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Do You Suffer from Constipation with Endometriosis? Some Simple Tips to Get Things Moving Again!

Sleep and endometriosis

Constipation is horrible! It is even worse when you have constipation with Endometriosis as it creates additional pressure in the abdominal area, which pushes on all the Endometriosis cysts and adhesions, causing extra pain. I always feel so much better once everything has moved “out” as it should!

What is interesting is that the bowel can be a great source of immune supporting power but also a great place for toxic build up in the body. The bowels hold within them many different types of bacteria. There are good bacteria and bad bacteria and like with everything in our bodies, there needs to be a good balance within those. When we have too many bad bacteria, which fester in our bowels, we are going to have problems. This creates an additional form of toxic build up for our poor livers to have to break down. We are growing toxins in there!

Good bacteria in the bowels will eat away at the toxins in our system, which is why they are closely related to our immune system and supporting it. With Endometriosis, we know that our immune system is crucial and supporting it is one of the main ways to overcome it.

When we have constipation, we are holding onto toxic waste in our bodies. This toxic waste is designed to come out, at least once but ideally twice or three times a day. When this doesn’t happen, the toxins actually make their way back into the blood stream. It is likely that you will have skin break-outs with constant bates of constipation for this reason. The toxins are trying to escape and unfortunately, they choose your face to do it through!

One of the major reasons many of us suffer from constipation on an ongoing basis is not enough water, lubrication and fiber in our diet. Aim to drink pure spring water and you will be amazed at how much better your system works. Miss out on water for a day and it is likely to come back again!

The bowels do work closely with the liver in breaking down toxins in the bowels too, so boosting your liver and bowels with supplements and foods that focus on both will help your bowels automatically.

Here are a few tips to help with constipation—you can pick one of these or try them out to see which one works best for you:

  • Aloe vera juice. Aloe vera has an amazing ability to create a mucous type lining in all the areas within our bodies, including the bowels. It will aid the bowel movements and provide amazing healing properties too.
  • Slippery elm powder. You use slippery elm as a drink before meals and it soothes your bowels and will also heal leaky gut syndrome. It tastes a little like nut powder, so just mix with honey and drink before it solidifies.
  • Psyllium husks. Similar to slippery elm but will swell up hugely in the bowels and acts as a good “scrubbing brush” to get all impurities out.
  • Nettle tea. This helps with detoxification and aids the liver. Drink it every morning and you will really notice the difference.
  • Wild blue green algae or Spirulina. These are seaweed products, which will boost your alkalinity in your body. They work beautifully for constipation and other ailments, especially when combined with fresh juices and spring water.
  • Fermented foods. These are my favorite in supporting our immune system, our bowels and our overall health. They supply the body with massive amounts of good bacteria and break down old toxins for us! My top recommendation!


Things that will “clog you up” are things that have little roughage and your body will find hard to digest. Avoid grains (particularly gluten) and rich starchy foods like potatoes. Think lumpy, think constipation! Alcohol is also a sure way to get constipation as it dries out your whole body. It will dehydrate you and this will indirectly cause constipation.

If you are totally stuck at what to do for a bad bout of constipation, get yourself some magnesium citrate. It will get things moving fairy easily.


Here is a really funny video about poo!

What is your experience with constipation? Do you suffer from it badly? What have you found that alleviates it?

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 11 Comments

  1. Melissa

    Hi Joy,

    If you are scared to take it, then it is probably not the best thing for you. It also depends on what sort of symptoms you are experiencing. It might be something else is going on. I would typically recommend it on an empty stomach, in the morning with plenty of water and wait at least 1 hour before eating.

  2. Joy

    I’m nervous about taking psyllium husks. I’m scared about not drinking enough water and what could happen. I don’t need more digestion problems! What’s the best way to take it? With food? In the morning? Thanks!!

  3. Yogita Joshi

    I had endometriosis and underwent laproscopic surgery 2 years back as mine was quite severe with lot of scar tissues and adhesions. I’m back with the same problem again. This time, my bowel irregularities are troubling me a lot. I suffer from either constipation or diarrhoea. It’s never normal. I drink plenty of water but it doesn’t help. If I take laxatives, I suffer from diarrhoea and if I don’t, then constipation. I feel like I’m stuck. 2 weeks back I started taking tamarind juice before going to bed. It helps to an extent but not completely. Your suggestions are most welcome. TIA!

  4. sara

    Constipation is the result of low progestetone. Vit C raises it. I use l-glutamine or magnesium citrate when I forget to drink 2 large glasses of water first thing in the morning.

  5. Jo Gomes

    Another Fantastic Melissa!!!
    What a Great video!!!LOL

    Thank you for sharing it with us Melissa!

  6. Melissa

    Sounds great! Would love to see the full list 🙂

  7. Jane

    I just suffered a bout after my last period. It goes from diarhea during to constipated after that usually gives me upset stomach and nausea. This time around I used a herbal tea given to me by my hearbalist. It has slippery elm, Psyllium husks, ginger powder and alot of other things says will help heal my bowel and get them moving better. If anyone is interested I can put a full list. She told me to take it 1 to 3 times a day, in boiling water of course. And just after taking one cup the other day seemed to have set me right.

  8. Louise Stanley

    aloe Vera juice works great for me, definitely seen a big improvement since I’ve been having it. I add a ‘shot’ to my juice in the morning- closest i get to a shot these days!

  9. M_Vanderbilt

    I used to rely on Smooth Move (Traditional Medicinals) or Get Regular (Yogi) teas. You do have to be careful about how long you seep the tea and how many days you take it. Now I love Magnesium Calm by Natural Vitality! It really helps with moods also.

  10. Melissa

    Hi Endo Warrior,
    I would recommend Coconut Kefir (just search for it on my site :)) and Sauerkraut. Fabulous 🙂

  11. Endo_Warrior

    I have Stage IV Endometriosis and IBS. What do you recommend for constipation and loose bowels. It’s either constipation with me or loose stools…..there’s no in between or regular bowel movements and I’m starting to feel like I can’t win. I drink plenty of water. What examples of fermented foods do you suggest?

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