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Could Thinking Differently Influence Our Endometriosis?

I know sometimes I didn’t want to hear it. I didn’t want to hear that my thinking could influence my Endometriosis pain or its existence in the first place. I wanted to blame the toxins, the food, the lack of nutrition, the hormone imbalances, the genes from my parents… anything but the very essence of my thinking because ultimately it meant, I would actually have to look at myself and take responsibility for my own way of thinking.

I’ll be honest with you… it wasn’t good. I would think things about my body, my health and myself that would disgust others, if they could hear it. When I did a practice of writing them down one day, I was truly horrified by what I was telling my body every single day. The words were so cruel and mean!

“Your body is broken. You are not worth it. You don’t value yourself enough. You have a weak body. You can’t achieve anything because you are sick. You are selfish and inconsiderate. You don’t deserve to be happy.” Do you talk to yourself this way too?

I know we can feel anger with Endometriosis. I know that it is a huge shock to be told you have an incurable condition. I know that we want it to go away and change. I get all of that and I also know that for many of us, that anger directs itself towards our own bodies. We see our friends or family who seem to be able to do whatever they want within their diet and lifestyle and yet somehow, they don’t get sick or experience pain. It makes us resent everything we can, including our very own bodies. I get it, because I did this too.

The question though is, does all of this thinking influence our Endometriosis? Does it make it worse? Could it be contributing to it spreading?

Having studied the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system last year, I can understand how this stress response would be responsible for a breakdown within our bodies. When the sympathetic nervous system is triggered, it causes our bodies to become very focused on what it deems “important elements to function”. This means breathing, heart-rate and the ability to run at a moment’s notice. This is just how we were programmed.

In the process, it stops all “unnecessary functions”, such as digestion and repair work. It is like the cells are on high alert for an emergency. The same way we wouldn’t worry about how we looked if we were in a ship that was about to go down! We would focus on just staying alive! The body feels this response in the same way when we have stressful or fearful thoughts.

What’s interesting is that all thought causes reactions within the body. Think of how when you watch a scary movie, your heart races, your palms get all sweaty. There is no real danger but your body perceives it as danger, and triggers the same reactions as if it were really happening to you.

How does our mind and our thinking really influence our health?

I love listening to Dr.Bruce Lipton. He completely stomps on any of the belief systems we have been exposed to within our lives.

I have personally played with these concepts and my thinking over the last few months. When I stopped “attacking my body” and criticizing it and asking it to be better all the time, that reality shifted. I stopped focusing on what it wasn’t doing and sending that same “message” to my cells, and I believe they too shifted their response. It is like they were simply responding to a different message and giving me a different response.

At the end of the day, the whole body works on messengers. Messengers in the form of hormones, cells, receptors. The messages travel all around our bodies. When we send negative messages to our bodies, through our thinking, I believe they simply respond to this and give us what we asked for.

How hard is it to shift our thinking to be one of nurture, love and care, rather than hate, wish and curse?

Try doing the shift for yourself. Try it right now. Tell your body it is beautiful, healed and perfect. Feel the difference?

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Sarai

    Thank you for sharing these videos and information! Although I have heard many times that our thoughts shape our reality, I can never hear it enough. Those patterned negative thoughts really have a strong hold and we need support in returning ourselves to thoughts that serve us versus those that harm us. Also, on a similar note, I know for me, I have found that I operate with anxiety a lot, coming from subconscious patterns that I learned growing up. If I witness what is really going on, I often find that my mind is over reacting to the circumstances, and my body is following suit with the sympathetic nervous system. I am sure that this burst of adrenaline flooding my system constantly is not helping the endometriosis and is exacerbating the related inflammation. Perhaps we need to learn to speak soothingly to ourselves, to recognize that we are thinking in an inflamed way and kindly calm ourselves by tuning in to the big picture with self-compassion and even humor… by doing so, we would activate the parasympathetic nervous system and that may help with symptoms and pain.

  2. Melissa

    I totally agree: the body just gets louder! I think we are so used to just dulling it out, that we forget there is a reason we get pain.

  3. Melissa

    Love this Holly! Thanks for sharing 😉

  4. Holly

    Definitely agree. I have been working with meditation and mantra (I am not the body, I am not even the mind) and it has changed so much. I was reminded by a yoga class by kathryn budig that when the body is in pain, it is trying to protect us. Which means we should stop, listen, and do what it is asking us for. Great article.

  5. Rachel

    Love this and wholeheartedly agree. My whole life shifted when I had a practitioner say to me “what if you didn’t try and get rid of pain when it showed up? What if you stopped what you were doing and told your body, okay, I’m ready to listen now.” Our bodies communication with us is through how it feels. Working at trying to stop it from feeling a certain way is just another way to ignore it. Continue ignoring it and it will just get louder. It’s not easy, but, it does help.

  6. Melissa

    Awesome to have you along the journey with me in the often limiting mindsets around us. We can change and feel the difference to share with others!

  7. Aubree

    Love this post Melissa. I agree that the mind is such a powerful component in healing. Really enjoyed Lisa Rankin’s book & have Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief on my shelf to read next. Thank you so much for sharing and spreading the opposite of what is commonly heard… “you CAN get better.” I do believe. 🙂

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