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I am always hesitant when I get an email from someone who is new to my site looking for a quick solution to their Endometriosis. They are asking me to summarise a massive amount of suggestions for making Endometriosis easier, in one email and I inevitably know that they are simply going to feel overwhelmed and chances are, they will do absolutely none of it. It is just human nature. If I told myself a year ago that I would be eating a dairy free, gluten free, meat free, sugar free diet, doing Yoga every morning and now adding 3 days of exercise into the mix, I would have never considered this as a vaguely viable goal for me! I just sucked at sticking to anything…never mind anything as strict as this! A year on, I still can’t believe I am doing this! ๐Ÿ™‚

Over the years I had read many books on how to feel better with Endometriosis and though many of them made the same suggestions, the whole idea of tackling such a massive change, which I considered a mountain, was simply too hard. So, guess what I did….. absolutely nothing. I made no changes to my lifestyle, my diet or my exercise regimen. I simply wallowed in my Endo pain and misery for another 5years ๐Ÿ™‚

It was only when I decided…. for myself that I didn’t want to carry on with my life in pain and with countless operations. That was the first step.

I then tackled one thing. I chose dairy. Having read how much dairy impacted on my hayfever and the inflammation reactions in my body, I figured this was the most important one and possibly one of the easiest ones to cut out. I found Almond milk and rice milk which really worked quite well in my diet. Initially, it was hard. I missed my Latte’s and my hot drinks with frothy milk! I wanted things like ice-cream and cream! Somehow, because I couldn’t have them they somehow became the most appealing thing in the world!

There were plenty of slip ups and days where I would consume massive amounts of ice-cream just because it somehow took on a life of its own and became so much more delicious, just because I couldn’t have it of course ๐Ÿ™‚ I stumbled lots…..

It was only when I managed to stick to not having dairy for a whole 2 weeks and then had some cheese, that I really noticed the difference it made on my body. I got instant heartburn and nausea. My body had spoken!

After that it somehow gave me the motivation to listen to my body more. I became very in tune with what it wanted and how it reacted to foods and the decisions I made on food kinda developed on their own. – not so much because someone told me to do it but because I instinctively knew that they were good or bad for my body.

I certainly did not wake up one day and just cut out everything suggested to cut out for Endometriosis in one day! No way! I took months to get one aspect of the diet handled and then I would move onto the next one.

It was definitely baby steps.

So, though I know at first when you look at the natural ways suggested on this site, it may seem overwhelming and impossible but just take one step today. Add something good into your diet or cut out one bad food out – just for a day…. then make it two days, then make it every day. It is gradual.

The thing is, if you take that one step… TODAY. You will be making a conscious decision to change and to work for the future. It gives you power and makes you feel in control of this nasty Endo and that in itself is healing!

I know it is not easy and I know we stumble but I hope this blog gives you the motivation to keep going as you can see the benefits in the end ๐Ÿ™‚

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Hi Shannon. That is scary advice you have been receiving from doctors! Perhaps you are better getting a natural practitioner to have a look at you ๐Ÿ™‚ I would never just wait until it is unbearable to then cut things out! Anyways… of course eating well and following a reduced stress life will help but I think you need to really focus on detoxing your body and give it a chance to heal. Get yourself some of these amazing enzymes called Vitalzym http://endoempowered.com/how-to-remove-endometriosis-clots-adhesions-and-scarring-without-a-laparoscopy-or-surgery/
    They will dissolve the endometriosis, regardless of where they are. The thing is, it does grow back so you still need to heal your liver and body overall. Look into some good detoxing methods – perhaps herbs or a coffee enema. – talk to a natural practitioner about this. Natural healing is about healing the whole body – regardless of the condition. We do that through eating well, de-stressing and cleaning out the crap that caused the problem in the first place ๐Ÿ™‚ Please let me know what they find and how you are going. Much love and hugs, Melissa

  2. Shannon

    Hello – I ran across your site and it gave me hope that maybe following your advice and ways will help me to stop the growth of endometriosis on my lungs. Have you had anyone on here that has shared their storey? I’m desperately looking for advice and ways to cure this with out going on LUPRON or any other medications. I just found out – purely on accident – that I have it in my lungs – or at least that’s what my gyn and pulminologist thinks it is. My pulmonologist is waiting to see the images I had taken before he officially says that’s what it is – but he’s basically said that it is Endo. I have never had any symptoms of it in my pelvic area. About 4.5 yrs ago I had my youngest son by c-section – an UNWANTED c-section at the last minute. From that surgery, endo. cells escaped and attached to my abdominal wall. It has been growing since. Went to the gyn/ob that did the c-sec and asked him what this is … he told me “endo. on your abdominal wall on your c-secgtion scar” He said “wait it out until you can’t stand it anymore and we’ll do surgery.” So this is what I’ve done, 4.5 yrs later I said ok I’m ready for this thing to be taken off, I can’t stand it any longer and it’s causing serious inflammation to my body. Well, I’ve also been down a road with my heart lately – so the cardologist said before you have surgery I want to do a 64 slice Cardiac CTA – so we did it, he refused to clear me for surgery until I seen a pulmonologist reguarding ployps that showed up on my lungs … so here I am. This has all happend with in the last few weeks – this past Thursday I seen the pulmonologist for the first time.
    What I wonder is – if I don’t have the “normal” endometriosis … if I follow the diet and such … would my endo respond the same? I don’t have “symptoms” when it comes to my lungs – I DO however, with my abdomen – it swells HUGE during my cycle and is so very tender & extremely painful. Is it at all possible to cure or stop the growth on my lungs?
    Thank you for your insight and any advice you are able to share with me …. desperate for answers …..

  3. Melissa

    No I find eggs fine. I try and avoid them around my monthly as they seem to be too much for my body then but yes they contain heaps of protein and nutritional value – aim for the free range organic if you can ๐Ÿ™‚ I also throw in raw ones into smoothies and it makes them extra foamy!

  4. Jasmine

    Hi Melissa,

    Do you cut out eggs from your diet as well? I have successfully eliminated milk, cheese, and ice cream from my diet. But I can’t find a substitution, in terms of nutritional value, for eggs.


  5. Melissa

    You are doing very well cutting out so many things already! Well done ๐Ÿ™‚ Swimming is fantastic too ๐Ÿ™‚ It builds inner muscles and also is very good for deep breathing which actually activates the lymphatic system – the one responsible for flushing out toxins ๐Ÿ™‚ That is a great idea!

  6. Carolina Forero

    Buenas noches Melissa.
    Me llamo Carolina y soy colombiana. Me diagnosticaron endometriosis estadio IV en 2009. Me hicieron cirugia laparoscopica para quitarme los tumores bilaterales de ovario de aproximadamente 6 cm de diametro.
    La semana pasada me operaron nuevamente para que insertaran Mirena y para que extrajeran un polipo uterino. Ahora, por las hormonas de MIrena, debo tener mucho cuidado ya que tuve trombosis venosa profunda y puede repetir.
    He leido tu blog y he encontrado consejos muy utiles, pero solo hasta esta semana me decidi a seguir tu dieta. Comence el lunes pasado restringiendo el consumo de leche de dos a un vaso diario. Elimine el pan y todo lo que contenga trigo. Mi desayuno consiste en una porcion de corn flakes con leche y fruta.
    A la mitad de la maรฑana bebo una taza de te verde y alguna fruta. En ocasiones yo cambio el te verde y bebo una taza de te de jengibre o te de manzanilla.
    Mi almuerzo consiste en una porcion de pollo o atun, con dos o tres porciones de verduras.
    En la tarde bebo otra taza de te verde o te de jengibre o te de manzanilla y alguna fruta.
    En la noche, mi cena consiste en una arepa de maiz (que reemplaza el pan) con jugo sin azucar o una porcion de proteina con ensalada.

    Elimine los dulces, chocolates y postres. Me he sentido con menos fuerza que antes de comenzar la dieta. Llevo cinco dias haciendo la dieta y creo que fue un buen comienzo. El proximo paso es buscar una actividad que me ayude a liberar tensiones. Estoy pensando en comenzar a nadar tres veces por semana.

    Melissa Goodnight.
    My name is Carolina and I am Colombian. I was diagnosed with stage IV endometriosis in 2009. They made me take off laparoscopic surgery for ovarian bilateral tumors approximately 6 cm in diameter.
    Last week I had surgery again to insert Mirena and that extracted a uterine polyp. Now, for the Mirena hormones, I must be very careful because I had deep vein thrombosis and may be repeated.
    I read your blog and have found very useful advice, but only until this week I decided to follow your diet. I started last Monday restricting milk consumption of two to one glass daily. Remove the bread and anything containing wheat. My breakfast consists of a portion of corn flakes with milk and fruit.
    At mid-morning drink a cup of green tea and some fruit. Sometimes I change the green tea and drink a cup of ginger tea or chamomile tea.
    My lunch consists of a portion of chicken or tuna, with two or three servings of vegetables.
    In the afternoon I drink another cup of green tea or ginger tea or chamomile tea and some fruit.
    At night, my dinner consists of a corn arepa (which replaces the bread) with sugar free juice or a protein portion with salad.

    Eliminate sweets, chocolates and desserts. I felt with less force than before beginning the diet. I have five days on the diet and think it was a good start. The next step is to find an activity to help me relax. I’m thinking about starting to swim three times a week.

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