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The 3 Key Reasons Why You Are Still Struggling with Endometriosis. Let Me Help…

I am really enjoying working full-time on supporting women with Endometriosis as I can fully devote all my time and energy into finding solutions for you. Through reaching out more and sharing my knowledge within support groups, emails and local communities, there are some dominant concerns which I feel I am sharing more frequently than others. So, I thought I would share them here with you… to make it much easier for you to start getting traction within your own Endometriosis healing journey!

There are essentially 3 key reasons why you may be struggling to get better at managing your Endometriosis.


Believing that a supplement or set of herbs are going to resolve your issues with Endometriosis or pain

I wish I could tell you to go out and buy a bunch of supplements or herbs and that they would ultimately provide everything your body needs and you would feel well again. This is just not the way the holistic approach to healing works. We aim to get to the root cause of the problem and not the superficial layer of it. See, you don’t approach the body the same way as you would if you were using conventional approaches. It is not about going, “Right, here is the problem or source of pain… what can we take to alleviate it?” No… we need to look at the whole body and what has caused the reason for it displaying the pain. Why is it sending you that pain message? What is wrong? What can we do to provide an environment where it no longer feels threatened or unbalanced? What can we provide for our bodies to support it?

The body does the work. We provide the perfect environment for it to flourish. Much like a plant living in good soil with fresh water and sunshine will flourish.

This is why I share from a place of providing for the body using my REACH Technique©. Everything the body needs to heal and feel better is found within it, because we provide it with what it needs.

Of course there are supplements and herbs that can certainly alleviate pain, reduce adhesion formation and all sorts of other wonderful benefits but ultimately we need to figure out what is going on beneath the surface to really heal and feel well. The cool thing is, when we do this…. we feel well ALL OVER and are not just dealing with one symptom.


Disconnecting with your body and what it needs from you

I get it. I have been there. You don’t want to know what is going on with your body. You want to disown it and get a new one! You feel largely disappointed by it and can’t figure out why it has so many things wrong with it. I have felt those things too…

Unfortunately, it just drove my desire to be well further and further away. See, I would suppress my body’s wishes. I would neglect it, treat it badly and certainly not listen to it and what it really wanted, whether that was stuffing myself with chocolate out of rebellion because I just wanted to be “normal” and not have to eat a “special diet”, whether it was drinking several glasses of too much Frangelico liquor because I just didn’t want to deal with another day of pain for a minute longer or whether it was simply not paying attention to my body’s determined desire to simply sleep, even if the clock said it was only 8pm at night.

I didn’t pay attention because I didn’t want to accept that my body needed better care and attention.

Nowadays, I look at my body differently and I treat it differently. I care for it as if it was a small child. I listen to it and nurture it. I spoil it with special treats like green juice and massages. I treasure its ability to function and do things for me and reward it for getting stronger and healthier each and every day. I feel connected with myself and my body in a way that I never had before.

I believe we can only truly transform our health when we begin to listen to our bodies and really provide them with what they need, when we take a step back and nurture this amazing vessel that provides us with life, energy and the ability to do whatever we want with our lives.

Isn’t it time you respected and cared for your body in this way? How can you give your body what it needs today?


Not taking full responsibility, living in the past and not seeing a way forward

I stayed stuck in a place with my Endometriosis for a while. It was a place where I didn’t move forward and got into a repetitive space of self-loathing and pity. Endometriosis had kinda given me an excuse to be there. I could feel sorry for myself because I had Endometriosis. I was allowed to cry for days on end because I had Endometriosis. The sad thing is… I actually kinda liked this space for a little while. It was what I knew and it didn’t make me responsible for myself or my Endometriosis. I could blame genetics or the environment or whatever else I wanted for having it and then I could just be there… hang out in that mucky, icky self-loathing space for a while.

Having had seven operations and sharing that with others almost seemed to give me extra sympathy and a certain right to remain stuck in that place. Everyone felt sorry for me and what I had been through, so it was only right that I should feel sorry for myself too.

Over many years this developed into almost a trump card. Like I had an award to share with the world: “Look what I have been through! I have had seven operations because of this condition! See! I have a right to be depressed and feel sorry for myself and not achieve anything with my life!”


It took me a number of years to come out of that place and recognize that I was creating my own reality.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Whatever we think, will be so, so think good things! – Melissa Turner” quote=”Whatever we think, will be so, so think good things! – Melissa Turner” theme=”style2″]

At some point, we have to take full responsibility for what we do for our health. It goes beyond what we physically do. It goes beyond simply eating well and exercising. It goes right into shifting our own thoughts and mindset to honestly believing that we can get better and that we will find a way to do that. Not giving up but moving forward.

No matter what…

See, we can blame anything we want but ultimately we have to live in this body and accept what we have been given and work with whatever we have access to. That is our choice and within our power.

We always have a choice… stay stuck and disempowered about what can be done or lift up, breathe deeply and search for truly empowering ourselves towards real health. 

Luckily, you have found me, this website and the methods I share, which will provide you with the tools to get truly empowered.

Did you feel stuck in that mucky place for a while? What is your story? What aspects of your journey do you feel could help someone else out there to cope with Endometriosis better?

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Melissa

    Thank you Rebecca and thank you for sharing your thoughts. Biggest hugs,

  2. Rebecca

    Hi, I’ve just had my second operation for endometriosis and I’m so glad I found your site. I was down about it all as I’d been practising lots of self care and was worried it’s not enough. I’ve realised what was missing and have added it in and now I feel positive and hopeful again that I can live a normal life.
    Thank you for the great blogs to remind us that self care is needed so rise to the challenge. It’s worth it.

  3. Heather Crabill

    My journey began with intense, chronic pain, laparotomy, endometriosis diagnosis, more intense, chronic pain, interstitial cystitis, and so it goes…

    I began a journey of healing when I decided one morning that I had to learn to live with my pain and my fear. I googled overcoming interstitial cystitis and it changed my life forever. Three words changed the entire course my life journey would take. I began to read stories of healing and I became inspired.

    I now eat a very healthy plant based diet, take helpful supplements and exercise regularly. The biggest factor in my healing from endometriosis has been self love and letting go of the past. I am still on this journey and I still struggle emotionally and physically but I believe in healing. I believe in the power of our thoughts and intentions to create whatever we want in our lives. I created endometriosis because I wasn’t loving myself and I was not living up to my highest truth. Self love holds the key! I also read everything about healing that I feel drawn too. I just finished a book about releasing blocked emotions and I’m working on that right now. Aromatherapy has also just entered my life. You can just buy oils you’re drawn to and mix them with Epson salt for detox baths. I use grapefruit oil and coconut oil directly on my skin to massage my pelvis. Anything soothing and relaxing is healing!!

    Deep breaths, meditation, visualization (imagine yourself healed!), affirmations, prayer. All of these things are helping me along my healing path.

    If you can imagine it, you can create it❤

  4. Jackie

    Thanks for writing this piece! I can definitely relate to these concerns and it took me back to the years that I deeply struggled physically and emotionally. I went through endo for about 4 years and read just about everything online, trying to find a cure…but it wasn’t until I embraced self-love and let go of my “crutches” that I actually saw a change. I also went gluten free and lost about 30 pounds, and to be honest, I’m still amazed that the pain isn’t there anymore. Free from endo about 2 years and counting:) thanks so much for your support – it helped me believe I could do it too!!

  5. Laura

    I battled with endometriosis for 3years. I found your advice invaluable and it helped my symptoms but I was unable to get pregnant. I therefore made the big decision to have total peritoneal excision. The surgery took 5 hours and was so invasive. The 3 months to recover was horrendous and I worried I had made a mistake. Within 5 months of the op though I felt like a new woman and became pregnant the second month of trying. I’m currently breastfeeding my 3 month year old daughter and enjoying the rest from my periods. I look forward to continuing the clean lifestyle you recommend and hope my endo never returns as being pain free has reminded me of how I used to feel when I was healthy. It really has given me perspective on just how much pain I was in!

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