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What to Do for Your Endometriosis, When Nothing Seems to Be Working!

Endometriosis can become a life sentence for so many women. It has the ability to leave you in permanent pain. Indescribable pain. It can strip you of your personality, turning you into a weak, depressed and highly emotional person. You become isolated, distant and your every waking day is spent worrying about the severity of your Endometriosis or what pain it is going to bring you on that day!

I know, because I was that person. I would wake up each day to the familiar feeling of pain in my abdominal area. Most days would begin with a good dose of painkillers, just to get me up and moving! If life’s stresses were too high, I would be sore. If I exercised too hard, I would be sore. If I had sex, I would be sore. It seemed that almost everything in my life would create pain.

I thought I had explored all my possible options to feel better. I went to the best specialist in Johannesburg for my Endometriosis. He was expensive and 90% of his patients had Endometriosis, so he must be good, right? We tried Danazol, Syndol, every possible contraceptive pill and hormone treatment you can think of and yet the pain would still surface and appear. I went through a list of painkillers, each one stronger than the next. My purse was a kaleidoscope of pills. I had one for every side effect and symptom I experienced with Endometriosis. I had drugs for nausea, constipation, diarrhea, cystitis, headaches, inflammation, eye strain and for every level of pain.

I felt lousy most days. I was always tired. Being tired made me irritated and emotional. I would get worked up about the smallest things. The only way I got through the day was with heaps of coffee, painkillers, chocolate and every other day, a good shot of alcohol. I really didn’t think there was any other possible way because I had believed my doctor. I thought he was an expert and he didn’t seem to think there was any massive benefit to changing my diet, or doing yoga or incorporating any holistic/natural methods into my life. He didn’t seem to feel they would add a whole bunch of value to my health and though they may make me feel a little better, they were never going to be real “solutions” for my pain or my struggle with Endometriosis. He wanted to make sure the Endometriosis was kept under control. The only way he could see this happening was to take a hormone treatment that would ensure a lack of hormones being produced by my body. That would stop the growth of the Endometriosis cells and yippee, it would all shrivel up and go away! The other stuff was peripheral, not tested and by no means a guarantee of Endometriosis ever being reduced.

I am here to tell you that in my case this couldn’t have been further from the truth. I got to a point where I just couldn’t live in a state of endless pain and in a dazed and drug-induced state any longer. My life had become Endometriosis and every decision I made about my life involved the choice of how it would affect my Endometriosis. I hated everything about my life, my body and I especially hated Endometriosis. Thing is, I didn’t understand it. I didn’t understand why I had it, what caused it, why it wouldn’t disappear as my doctor had promised me and how to move forward. Every time I got my hopes up and visited another specialist or doctor, they would give me the same choices: hormone treatments, laparoscopy and painkillers. The road felt like a dead end. No one seemed to have any real answers… or shall I rephrase, answers I wanted to hear.

Eventually, after really believing that a hysterectomy was my only hope, I went to a traditional Chinese doctor in Melbourne. I remember thinking, “I know this is a long shot but if it doesn’t work, then I will have a hysterectomy and then it will be all done!” I gave my healing 6 months. I did everything properly because I really didn’t like the idea of having everything cut out. I changed my diet, incorporated 20 minutes of exercise into each day, took up yoga, took aloe vera and heaps of superfoods and stuck to my regiment of drinking weird tasting Chinese herbs twice a day. I had acupuncture and plenty of rest and did heaps of work on my emotional healing too.

After 6 months it was gone. I had NO symptoms of Endometriosis. I had no pain. No period pain. No pain after sex. No exercise pain. Nothing. It was gone.

Here’s the biggest thing I have learnt about Endometriosis. It will never be something that is cured with one tablet or a drug. They are right when they say there is no cure for Endometriosis. That is because there is not one thing that can ever cure it. It requires a holistic approach to heal it. Everything needs to happen all together to make it work.

That is what holistic healing is all about. It is much like a massive big puzzle. The more pieces we add towards the body’s healing possibilities, the more it will form the perfect healing environment.

There are so many pieces we can add to the big puzzle that we may not even realize how far we can really take this whole healing thing!

  • The perfect Endometriosis Diet: no bad fats, no sugar, no meats, no dairy and no preservatives;
  • A solid and prolific approach to removing toxins from the body;
  • The perfect superfoods: incorporate the best foods you can find from around the globe, things like camu-camu, aloe vera, cocoa, reishi mushrooms, goji berries;
  • The perfect supplements: expand the horizons and incorporate the most powerful herbs from some of the oldest healing traditions like ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Try ashwaganda, astragalus, ginseng or many other well-known Chinese healing herbs;
  • The perfect lifestyle: incorporate walking, swimming and yoga to give you balance and get the lymphatic system moving;
  • Heal emotionally: every cell in our bodies works on a memory from the previous cell. Flush out the negative emotions causing you unnecessary stress; and
  • Create movement through the body with massage, acupuncture, energy healing and lymphatic drainage.

One of the key things I am realizing is just how amazing our bodies are and that we should never be angry with it for the reaction it has taken. It does actually know what it is doing and is merely reacting to what it thinks it needs to survive.

What I really hope you do before continuing down the path of endless pain is to explore more of what your body’s healing powers are. Give your body a real chance to heal. Give it everything and more and see what it can do for you!

There are more and more people turning towards holistic practitioners. There is a reason for it. There are more and more holistic practitioners available each and every day. There is clearly a new found demand. Check out this website for a list of holistic, registered and reputable practitioners: http://www.myhealthiestlife.com/.

Hey, give it a go for 6 months and just see what happens. The worst-case scenario is that you go back to the original plan!

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Hi Tarni,
    It breaks my heart to hear you suffering that much! I would focus on detoxification. Get your hands on anything that detoxifies – Green smoothies, bowel cleanses, liver flushes, soaking your feet in Bentonite clay, exercise and sweating – anything you can think of and find. Pain is a direct response of toxin level or inflammation in the body. Get rid of the toxins and you get rid of the pain and inflammation 🙂
    There is heaps more info on my blog on methods you can try – just use the search box or the category “detox”. hugs to you and know I am here, along with many other girls 🙂

  2. Tarni Evans

    Hi Melissa
    Firstly thank you for being brave enough to share your life with the rest of us. I think there comes a point in every endo sufferers life where we feel completely alone :/ and whilst I am not glad you also have this problem, its nice to know I am not alone.
    I have stage 4 endo, and have had it for 7 years, with terrible consistent pain, I feel I never know when I will have a good or bad day. I have tried diet, herbal remedies, exercise, endless pain killers, laproscopy surgeries, hormone treatments (currently having hormone injections for chemical menopause) anti depressants….the list goes on an on…..
    and I still have crippling pain, I am at a point where I feel I may have to have a hysterectomy.
    For a lot of the time I have no quality of life and I am only 30!!
    Do you think I should try to persist with natural remedy, I have to tell you, sometimes life just doesnt seem to be worth living. You seem very positive, do you have any suggestions??
    Thank you

  3. Melissa

    Hi Clare,
    I am sorry to hear of your struggles with Endo and depo. It is a nasty drug and I would certainly not recommend going back on it – even if you are having withdrawals. What you want to do is flush out the toxins from the body – both from the drugs and from the environment. The muscles hurt because of the toxic load on the body. Maybe look into different detox methods which can give you the relief.
    You can feel better…. promise 🙂

  4. Clare

    Hi there,

    Your story is inspiring and amazing. I have been through every pill,drug also and been on the depo provera for 8 years, now expriencing extreme withdrawal and pains all over from it. I have considered even having another shot it is that bad.

    I am taking a herbal supplement and changing my diet, trying to exercise when possible but its hard to move. Do you think it would be beneificial to have another shot whilst im trying to adjust to the new regime, feels like im going to feel this bad forever, every muscle hurts, plus period pain. I can’t focus on much else.

    Any advice would be great, lost faith in doctors. Thanks alot. x

  5. Melissa

    Hi Therese,
    What a fabulous question! I had exactly the same experience! I think it has to do with the liver not being able to get rid of enough toxins. I noticed it with my liver flush. I managed to get rid of my allergies and had short term relief from other symptoms but they came back again within a few weeks. Initially, I thought “what a waste of time” until I read the book by Dr Moritz :The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush
    In it he explains that this merely indicates that there are still toxins that need to be flushed out. I guess we should feel like we have made some steps if at least one of our symptoms has gone 🙂
    I would consider doing a Colonic and see how you feel after that. Many girls with endo find they have amazing results from doing this! Check out my video on it:http://endoempowered.com/colonic/

  6. Therese

    hi melissa,have to say what a great website for us endo girls,,i never realised healthy diet had such a huge role in this,,i was wondering though i started cutting out the dairy,wheat,sugar etc a while back,exercising regularly etc,,it was fairly tough at first but i stuck at it determined to keep at it,,the first fews week i felt fab more energy,clearer skin,lost few pounds no anxiety and for first time ever no pains on my time of month,,but lately i am stil eating healthy and all i seem to have got my symptoms back swollen itchy eyes for about 2wks which clears completely for day or two then appears again,sinuities,bloating and pain when passing urine,,all these symtoms have come and gone apart from swollen itchy eyes i still have them,,im just looking for advice would it be normal melissa would they be maybe die off symptoms

  7. Melissa

    Hi Sangeeta,
    It is my pleasure hun. I know it is hard to go against the “norm”. We just have to learn to trust our bodies and listen! Many of us forget to listen and then wonder why we feel worse. Intuition and trusting in that inner voice to heal is vital! Trust in yourself and what your body needs. It does know best 🙂

  8. Ella Galang Ampongan via Facebook


  9. Cathy Harms-Schoonveld via Facebook

    I am trying an herb called Sweet Wheat. Check it out!

  10. Sangeeta vicky Neerunjun

    Hi Melissa,

    Even I used to think that allopathic medicines was the only solution for my endo and even my gynae were thinking the same. I wanted to try the holistic way but I was scared, what if unknowingly I was causing more damage to my body. Then I started searching the net for info’s and I found you and you were already on the way which I was choosing and I felt so relieved. Thanks a lot Melissa, without your support maybe the gynae might have already caused more harm than good to my body.

  11. Ella Galang Ampongan via Facebook

    Turn Vegan. I have zero pain now.

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