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Our body has a natural way of telling us when it isn’t really happy. Most of us simply don’t know the signs or perhaps we just ignore them. We think that we can “buck” against the system, possibly push our body into doing more and then the signs just get louder and louder. I thought I would point out some of those signs, so hopefully, you can become more aware of your body’s natural form of communication 🙂

1.Skin break-outs

One of the ways your body will get rid of unwanted toxins from the body is through the skin. It is also one of the easiest ways to tell if someone is healthy or not. Skin break-outs are a little warning sign that either you are taking in things your body doesn’t want and it displays it on your face – fabulous! … or your body simply not able to cleanse things out as effectively.
Solution: Avoid the consumption of dairy and sugars. I know for me, I always get break-outs around easter… because I land up eating too much chocolate! It is also key to drink plenty of water with lemon in it – which will help your body flush out unwanted toxins easier.

2.The lumpy & dark period

Your vagina is yet another way your body can flush out unwanted toxins and waste – think about … it’s an exit point from the body! When things are dark and lumpy, it’s a clear sign that your body is still trying to flush out toxins. Dark blood indicates levels of stagnation within the abdomen. Lumpy periods indicate poor blood flow and potentially high estrogen.


A long time ago, I used to get headaches on a weekly basis. I didn’t really understand what was going on and tried all sorts of remedies, like drinking more water, taking magnesium and taking anti-inflammatory herbs. What I didn’t really know was that headaches are a very clear way of our body telling us it is not happy. Specific nerves in the brain get restricted when the body is under some kind of stress. This “body stress” is different from what we personally might know as being stressed. It is more about the body needing something and essentially not getting it or not being able to fix it. It sends out this clear and obvious sign that it needs help!

Some common reasons you may get headaches include a shift in your hormones (particularly around your period), muscle tightness in the shoulders which filters to the muscles of the neck and yes, of course, stress. Coffee is also an interesting contributor here. Coffee literally changes the blood flow to the brain and will constrict and dilate the arteries to the brain. It also elevates estrogen, which contributes to frequent headaches.

Solution: Reduce the “body stress”. That means, ensuring your body has everything it needs to function well: a nourishing diet, plenty of sleep and plenty of water. We often forget the basics!

4.Mouth ulcers and sores on your tongue

When we get stressed, we shift the natural PH of the mouth and the various bacteria that live in there. Don’t worry… they are supposed to live there but there is a natural balance between good and bad bacteria and when we get stressed out or shift the PH in the mouth, this changes. With that change, the “badies” take over and cause things like mouth ulcers, sores on the tongue and inflammation.

Solution: Obviously reduce stress but also make sure you use an all natural toothpaste that doesn’t alter the natural PH of the mouth too much. I personally love the Salty Kisses Toothpaste. Samantha also has a great Hippie Floss Oil, which will leave your mouth feeling cleaner than it has ever felt!

5.Feeling tired all the time

This is a big one and there are many reasons for it but it is your body yearning for rest. This could be a time-out from stress, a time-out from “body stress” or needing a break from routines which may drain you emotionally. It can also be that your body is simply overloaded with too many toxins which it has to work through.

Solution: Take care of your body from a physical stand-point. Give it the “tools” it needs to function well. This comes back to the fuel you put in the body – choose what you put in your mouth carefully! Next, take care of yourself from an emotional stand-point. Let go of situations, people or circumstances that no longer serve you or change how you approach these situations. Use the words: “Let it go” a lot more!


There are heaps and heaps of signs that your body wants help. When we start to notice and pay attention, then we can better connect with our body and support it better. Truth is, if we don’t… the signs and triggers just get bigger and bigger and louder and louder. Your body needs love and attention – make sure you give it that!


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Chezelle

    My finger on the left hand the one between the thumb and index finger, itches like crazy some days before my periods. I would itch it till it gets really red, soar and raw. I have no idea why it happens. I already have so many other symptoms to deal with. Thankfully I have found ways to control my leg pains, my extremely painful cramps don’t last 5 days its down to 2 days. But I get this annoying discomfort a week before were I feel this twisting feeling you the body preparing for the return of the storm :).
    The I have the hair popping out under the chin close to the time errrrr and pimples not really bad but the few I get is so stuborn.
    Then the fatigue and the joints pain is so draining. Especially when I’m doing my Zumba classes and weights training it makes it so difficult to be energize.
    But to be honest with introducing supplements into my diet where I take detox pills, Laminine, also a treatment to clean out the glycation from my cells etc and other pills to help with the inflammation. But I’m now realizing that my body is cleaning out fast than I can put back in the nutrients and my eating habits are way off.

  2. Kayjay

    I get this pimple right inbetween both the breasts and a lot more on my upper back at the start of period and all of these vanish right after the period is over.

  3. Melissa

    Hi Karin and thanks for reaching out hun. Great find on the Kelp connection 🙂
    The headaches around your period are totally related to hormone imbalances. I used to get these all the time. Try Maca Root powder, peppermint oil on the temples and make sure you get plenty of magnesium.

  4. Karin C.

    I cut out processed food years ago and saw an immediate change in my break outs in my skin. They were cyst like break outs that hurt along my jaw line. I also suffered from cysts on my ovaries to which the doctor only said “It’s normal, if it gets too bad we can do surgery”. Fast forward to the Japanese nuclear meltdown where we took iodine to help our thyroid not absorb any fallout they said might travel over to the US. Ta-da, my cysts on my ovaries don’t bother me hardly ever with regular doses of Kelp! My periods are always normal, almost never any PMS symptoms. I’m now 43 and just in the last year and a half have put on weight that doesn’t come off like it did before and just the last couple of months have started having headaches right when my period starts. I drink my water all the time, I drink coffee only on the weekends, I’m not stressed, I love my stay at homeschool job as a mom, have a wonderful husband and a wonderful farm. I too have tried natural remedies and cannot figure out where these headaches are coming from and what else to try! Any ideas!

  5. Anonymous

    Comment…weakness and abdominal pain.

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