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The Scary link between Endometriosis and Dioxin! Be sure to AVOID it!


There has been a number tests conducted which undeniably link a connection between Dioxin and Endometriosis. The thing is, should we be worried? More than likely we should because dioxin is found all over the place! By knowing where it is and what contains it, we can avoid inadvertently absorbing it.

First, though, so you know what I am on about, watch this video about Dioxin is. Watch this movie for a full explanation:

It is scary stuff! Luckily, since video’s like this governments have become much more vigilant about dioxin in our foods. There have been a number of food recalls since and it is constantly being tested!

Dioxin is known to disrupt our natural hormone chemicals, which indirectly creates Endometriosis. is there a link with Dioxin and endometriosis? It will also place extra strain on the liver, which as we know is the main factor when dealing with Endometriosis.

Dioxin is found in the fat cells of animals and is transferred to our fat cells by us consuming food products. 90% of exposure to Dioxins is in the food we eat. The remaining 10% might be from using strong weed killers, bleaches or bleached products and using plastics.

Here are my personal suggestions to avoid Dioxin:

  • Avoid eating non organic meat

Pork and Beef are known to contain the highest amount of Dioxin so we should be avoiding these. Non organic meats will be exposed to non organic food sources which all gets absorbed into the fats of the animal. Since our diet recommendation for Endometriosis is to avoid these anyway, to reduce the fat content in our body, this should be an easy one to place a tick next to!

  • Reduce the amount of fat on your body

The more fat cells we have, the more room we give dioxin to live in. Reduce the amount of fat on your body through natural exercise and diet, and we provide less space for it to live. If you are overweight, this might be a strong enough factor to get you moving and expelling those extra toxins in your fat cells!

  • Don’t use plastics in your food preparation or drink out of plastic bottles

PVC plastics will release dioxin when heated or when used repeatedly. Buy glass dishes and use a stainless steel bottle to drink out of and throw out the plastic.

  • Don’t burn plastics or live near an incinerator.

When we burn plastics the dioxin is released into the atmosphere. Find a greener recycling method for your plastics rather than burning and make sure no incinerators are used in the area where you live!

  • Buy organic fruits and vegetables

You are then guaranteed they haven’t been sprayed with this nasty chemical or others! If you are strapped for cash and can’t buy organic, grow your own or avoid fruits or vegetables where the skin is directly exposed. Thin skinned fruits are usually higher in dioxin content as the chemical is more easily absorbed by the fruit/veg.

  • Check the “white products”

Anything that is pure white, is likely to contain bleaches to get it to be white. This also includes paper, filter paper, toilet paper, tampons and pads. Get the unbleached variety to avoid any contact or indirect absorption.

  • Avoid milk

We are more than likely avoiding this one anyway but naturally it is a by product of animals so we don’t really want to be consuming this one.

  • Avoid any products with the word “chloro” in it

These include bleaches and strong chemicals which could be lurking in your home. Replace with all natural products which contain oxygen bleaches or better yet, use bicarbonate soda and vinegar to clean with. Check out this site for ideas.

  • No Weedkillers please!

Use organic weedkillers and certainly not any containing chlorine or chlorophenol like 2,4-D

  • Avoid “Permethrin” flea sprays

So it might seem like a long list but we are more than likely avoiding Dioxin simply by eating better and by caring for our environment. There is little we can do to completely avoid dioxin as it is everywhere but these steps will reduce the amount we absorb and therefore help us reduce it in our body.

Ultimately, we still need our liver to expel this toxin so boosting the liver will provide us with complete healing from Endometriosis. We can give the liver extra tools to fight off excess toxins in the body. Here are some other handy tips to getting rid of any toxins, including dioxins in the body:

  • Sweat it out!

Don’t use aluminium deodorant as it stops your body from expelling toxins through your sweat glands. You want to sweat! Sweating helps expel toxins and the best way to do this is through exercise.

  • Flush them out!

Drinking plenty of water and diuretic foods will allow the body to naturally expel the toxins from the body. These include cucumbers, parsley and dill seeds!

  • Boost the liver

The liver is responsible for expelling toxins. Give the liver a boost with a really “green” diet (lots of green fruits and veg) and it will find the job so much easier. Also give it some additions such as Dandelion Root and Milk Thistle.

  • Good excretion

Make sure your digestion is working properly and therefore excreting regularly. The longer it sits in your body, the worse it is for you! Eat a high roughage diet and get plenty of exercise and everything will come out often and regularly!

Dioxin is nasty stuff and it can be incredibly toxic to the body. We have the power to choose what we eat and thereby avoid it. It can take up to 7 years to get rid of dioxin from the body, so make sure you avoid it from now on!

There are heaps of articles about dioxin, feel free to explore them on the internet and share any thoughts you may have on the subject.

Hugs, Melissa x
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