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Deciding on your best treatment options for endometriosis

Endometriosis Treatment options

Sometimes you feel like you are at a crossroads. You feel like your current plan just isn’t working. Maybe you still experience pain or symptoms and you feel exhausted with trying different things and particularly when you feel like you are just throwing things against a wall and hoping something will stick. You feel like it is just costing you money and yet somehow you still don’t feel better. This can feel frustrating and to be honest, a little debilitating. You feel like you aren’t moving forward, stuck and on some level lost and alone because you’re not sure what else to try.

I know this feeling well. I have been there and I have felt that lost weird place, like you are just floating about out to sea and hoping for something wonderful to pop out of the water and give you all the answers. I remember this happening after reading many books on endometriosis. I would either feel a big sense of overwhelm because there was just too much information or I would feel like they hadn’t really given me all the answers… like it was missing the basic steps to getting started.

So, it is usually at this point that we start to explore different treatment options for our endometriosis. We perhaps also want to take some of the responsibility off ourselves to find all the answers and allow someone else to make some decisions. Perhaps take some of that pressure off?

Let us explore the different treatment options with endometriosis:


This is usually the first place many of us turn to. On some level, it makes sense – cut out the bad stuff… start fresh, get a clean slate to work from. I remember my experience of using surgery in this way. A way to feel “clean inside”. I think it pampered my visual thinking about what I viewed endometriosis to be – dirty and yucky and getting that “clean out” made me feel okay again – please notice the negative imagery I used for years on this 😉

However, after having gone through 7 surgeries, I can tell you that there are many consequences to having those surgeries that surgeons and doctors may not tell you about. The biggest one is adhesions. See, every single time you have surgery, you trigger a cascade of inflammation and adhesions. Ironically, inflammation is the very thing we are working so hard to dull down with all these natural methods we are using, so it is actually slightly contradictory to true healing.

So, when should you explore surgery as an option then? For me, I like to explore all other options naturally first. Properly. Not this wishy-washy stuff of trying for a bit and only giving something a 50% chance. It is about committing and following a plan and taking supplements regularly and really doing things properly. It is also about recognizing that your environment is something you can shift and control – your thinking being a big part of that.

I have to share an example with a client who was considering a hysterectomy and then getting pregnant:

After 3 years of trying and finally using the REACH Technique©

I was thinking of having a hysterectomy and I am pregnant now! When I was diagnosed with infertility and couldn’t get pregnant for 3 years. I live this natural and holistic approach that really works to get to the root of the problems…without surgery or hormone medicine. The docs suggested I get on lupron and I’m so glad I didn’t!! I found Melissa’s program instead. I am so thankful. – Renee Palmer

If you are considering surgery… really consider if this truly is the best treatment option for you right now. Also, consider who is giving you the advice on whether to have surgery or not. Usually, a surgeon will push for surgery 😉

Hormone Treatments (including the contraceptive pill)

Another common option presented by doctors as a treatment option for endometriosis is going on some kind of hormone treatment. This can be a contraceptive pill, Lupron, Depo Provera, or any number of other treatments aimed at shutting down hormones. The thinking is that it will stop the hormones and thereby stop the growth of the lesions. Sadly, this does absolutely nothing to stop the endometriosis and leaves many women with debilitating side-effects or worse – really long-term irreversible side-effects. Yes, strokes and nerve damage can happen to some women which is why it is on the leaflet!

The thing that I don’t like about these treatments is that they cause other imbalances within the body and what’s worse it is the very imbalances that are contributing to endometriosis from a holistic viewpoint. For instance, you are altering the PH of the gut, creating environments for fungal and bacterial imbalances, and since we know there is a link with endometriosis and the immune system, plus poor gut health… why would we even go there?

What I like to explore with treatment options is whether they actually address the actual underlying disease, the imbalances that may have triggered the disease, and why it keeps coming back. Suppressing endometriosis with hormone treatments doesn’t actually address anything and what’s worse… it often comes back with a vengeance when women finally decide to come off them.

The REACH Technique© and going 100% Natural

It took me years to finally work out what “going natural” really meant. I really believed it was just about changing my diet and doing some yoga and of course I also believed I had to be super strict about it all or I wouldn’t get results. This did work to an extent but I was also super anxious and worried and with any slight adjustment to my life or a slightly stressful situation, the pain and everything would just come back.

I knew there was more but it took me another 7 years to figure this all out.

See, our body is complex and endometriosis is complex and when you treat it, you need to really think and consider all aspects and facets of this condition. Not just hormones but all of it! How does your liver impact it? How does your digestion impact it? Are you really exploring which foods can really provide for your body? Or are you following some diet protocol because someone told you it was healthy? How much do your thoughts influence pain? Do you really believe that what you just bought from the supermarket labeled “gluten-free” and “natural” or “Paleo” that it must be good for you?

Please don’t be fooled into thinking that healing naturally is simple. It isn’t. There are many layers to uncover and some of them may not be things you are ready to look at yet. But please know that when you address this naturally and really understand endometriosis in all its wonder and confusion, you will have treated all the imbalances in your body – not just the pain but everything: digestion, headaches, bad skin, weight gain, funky belly and sore random boobs. You will also learn more about yourself through this journey than you ever thought was possible.

It isn’t always easy but the pay-off is well worth it.

I developed my online program and platform to give you those tools. To allow you to skip the 7 years of trial and error. Let me be your choice of treatment for endometriosis cos I promise you I abide by the concept of “First do no harm” from the doctrine of Medicine and the women who join and follow my advice inevitably feel better.


Hugs, Melissa x
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