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The Biggest Belief you Need to Change

I know you think that the biggest belief you need to change is the belief of what is possible for your endometriosis healing. Yes, of course that is a big one but what I am going to share with you runs deeper than that. Before we can believe that it is possible to heal we need to believe that we can. We need to take the action necessary to see the change. We need to believe that we deserve to experience the joy and relief of not experiencing suffering and pain anymore.

For many of us we feel it is a right of passage. Something that needs to be earned. Perhaps if we put in more work, then perhaps we will be granted the ultimate reward of no more pain? Perhaps if we just eat the right foods or take the right supplements and “stick with it” then we will get the ultimate prize?

Here’s what I can tell you. Yes, looking after yourself will make you feel better. Nourishing your body with the right foods will help your body feel stronger and more replenished with the “tools” that it needs which will naturally allow it to do what it naturally wants to do: heal. Of course moving and breathing and lowering stress and cleansing and all of the things we teach in the REACH Technique© will do all of that.

However, here is the kicker… you won’t do any of those things if you don’t believe something fundamental about yourself.

It is the belief that you are enough and that you deserve to be well.

I know this sounds odd. Of course we want to be well but for so many of us there is a reward for being unwell. Confused? Think about it for a moment. For me, it was the ability to take a few days off over my period. It was rest time and I had an excuse to sit on the couch and just watch Netflix all day. It was my time-out and I didn’t have to feel guilty for taking it. For some it is that they can get out of doing things or have an excuse they haven’t achieved things. There is a pay-off somewhere.

But why do we need it?

Because on some deep level we feel guilty for demanding or taking time off. We feel guilty for not constantly being productive. For not constantly doing. We believe that we can’t sit still, for even a minute as there is always something we should be doing.

Why do we feel this?

At the end of it all, we don’t believe we are doing enough. We don’t believe we are enough. We need to keep doing and fixing and cleaning and preparing and doing, doing, doing to make up for some loss of who we are because we simply don’t believe we are enough. We need to prove it somehow. Perhaps if the house is spotless, I’m all done up and look perfect and I tick off everything on my to-do-list then perhaps I will prove that I am enough.

I have been playing with this idea for myself and I realise that so much of my own fears and limitations with Endo Empowered have been wrapped up in this very belief. Never quite feeling like I am doing enough. Allowing the anxiety of that to press me to push and push, rather than create from a place of love and giving. It was coming from a yucky space of “I must”, rather than a desire to help and create.

Here’s what has helped me so far:

Watching and doing the Tapping Session here:

Listening to this Hypnosis:

Believing we are enough is something I think many of us don’t believe to be true. We don’t want to face that about ourselves. It is far easier to keep going. To keep pushing and moving forward. We are not perfect and that is okay.

I invite you today to slow down and really invite this idea into your heart and your body. Where do you believe you are not enough and how can you accept and appreciate yourself fully?

Read more about my transformation on my published article on Medium.com.

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    So happy to hear that. It is a good one. I love it so much and use it whenever I feel overwhelmed. I think it also helps us stay more connected with what is important. Hugs,

  2. Joy

    No words for how profound this was for me today, Melissa.
    Thank you for including the I AM ENOUGH meridian tapping vid.
    Such a huge release.
    And I’m a huge fan of the Mindful Movement. Such wonderful meditations and a huge help through the past year and a half…

    Blessings to you always,

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