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Top 5 Ways to Increase Fertility

We know that eating a good diet and doing all those good things will help our fertility. Right? I hope so. However, there are certain things we can do to increase our chances of falling pregnant. These things are great little blurbs of knowledge which will naturally help your whole body feel better, but with just a little bit of extra attention on those vital organs to get you pregnant!

1. Increasing the circulation in that area

Your reproductive organs need to get good oxygen and nutrients to build up and be ready for your little one. We can give special focus to the area with massages, such as the Mayan Massage, which focuses specifically on the abdominal area and encourages more circulation.

You can also take a supplement called nitric oxide. known as NO. This supplement can help your blood vessels dilate. This allows blood to flow more freely to your reproductive organs.

Yoga also helps to open up the area down there, along with walking and any kind of exercise.


2. Provide enough mucus for the sperm to live and thrive in

We have mucus in our reproductive organs, which provide a layer where sperm can live, should they need a couple of days to find their way “home”. It is called cervical mucus. We also need good lubrication for sex to be enjoyable and pain free!

  • You can increase this mucus within your diet by eating foods rich in good bacteria, specifically the lactobacilli. Eating beautifully hand-made fermented foods like Sauerkraut will really help provide your body with heaps of those. You can also get probiotics which help to provide these same bacteria. 
  • Eat foods rich in mucus producing elements like aloe vera and chia seeds. They are known to contain this protective mucous effect and coat the whole body with it. Incredibly good for the skin too.
  • Omega 3 oils are really good for lubrication and will reduce inflammation in the body. You can get it through the chia seeds or get yourself a supplement of krill oil.


3. Reduce acidity in the body

Those little sperm guys like a more alkaline environment. So, reducing the foods which are more acidic in the body will naturally make our reproductive organs more alkaline. Foods that are acidic in the body are dairy, meats and most grains. Foods that are alkaline are miso soups, seaweeds and lots of those greens!

  • Sun Chlorella is very alkaline and can be taken as a supplement to aid alkalinity in the body.
  • Stress and worrying thoughts create acidity in the body and for your reproductive organs. Let it go and laugh more!


4. Help the swimmers along!

As much as we can prepare our bodies and make the new home of our little one more hospitable, we also need to make sure the sperm guys are given their best chance of survival and stamina. There are heaps of supplements to help your man’s sperm count and make his swimmers stronger but my personal favorite would have to be He Shou Wu. It is a Chinese herb and works wonders for sperm. It helps clear up the Kidney Qi and invigorates your man. He will also be able to last a longer, ensuring you get to climax more than once!

5. Enjoying those moments

I know it can be stressful when we are trying to conceive. Our lives become a massive big focus, all about becoming a mom. We place so much importance on it that we actually become stressed out from the whole experience. Let yourself enjoy the process and appreciate your body’s natural readiness to conceive. If your body is not ready, respect that. It wants to produce a beautiful and healthy baby for you and you need to trust in its ability to know when and how it can do this.

  • Change focus and make this about sharing love with your partner, rather than just producing a child. A child made in love is surely going to be the happiest baby? Love your partner and love the pleasures of sex. To make it easier, use some coconut oil, which will lubricate you super effectively. Coconut oil is also naturalyl anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, creating the perfect environment for your little one. 
  • Love being you and being a woman. We often fight with ourselves and our bodies. Ever noticed that? We wish we were thinner or had less stretch marks or had more or less of something. Learn to love all that you are, just for being a woman. There is often such a mental block to our reproductive organs and we feel disconnected to those very bits, perhaps because they have been the source of so much pain. Let go of that stuff and learn to love all that they are. I know my uterus felt neglected for years. Here is my story. 

Having a child and being able to bring it into the world is a very special gift. I know many women who have been able to bring healthy babies into the world, despite having endometriosis.

I hope these little blurbs of info bring it all together for you—often we forget how it all just works in one magical system! Get yourself some of the supplements for fertility and you will be amazed at the difference it can make.

PS. Little side note: if one of your fallopian tubes is blocked or one of your ovaries is “broken”, the other fallopian tube can actually reach across to grab it from the other side! Super smart! It is not a structured environment in there.

If you have any specific questions on what I have shared or need some clarification, please respond in the comments below and I will be happy to help.

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Jane

    Great article! Thanks

  2. Melissa

    Hi Kim,

    This is always such a tough question for me to answer. I think for some women they like knowing what is going on and having a “clean slate” to work from but I question the damage that an operation does in the process too sometimes. All that repair work that the body has to do after the operation can also contribute to scar tissue.
    What we need to really consider is that these growths and cysts were created by the body in an effort to protect it. The cause of them is undoubtably an imbalance within your body. That imbalance is generally caused by a lack of the right minerals and having too many toxins within the body.
    I am so happy that you have already found a TCM Doctor who has put you on a cleanse – a great start 🙂
    I would also highly recommend doing a Castor Oil pack every day. They are truly amazing at healing and flushing out cysts and growths in the body. The other area of healing for cysts in the body is to cut out ALL sugar, including natural sugars and to eat heaps of seaweed or get foods and sources of things from the ocean – they need to be clean sources. Marine Phytoplankton is one of the best. They provide amazing levels of nourishment for the body and also act to cleanse the body at the same time.

    I do hope you have some leads on ideas to follow. Thank you for reading my blog and welcome 🙂



  3. Kim

    Hi Melissa.
    I just found your website & I am devouring it ! You write with such a tone of experience that I find reassuring !
    I wanted to ask you some questions
    I have always had 10/10 painful cramps but no doctor ever really took them seriously untill 6 years ago I was sent to a specialist who found a uterine fibroid during an ultra sound. She removed it through laparoscopy & said she was gonna check for endometriosis at the same time, and she didn’t find anything

    Flash to present time my husband and I are trying to have a baby and so I went to get an ultrasound to see if I had any new fibroids. Turns out I have 3 all under 2 cm they are submucosal meaning growing inside the uterine wall. AND they found 2 ovarian cysts both 2 cm. My doctor said that he suspects Endo bc I have painful sex and periods & that the cysts might be endometriomas. I saw a fertility specialist who also did a vaginal ultrasound a month later and said that he suspects it too.

    So at this point I know nothing for sure but I think I have it. I immediately searched for alternative therapies and am seeing a TCM & Acupuncturist who put me on a 3 week cleanse & now I am still doing a endo diet and starting serrapeptase and maybe Nattokinase

    My question is do you think I should just get the surgeries to increase the chances of getting pregnant by them being able to get rid of old scar tissue & cyst ?

    Or should I just continue with this natural method & that is a better way to become pregnant ?

    It seems most women do the surgeries and then the natural method. But i am the opposite. How long do you think it would take to clear out the endo naturally & shrink the cyst or is that hard to tell

  4. Lizette

    Thank you, Melissa! I love your website 🙂

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