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Do you Suffer from Sudden Leakage? Incontinence?

This is so embarrassing and I know I hated it when this happened almost daily for a while! You have a good laugh or cough and suddenly a little bit just kinda comes out the bottom. I am talking about wee. Yes, if you have this issue, you would know all about what I mean. It is kinda annoying and it seems that women with Endometriosis seem to get what they call incontinence quite often. I think it has something to do with all that extra pressure down there and all the other wonderful symptoms we have.

There are certain things that will make it worse though, like holding on when you need to go, constipation, persistent heavy lifting and of course the obvious stuff like childbirth, operations and pregnancy! I have found these really cool exercises that you can do, ANYWHERE and they really help to alleviate the constant problem – plus who wants to worry every time they have a good laugh whether something unexpected is going to leak out?

So, the hardest thing about doing these exercises is actually being able to locate the muscles inside of yourself! Once you find them, it is real easy!

Okay, so let us find those bladder clenching muscles….

The easiest way to figure which ones they are is by actually going for a wee and then holding your wee. This is them! Now, don’t go holding your wee just for fun cos this isn’t really good for you. But, it will help you figure which muscles they are.

Basically you need to lift and squeeze on the inside. If you can feel something moving up a little then you have found them!

The best thing about finding these muscles is, that you can use them during sex! Well, they create a great sensation for your partner…… know which ones they are now?

Okay, now that we have found them…..ha ha

Squeeze and tighten for a hold of 1-10seconds. Breathe out and relax. Rest for 20seconds and repeat. Do about 12 repetitions all up and you will be super strong in there! You can also change the tact and do 10 really short ones.

The trick is to do these daily for about 10minutes. The good thing is, you can do them anywhere – even at work which is kinda fun – especially when you are thinking about what else you might be needing them for!

Now, if you can control it before it happens, tighten this very muscle before you cough, sneeze or have a good laugh!

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Just get those muscles working and you will be fine. Better for your sex life, labour and of course incontinence 🙂

  2. cara

    this is so true, tried and tested after each surgery i have had (4 upto now) and am not looking forward to when i do have kids lol =D

  3. Kristen

    More information on incontinence, symptoms, therapies and treatments can be found at http://www.nafc.org. The National Association for Continence is the world’s largest and most prolific consumer advocacy organization dedicated to public education and awareness about bladder and bowel control problems, voiding dysfunction including retention, nocturia and bedwetting, and pelvic floor disorders such as prolapse.

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