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But I’ve tried EVERYTHING! Considering your options with Endo

It is very exciting that my message is reaching a wider and wider audience everyday and more and more women are reaching out and emailing me. Over the last week, I have received so many emails from so many amazing women, wanting advice on managing endometriosis and feeling really stuck with what to do.

The sad thing is that I read one comment on a repeated basis and to be honest, it kinda annoys me.

I have tried absolutely everything!

Here is the thing. You cannot have tried absolutely everything! Not even I have tried everything! I have certainly tried many weird and wonderful things but I can guarantee you that I have not tried everything!

Often times when women say they have “tried everything”, they are generally speaking about medical approaches for endometriosis. I agree that the list on those is limited and it may even be true that you have tried a fair amount of those. Besides, the list is pretty ordinary. Who wants to pump their body full of hormones, have bits removed or live on pain-killers?

So, now that you’ve tried all of “that stuff”, maybe try something different with me?

Okay, I know what you are going to say…

Mel, I tried the whole “natural thing” and it also didn’t work for me!

Here’s the problem…

Our definition of “natural” is likely very different. Perhaps you’ve tried cutting out some gluten and dairy or you’ve taken some herbal remedies and by that definition you say you’ve tried the “natural thing”. Right? Or you’ve followed the “endo diet” and tried a few herbal supplements? Or maybe this is an open door and yippee, you are willing to explore with me!

My approach is far more detailed than simply following a strict diet and taking some herbal supplements. You will get far more results if you really understand that doing the “natural thing” so much more than this. It has to do with truly nourishing your body, taking caring of yourself on every level (including emotionally) and getting rid of the things that exist in your body that may be contributing to ill health. You need to understand and get back in tune with your body and what it might be lacking or needing.

It does require some key shifts to begin the journey though.

Let us start right now…

1.Shift your thinking

Every time you tell yourself that nothing is working, you are re-iterating in your mind that this statement shall be made true. Change your thinking and start believing that you will get out of this and that change is possible. *Grab yourself a free copy of my Endo Empowered Manifesto in the membership space.

2.That miracle awaits…?

Stop seeking one “miracle” pill, injection, operation or supplement to solve endo. It doesn’t exist and will never exist. Get to understand endo. Get to understand your body and fix EVERYTHING in your body, rather than just one imbalance being endo. Whatever has caused endo to be there, whatever imbalance exists, it won’t go away just because you cut out endo. Get to the root of this sweetheart. I promise there is no “miracle” anything, except the miracle of how your body was made, how it heals and how it can get better.

3.Trust in yourself

Open yourself up to the possibility that doctors don’t know everything about endo or your individual body and to trust in yourself a little more. Endo is a mystery to most doctors. Many of them simply have no idea on what to do or how to handle a women who is constantly in pain and wanting help, when all that most of them have at their disposal is pain killers, hormone treatments and more surgery. *this is due to the training they receive, not because a holistic approach is not effective!

It can be scary to not rely on doctors on a 24/7 basis when you have endo but it is only when we take responsibility for our own health, take pro-active steps for ourselves that we can truly be well. I speak from experience in having done 15 years of following my doctors advice and having had 7 surgeries, I can also tell you that it made no shred of difference until I changed how I treated my body and took personal responsibility.


4.Restriction doesn’t mean you get results!

I have seen this quite often within diet groups for endo. There is a belief that if we eliminate enough “bad foods” from our diet that then we will be well. As if the more we “stick to the diet”, the more results we will have and if we are in pain, we have simply not stuck to the diet strictly enough! WOW! Talk about punishing yourself!

I want you to start a MASSIVE gear shift when it comes to food today. Stop seeing food as something “good” or “bad” but rather look at your food as something that nourishes or takes away from health. When you think of a chocolate bar, do you think of it as a “bad” food? You shouldn’t. In some cases, chocolate can be incredibly beneficial for the body – it can be an emotional support to reduce your stress levels, it can boost magnesium levels and it can release endorphins. Sure, eating slabs of it every day isn’t great as it contains lots of sugar which triggers inflammation but it is not a “bad” food on a permanent basis. It can have it’s place and it’s moment.

Many women describe the endo diet as something hard or difficult. Like they have to stick with it, struggle and fight to stay on it – hence the reason we don’t use the word “diet” within the Endo Empowered space. We prefer to think of it as REPLENISH. This means we focus on foods as forms of medicine that replenish what may be lacking or missing within your body. This could be minerals, vitamins, bioflavonoids, phytonutrients etc. Foods contain these bits and we can seek them out and feed them to our bodies to give it what it needs. So, think of your food choices as exactly that: A CHOICE.

A choice to eat something that nourishes, fills you up on a nutritional level. Eat foods that are wholesome, loaded with good stuff and guess what? You will naturally feel good!

Good fuel in, good energy out!

5.Really understand what holistic means.

Going “natural” is quite different to a holistic approach. When we approach the body holistically, we look at every aspect of your lifestyle, from what you eat, to how you think, to how you move to what things might be inhibiting your health. Leaving bits of these out or doing them in the wrong order, can give you poor results. I don’t want you to have poor results, which is why I have taken all of my knowledge and put it ALL in one program which you can follow along and know that you are getting everything you need to truly be well.

Okay, so I have shared some ideas with you today on how to shift your mindset on having tried “everything”. I hope you will now be open and discover that there is still a giant adventure within this endo journey of yours. An adventure of discovery, healing and hope.

Leave any thoughts or questions below.


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Hayanthi

    Thanks so much Melissa for opening us to think differently and to explore more on healing us in holistic way. Yes, some times doctors don’t understand wts going on with us. I had Guava and got cramp, vomitting and loose motion. 2015 I got severe pain in more to right lower quadrant , feeling hard to breath also.But again no except bit pain when gastric issue comes some timee. I said doctor (gasternotologist) to know more on liver and gallbladder functions via tests.He said no issue seems in those as I asked he gave tests to do.

  2. Aubree

    Love this. I found myself nodding the whole way through. It is possible to feel better, but you have to believe it. Mindset is such a key part.

    I think what’s taken me to the next level is the spiritual component and understanding that we truly are miracles with the ability to heal, but as you said our bodies need nourishment, they need our compassion.

    Thank you for all that you do love.

  3. Melissa

    Thank you Jane 🙂 It means alot coming from you 🙂

  4. Melissa

    Hi Farida,
    So happy to hear of your experience with Louise Hay. She does amazing work! Sex is such a wonderful part of having a partner – so I am happy to hear you have found a way to enjoy it more ?
    I am not a fan of psyllium. It can be too rough for women with endo as it essentially acts like a broom through the bowel. It is possible that your bowel might be inflamed or that you have adhesions attached to your bowel, which will cause the pain you are describing. There are other ways of doing a parasite cleanse and I don’t recommend doing any liver flushes – really harsh on the liver.
    L-Gluthamine would be really helpful if you suspect you have a leaky gut but really, I would go gentle and get herbal remedies to alleviate the potential parasite concerns. I do have a book on how to get rid of Candida with recipes, which will steer you in the right direction.

  5. Jane Bennett

    Thank you Mel for your compassionate, loving and highly skilled service for women with endo.

  6. farida

    True talk Mel, I always enjoy your writeup, Always full of alot of information. food plays a huge role alongside ones thoughts. I have experienced the effect of positive thinking and negative thoughts. I can confidently say that. I used to have problem with my sexual life for over 7 years now. I always felt a lot of pain when I have sex but since I started listening to Louise hays talks/ affirmations and all December last year, I learnt to change my thoughts and started loving myself rather than dwelling on the pain or my so called inability to enjoy my sexual life. I affirmed positively every morning, told myelf I loved my organs and imagined having a pain free sexual experience and within a month, I felt better. Today, I can gladly say that I enjoy sex better than I have done in years, am in control of my experiences now. I was not taking any supplement, I just spent what I had on food, I ate as clean as I could afford. though I still have endo pain and I don’t expect it to evaporate at once, I believe it would be a thing of the past soon.
    Mel please can you help out here, I actually got some items from amazon last year, yerba prima psyllium and Bentonite clay to cleanse my colon. anytime I take it, I always feel this pain, not sharp but I just feel kinda sore in my lower right abdomen. was trying to embark on a colon cleanse. I stopped using it and been staring since. any suggestions please ? I really want to do this so I can embark on a parasite and liver cleanse.
    I also read in one of your articles that most endo sufferers may most likely have leaky gut resulting from candida or so. I currently do not take digestive enzymes, nor l-gluthamine, but i take acv and a tiny bit of molasses a week toy period. wanted making my own bonebroth but 90% of the animals here are injected with hormones….so annoying. do you think leaky gut could cause pain while using p and b shakes? Thank you

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