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Seeds of Hope: Deann Shrunk Endometrial Cysts in less than 8 Weeks

Deann had proved the experts wrong…

Their initial words:

“You need to have the surgery as nothing else will remove your cysts.”

Deann didn’t want to have the surgery.


It filled her with dread and anxiety the minute she heard those words. Flashbacks came to her. The kneeling over in pain trying to go to the toilet after the surgery. How the antibiotics hadn’t agreed with her and she wasn’t just trying to poop but also throw up all at the same time. How that belching and pushing just sent shock waves of pain through her already sensitive abdomen. The bruising. The pain. The dreaded pain. The weeks and months of recovery and yet never feeling quite right ever again.

~~~ She was filled with a combination of fear and frustration ~~~~

Frustration that surgery was the only option presented to her.

Fear that she didn’t have another choice.

Perhaps it was the combination that drove her to search further?

She was tired of hearing the experts describe her body as weak and giving her no sense of hope on it ever healing on its own.

The words constantly ringing in her ears:

“You can’t…”

“Your body won’t ever…”

” You will never be able to heal…”

Their belief was so limiting. So stuck. It just made her feel like a victim within her own body.

Deann refused to accept this story. 

She had been told it over and over again and yet she insisted that there must be an alternative.

Her entire family went on a mad search to find that alternative. One day, she stumbled on a podcast. It was the podcast that changed the entire trajectory of her health from then on.

She discovered statements and heard words she had never heard before:


Shrinking Cysts

Shrinking endometriosis lesions

Coming back into balance

It filled her with hope that she hadn’t felt in years. 


After just 8 weeks of working together, Deann shrank those cysts significantly using my Shrink my Cysts Program. She was ecstatic. She couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it!

She was excited to share the results with her doctor. To show what the body could do.

Not only did her doctor not acknowledge this incredible achievement. She didn’t even want to know what had given Deann those results.

It upset Deann on many levels. It made her question her doctors motives and it made her question the entire system we base so many of our decisions on.

We trust in these experts to help us. To support us. To give us the best possible answers and to show an interest when we find something that actually helps the body to heal.

Of course not all doctors will give this response. Doctors are still just humans with a studied qualification and have different motivations and approaches.

Perhaps her doctor simply didn’t understand the body in the same way or care to understand it? Perhaps it is hard to fathom that when we provide the best environment for the body, then the body can get back to healing? Perhaps endometriosis just baffles doctors so much that they prefer to just cut it out and put us on the pill?


All I know is that Deann was proof enough for me to create the Shrink my Cyst program and to share it with you. To give you the tools and access to something that actually shrank her cysts naturally and without the risk and struggle of surgery.

Of course, there are no guarantees and we are all different.

However, this is an option which won’t harm your body and offers methods with a proven result.

Deann’s result. A real life women who proved what can be achieved.

This could be your result.

Isn’t it worth exploring?


I want you to know what is possible and to truly give your body the best chance at healing. Shrinking cysts isn’t something that is easily done just through diet changes. We need to understand the imbalances that have caused them to form so we can stop them from forming again. I also share some cool techniques which get the good stuff into the body from all sorts of wonderful angles!

My Shrink Cysts Naturally Program will show you all of this and so much more.


Hugs, Melissa x
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