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Feel Empowered

Your body was made whole, pure and beautiful and it uses it’s innate wisdom with the goal of returning there once again.

The REACH Technique© will guide your body back towards health and ensure you nurture that inner pain and struggle you experience with having endometriosis.

You will begin to tap back into that innate wisdom, feel control again and come back to the old you.

Get ready to feel empowered over your body, your health and your endometriosis…

The REACH Technique™
The most comprehensive technique designed to provide a holistic approach to managing endometriosis.
Look at the Whole Body
Your body operates as a whole unit and every organ influences your ability to manage endometriosis. We need to assess the health of your whole body and treat every organ accordingly.
Address “Endo” Triggers
Endometriosis is far more than an hormone imbalance based condition. Let us work through the other elements which trigger growth and adhesions.

The Perfect Environment

Your body has an ideal environment for healing. We need to provide that environment through better lifestyle choices, reducing stress and elimination of toxins from the body.

Step 1: Replenish

Restricting what you eat to try and achieve the “perfect diet for endo” doesn’t work. Forget the words “Endo Diet” and throw out that “should & shouldn’t eat list”.

Come back to basics…

Food is your fuel and can become your medicine. What you eat can either nourish and cultivate health within your body, or it can take it away.

We have established specific protocols that enhance your body’s ability to manage endometriosis better and address the underlying triggers.

The wonderful advantage is that we address the whole body and instantly remedy a host of other conditions you may be experiencing alongside endometriosis.

Step 2: Exercise

Pushing, forcing and struggling while exercising will never make you feel good about moving your body and certainly won’t assist in your endometriosis pain levels.

Exercise can have healing benefits for your body. Nourish your body with deep breaths of pure oxygen, slow conscious movement and forms of movement designed to loosen adhesions and soften that abdominal pain.

Step 3: Affirm

So many women are in a permanent state of stress and anxiety. Some of it is directly linked to having endometriosis and unexplainable pain but often there is a deeper driver behind what triggers your high stress levels.

Intensity. Pushing. Feelings of lack.

We can reconnect you to a deep sense of knowing yourself, what truly brings you joy and release the pains from your past and within your body.

Step 4: Cleanse

Your poor body has been burdened with environmental toxins, parasites and imbalances causing endometriosis to flare up, cause more cyst growths and trigger massive inflammation and pain within your body.

We can release these burdens from your body, giving it room to reconnect and heal.

Step 5: Help/Support

Let’s be honest… endometriosis is a challenging condition to deal with. Most of us feel very isolated because it’s hard to explain to others.

Unheard. Misunderstood. Isolated.

When you join a sisterhood of women who are also keen to get empowered on how they can manage endometriosis naturally, suddenly you feel part of something bigger, giving you support as you dive into the new you!

Endo Empowered

Empowering women to REACH© beyond endometriosis by using a holistic approach.

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