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Should you have Surgery for Endometriosis Cysts?

Surgery can seem like an inevitable option. Doctors and surgeons are often quite pushy and can really pressure us into surgery, suggesting that it is our only option when it comes to the removal of cysts or endometrioma. When considering surgery, I really prefer to take a stance of: “First Do No Harm” which is from the Doctrine of Medicine.

In my mind, this means exploring and experimenting with every other possible option before going under the knife.

Here is when you might consider surgery though:

You have very Large Cysts

Cysts are often described in terms of fruit to give us a better idea in our mind as to their size. The larger the cyst, the higher the impact it will have on your ovaries and the higher the change of them bursting becomes. Anything above 5cm is considered higher risk. (Rupturing of cysts)

A burst cyst essentially means that the matter which your body has gathered up – the little pocket of things, is now dispersed within the abdominal cavity and can be incredibly painful. If the “little pocket”/cyst contained elements which trigger infection, then this can be quite dangerous and lead to sepsis. Interestingly, infection is often a trigger for cysts forming in the first place, so when we treat the infection, the cysts often shrink naturally avoiding both the concern of the cyst growing and bursting.

The Cyst is Impacting your Ovary

Getting pregnant might be your biggest wish and dream and if the cyst is sitting on the outside of the ovary, then this could inhibit your ovary from expanding with your cycle. This might inhibit your ability to produce eggs for fertilisation which thereby inhibits your chances of getting pregnant. You might want to consider surgery where the cyst is really large and easy to shrink surgically. A consideration with surgery is that there are always inherent risks and sometimes the ovary can be damaged in the process of trying to remove the cyst.

Discuss the options carefully with your surgeon to ensure they don’t remove your ovary during surgery and find the best possible way to preserve it. Ask plenty of questions and don’t be afraid to insist on a process you feel more comfortable with. For instance, you might suggest that if the cyst is hard to remove from the ovary, to simply leave the cyst where it is and drain it without completely removing it. (read more about draining cysts here).

The key point here is that we want to treat the REASON for the cysts forming in the first place to avoid them regrowing and reforming, whether you decide to have them surgically removed or drained.

You are Filled with Heaps of Anxiety and Worry about your Cyst Bursting

I remember when my sister came to me with a cyst she was worried about. Her anxiety was very high and she spent days and days worrying about it bursting.

All of that anxiety and worry is not good for your health and it is hard to overcome that, once it sets in. I know sometimes, we can get the impression that surgery is urgent or that we need to treat these cysts as quickly as possible. Firstly, consider that they have probably taken months to form and it has been a slow and gradual growth. Secondly, consider that there are women who have successfully treated their cysts completely naturally.

My sister regrets having the surgery and feels that her body was never quite the same again after it.

However, if you still feel worried and anxious and just want something done, then it might be worth considering surgery more carefully. Just be sure that you are well informed on exactly what the treatment involves and what medications and treatments will be offered afterwards.


Whatever you decide, please know that your body wants to heal and that it put the cysts inside of your body, so it can just as easily dissolve them.

If you want to find out more about my natural approach to healing the body, then visit the Shrink my Cysts Naturally page and get all the information, including the story of Deann and her incredible success story in shrinking her cysts in 8 weeks!

Hugs, Melissa x
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