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5 Signs that You Could Have Endometriosis

The signs of endometriosis might be a little different to the symptoms of endometriosis. To me, signs are signals, obvious visible things that could illustrate you have endometriosis. Symptoms are the kind of things you might get along with endometriosis and are part of having the condition. Naturally, the body is complex and there are always other reasons that you could have these but it appears that many endo women also have these 5 signs of endometriosis.

1. Black or dark blood when we menstruate
The traditional Chinese doctors call this “blood stasis” and it illustrates that there is blood “sitting” in our abdominal cavity and can’t get out. It essentially goes dark as it is old. It has been sitting in there for a while. Our menstruation should bring out red-looking blood and dark blood is quite common with women who suffer from endometriosis.

2. Lumpy bits or clots in your blood
This is very similar to the above sign of endometriosis but the clots illustrate that there is more cell growth occurring in your abdominal cavity than if you just had poor movement in the area. Clots are an indication of endometrial cells forming and growing. This is usually closely linked to the hormone estrogen and its overactivity. It is easy to get this measured and controlled, so it is well worth getting your hormones checked to see how you rank with those.

3. Swollen abdomen after your period
I used to get this so bad that my mom actually thought I was pregnant! The biggest key to this one is that the swelling actually occurs after your period. This is all those retrograde cells trying to find their way out of the abdominal cavity. The body is trying to heal the area and creates inflammation to do that.

4. Heavy and longer periods
The stuff that comes out is heavier and longer than normal. The average woman only has a period that lasts 4–5 days. I know women with endometriosis who have had their period for over 2 weeks. The average blood loss should be about 35–40ml. In extreme cases where blood loss is more than 200 ml, the term is called menorrhagia.

5. The weight gain, especially around the tummy area
This is also closely linked to estrogen dominance. Essentially, all our womanly characteristics are bigger! We have bigger boobs, a rounded tum, larger thighs and just look… shall I say “voluptuous”. This is certainly not one that applies to all women with endometriosis but it does seem to fit in well with the other signs of endometriosis.

These are some of the signs that you might have endometriosis. They are also good to note, if you already know you have endometriosis, because you can use them as a measure to see how you are doing with your healing. If you watch them closely, they can illustrate whether your endometriosis is getting better or worse!

Is there any you would like to add? Any obvious signs of endometriosis you would like to share?

I thought of one, that may be related… but I wasn’t sure if you have it too… a heightened sense of smell. I can smell everything and very distinctly. Do you get that too?

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Kara

    For the first 9 years after diagnosis I was skinny, very skinny, flat tummy, tiny boobs. Then it gradually changed over the next 9 years. I attribute it to the hormonal treatments that completely messed up my system. The rest I agree with 100% 😉

  2. Shawna

    You are right on with the 5 signs list. I have everyone you listed. Two surgeries later, and I still suffer from severe pain at times. Sadly the endo is definitely effecting my quality of life. Because of the chronic pain I’m tired a lot, which has pretty much put the kabash on my social life, even time with family and work. It’s hard for others to have compassion for us when we look normal from the outside. If only they could see the minefield inside. My belly looks 3 months pregnant most of the time from inflammation. I had lipo done on the stomach, but my waist size actually went up, due to the progression of endo. Sometimes I just wanna scream!!

    Please someone find a cure!

  3. KP

    i get you on the heighten sense of smell…couldnt figure out why but i guess it can be attributed to endo

  4. Allannah Law

    You are definitely on the money with that voluptuous idea. Guess who else suffered with endo – Marilyn Monroe!


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