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Does This Work if I Don’t Get PAIN with Endometriosis?

You may read my blog posts and wonder if the information really applies to you. I get it, we don’t all share the same symptoms with Endometriosis. Many times, I share about reducing pain or bloating with Endometriosis as these are probably the most common symptoms of Endometriosis and one that I use as a form of measurement for myself.

Trouble is, not all of us with Endometriosis experience pain and it may feel like I am not supporting you with the information I share, when every second article is about pain reduction, right? I mean, what if you have Endo and don’t get pain? Will the stuff I share still help you?

Here’s the thing. Pain is a symptom of an imbalance within your body. Heavy periods are a symptom of imbalance within the body. In fact, just about any of these are symptoms of Endometriosis, and indicators that there is an imbalance going on within your body:

  • Painful periods
  • Bloating
  • Heavy periods
  • No periods
  • Clotting during your period
  • Dark menstrual blood
  • Migraines, headaches
  • PMS, moodiness or hormonal imbalances

When we experience these imbalances, we apply the same principles to reduce their negative effect on our health. The body displays its symptoms or signals in different ways for different people. So for me, it might be pain, for someone else it might be bloating and for you it might be heavy periods. Symptoms like these are signs from our body. Kinda like the body is sending us a big fat email saying: “Hey, listen up! I’m not happy right now! Can you please change something to help me feel better?”

This is why it is so important to record and watch what is going on and of course listen to our bodies. When we get symptoms and ignore them, your body is likely to shout louder to try and fix the problem! It’s like when you send someone an email and they don’t respond. You might try texting them, calling them and eventually you might just go and visit them at home cos at least you’ll know you’ll find them there! LOL!

When we ignore our bodies’ signals, we are really doing it an injustice. We are lucky enough to get some feedback, ladies. We need to listen up and adapt, so we can fix whatever is going on.

So, there are a number of different things we can do that really support our whole body, regardless of what the signal or symptom is.

Here are some of the suggestions I have made on my website, which will all support your Endometriosis and any symptoms you might personally be experiencing—pain or no pain.

  • Cutting out gluten
  • Eating more greens
  • Drinking juices or smoothies
  • Avoiding preservatives
  • Eating the right kinds of fats

Now, of course there are specific herbs and foods you can eat, which target specific symptoms that your body is sending you, but if you follow the overall and holistic approach, you are more than likely going to reduce your specific symptom you are experiencing anyway.

It is kinda like how we might bake a cake. If we want to bake a really yummy cake, we need to put all the right ingredients into it. We need to get the quantities right, the temperature right and yes, we need to put some love into making it. The same applies to our bodies. We wouldn’t make a cake, have it flop when it comes out of the oven and then just try and patch it up with some icing sugar, though I have been known to do this!

No, ultimately we need to figure out what we got wrong in the recipe and get it right, so our cake doesn’t flop in the first place. We might be able to fix some little errors with icing but not a completely flopped one. We need to apply this same philosophy with our bodies. We need to give it the right ingredients (foods and drinks), the right conditions, such as good sleep, fresh air, good exercise for Endo, healthy thoughts and lots of love. The list above gives you some ideas or ingredients we can put into our bodies. If we have some bumps or flaws after all of that, then yes, we can patch those with icing but ultimately, if we made the recipe right, then inevitably we will land up with a flawless cake.

Coming back to an example of having heavy periods for instance. If we cut out gluten, eat more greens, do yoga, de-stress, avoid preservatives, sleep well etc, then our bodies will stand the best chance of not experiencing heavy periods. We then won’t need to “patch with icing sugar” or supplements cos we will have made the most perfect flawless healthy body.

So, it doesn’t really matter what sort of symptom you are personally experiencing, the content that I share that applies to other symptoms will likely support your personal situation. The list above will certainly never harm the body and you can gain nothing but more vitality, energy and health.

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Melissa

    Thank you Juanita. I think it is easy to think we need to take specific things for specific issues but ultimately our bodies are holistic beings and everything we put in is going to have an effect overall 😉

  2. Juanita

    Hi Melissa…so glad you share your thoughts with us….whether you have pain or not….all these changes are good for our bodies…period…there is too much poison in our world…we need to not mindlessly put garbage in our mouths because they sell it at the store…my mom who had a full hysterectomy is having major gastronomical issues…I hope one day she finds her own relief through healthy eating and natural ways….but definite yes ….everyone can benefit in all ways from taking care of our vessels….so we can live in a calm and healthy spirit…

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