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Women from over 23 different countries share their experiences.
You are not alone anymore sweetheart. We are here to help and support you. Please know that you don’t have to suffer or struggle and that you can fulfill all your dreams.

“I only experience 1 day of pain a month now!”

When I first found Endo Empowered, I couldn’t fathom that Melissa claimed she only had 1 day of pain. I was like the rest of you, buckled over in agonising pain for weeks at a time and my prescription pain meds couldn’t touch it! Well, as I’ve followed her advice, I have watched my pain diminish over the year. I just had my very first “ONLY 1 DAY OF PAIN!” cycle and the pain was so minimal I didn’t do anything for it. 


“Baby Girl after 4 attempts!”

In October 2010, to our disbelief, we found out we were pregnant for a fourth time. I fought my entire pregnancy against gestational diabetes and eventually beat it, so I could deliver via waterbirth using hypnobirthing methods (which is also a good method for managing endometriosis pain) for a pain-free delivery! On July 19th, 2011 our daughter was born. Beautiful and healthy.


“My body feels normal again! Less pain, better sleep, more energy…”

I feel as if I have invested time and energy into my body and it has paid me back with amazing dividends! I have only 1-2 days of pain a month now. I have more energy, feel less brain fogginess and can sleep so much better.
My body feels toned and is more healthy shape plus my skin and hair look and feel so much better.
I finally feel in control of myself and in charge of how I feel! Truly feel empowered!

“I got over pain, depression and low energy!”

I struggled with daily pain and unbelievably low energy and mood. Once I overcame my low energy, my mood instantly lifted and I also found that suddenly my endometriosis and pain levels became more manageable. I used to experience daily pain and now I experience none! I finally have control over my body!


“Specialist surgery didn’t help but Mel’s program did!”

I experienced terrible pain, huge anxiety, pelvic floor dysfunction, heart palpitations and strange bleeding patterns. I was truly freaking out!
I went to see a specialist surgeon but the pain returned within a year. 

I was lucky enough to join Melissa’s Endo Wellness Technique and it has changed my life. I have reduced my pain, my anxiety is gone and I finally feel in control and truly empowered over endometriosis.


“I shrunk my endometrioma’s”

They tried everything to shrink it – Lupron, 3 surgeries, Zoladex (GnRH agonists) but nothing worked!

Finally, I connected with Melissa and she shared her insights on how to get rid of the endometrioma and it worked! There could be a lot of information on nutrition and supplements for endometriosis on the internet, but consulting with Melissa gave me a ray of hope to believe firstly in my ability to heal and that joyful optimism towards the goal.


“My body needed the REACH© Technique”

I spent many years trying to heal through emotional, spiritual and energetic approaches. Unfortunately, it didn’t support my body enough and drove the disease deeper.

Finally I realized I had to approach this from all levels and I am grateful for Melissa’s work, that covers nutrition extensively,  but also covers health from all angels. I have found my feminine healing to be richer than I ever realised it could be and am finally excited about the steps ahead.


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