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How to Help Those around You Without Sounding Like a “Preacher of Natural Health”

I know when I was growing up my mom used to often try natural approaches to healing. She would find all sorts of weird and wonderful concoctions to try and inevitably they tasted horrible. I remember her having one particular product called Molkosan (you may know it!) which she used to heal an inflamed throat or if we had a cold. It honestly tasted so bad that I think I somehow mentally blocked ever having sore throats in my life—as I have never had one since.

The thing is that she used to be quite forceful in her approach to helping others with their health, using natural methods. It often failed. Most people simply put it down to an add-on or something that might help with a sore throat or little ailments. Even I dismissed many of the lessons she was trying to teach me as somehow it all just seemed silly and unrealistic. How could a simple tea really make that much of a difference? Or aromatherapy oils?  Little did I know that all those lessons actually offered heaps of healing power for our bodies!

When I first started my blog, I was literally exploding with knowledge and excitement about discovering the real “secrets” to natural healing. I couldn’t believe no one knew about it and wanted to tell everyone! I literally talked to complete strangers to get the message out! I went onto forums, Facebook networks and all sorts of places online and in shops, believing that I could change the world! Well, did I change the world? Well… no! Very few people wanted to hear about my amazing discoveries of healing through natural methods! I got locked out of a number of Facebook groups and told that I should not give people false hope! It was a very frustrating time for me.

When it came to the people in my life and those that I came in contact with, I also learnt the hard way. People struggle to hear that eating a diet of bread, cheese and meat is not going to help them feel any better. No one wants to be told these things—even from someone in their own family… the same way I didn’t want to hear it from my own mom!

It is very hard for me sometimes! All I want to do is help those around me and yet, I have to hold back all the knowledge I have gained over the last two years and just accept that I can’t help those that don’t want to be helped.  And so I have learnt a few valuable lessons through all of this:


1. Lead by example

One of the first comments my family has made since being in Germany is that I have lost weight and how good I look. They inevitably ask me how I have done it! I always put it down to cutting out bread and explain to them that in doing that, I am eating heaps more fruits and vegetables in the process.


2. Respecting where someone is at

Most people are used to scenarios where they have an ill or feel unwell and they go to the doctor and get a pill. It is just the way most of us are brought up. For little things, we might try natural methods but for anything serious, we are told that doctors know best and we should approach our disease seriously or it will get worse! It is hard to explain to someone that toxins cause disease or that we can heal the body by supplying it with what it needs through natural methods, when they simply don’t have this point of reference.  It is a completely different mindset and one that is incredibly hard to convey. I can vouch for that one!

So, recognize where the person is at with their body and their mindset and respect it. Don’t try and explain how the body heals holistically or why taking drugs won’t ever really heal their body. Share what they can do and what they are doing right for their body and only if they really want to hear more, share more.


3. Leave the door open

Most people are keen to try the natural methods as it simply makes sense—it is not harming the body with little to no side effects. The extent to which we take these methods is really to the extent that they will give us healing benefits. By leaving the door open and allowing those that wish to learn, we can help those that are ready to learn and try. I have done this with a number of forums online. I have simply left a link to my blog and a short description of what it is about. I hope that when someone is desperate and they have tried everything else that the little link leads them to my blog and the potential to discover more about natural healing, like they never thought possible!


4. Suggest a simple all rounder

I personally don’t really like giving specific advice about what supplements to take for specific things—it is not really holistically minded.

However, I often recommend maca root powder, bee pollen or moringa to people as I know these are all round healers. They have heaps of minerals and vitamins which help the body and can have an amazing effect on people.  It will always help someone feel better and it might open up more ideas of natural products they might try!



I know it can be hard sometimes in the world of natural healing. It can be quite isolating in certain circles! Thing is, we are all little health advocates, doing our little part in spreading the word about what works, just by having the healing benefits work in us!

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. Inna

    Thank you, Melissa!
    This article is very inspiring 🙂

    A big hug!

  2. Melissa

    Thanks Alyssa,
    Well I almost became and Australian Citizen! Bugger! 🙂

  3. Alyssa


    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    You are a true inspiration for all us endo sufferers.
    I don’t think you will ever truly understand the positive impact you made to many of us endo girls.
    If you were an Australian citizen i would nominate you for Australian Hero of the Year award.
    Your dedication is so powerful.

    thanks again

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