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Surgery or Hormone Treatment, Which One to Do?

I remember when I finally decided to choose the natural health route for my endometriosis. I had been to my specialist gynecologist and he presented me with a choice. I could either have another surgery or I could try another hormonal treatment as an alternative to the current one I was on. See, the one I was on just wasn’t working for me. I had nasty side effects and it still didn’t seem to have reduced my endometriosis. I was permanently tired, moody and it just felt like endometriosis had controlled every aspect of my life.

The hormone treatment option was the Mirena coil. It was to be inserted into me, without any kind of anesthetic or anything! I went and got the coil from the pharmacy and the thing honestly looked alien to me! It was so long and big! As I sat there in the doctor’s office, with him discussing the method of inserting the coil and the likely pain that I would experience and how I would have this plastic thing inside of me, something just didn’t feel right. I felt numb, somehow, as if all this wasn’t really happening. As if it was all just a horrible nightmare. How could he really think that I would want to stick that nasty thing up there, and then have it live inside of me? The whole idea of it was just too much. I felt scared, frustrated and trapped.

I then thought, perhaps surgery is my only option. Perhaps I should just have it all taken out—cut it out and be done with it! I mean, it couldn’t get any worse, could it? Though it seemed drastic to me to go there, I also didn’t feel any desire for children at the time and if it meant I could be pain free and enjoy life again, it would be better… right?

Thing is, I did more research and I discovered that having a hysterectomy is still not a guarantee that the endometriosis is finally gone. It is still no definite cure for endometriosis and at the end of it all, you could have nasty effects from having to go on hormonal treatments due to the imbalances that occur by not having your womanly bits in place. This seemed somewhat risky to me.

So, now what? What do I do? How do I stop this nasty endometriosis from spreading and taking over my body? It all felt like some horrible movie. You know the ones, where the monster is chasing you and you are trapped in a room with no way out? I felt like that, on that day. I remember going home and crying for at least 2 hrs. Why did I have endometriosis? Why was it all so hard to deal with? Why couldn’t they just find a pill that would make it all go away? Why are there so few choices?

What I didn’t realize at the time and something which I want you to realize too… there is a third choice. It is a longer road and it will take more dedication and commitment but it is better, in my opinion. It is the natural choice. It is saying NO to drugs, NO to surgery and NO to hormonal treatments. It is about understanding our bodies and understanding that endometriosis is merely an imbalance which we can rectify. We can get it under control and manage it by changing what we eat and how we live.

I know this because I have done it. I changed my diet, I changed my lifestyle, I simply made better choices for my body and started to truly look after myself. I was more in touch with the real me than I ever was on all those hormonal treatments and drugs. I was finally on a path to healing.

As I sit here and write this today, I want you to really think about what feels right to you. What is your inner self, your gut, telling you about how to deal with endometriosis. Does it want to have surgery, bits cut out, being put under anesthetic? Does it want to have strange hormones put into it, to make it lose itself and feel completely foreign? Does it want to feel pain and suffering?

No, your body wants to heal. It is trying desperately to heal. Endometriosis is a reflection of our own body’s way of protecting us from harm.

Why don’t you try giving your body a real path to healing? Why don’t you give it all that it needs to heal? Give it real nourishment, a calm space to breathe and reconnect with itself and let go of all the anger that you are holding onto.

Give your body a chance. Just 6 months and you will be amazed at the difference it can make. It is an amazing wealth of knowledge and it knows how to get better. You just have to supply it with the right tools to do so.

I know I am incredibly glad I chose to explore the natural alternatives for my body. It has made a huge difference to everything in my life. I don’t experience endo pain any more and I have a completely different outlook on life. I dare you to explore this way of life too.

I have created an online program, which will give you a strategy to follow to get results faster for your natural healing. You deserve to give your body a chance to heal.

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Sue

    This is so spot on, I have stage 4 endo suffer from almost all of the above with the exception of allergies (although I believe that there are not always symptoms but definitely a gut or leaky gut issue and candida but I have excluded sugar from my diet for a long time already). Do you perhaps have information on the relationship between endometriosis and fibromyalgia? I really glad you posted the tiredness in the morning, back pain, migraines, coldness, eye problems, stiffness on neck and shoulder symptoms. I also have tired, irritated sore muscles and all of the fibromyalgia tender points and have been diagnosed with that two. There is definitely a link between the two in some cases and more information on this will be great.

  2. admin

    It’s a total pleasure Fae and thank you for sharing. I had 7 surgeries and possibly the wrong ones. Improving health is more than just one thing and I think sometimes we are still looking for a quick fix.

  3. fae

    After all the numerous ablation surgeries and hormonal treatments I finaly opted for Excision surgery and I have never looked back combined with natural remedies, using bio identical progesterone cream ,eating the endo diet drinking herbal teas and tinctures to increase my progesterone levels and most importantly teaching me about my liver and lots of other essential tips from you Melissa I have been virtually pain free for 3 years now.I do yoga , practice meditation ,I can walk my dogs and spend quality time with my family.However I must say that without my excision surgery I think I would still be climbing walls and without Melissa guidance .
    So a big Thank You to you Melissa . Hugs

  4. Terra Chavez via Facebook

    I can’t do either. Endometriosis and Factor V Leiden! Natural is the only way I can go!

  5. Jane

    This is very interesting to read. I have what they are calling mild endometriosis and adhesions but in lots of places. After my second lap I was offered hormone treatment (as I was coming round from the anaesthetic!) but at 37, I do want to try for children. So a few weeks ago I went for my first session of acupuncture and have been taking herbs. I have also tried to clean up my diet, no red meat, dairy or gluten. I can say that my pain levels are down by about 30 per cent, I am actually mobile! and looking forward to my second session of acupuncture tomorrow!
    Hope the healing journey goes well for all of us,
    Jane x

  6. Melissa

    Hi Sweets 🙂
    You are most welcome and thank you for supporting all that I do 🙂 It does take dedication and commitment but the pay-off is worth it. Love the Yarrow tea and you eating lunch vision!
    Keep on that healing journey and you will just get stronger and stronger.
    Hugs Dianne! You are such a special friend!

  7. Dianne

    I can relate 100%. Doctors keep telling me that i have 2 options, either i must try something like Depo-Provera otherwise surgery to remove everything is the only other option.
    I have been following your blog for a year now and it has been the best year that i have had in the last 10 years and also an operation-free year!
    I started strong with the natural diet Nov ’11 and kept up with it nicely until about 3 months ago. Since introducing a few treats here and there i can honestly feel the difference in my pain levels again. Periods are more painful and i again have a cyst on my one and only ovary that i have left.
    So my conclusion is that the natural way really works and i encourage everyone to give it a try, like Mel says, give it your all for at least 6 months! I too will get back on track to avoid any hormones and surgery! (says she while eating a salad for lunch and sipping on yarrow tea 🙂 ) It isn’t always easy but it can be fun trying new foods and recipes and it is definitely worth it in the long run!
    Thanks Mel for all your research and the hard work that you put into your blog! I appreciate you!
    Lots of love, Dianne

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