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4 Ways to improve your chances of falling pregnant

I get this question often… what can I advise to do or take if a person is trying to fall pregnant? I guess we are used to having something to follow, perhaps we like the idea of a strategy, something to tell us what to do and when and that this will guarantee us results. I get that. I get that we want some definite results and possibly some hope.

I also find it quite hard to answer this question in a short email or a facebook comment. It is not a simple answer. There is not one thing you can take or a strategy to follow which is going to guarantee that we fall pregnant. There might be some fabulous strategies out there and techniques which we can follow but ultimately, I reckon they all come down to one simple thing: provide the ideal home for your baby.

This is my theory. I will call it the “Perfect Home for Baby” theory. Basically, we need to provide the perfect environment for our baby. It needs to be a place which is loving and calm and can provide it with good food and shelter. The same things we would provide for our child once it is born is the exact same thing we need to provide in our inside “home”.

So, think about your home. Your body. What is it like to live in there? Does it have good circulation? Does it have a good supply of nutrition? Is it a calm and stable place?

Here is what the “Perfect Home for Baby” should really focus on:

1. Supply your home/body with enough good nutrition. This isn’t about changing your diet for the sake of just falling pregnant. This is about supplying your body with ample nutrition, which will supply your baby with the right nutrition. Give your body nutrient dense foods. Bread, pasta and that McDonald’s you might have eaten a few days ago does not count as nutrient dense. Foods that are nutrient dense are things you body can break down and absorb easily. Think of dark leafy greens (preferably in a liquid form). Think of rich beautiful fats like avocados and coconut milk. Think of things that nourish your whole body, like super foods and seaweeds. Sprout, eat chia seeds and really get those super foods into your body on a mass scale. Diets are so yesterday! This is about making a change for you. For your future child and really giving yourself the best chance to have everything you want in your life. Feel clarity, feel abundant and feel real energy.


2. Get some oxygen and movement in there. Your uterus is going to be the future home for your baby. Many of us have heaps of old gunk sitting in there. (If your period is dark and black, it is old gunk, girl!) That stuff needs to come out! You need to clean that area out and give it some real movement. I am talking massages, vaginal steams and exercise. Start yoga, take a walk. Take a detoxing bath with Bentonite Clay or just absorb some real sunlight on your tummy. Clean it out and let some oxygen in there. Learn to breathe deeply.


3. Dump the negativity and stressful thought patterns. Would you want to move into a flatshare with someone who was permanently stressed out and put themselves down all the time? Would you move into a place where the person didn’t even welcome you in? Stop telling yourself you can’t have a baby! You are closing the door before the little one even came knocking. Allow whatever to be. Let things unfold. Enjoy the journey. Love your partner. Savor the sex.


4. Protect your inner world. Block the ones that bring you down. Focus on things that make you happy. Provide a beautiful shelter. Laugh, smile at little joys. Watch funny movies. Be aware of the world you create each day. Does it bring you joy and make you smile? Find things that do. A little flower, a painting of a happy girl, a silly daydream of a different world with angels or fairies. Allow yourself to be joyous in this life and let the other stuff go. Your little one wants a world of adventure and creativity. It wants a place of free spirit and wonder. Allow yourself to feel those things too.

There are endless stories of women who have managed to fall pregnant with endometriosis. Do not be discouraged. Do not fear to hope in the possibility that it could happen to you. Your prayers, your wishes and your deepest desires could actually be answered.

Allow yourself to love. Not just your partner or your future child… allow yourself to love yourself and really treat your body with the care and attention it so desperately needs.

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. shalonda

    Hello i didn’t find the blog on vaginal. Steams can u. Email me plz thank u

  2. Melissa

    Thanks hun 🙂 That is really sweet. I will post more details soon.

  3. Katrina

    Great definitely, congrats and how very very wonderful. You’ve brought a lot of hope to endo girls, your hubs should be very proud of you. 🙂 Have a sweet, happy wedding, and lots of wonderful memories to come!

  4. Melissa

    Hi Katrina,
    I will do a blog post video on it for us when I get back from my Wedding week 🙂

  5. katrina

    Hi Melissa,.u mentioned vaginal steams.
    Do u do it? If so, how do u do it and do u add any herbs or anything to the hot water?

  6. Amber

    This is great! Thanks so much for all that you do.

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