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Are You Suffering with Hormone Imbalances? 7 Easy Indicators Revealed…

When our hormones are out of balance, it will make our Endometriosis worse as excess estrogen will stimulate more cysts and adhesions. The trouble is that our hormones go through ebbs and flows and things change over time. Here are 7 indicators that can reveal if you are having an “off” month and some basic pointers on how to fix them.

1. You feel emotional days before your period.

Extreme emotions is completely triggered by hormone imbalances. I always know when I feel really teary-eyed and vulnerable a few days before my period is due. You may have feelings of being overwhelmed, anxiety or just needing more love for those days. This is totally triggered by hormones. The good news is that now you can relate it back to hormones and make steps to get them back on track. No more yelling at your husband!

2. You get strange bowel habits a day before or just before your period ends.

I never made the connection until recently that our hormones can actually influence our digestive system. I used to get complete changes in my bowel habits just before my period and the last few days of it too. This could be a change into more loose stools or constipation just before or after your period. Your hormones will have a sudden drop on the day of your period and when you are about to finish your period and this will influence the bowels.

3. You get water retention.

You can tell the difference between just standard bloating and water retention by how you feel. If you feel like you are “just full of water” but still feel thirsty, then it is more likely to be water retention. My latest tea creation can really help with water retention. Water retention also feels different in that you frequently need to go pee but when you go, there is not much there. You might also get swollen limbs or ankles, then you will be in need of an ankle brace amazon. Swollen and sore breasts are a clear indicator of water retention.

4. Your skin breaks out.

Sudden changes in your skin just before your period or around your period can also be an indication of hormonal triggers. The break-outs are also slightly different to the normal break-outs. Sorry for the graphic but they tend to be harder and swollen. They frequently also tend to break out around the chin area, when they are hormone related.

5. You get headaches and migraines.

Migraines are directly related to excess estrogens. If you notice a trend with your headaches occurring around your monthly, you know they are hormone-related. Maca root powder has really helped me with alleviating this symptom.

6. You have no sex drive.

Our sex drive is totally hormone-related and if you have been on the pill for an extended period of time, you will know what I mean by struggling to have one! You can aid your sex drive with a wonderful tea called damiana tea. When you drink it a few hours before, it instantly invigorates things down there.

7. You have trouble sleeping.

An inability to fall asleep or stay asleep are clear indicators that your hormones are out of balance.


If you suffer with more than 4 of these, I would perhaps get your hormones tested and also implement some of the suggestions you found within the article. There are many different ways of regulating our hormones. Our diet and what we eat plays a big part of the equation but how we think and how we move are really important too. Recognizing these indicators will help you really notice how many improvements you are making. I like to keep a symptom diary to measure what is going on and it also allows me to see just how far I have come.


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Kalemera Uriah

    my niece has symptoms of hormone imbalance and also those of endometriosis. As a result she has failed to conceive? Explain and give a way forward

  2. Melissa

    I would look at your liver some more – it might also take a little while for all the toxins to get out. The gut is often a big one too.
    Also, look at what you are using and incorporate anti-bacterial stuff onto your skin.

  3. Rachael

    Hi Mel

    I’m coming back to this post a couple of months in with my tail between my legs. I am still eating healthy, single ingredient food as much as possible, I’ve eaten a little less organic grown but opted for British / local grown produce from the farmer or green grocer and I’m taking a good array of supplements to help me get through the transition of coming off the pill.

    I am using the calcium d glucarate and Scizandra berries you suggested, I also take sea kelp, vitamin d3, vitamin b complex, zinc and a good fish oil every day.

    I take a collagen formula which has the MSM etc.. and CoQ10 in it, as well as an alkalising salt first thing. (I must rattle lol)

    I still use superfoods like maca / raw cacao when I crave it as well but do I know I need to work on my sleep as I dont quite get enough.

    Trouble is, my skin is going mental! I am getting those horrible spots on my neck and around the chin / top lip – I feel hideous! They atart around ovulation time and get better after my period, although the initial rollercoster of hormones seems to have settled a lot and I dont feel as bipolar and murderous anymore! 🙂

    How long does this last?? I am so happy I am not doubled over in agony anymore, but I am gutted my skin is no longer reflecting the diet and lifestyle I try to keep… do you have any of your wonderful wisdom for how to help keep these pesky spots under control?

    Sincerely pizza faced
    Rachael xx

  4. Melissa

    Hi Lauralynn,
    I wouldn’t recommend it. They seem to interfere with each other 🙂

  5. Lauralynn

    Hello, You’ve probably answered this before somewhere, sorry if you have. Is it alright to take DIM and Maca together or will the DIM get rid of the estrogen produced by the Maca-thus defeating it’s purpose? Thank you very much.

  6. Melissa

    There are women that have had great results on the Paleo diet. Just make sure your percentage of meat is still in the lower percentile, as some website boast that you can eat largely meat on a Paleo diet. I certainly can see the benefits if it is done right 🙂

  7. Sussie

    Hi Melissa! You said that diet plays a big part of the equation and I’ve hearing about Paleo lifestyle. What do you know about it and would you recommend it? Thanks in advance.

  8. Hormone

    Hormones really make us ladies go crazy! My boyfriend even said that I was just acting up and making my period as an excuse. I’ll let him read about hormonal imbalance.

  9. Melissa

    You are doing so well sweets! Just trust in your bodies ability to heal 🙂

  10. rachael

    You might be right there. I eat high protein high fat but I think might be eating a little too much raw honey / bananas and fruit… i put them in maca smoothies with raw cacao… its heavenly but I think I might try cutting back a little on the natural sugar and see how I get on. Thanks! I must admit I’m nervous about pain levels but I do feel better already in myself despite the temporary bi polar! 🙂 X

  11. Melissa

    For sure Rachael. Schizandra is still my favourite all round healer for the liver 🙂 It does all take some time. I would also look at your diet though cos sugar has a nasty habit of throwing out hormone balance too.
    You will get there sweets. Well done on coming off the pill. It is an incredibly powerful move 🙂

  12. rachael

    Hmm… Please ignore the typos, my phone clearly doesn’t like me! 🙂

  13. rachael

    Hi Melissa

    you replied to my post a while back when i told you my story of endo and suggested i try schizandra berries over milk thistle when coming off the pill.

    well I’m a month in and had my first “real” period in years and I have to say, the endo pain wasn’t so bad but it’s still there. Anyway despite taking maca, schizandra berries, calcium do glucorate and b complex, I’m feeling a few of these symptoms!

    My body must be so out of whack! I’ve had a bit of a break out, I got my see drive back around ovulation (I was impressed it happened so soon after stipping) I got really depressed and restless for a few days before my period came but overall i feel so much better knowing that horrible stuff is out of my system.

    is it normal for this rollercoaster to happen?

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