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Using our 5 Senses to Help us Sleep Better!

Don’t feel bad that you need more sleep then the recommended 8 hours! This is normal for us Endo ladies as the body is trying to heal and the liver is working overtime! This means we get tired easier and often don’t sleep as well as we should.

Here are some tips to help us sleep better, focusing on each sensory organ to get us there!

Our Eyes

Avoid overstimulating the eyes with too much activity which could make it difficult to sleep. This means no TV or reading of heavy books just before bed. Give yourself some down time. Do some breathing exercises with your eyes closed or do some yoga. Lie on your bed, before getting into bed and place some cucumber on your eyes or put some cotton balls on your eyes which have been soaked in luke warm chamomile tea.

Our Taste

Don’t eat anything just before bed or at least 2hrs away from bed time. Have some soothing tea to help you sleep. Teas to help you sleep include: Chamomile flowers, lemon balm, passion flower, lemon verbena,  valerian root and stevia leaf. I just read all those ingredients off a “sleep easy” tea I bought which is just wonderful. It is so nice and really helps me sleep much better!

Our Touch

If you are stiff or sore try and massage the area or even better, get someone to massage you! The sense of touch will instantly relax us and make us feel much more at ease and helps release some of the toxins. I use geranium or calendula oil on my shoulders, feet and tummy to release any tension from the day. Check out my free video footage on Mayan massage http://endoempowered.com/mayan-massage-free-video-footage/ and try it out for yourself!

Our Hearing

If you have a noisy place, rather than getting annoyed with the noises, get something like an iPod, CD Player or whatever your choice and play some soothing rain sounds or rainforest frogs or something like that. I find some Enya is good and really help me sleep well – considering we are living in Auckland city at the moment.

Our Smell

I love playing with our sense of smell. The fun of trying different oils in my oil burner is fantastic. I love geranium, cedar, rosewood and of course lavender. There are so many out there, try different ones but the best ones for sleep are lavender and the deeper smells like Ylang Ylang. Anything that relaxes us. *Don’t use Lavender every night as it does stimulate oestrogen.

Sleeping well begins with a focus on relaxing the mind. This can be achieved so easily with these suggestions. Try them all in one night and see how amazingly well you sleep!

Let me know how it felt to try them all and sleep well.

Question: Do you struggle to sleep often? Is it more that you struggle to fall asleep or do you wake easily too?

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Des

    Thanks for thr info on sleep. My biggest problem is not actually falling asleep, but staying asleep. I am normally awake around 2 in the morning and sometimes I dont fall asleep again. It very frustrating. At the moment I am on about day 5 of being awake at 2 a.m. I am exhausted. I will try some of these 5 senses tonight if I wake up. Hope it helps.

  2. Melissa

    Hi Miranda. I am not aware of exactly how sleep would stimulate creative stimulation but I can tell you that our bodies health does directly relate to our quality of sleep and that in turn affects our quality of health. It is quite an indepth study but perhaps look up Melatonin hormone on Google and it should give you more ideas. 🙂

  3. Miranda

    Hello Melissa,
    I have just read your article on sleep and how our senses can effect the quality of our sleep. I am currently writing my dissertation and was wondering if you knew anything about how sleep can effect or enhance our creativity. I am looking to use the senses to create the perfect environment for creative stimulation. Do you have any thoughts?

    I look forward to hearing from you

  4. Melissa

    Hi Kez and I am so happy you found my blog 🙂 You are soooo not alone with this and whatever you are feeling or have felt is something I and many other girls on this blog have gone through. I am so happy my message has reached you to feel more empowered and positive as this is my whole goal with the blog 🙂
    I hope your surgery goes well. Please have a read of this blog entry before you go, which help make it a little easier:

  5. kez

    Hi there, just wanted to say that I love what you are doing. I’m 27, I have struggled with extremely heavy periods and pain since i was a child. I’ve finally just been diagnosed over the last three months after years of odd looks from doctors and too many shrugs and raised eyebrows to count. I have my first surgery in two days time.

    I can honestly say that up until a week ago I felt hopeless, alone and quite frankly like I was loosing my mind. The mood swings, the aches and pains all over and the fatigue were really starting to get to me.Seeing these symptoms and stories has really helped me to know that Iam not alone, that thier is hope and most importantly that I can take charge!

    Thank you 🙂

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