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It’s so unfair! I just want to be like everyone else!

Sometimes being sick really gets to me. I eat something out of the ordinary or have a few too many glasses of wine and suffer severe consequences. I can’t have this and can’t have that. Sometimes this really gets to me. Why do I have to have all these rules and regulations and everyone else can eat what they like when how they feel like it. They get no major side-effects from their actions, they don’t have to cut out all the yummy stuff life has to offer! They can have ice-cream, chocolate, meat and drink alcohol and they are totally fine!

It is a tough place to be. Sick. It makes one see the world so differently and we always have to have “special requests”. It is nasty sometimes because we don’t wish to be like this but our body demands that we do.

I know for me, the hardest part is when I meet up with friends and we all go out for a drink or a dinner. I always feel like this fussy person for requesting a “special meal”. It is really annoying because it makes it obvious to others that I am different, which I don’t like. Many of them also assume I am just doing it to be “special” or because I want extra attention. The problem is, if I eat what is served on a menu, I will likely suffer the consequences for days afterwards. Foods are often laden with butter, milk and complex food groups which my body just struggles to digest. I also don’t exactly go around telling everyone I know that I have Endometriosis. It is one of those really private conditions, mainly because people just don’t understand it and even if we explained it to them, they are unlikely to get it anyway. Sometimes I do tell people and just get this strange look of “what do you have?”. They assume it is some made up disease or something.

So, what can we do about it?

Well, the reality is, that we are special. Special in that our bodies are out of balance and we need to give it back the strength to be well again. We need to eat better and pay more attention to what we do to our bodies. The reality is, many people have conditions they are not even aware of but they maintain poor eating and lifestyle, only to discover something else has developed way later in life.

I know that I want to be able to enjoy the variety of foods again that I used to be able to but that for now, it is a time for healing. I plan to go on a very strict 6month liver cleansing diet, once James and  I are settled. I want to buy a juicer and provide my body with as much fruit and veg as I can possibly consume. My goal is thereby to heal the liver and the imbalance completely. I have been reading heaps about what to eat and when and don’t worry I will keep you posted on what I do but for now, I am just accepting a “medium road” of simply eating healthy and yes avoiding eating out – as this is clearly depressing 🙂

I believe we can heal the imbalance and get back to normal and be like everyone else – obviously not over doing it either – but finding a place where we can eat more of the variety of foods, have a drink if we feel like it and enjoy an ice-cream without huge consequences!

Do you feel like this sometimes? Do you hate being different? Being the “sick one”? Does it bug you or do you just give in and feel the consequences?

At least we have each other on this ride of healing. We’ll get there….. I PROMISE!

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    I get to know all the vego places and the stuff on menu's that I can actually eat! I also find drinking green tea afterwards seems to help a little 🙂
    Yeah, funny having to take a cooler box with you! I always keep nuts in my handbag for when I get that tired feeling. They definately do the trick!

  2. Annabelle

    Soooo with you 100% on this!! I was just joking about it yesterday with a friend: what I am supposed to do? Put a cooler in my car with the foods I can have so I can eat what I’m supposed to at all times? I can’t just stay home all the time, got to have somewhat of a social life…
    I sure don’t like it. Don’t like it at all.

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