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Severe Endometriosis? Will the holistic approach really be enough?

I had a wonderful talk with a young lady living in India a few days ago. She shared her life journey with having endometriosis with me and how severe it had become over the years. She really felt at a loss on what to do and kept asking more and more questions on things she could try and ideas she had heard about. I shared as much as I could and guided her on my approach and how she could support her body.

Then suddenly, something shifted in her face and the call suddenly got very quiet.

She looked somewhat uncomfortable and I knew something was not right. I asked her if everything was okay or if I had said something that she didn’t agree with or had questions about. It was strange because she looked like she was somewhat embarrassed to share her thoughts but eventually she revealed that she simply struggled to believe that something as simple as diet and lifestyle choices could possibly have an effect on what she considered severe endometriosis. She expressed that doctors had told her that she had endometrioma’s and severe adhesions and that they were so scared to operate because everything was such a huge “mess down there”. She was stuck in a terrible place of fear and was really worried that things would just get worse and worse.

Since having this conversation a few days ago, I thought I would share my response for you, since it might be something you are concerned about too:


Your body created endometriosis and can uncreate it

I often see Facebook posts or Instagram posts of women describing endometriosis as some foreign invasion. Some nasty element that has come in and destroyed their body. Like it is evil, cancerous or ugly. The thing is, endometriosis is something that your body has created. It wasn’t put there like some bacteria, virus or parasite. It is made up of your own cells and they just happen to be in the wrong place. Your body created the reaction, the adhesions, the cysts, the endometriomas. Your body made all of that and that means, your body can unmake it all. It is not separate from you. It is not ugly. It is part of you and you can heal from it.

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The more you can come to a place of acceptance and respect, rather than hate and anger, the more easily your body will heal and find peace.


We are not providing a cure

I have had so many women completely misinterpret the message that I share. I am not proposing that a diet, a supplement or any other natural remedy or recommendation is a CURE for endometriosis. They cannot be a cure. A cure implies that you take something and it is gone. The holistic approach simply doesn’t work this way. What we are doing when we approach endometriosis holistically is providing the perfect environment for our bodies to heal. We give the body the perfect diet that truly nourishes it, we give it movement in the form of exercise, we let go of stress and anxiety and we flush out the toxins that might be inhibiting it’s health. The body is then free and able to get back to a state of natural balance and it does the healing. Let me re-iterate: the body does the healing.

We have been created through utter genius. It is naive to think that we could ever truly understand the amazing workings of the body. It is highly complex and highly advanced. Let us step aside and let the body do what it does naturally – seek balance and heal itself.


What are the alternatives, really?

I know this is kinda hard but the reality is, that most of us have tried hormone treatments, surgery and a host of medical treatments to try and deal with endometriosis and sadly most of them just don’t work or inevitably make things worse. Putting synthetic things into the body, pumping the body full of pain-killers and taking endless drugs is not the answer! Those things simply add to the workload of the liver and that is the very organ we want to serve and protect with having endometriosis.

If anything these treatments can often be a contributor to more imbalances and more things your body has to deal with.


Stress and anxiety are NOT helping you

We’ve all heard it: stress is bad for you. We’ve all made the connection that when we feel stressed we get more pain or a symptoms flare up. There is definitely a connection and yet most of us create stress for ourselves simply by listening to people that re-iterate negative messages. Messages of “there is no cure” don’t help us feel empowered. Message of “there is nothing more we can do”, doesn’t make us feel positive or strong but leave us defeated and stuck – not an emotion that aids healing.

We have a choice on what messages we listen to and take in and what we decide to believe as truth. Yes, there is no medical cure but I have witnessed first hand how women have successfully overcome endometriosis by simply treating their body with more respect and care. We can choose to fill our head with worry, fear and helplessness or we can seek our messages of possibility, hope and real healing. That is our choice and ultimately will determine how we feel and the level of anxiety we experience around having endometriosis.

I can assure you that when you get to a place of nurturing your body fully, of taking responsibility and in taking back some power back over your health, that so much of your stress will naturally be reduced and inevitably aid your healing.

Stress is really that last thing you want to feel and the funny thing is that it is entirely optional. We can choose how we respond and what we believe. How are you creating stress for yourself when you don’t


Allow yourself to feel hope

I know how hard it can be to believe in something different. To connect with self and to really realise that sometimes we know better than doctors, on what our bodies really need. I know I certainly didn’t believe it could ever be possible to be rid of endometriosis. To feel free and alive without any limitation.

It is hard because of those repeated messages and because we are told that things are simply not possible.


In conclusion

I can tell you, that it is possible to manage endometriosis and that there are many women who have managed to get to a place where endometriosis no longer dominates their life. You can have that too.

Start by changing what you listen to, what you read and what you allow into your mindset. Once you’re filled with possibility and hope, then explore some things and see what really resonates with you. This is an adventure and this is a journey and you get to decide the path you want to take with it. Allow yourself to get empowered around your body, your health and ultimately the endometriosis.



Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Hi Kelly and welcome,
    Yes, we have had a few women conceive through our online program. It does take time and making some changes but it is definitely possible and helps you avoid IVF which isn’t so fab for our health or the health of our babies 🙂

  2. Kelly

    Thank you for the support and optimism! Have you encountered women who have healed AND conceived naturally/holistically? My obgyn told me IVF was my only option. I’ve decided to try diet, exercise, herbs, etc for a year before considering IVF. Thanks! Kelly

  3. Sara lucarelli

    Hello! Love your posts. I have been following for years as you know.

    I have a question. I am on the depo shot for my endo and am terrified of going off of it as I know my body will swing into full on estrogen mode and the intense pain and the bleeding will begin again…What advises you have for someone like me? If like to go all natural but I tried that for years before going on the depo as a last resort and it does help considerably with ebso symptoms..yet I know it isn’t awesome to be on anything synthetic especially long term… Doctors tell me to stay in it as it isn’t worth the risk to stop getting the shot (fear of adhesions swelling again etc. And since my growths are on my bladder and urethra it can be lots totally dangerous for the endo to get super active again)… How could I even begin to transition off depo I can’t imagine… What are your thoughts ? Thank you!!!

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