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Selenium linked to Preventing Endometriosis!

I have been reading about Selenium which is given to Cows to protect them from Endometriosis. They have been using this for cows for centuries! Luckily, we can learn from our cow friends….

Selenium is usually found in our soil and is then absorbed through the vegetables we eat. Unfortunately, through over farming and poor soil qualities in certain parts of the world (Australia and New Zealand :)) this natural mineral is usually in short supply in our diet. We also need to eat enough vegetables, which absorb the selenium, to ensure we get it.

Cows are given Selenium as it ensures they have more carves – production is therefore better! This is important to a farmer and he will ensure his cows are fertile and free from any condition which would prevent little carves from being formed. They worked out that it prevents Endometriosis and it would therefore also help reduce it if we already have it!

Here is what Selenium does:

It is an Anti-Oxidant

  • This means it helps our immune system and helps fight off disease

It helps the liver

  • Aids in the production of bile, which ultimately controls our hormone levels and fat content in the body.

Helps with brain function

  • This means better messages sent to the body to alleviate blood clotting, cholesterol build-up and high hormone levels.

Now before you go out and buy another supplement of Selenium, adding to a whole range of tablets you are already taking, lets consider some better alternatives for selenium.

My favourite option is from BRAZIL NUTS. Two nuts contain enough of our daily selenium requirement. Makes sure they are organic and kept in an airtight container for maximum freshness and all the selenium benefit you can get!

You can also get selenium from Spirulina, which contains other beneficial nutrients to go with it!

So, go out and hug a cow for this valuable information!

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Mzizi

    Guyz am also suffering from endometriosis had a laparatomy done in 2014 my challenge nowiz am in Zimbabwe I can’t all the Brazilian rice borax milk thistle where can I get all thes

  2. Wend

    Only at Christmas do we find unshelled in the stores otherwise we have to order them online. Shelled are all over in bulk bins.
    I’m in the USA so maybe we are just lazier here & need things done for us LOL

  3. Melissa

    Thanks Wend. I have never found shelled ones but interesting to see the difference. I would’ve thought it was the other way around? Do you know why that is?

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