Amazing! My surprise Period – no symptoms or signs it was coming!

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I never believed it could ever happen. For years, I had hoped it would…

I had a completely surprise period this month! No signs or symptoms it was coming and nothing going on during the whole thing! Miraculous – after having been diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis! I never believed it cos no-one ever told me it would be possible. No doctors or supposed experts ever told me it could happen and yet, here I am, feeling on top of the world, even while experiencing my period with endo!

Check out the video to find out more about my experience and what I attribute my success to:

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I never believed it would ever be possible to be truly free of endometriosis and to life that wasn’t completely taken over by it. I had learned to live with so much for so long and I really don’t want that for you sweetheart. Everything I have created is to help you and guide you to prevent all the years of suffering I went through – which I know was completely unnecessary!

You deserve to live the life you were meant to live, without endo getting in the way!

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  • Sonia says:

    Congratulations Mel!! You deserve it for the hard work you put into natural approach to manage Endo. You hace helped a lot of women like me in understanding this disease and managing it. God bless you!

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