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Am I Being Unrealistic to Believe I Can CURE Endometriosis?

I ordered another eBook a few weeks ago, called the Violet Protocol or Endometriosis Bible—I will do a full review of the book soon—please don’t buy it in the meantime! In the book she claims to have dramatically reduced her Endometriosis or be symptom-free. So I asked her why she didn’t use the words “cure” in her book.

She described that to her there was no “cure” for Endometriosis and that if we reverted back to a “normal” diet, we would be predisposed to the condition and it would likely come back.

To me this was an interesting perception.

I have found that my experience with Endometriosis has broadened my mind so much on foods and healing that far outreach just the simple condition of Endometriosis. Since researching foods and what they really contain and how they are made, the idea of eating them again seems illogical, regardless of whether I would “reduce symptoms” or “cure Endometriosis.” To me, this makes no sense. Food is our source of energy and vitality. If we feed a plant nothing but dirty water and force it to live in poor soil, chances are it will form a disease, fungus or die. It doesn’t mean the plant is “predisposed” to a particular fungus. It just means the plant is not getting what it needs to fulfill its life force.

Going back to basic life principles… our bodies are made up of cells. Each cell requires 4 simple things to survive: sunlight, water, nutrients and fats/good oils. If our supply of these is lowered due to our environment and diet, chances are the cell will suffer. The first organ to experience this suffering is our liver. It is the one that gets dumped with all the negative foods and toxins we ingest into our bodies. Depending on the extent of the imbalance, it would then manifest in a particular organ. However, any imbalance within the body will cause disease of some sort. It is a blockage in the system. Things are not flowing as they should. How the body chooses to express this imbalance will vary from person to person. In some of us, it will be Endometriosis, in others it might be bowel problems or heart problems or… well, you get the idea.

So, why did we develop Endometriosis and why doesn’t everyone else have it then?

To me, it comes down to three things:


1. Our “pre-disposition” is perhaps more hereditary than anything else.

I have already made this connection with so many Endo women! Our livers have likely been through something, chances are when we were very young, perhaps you have had jaundice or something else? I recognized this family trait in my family a few months ago and it was a lightbulb moment for me.


2. What we ate when we were in our teens

It is crucial during our teenage years to really give our bodies the best source of nutrients we can. I know that my diet contained very few greens and much more hamburgers, fries and alcohol! This is the start of developing our endocrine system and chances are we have not given it the nutrients it needed back then. Not to worry, we can make up for it now.


3. Our emotional struggles affect our health

No matter what you believe about the body, there is one thing which is always unexplained and it is the effect of our emotions on the body and its healing. I believe it weakens the body’s overall state and this allows imbalances to form much easier. I have recognized how many of us have histories filled with pain, sadness, anger and resentment. None of which are easy to shake!

For years I thought Endometriosis was a mystery. I didn’t understand why I developed it, why it grew and why I had to get it so young. I used to hate it so much. What I am realizing now is that Endometriosis wasn’t a curse. It was a hidden blessing. It has allowed me to see what really GIVING to my body is all about. It goes beyond just Endometriosis and feeling better with it. It is about giving my body the best foods, the best herbs, the best supplements and the best of everything so my individual cells are superduper happy and everything works in perfect balance. It reaches into feeling truly AMAZING! It opens my mind, my creativity and my energy levels.

This is way better than just being Endo free! This is about having the healthiest, happiest body!

What I am getting is that disease is not a mystery at all. It makes perfect sense. If we feed our bodies rubbish, it will get sick. If we feed our bodies everything that it needs, then it will be happy. So, give your body the best water, the best nutrients, the best oils (omega 3) and the best environment, stress-free! Give yourself heaps of time in the sun, in happiness, in laughter and reverberate joy throughout your body! Your individual cells will feel that and you will automatically feel better!

Are you really giving your individual cells everything they need to be happy? Think basic biology and it all becomes so much more logical and simple!

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Maja

    Hi, Melissa! I was dagnosed with endometriosis this May and shortly after I has laparoscopy (my doctor removed 2 cysts that were almost 10 cm large). After I was prescribed Visanne pills but took them only for 17 days, I wanted to find a natural way for my problem. Since then this is what I’ve been doing: taking Chlorella, Serrapeptase, Milk Thistle tincture, DIM and Vitex, occasionaly Maca powder, liquid chlorophill and a few days ago I also added Fermented Cod Liver Oil. I am eating very healthy, lots and lots of vegetables (and from our garden) and fruits, I enjoy green smoothies, no sugar (I replace it with stevia or coconut sugar, some honey), I don’t eat meat (occasionaly fish), as for dairy I try to eat organic (some yoghurt or kefir and little cheese). About a month ago I also cut out wheat which really wasn’t that difficult. My exercise is walking the dog and jumping on my mini trampoline (I absolutely love both of this things). I am also mindful of getting some sun each day as I found out I am severly difficent in it (my number was 20, 100 being the optimum). I also sleep enough and relax each day and try to think positive (I even wrote myself kind sentences which I read often). I think I am doing good and I enjoy taking care of my body. Today I had my post-surgery appointment and my doctor found 2 new cysts (22 and 23 mm big). She said my best option is to get pregnant as I don’t want to take any pills. I am very sad, I want to continue my “healthy plan” but am afraid the cysts will continue to get bigger. I know I have to think positive but it’s hard. I even ordered the supplement called Estroblock (which is the very best source of DIM and indol 3 carbinol) and a natural progesterone cream.
    I enjoy your website very much and I continue to learn so much! I also tried the castor oil pack and I think it helped. Thank you for your response!

  2. Melissa

    Hi Julia,
    I have read it and unfortunately discovered something quite scary about it. Check out this one: http://endoempowered.com/endometriosis-ebook-reviewshould-buy-ebook-scam/
    I have however shared quite a large portion of what I read in the book on the blog and taken out the information which I felt was accurate and relevant.
    I can imagine homeopathy to be very effective with Endo – i have heard it from a few different people. Thanks for the suggestion – will check it out 🙂

  3. Julia

    Hi Melissa,

    have you had the chance to read the violet protocol yet? If one reads the whole text on zoe’s website you feel like stupid if you don’t buy it immediately! I’m always a bit sceptical when it comes to buying special natural remedies already mixed by some company. It’s also no to easy to get these things here in Germany. Well,I am very interested in your opinion and if a purchase of the e-book is worth it. Please let me know!

    Do you know about a study conducted in Germany on the positive effects of homöopathic treatment for endo especially endo caused infertility? If you are familiar with the German language google “Klassisch-Homöopathische Therapie bei Endometriose: Eine prospektive Verlaufsstudie” by Martin Schantz. This sounds so promising.

    Thank you soooo much for your blog!!

    Greetings from Heidelberg!


  4. parul

    hi Melissa, i m new to this thread. i m very impressed by your constant effort in
    trying to find solutions! just to brief you with my life, i have endo and went for
    surgery in dec 2011 to remove dermoid cyst on my right ovary! after laproscopy
    i was lucky to concieve at one go in march 2012! but unfortunately miscarried my
    angel son Arya when i was 17 weeks prego!! my life has turned upside down after
    this loss. i m still struggling to live without my son as he passed away in my hands
    his tiny heart was beating for 10 minutes and i had to helplessly face this!! i had
    incompetent cervix n couldnot carry him .. i have made resolution to find answers,
    to understand my body and to prepare it for another pregnancy! at this point i am
    on lupron 3 month injection to impose menopause n supress chocolate cyst on my
    right ovary. i will start ttc after i finish my course and get back my cycle which will
    end of 2012. meanwhile i am trying natural remedies like colon cleansing, liver flush
    and then managing healthy diet with meditation n yoga. i am following book named
    ovarian cyst miracle! i m also thinking to buy endometerosis violet protocol. wanted
    to ask if you got a chance to follow it and if you have any feedback…. it is just an amazing
    journey… how i was shattered with my miscarriage and how i have gained strength
    to stand again n pray to God to give back my son! i believe in his powers and want to
    put my best effort and believe that i will like you one day will get answers… i m very grateful
    to you for sharing so much as it is so helpful… proud of you!

  5. Melissa

    Hi Nikki,
    I feel your struggles sweets and know that we are all here for you. Maybe join my natural endo group online for more support. The first thing you need to do is learn to relax. Tell yourself each morning and each night, that everything will be okay. Just do it, every day for 20days – even if you initially don’t believe it. Just say it and eventually it will work. Also, look at some natural supplements that will alleviate stress. Astragalus or SAMe are brilliant for this.
    It all starts with your diet and this will change everything for you. Get onto some fermented foods, drink home-made juices with organic fresh veggies and take a walk, each and every day. Check out this website for more information and free videos to help you. http://www.foodmatters.tv/#

  6. nikki

    hello all,

    i am 26 years old mother of 3 small kids 5,4 ,2 and i live in oregon i have started to have seizures and bad abdominal pains the last 4 months all the doctors say its in my head try to prescrib pills after pills i dont take them and i wont i have in the past and do not want to put that garbage in my body anymore i finally found a doctor said i have a uterus infection he believes i might also have endo…i have tearing, burning swelling of my abdomen the pain is 24/7 somedays i can deal but then i swell up and i also have been told about chronic pelvic congestion syndrome well i have been informed that where i live they have been spraying pesticides, agent orange for years and years and alot of people have cancer health issuses endo adhd in kids all around here due to the logging…any how now the doctors have kind of put me on hold i want to get a larposcopy done to go in there and check for endo cancer or whatever it may be i am terrified i am going to die and leave my beatiful kids behind i am losing hope as the pains are so bad and only getting worse i cant pick up my kids run play live life at all i hurt i want to start all natural approaches dont know where to start on eating healthy as we always eat out mcdonalds taco bell restuants i have no clue on what to start with how would i eat when we are always out and about and in a hurry plus i do have tons…..of stress in my life social services trying to take my kids because of fase alligations step kids starting their drama family deaths family drama my husband me and kids have been going to church and trying to change the negitive we have on life but every thing just keeps pulling us back down constant i dont know how to relieve the stress to even start to get healthy we r moving to get away from these chemicals and hopefully go from there…

  7. Melissa

    No worries Kimber. I hope I encourage you to never give up! It is all there! We just have to search a little harder 🙂

  8. Kimber

    Okay in re-reading my post it sounds like I’ve turned my back and given up on holistic approaches. Honestly my period of searching for a cure exposed me to many things that I’ve incorporated into everyday living and others into my Endo survival kit. I am grateful for your enthusiasm and energy, I get to relax and let you trail blaze and report the findings.
    In Gratitude,Kimber

  9. Wow Kimber I would love to email you and share more. What you said is awesome.:) You seem like a very special person.

  10. Thanks for sharing your incredibly powerful and positive message Kim. It is great to change your view on it all and I am sure it made it also feel much more “in control” at the same time. I guess I am still fighting because I have felt what it was like to be completely symptom free and believe I can get there again. I will persevere – with positivity and a great outlook which you have shared and given me! Thank you

  11. Kim Spruce via Facebook

    Melissa, I can so relate to your ENDO journey. It seems a common thread we reach the dead end of conventional medicine’s surgery and pills and then search for more empowering natural approaches. Lord knows I think I’ve tried them ALL- acupuncture, homeopathy, cleanses, diets…I went broke chasing every cure out there and was shocked one day when I listed it all on paper and filled 3 pages. Searching for answers and solutions took me on an intense Spiritual journey as well. That’s when I realized this thing that I despised so much had changed my life the most. I have done things and met people that would have never happened without it and honestly I became a better human being. I stopped chasing cures (although I believe & remain open to finding a miracle!!!!!) and now embrace ENDO as part of my destiny. Endo sent me on a journey to discover the incredible blessings disguised in this curse. Example I used to blame endo for ruining my life and having to quit my job as a pediatric nurse, but really endo steered me toward finding my life’s purpose to work with those suffering and dying in Hospice. My old pre-endo self lacked compassion and would have said YUK! On a Spiritual level I now understand that at some higher level almost beyond human comprehension that my soul CHOSE endo as its option to grow and evolve. I know that anyone with ENDO is a true living Angel that suffers in order to grow a special set a beautiful wings. In the early stages of my journey I CURSED and complained at the injustice and spent all my waking hours trying to get rid of it. A combination of disappointment, exhaustion, and insight from God taught me to be-friend it, even (big swallow) Love it. 20 yrs later my Endo is still here BUT changing my relationship and perspective provided the best healing of all! Blessings, Kimber

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