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Can This Supplement Cure or Heal My Endometriosis?

I have gone on a mad hunt to find more supplements out there to reduce  Endometriosis and the Endometriosis symptoms we all experience. It is exciting to find so many! The list is very long and I am adamant that I will research every supplement thoroughly before I take any of them or more importantly recommend anything to you.

When you first read any of the sites about Endometriosis and natural methods they recommend, they are often quite weak in their research and unfortunately will claim to solve Endometriosis with one supplement, one herb or an “easy solution.” The supplement is often lumped with a variety of herbs and a very basic explanation is given on how it would work for Endometriosis. They also sell them as a “woman’s solution” and that they help anything from ovarian cysts to fibroids. Sorry to be a complete sceptic but when a site lumps Endometriosis with every other woman’s condition, I straight away become doubtful about what they are recommending. Endometriosis is different. Our hormonal imbalances are not all the same. Hence my hesitancy in taking a supplement which focuses solely on hormones as a solution for Endometriosis.

As I read through and discover more and more about the body and how it all works, I have come to an interesting conclusion about our healing… ONE supplement is never going to solve Endometriosis. It would be wonderful if it did but unfortunately the body is just not as simple as that.

Here’s the thing…

The body is smart. It does the best that it can with what it is given. Its mission is to stay alive and to function as best it can. In some cases the body overcompensates and overreacts to situations to survive. This may be annoying but it is only doing what it thinks it needs to. We know this one well as it is an inflammatory response.

Anyway, so we read that we should take a supplement, perhaps Maca or DIM or Nattokinase to alleviate our symptoms with Endometriosis. We go natural as we really want our bodies to heal and not just hide behind symptoms. After several months of taking a supplement we wonder if it is doing anything at all. We take them religiously and watch our body’s reaction and really hope that things are going to get better. In some of us a supplement might work to some degree and in some of us it might do nothing at all. Why is that? What can we do?

The biggest thing I learnt a long time ago about supplements is exactly that… they are there to “supplement” what you are already doing. They help the body heal. HELP! They cannot cure or heal us all on their own. 

I guess it is hard initially to accept a different approach to healing holistically. I know when I first started with natural healing methods, I also believed that ONE supplement would give me all the answers. When they didn’t work, I would dismiss them and move onto the next one. This is very similar to the typical medical methods of healing. Take ONE drug, one tablet and if that doesn’t work, try something else. Hey, many of us went through one or other drug, contraceptive pill or hormonal treatment to try and solve our symptoms with Endometriosis, so it is natural to follow this way of thinking through to natural healing. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work that way. We are aiming for something much bigger than just solving SYMPTOMS! We are aiming for complete natural healing.

Supplements play a vital role in our healing. Their purpose is simple enough: they will help the body heal itself naturally. If the body is lacking in a certain area, we give it the necessary tools to finish the job, like helping an old lady cross the road. We give her a hand, stop the traffic, calm her down so she takes steady steps and give her a firm guide on which direction she should take. The same applies to our approach to healing. We provide the tools the body needs to find its path to healing. This includes supplements, nutrition, mental health, lifestyle changes and emotional health. Holistic healing, in a nutshell.

We all need different supplements to help our individual bodies heal. For some of us we need more hormonal help, for some of us we need more digestive help, toxin release, emotional healing etc. Thing is, we are all different and our bodies are all different in what they need.

Study, research and delve into all aspects of your body and what areas it needs help with. Learn to listen to it and give it what it needs. If you suffer from a symptom, acknowledge it and heal that one symptom. A simple example is heartburn. Work out when you have heartburn, study it and recognize when it happens. Then listen and learn from what you did to get it. I notice I get heartburn if I have too much sugar. If you follow this through to all aspects of your body, focusing on one symptom at time, eventually you can cross most of them off the list.

The body is one big puzzle. We give it supplements to help it heal all its various organs and functions, and eventually we find a perfectly balanced and happy, healed body! 

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Kat

    Mel, I understand that of course you’re entitled to your opinion – and maybe I am reading too much into your phrasing – but I do find saying that IVF is “not natural” a bit problematic…

    One could argue, what is strictly natural anyway? People do a lot more than just eat organic food trying to increase their fertility. Should we stop eating supplements that increase uterine lining (which forces the body to accept the embryo), since supplements are not naturally part of our diet? Should we stop ingesting extra folic acid to aid the unborn baby? Ok, I’m exaggerating now, but why not use IVF since we otherwise have accepted that we do intervene with traditional or modern medical procedures in many cases – e.g. we can try to prevent heart problems, but if we see someone having a heart attack, we don’t just give them vegetables.

    Endometriosis does not automatically equate infertility, and lifestyle changes can often help with conceiving. But for some couples it is just impossible to conceive “naturally”. For those men and women willing but unable to conceive it is already troubling not to be able to choose whether to conceive or not, and any added stigma for trying a “not natural” procedure just adds to the burden.

    Sorry for my rant, but I just had to put my thoughts down, as this is a sensitive topic for me. My tubes are blocked due to endo, and my ovarian reserve is very low for my age – most probably due to endo too. No diet will cure those, so IVF is our only option if we want to have children. And I don’t want to try to “heal my body” for a year or two more, and then realize that it’s too late to even try any medical procedures. If I won’t have children even with the aid of IVF, then I’ll deal with it. But the thing is, I don’t want to regret not even trying when there still was a chance.

  2. Melissa

    Hi Joley and welcome to my blog. There is always hope sweetheart 🙂
    I would look into detoxing your body properly before going down the track of trying to conceive a child. Your body needs to be ready to carry a child and unfortunately being over 40 does make it a little bit more challenging. – it has been done though 🙂
    Maybe explore doing 3 colonics or a liver flush to really detox your body properly. Then go and explore some Traditional Chinese Medicine. This will allow the body to absorb the herbs quickly and effectively. I am not a fan of IVF because to me, it is simply not natural and in a way, it is “forcing” the body to carry a child. You can heal the body yourself. Just keep searching and you will find amazing answers.

  3. Joley

    I just had a laparoscopy today to confirm my endometriosis diagnosis. It turns out that it is on the outside of my uterus and scar tissue bands have developed.. Also, one of my Fallopian tubes is blocked! All of this is very distressing to me, who at 41, am trying to get pregnant (for the first time). My doctor is going to call me tomorrow to fully explain, but my husband said when she spoke to him that she mentioned three treatments. These include hormone therapy that will put me in early menopause (NO!!!), hysterectomy (NO!!!!), or pregnancy (HELLO!!!!) via invitro fertilization (Yikes! How much does that cost?) I am just so distraught right now. My period is due soon and every month the pain is worse and started when I went off of the pill in January 2011 to start trying to get pregnant. My clock is ticking and I feel hopeless. Is it just not meant to be? The pain is not bad during my menstrual flow, but rather lasts for about five days after the flow has stopped and is mostly in my lower back, rectum and vagina with slight abdominal cramping. Is there any hope for me?

  4. Melissa

    Hi Jade,
    Sorry for the delay in responding. Couldn’t remember who I ordered mine through. Here you go 🙂
    It does come from the states.

  5. JADE

    Thanks Melissa.

    Its the Exclyzyme that I was looking for. I am in the UK and cannot seem to find it here. Do you pheraps know where I could find it?


  6. JADE

    Hi Melissa.

    You mentioned 2 diff tablets which are really good to take to help cure endo. I am trying to locate them but cant seem to find it on here. Which 2 did you mention and which would you suggest is the best to use?


  7. desiree

    this article shows how important diet is to a person with endometriosis. i found that sugar increases my pain so i sometimes drank straight water no soda or juices and reduce the sweets and carbohydrates in my diet and notice a major difference in how i feel. although when i stray like today (had three chocolate bars and a ginger cake) pain comes back.

  8. Melissa

    Totally! It is great when we can work out what is wrong on our own cos it gives us so much more power and control of our healing 🙂

  9. Melissa

    Totally agree with that one! What did you do specifically for your liver?

  10. Kimberley

    I believe cleansing our liver is the key. I tried to get pregnant for almost a year. Cleansed my liver for 2 months, my periods became normal and I fell pregnant.

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