands, their reproductive years generally extend well past US averages… A testament to its power, if that is a fact. Yet we are taking it as a supplement? Daily, as I have been taking it, creates a major problem for those of us who have know our bodies’ cycle(s) well: if you miss a day, it could affect ovulation, and thus menstruation. Falling pregnant takes timing a patience as it is. My body became so used to that daily dose that when I took the suggested maca break after 3 weeks, for the first time in over 20 years, I was two days late! It’s not a big deal overall, just a proof of its intensity. I appreciate you having pointed to making it random, just as if you were adding it as a side dish to a meal. I feel that I’ve created better health for myself in the past 3 months by taking maca (2tsp/day). But I also take whole food penatals, low dosage noni fruit powder, and chia seeds regularly, and try to eat mostly fresh fruits and veggies, good proteins, whole grains, nuts, and lots of berries. Even so, my monthly visitor is still very painful. I’m hoping that all this attention to detail will begin to kick in more over the next few months.

  342. Melissa

    Hi Regina,
    I am unfortunately not familiar with Butcher’s Broom. From what you describe it shouldn’t interfere. Maca focuses mainly on strengthening the hormone functions in the body, through the pituitary gland. You are wonderful mom to look after Mary 🙂

  343. Regina

    Hi Melissa,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. It is really assisting me to help my daughter Mary. Can you tell me, if we can mix Maca with Butcher’s Broom? My daughter has POT Syndrome, and the Butcher’s Broom helps her a lot with her blood circulation and pooling – but she also has endo and I was hoping Maca might help her.

    Thank you so much!

  344. Melissa

    Hi Susan,
    It is hard to self prescribe sometimes as there are many factors that cause such extreme pain. The only way to know for sure what it was is to cut out everything else and then try it. The pill and Maca probably don’t go well together as Maca stimulates progesterone production, which the pill will try and reduce. There might be a clash going on there! Also, vitex does very similar things to Maca – so I wouldn’t take both – pick one or the other.
    The pill is probably contributing to things too 🙂
    Thank you and I hope you find some answers on my blog.

  345. Susan

    Thank you so much for this blog. I have been dealing with hormonal imbalances for awhile now, causing awful side effects. I do not suffer from Endometriosis but found myself researching natural hormone balancers after a month of painful cysts. My body has also been regulating itself after I had to stop eating soy (because of an allergy…although it is a actually better for women to steer away from soy, especially if hormone fed breast cancer runs in the family…as it does in mine). I am also 23, so I am young for so many hormone issues. I found Maca, Vitex, and Black Cohosh and began researching their benefits and ways to take it. I tried asking my many doctors, but they only wanted to prescribe birth control and pain medication. 🙁 I experienced full body pain when taking them. It was like my bones were on fire. I chalked it up to my cysts and ignored it for weeks. The pain was so bad, I could barely function and did not know why?! I was always cold, sweating, tired…I slept all the time. I wanted to do nothing but eat. I gained about 5 pounds. I could not go to school or make appointments. Nothing took the pain away. After a few weeks, I stopped taking everything but the birth control and my anti-anxiety med and the pain stopped. I never put two and two together though. A few days ago I decided to start taking it again and the pain was almost instant. I typed in side effects of Maca and your blog popped up! I know better than to start taking things without a doctors approval, but you can just get so desperate from the pain sometimes and so tired of taking narcotics, that you try anything. I am going to cut down to just the Maca. You are right to promote the benefits of it, it truly does help so many people! Thank you so much for your hard work to helping as many people as possible. I wish you the best of luck in life!

  346. Melissa

    Hi Stacy! I am super impressed that you realised how much control you actually have over your health! Wow! How silly anti-depressants!
    Maca is great for the depression side too! I found it helped me heaps with the moodiness and irritability side.
    I am discovering that the real key to all of this is to get our hormones back in balance through the liver. If we can flush out the toxins out of our bodies, then we can heal much easier. Also, check out your thyroid.
    All the best and I hope you keep reading cos there is so much on here now 🙂

  347. Stacy L.

    I just started taking Maca (the Femenessence MacaHarmony product) yesterday, after finding it discussed on a couple of PCOS blogs. I suffer from hidradenitis suppurativa, and found the hormone balancing (i.e., fix my crazy androgens that trigger HS flareups) claims to be very intriguing. I’m also at the beginning of perimenopause, and had an endometrial ablation three years ago to deal with heavy periods. Boy, if I knew then what I know now. 🙂 I’ve been on Yaz for three years to control the HS flareups but went off the pill yesterday. We’ll see how it goes.

    Anyway, I was very happy to run across this post as for the past couple of months I’ve been taking a super-mega-women’s vitamin that includes evening primrose oil, black cohosh, etc. I’ve only been on the maca for two days so I haven’t had too much time to feel any negative backlash from the combination, but I’m going to go back to the regular multivitamins starting tomorrow.

    As an aside…I went to my GYN two days ago to discuss my hormone issues and she actually recommended antidepressants and a “good therapist”. When I told her that’s what was recommended to my mom 25 years ago and I was disappointed nothing had changed in the world of gynecology since then, she was a little miffed. I came home, got in a good cry, and then got on my computer to figure out what my other options are. I’m so happy to see there ARE other options.


  348. Melissa

    Hi Mark! That is truly amazing! I can’t believe it worked that quickly! Mine took months to show effects and it only elevated my mood slightly. Are you sure it was Maca? ha ha!
    Another great one for “over chatting brain syndrome” is meditation and Yoga. I find the balance poses in Yoga are fabulous for those days when I am overthinking 🙂

  349. Mark

    I’d like to chime in for the guys if that’s okay.
    I started having really low energy levels and feeling lethargic on a daily basis, mentally and physically. The worst part is what the Taoists call monkey brain. This is where your mind just won’t shut up as if it were another entity outside of your own control. I had been taking hormone shots for low testosterone in the past but stopped because it did not seem to help. More and more over the last 5 years this got worse, and I resisted to do anything, it was a struggle to leave the house and I used to be a real go getter. So three days ago a sales man at the local health food store talked me into buying some Maca Root, specifically a brand called Revolution for men. I’m a real cynic (another side effect of my mood) so I expected it not to work, but I was getting desperate and considering asking for some ADD drugs. In 20 minutes I turned 180 degrees. Moodiness gone, Monkey brain gone and a relaxed feeling of wellbeing. Next morning I went running. It’s day 4 now I have not felt this good in 10 years. I hope it continues. I take 2250mg a day and in 45 days I am supposed to stop for one week then restart. I’m sure not everyone will have such a dramatic effect, but for me (so far) this is a miracle drug.

  350. Melissa

    Hi Timi,

    It does take a while to build up in the body – they say up to 6months. I notice it more instantly than that 🙂

  351. Melissa

    Thanks for sharing Amanda. Maybe we should know that it doesn’t work for everyone and if we experience worse symptoms, to just not use it, rather than keep hoping it will improve 🙂

  352. timi

    Hi Melissa!

    Thank you for the quick reply. I have the powder form of Maca, and it says: 1-3 teaspoons a day.

    I take 1-2 teaspoons a day and has not seen any result yet.

    Anyway, I should be have more patience. 🙂

    Have a nice day!

  353. Amanda

    I took maca without taking any type of hormone-altering supplement or medication, no phytoestrogens, no adaptogens, and I was even eating closer to a vegetarian diet (ie. doing everything “right”). It made things get a lot worse as far as endo was concerned. I didn’t realize it could have been the maca until I came across information in a book called ‘Sexy Hormones’ by Lorna Vanderhaeghe and Dr. Alvin Pettle that the maca could be causing the increased symptoms. I stay away from that stuff now :\

  354. Melissa

    I would drop the Vitex. It has Phytoestrogenic effects, where as Maca seems to be okay on that front. Definitely check with your herbalist though 🙂

  355. Melissa

    Wow! Really! I am glad you listened to your body. It is my pleasure Jessica 🙂

  356. Melissa

    Hi Tim,
    It really depends on what sort you bought. If you bought capsules, it varies again as they each have different dosages. It usually tells you on the bottle though 🙂 I use about a tablespoon a day in my smoothy.

  357. Sarai

    oh my Gosh! I have been taking maca as well as vitex for a long time! which do i let go of? i need to talk to my herbalist!!!! uhhh oh!!!!

  358. Jessica

    I read your article on Maca root about 8 months ago. I tried it along with DIM. The DIM caused me to have severe migraines. So I only took it twice. But the Maca root has done wonders. So much so, that I can tell a difference when I don’t take it. The lady who helped me at the health food store suffers from Endo too and also recommended Red Raspberry Leaves for when I am experiencing the occasional symptoms. I don’t take it very often but it does seem to help. Thanks for writing your blog! It is so helpful.

  359. tim

    Hi Melissa,

    Could you please tell me what is the advised daily amount of Maca I should take?

    Thank you,

  360. Melissa

    I don’t think it would. It is not a phytoestrogen, so that should be fine 🙂 I found Evening Primrose Oil does have phytoestrogens in it – maybe use a fish oil high in Omega 3 Instead 🙂

  361. Laurie

    What about red raspberry leaf…would that interfere with Maca? I also love Maca and take the Evening Prim.

  362. Melissa

    Hi lana. I would probably wait until you go off the pill before taking anything else. You need to get the balance back inside first 🙂 Work stress can play a role but worrying about pain is never fun either. You will feel better in a few months – just wait for the pill to work its way out of your body and then try the chinese herbs and other stuff. I also don’t really recommend Chasteberry – http://endoempowered.com/what-you-need-to-know-about-taking-red-clover-for-endometriosis/

  363. lana

    hello girls and melissa,

    that is very interesting. I have recently been getting more sharp pain and soreness with moving, it has been a few years now since my laparoscopy and i do not wish to have another one at all. i have been taking maca for a few months and was doing fine, maybe just felt a bit more sexual at the time. then i ran out and stopped, after a while i started to get more achey, i recently just started chinese herbs and another herb medicine (with chasteberry in it) and am experiencing the pain almost daily now. havent mixed it too much with maca (as i restocked and i was excited to be back on maca) but will probably try to stop until i stop the chinese herbs.
    I thought chinese medicine was great for endometriosis? how come i feel terrible? other factors to consider would be that i have been under work related pressures/stress and physical exhaustion as well as relationship stresses. so i dont blame maca, theres many things to consider i guess. Just feel out of balance and anxious about the pain. its hard to deal with this alone, and havent had to for a few months now. im also on the pill, as i said last time, however plan to stop that in a few days at the end of the period. Yay. hope so much i will feel better. it is really good to know not to mix them. Thanks

  364. Melissa

    Thanks Elke. I will look into that one for us 🙂 I hope you were able to help your cousin 🙂

  365. Elke

    Hello Melissa,
    I just happened to come across your website while searching for help for a cousin. Take a look at the Weston A. Price Foundation’s website. They have a lot of information about nutrition, nutrient dense foods, healing. There are many foundation chapters all over the world where people help people to regain their health. Our chapter has a lot of members, who cured themselves from various illnesses by changing their diet and following the wisdom of ancient cultures. The website allows you to search for a local chapter. And maybe you will find just a little tiny bit, which could be useful to you.

    Elke from California

  366. Olga

    I can’t take it either… I have horrible pain from Maca almost like something crazy is happening in my stomach. I had bad pain and i stopped taking Maca and the pain stopped. So girls please be careful with Maca… I would listen to your body… I am currently taking Vitalyzm and I feel good I am taking 1 pill a day i use to take 3 a day and I started getting pimples and feeling lousy. So 1 a day for me right now…

    Stay safe

  367. Hannah

    I have been taking maca for about 4 months and my pain has really reduced. This could be due to any number of things I have been doing, but it certainly hasn’t given me any problems 🙂 I do take evening primrose oil daily, and although that hasn’t appeared to be a problem maybe I should reconsider combining maca with anything hormone-related. Tricky! But regardless, maca is a great superfood (I actually love the taste if it)!

  368. jaye

    No chinese medicine at the time – just maca, fish oil, and magnesium. I still take fish oil and Mg without those side effects.

  369. Limor

    Hi Melissa,

    I googled Macca Root (in Hebrew) and found some Macca products for women.

    In one of them there is a clear warning NOT to take it in cases of hormonal cancer and Endometriosis!

    It seems to me that Macca is a bit controversial…

  370. Melissa

    Hi Jaye, That is really interesting. I haven’t heard of this reaction. Were you taking chinese medicine at the time? They also say those don’t combine well with Maca.

  371. jaye

    Hi Mel.

    I started taking it about 5-6 months ago. First I heard about maca here and bought some, only taking it when I remembered. My Naturopath recommended I take it everyday. I was not taking any other supplements except fish oil and magnesium and I experienced the worst estrogen dominance ever after 2 months on it. I had terrible insomnia and PMS, and lost my sex drive. Scary stuff! I dropped it. My acupuncturist said that maca boosts the endocrine system and mine was probably doing just fine, without it.

  372. Melissa

    Hi Annabelle! So cool that you are commenting again 🙂 You were part of the reason I figured out there was something I needed to explore more about Maca. I only ever took Maca on it’s own. I did try Maca with DIM for a short time and did notice it also made me sore – good to know and I guess we have to all be Guinea Pigs at some point. Sorry you had to be one for us and that it wasn’t just me 🙂
    Definitely try it on it’s own! It is fabulous!

  373. Annabelle

    well as I told you, when I started taking Maca, I took it and DIM at the same time which maybe that was wrong. Got major pain like I hadn’t had in months and that scared me so much!! I took Maca again by itself for a short time, but just didn’t feel like it was time for me to take it for some reason so I stopped again. I was thinking about trying it again and see what happens this time. 🙂

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