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Do you understand Adhesions enough with Endo? Find out more…

I thought I understood endo and what adhesions did in the body but really didn’t get it until much later in my journey. I want to give you the insights on what adhesions do and some interesting insights on how massage techniques work to release and free them.

Why is adhesion release important?

  • They release the tightness in the abdomen
  • They allow the organs in our abdominal area to move more freely and do what they are supposed to do
  • We have less pain because adhesions are made up of heaps of nerve fibres that cause pain

Check out this awesome interview I did with my friend Elizabeth Stein who is an expert Arvigo Therapist. To more information on Arvigo, visit www.arvigotherapy.com  If you live in Wellington, New Zealand visit www.bellycare.co.nz and get treated by Elizabeth. I am excited to be exploring this new aspect of endometriosis with you as we develop our new online program next year, all around releasing adhesions within the body. Feel free to post any questions you have about adhesions or insights Elizabeth has shared today.

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Cathy

    Am Cathy from Africa Ghana to be precise. I have uterine adhesion can a massage help break them

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