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There’s something I have to admit to you about taking supplements…..

It has been a rough couple of days. Moving house, leaving a bad job and starting a new one, just amounts to a whole lot of stress. I guess the stress comes from the “not knowing” but even though I have tried to just let it go and believe that everything will work out, my nasty side somehow still wants to stress and worry about stuff.

To top it off I had a night out a few days ago and it threw my whole digestion out, which just makes me feel irritated and tired. I had a bowl of fries at a pub – they were cute fries, in the shape of pig tails…. hard to resist? Well, I suffered the consequences of that one!

So, today I had a few hours in town and I had this uncontrollable desire to go to the health shop. It wasn’t that I was paticularly looking for anything specific – always dangerous πŸ™‚ – but somehow I knew by going and buying something it would make me feel better. Perhaps mentally more than physically πŸ™‚

After spending over $200 in the space of 30minutes, I did feel better. It wasn’t that I had taken any of the supplements yet but somehow buying things that would make my health better, instantly made me feel in control and like I was moving forward, the great thing is that once I get my insurance from The Hospital Plan Site, I’ll be able to take care of my health even more. I realised a scary thing though….. I have become supplement obsessed! I feel like if I am not taking something in my life, something that will aid my healing, that somehow I am not moving forward. Like somehow my diet is not enough and I need something else, something more. That inevitably means more and more supplements. I also feel like there are so many out there, that I haven’t tried yet and that they could offer me more healing power. Could this one be the most amazing supplement ever?

I can spend hours in health shops. When I lived in Tauranga, I went to the health shop that often, that everyone in the shop knew me by name! I find it fascinating to read about what a supplement can do and what ingredients they contain. I am always amazed at how much it inspires me to keep researching and learning about the body! Just when I think I understand everything, I read about some new herb or plant or supplement that combines with something else and transforms something in our bodies. It is really awesome to discover how it all works!

So, I did a really scary thing today. I actually counted how many supplements I have in my cupboard. I counted 28 supplements! I know it is scary! I had no idea I had so many, i thought about this and realized I only need certain supplements. The reality is, I don’t take all of them all of the time! Some are specific to an area I needed help in for a while – like digestion or urinary tract infections or are only relevant for specific times of the month.

Now I am lucky because ultimately I can blame it all on research for this blog πŸ™‚

The truth is, I think it is my way of feeling positive and more in control and to keep searching for ways for us to heal. The great benefit to you is that hopefully you don’t have to stock your cupboard with 28 supplements!

How many supplements do you have? Are you as obsessed with them as I am? Does my sharing what supplements to try help you or do you feel overwhelmed by the choices? Are you happy to try anything to help your body heal or do you research things further every time you come across something new?


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Glad I found someone as supplement crazy as me πŸ™‚ The smoothie thing is awesome. I had heaps to them cos that way I get a really wicket nutrient boost and can hide the taste! I also add bee pollen, protein powder, LSA, MSM, Brewer’s Yeast, Physillium Husk, Echinacea and anything else I feel like throwing in for good measure! Glad it is all working for you πŸ™‚

  2. Julie

    Hi Melissa,
    I currently taking 6 supplements. I take a multi-vitamin, fish oil, evening primrose oil, turmeric,slippery elm,and white willow bark. I also drink pure aloe juice on a daily basis. I am at the 6 month mark with all of these and definitely believe it has made a difference in my healing. I am more than willing to try anything to heal my body, but will do my research on it first before adding it to my healing regime.

    I love making a smoothie with Vega protein, almond milk, and fruit. It tastes wonderful and is such a healthy treat.

  3. Melissa

    That is a brilliant tip! I am totally guilty of this at times too – taking too much at once. I avoid anything that is hormonal though cos to me that is way to hard to determine on our own. I like Maca cos it is safe and makes me and James happy πŸ™‚ Glad the progesterone cream is still in the cupboard. Did you determine if you are Oestrogen Dominant before getting the Progesterone cream? Curious…..:)

  4. Uma

    I had taken all sorts of supplements before but now I am just using 3products all from synergy and their flagship product Pro Argi 9 Plus has really helped me feel so much better. I experience less pain on a daily basis and the detox I had on the first few days of the product has helped with my IBS. I still have to be careful of what I eat but it’s so much better. I don’t suffer from the fatigue so much these days just my own laziness. I think if u find the right one it will be helpful.

    I hope you have a good day n enjoy your supplements

  5. Melissa

    It is my pleasure Gabriella. You are totally right – as my mother always says: Where there is a will, there is a way! I hope you can find a calmer and happier place to live πŸ™‚

  6. Melissa

    Food is definitely a much better alternative to taking so many supplements. Sometimes I think I drink a litre of water in the mornings just take all the supplements with πŸ™‚
    I also drink whey protein – usually in a coconut and banana smoothy. I have also recently decided to add a whole bunch of the supplements in a powder form to the smoothy, instead of taking tablets!

  7. Gabriella Vieira Reyes

    Very inspiring story. Being an endometriosis victim myself for 15 yrs, the painful days ,the numerous visits to the gyno and the countless amounts of medication.Nothing has seemed to bring healing though i know much of what you are saying is true. I also have realized by relaxing and having less stressful days has reduced the amount and extent of the pain.I live in a very stressful atmosphere with people i don’t get along with and it has been a task to get out of the house for years as most or sometimes all of my finances has been contributed to my health care.Stress i believe is a serious killer if not the one thing that brings numerous types of illnesses.So ,i’m writing you Melissa to commend you on sharing the details of your pain and healing with endometriosis ,giving us all courage and hope that we too can contribute to our own healing.That is so true ,when we approach the worst situations with a positive mind ,we can achieve great things….Thank You Melissa.You have given me hope.

  8. Belinda

    I used to have a cupboard full of supplements, probably not as many as you though!

    My main supplements are Omega 3 and Folate. Absolutely essential. Then, finances allowing, a good quality women’s multivitamin. Anything else is a bonus! I love shopping at my local health food store πŸ˜€ they have a fantastic range of whole foods plus I buy stuff online like whey protein to add to fruit smoothies (it’s exactly the same unflavoured whey protein that body builders use but it’s not exclusively for bulking up, it helps with weight loss too!).

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