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Easy Tea to Reduce Inflammation in 3 Ways… Plus More!

I kinda stumbled upon this tea by accident. I always knew it was good for calming me down, as this is what it is typically used for. But today I decided to drink more of it. I drank about 6 cups of it and I just felt instantly better. I felt more alert, lighter, happier somehow and my digestion was fantastic! I decided to do some further research to discover more. The tea I am talking about is chamomile tea.

It is amazingly good for us women with Endometriosis. Here are the benefits:

1.       It reduces inflammation in all the areas that count!

Us poor women with Endometriosis typically suffer from heaps of swelling and inflammation. We get used to feeling like we are about to pop! Chamomile tea will reduce inflammation by aiding the areas that typically cause us to feel more bloated. I am talking about our digestion, our bladder and our uterus.


The ingredients in chamomile tea stimulate the digestive juices in the stomach and small intestines. This means, we digest everything better. In other words… better nutrients being absorbed by the body.

The second aspect to digestion is that we often suffer from bacteria forming in the digestive tract, which will also aggravate an already inflamed colon plus cause additional gas. Chamomile tea flushes out bacteria and is known as a natural vermifuge—it kills intestinal worms. Chamomile tea also expels gas from the intestines and thereby relaxes the body and lowers blood pressure.

It is also known to reduce any inflamed membranes within the body, which naturally includes our colon.

Our bladder

Interstitial cystitis is a common condition, which is often associated with Endometriosis. Many of you may not be familiar with the condition but it actually contributes and simulates many of the symptoms of Endometriosis. Essentially, it is the bladder becoming inflamed. I suffer from this often. I actually find that drinking too much water, pure water, actually can make me feel worse. Chamomile combines the perfect ingredients to soothe inflammation and acts as a natural diuretic to help flush out the bladder.

Our uterus

The uterus reacts to stress almost instantly. Chamomile acts on the same parts of the brain that reduce anxiety in anti-anxiety drugs. Chamomile is also a natural analgesic, which basically means it reduces muscle pain within the body, including the joints, headaches, sinuses and even toothache. The uterus is made up of a series of muscles and by relaxing these, we naturally reduce the pain we associate so strongly with Endometriosis. Perfect for menstrual cramps!


2.       It is good for the liver – called a hepatic!

This was great news for me! I have worked out some time ago that our focus for healing Endometriosis is all about flushing out toxins and healing the liver. Chamomile does this by aiding digestion, making it easier on the liver to flush out the remaining unwanted toxins and also stimulates bile production from the liver.

Chamomile is known to regenerate liver tissue, which is great for healing our weak liver cells.


3.       It is great for our moods and spirit

Chamomile is a natural stimulant and anti-depressant. It will lift the spirit, fight depression and stop sadness within you. Roman chamomile will calm any feeling of irritation, anger and annoyance, while German chamomile will reduce more inflammation in the body.

Chamomile is also good at simply calming us down and taking things a little easier, which will aid our stress levels and our outlook.


Amazing stuff! Isn’t it? The great thing is, you don’t need to hunt this one down! You should be able to find chamomile tea at your local supermarket.


How to drink chamomile tea

If you can make your own chamomile tea, the best benefits will be felt but even just drinking chamomile tea from the supermarket will do wonders. Soak it for a long time and drink it warm. It is important not to add sugar. If you need a sweetener only use stevia.

Drink it ALL day long as often as you like. It has no known side effects and by drinking more, it simply compounds into more beneficial results. I am drinking about 5–6 cups per day. It is cumulative in the body, which basically means the more you drink, the better the treatment will be.

I found it amazing to drink as an all day drink. It has a soft, light taste and is not too strong so it is great for any time of the day. It also has no caffeine in it and will allow you to sleep wonderfully too.

It is amazing to find so many benefits for our bodies in a simple remedy like chamomile. It is so within our reach and so easy to incorporate into our daily lives! Nothing complex about it!

Have you tried chamomile tea? Do you like the taste? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    I can’t imagine it would as it has many healing properties. What issues are you concerned about?

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Melissa, thanks for sharing. Could you also reflect upon a bit if chamomile tea causes any issues with fertility for girls with endometriosis. That would be great!!

  3. Melissa

    Yes. You can apply chamomile. Make Chamomile tea with 2-3 teabags in a large bowl. Let it cool. Soak a cloth in it. Lay the cloth on your eyes and face.

  4. cher

    Have had facial surgery, lots of swelling, do not lay flat and try not to eat much salt, use ice packs also, Still swelling on face and eyes , can you apply tea bags directly to skin and eyes and would this help?

  5. Sheree

    Over the past few months I have been calling the ambulance and ending up in emergency with sever upper and lower abdominal pain plus chest pains that radiate through to my back. I recently found out my endometriosis is sever. To top things off all the research I have done indicates that endometriosis can cause sever acid reflux, chest pain, pain through your shoulder blades, upper and lower abdominal cramping. “not even my gynocologist suggested that could ever be the case” I have always been told by doctor that my anxiety is to blame for me “Pain” after finding a very good gynocologist that listened to me after suffering for the past 3 years in agony (mind you I’m only 25yrs old) I have all the past doctors to THANK for, I was told that this should have been taken care of years ago. I want other women like me going through this to never ever give up ! And I will be drinking camomile tea until I pop ! Medication does not work for me Iv been on endone, panadine forte, naprojesic, pondstand and non work ! Never give up and keep drinking camomile 🙂

  6. Melissa

    Hi Vida,
    Chamomile would work brilliantly for you – especially if you are hypersensitive. You can also combine it with Valerian flower or Passionflower and you will feel really relaxed. 🙂

  7. Vida

    I will start taking camomile but i am hypentasive patient will it help me or i shouldn,t take it please advise me.

  8. Melissa

    That is awesome Christina! Just proves how powerful it is 🙂

  9. Christina

    About 6 years ago, I couldnt eat anything during daytime hours because it caused severe pain. Even drinking too much water at once hurt. I would puree my food and eat a meal right before bed.

    The point of this story………………I discovered camomile tea. I started drinking a cup of this tea 15 minutes prior to any meal and was actually able to eat!!! How is that for amazing!

  10. Melissa

    It is awesome stuff and yes you can thank the Camomile Tea! It is awesome and relaxes your whole body! 🙂

  11. Ann-Marie

    So I don’t know if this is purely a co-incidence or if I willed it to myself lol, but I went and bought a box of organic Camomile tea and after just two days (approx. 6 cups drank) my lower ab area feels way better, had been pinching a bit and feeling crap since my menstruation 2 weeks ago!! 🙂

  12. kami sanders

    Melissa~ I love Chamomile tea and am so thankful that I can find it here in India. I came across some research years ago that said it was not good to drink the tea until you knew you were not pregnant that cycle. And once you had the hope that maybe you conceived, you again not drink the tea as it could cause a miscarriage. Have you heard any of that? There are times when I want a lovely cup of chamomile…but I refrain until I get my period…then only drink it until I begin my “surge” which leads to ovulation. Insights?

  13. Melissa

    Thank you Michalina! That is definitely not one I have heard of before. So glad it has helped you so much and thanks for sharing so other girls can try it too 🙂

  14. Michalina

    Dear Melissa and all Endo Girls!

    Thank you for this fantastic blog. It gives me much hope to overcome all endo-problems. I am dealing with endometriosis for several years. There were better and worse moments.
    I want to share with you a recipe I found during my research on endometriosis. It is a herbal mixture of Polish priest (where I come from) called father Klimuszko. He is very well known in Poland as a medium, clairvoyance and excellent herbalist. Few of his mixtures are specially devoted for women problems. Six months ago, after my HSG I decided to try mixture nr 1 which is dedicated to prevent and resolve problems with adhesions, pelvic pain of unknown reason, PMS and general imbalances in reproductive system. I was quite suspicious but I decided to try. After these few months my everyday pain lowered to sometimes unnoticeable degree. My PMS disappeared and my period is not SO BAD. I am still not pregnant but now I have hope.
    This is a recipe (everything in amount of 50g, mixed altogether, one big spoon of herbs drink 3x a day)
    Humulus, Hop – cones
    Alchemilla vulgaris – herb (couldn’t find English name)
    Achillea millefolium or yarrow – herb
    Ruta – rue – leaf
    Melilotus, known as Melilot or Sweet Clover – herb
    Lavandula , lavenders – flower
    Acorus calamus, commonly known as Sweet Flag or Calamus – rhizome
    Calendula officinalis (pot marigold) – flower
    Rosa, rose – fruit

    Good luck for all of you. Greetings

  15. Melissa

    That sounds like a great tea to try! 🙂 Always love it when we can hide the taste of Turmeric 🙂 I know I thought the same of Camomile until I drank it all day and felt so light and clear headed 🙂

  16. Ann-Marie

    Wow! Had no idea how much this herb does.. Always associated it with winding down rather than energising you, will definetly give it a go. I can also recommend a herbal tea from the Pukka range (duno if you have this in your countries) it’s called 3 ginger and has turmeric as an ingredient, handy way to get it into your body when not cooking! 🙂

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