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Wanna Remove Toxins and Mercury from the Body? This Might Be the Answer… Wanna Try It with Me?

So, I have been researching ways to detox after having amalgam fillings cos when I had mine removed a few months ago, I actually felt worse rather than better. I understand that the reason was that the method the dentist used to remove the amalgams was not ideal. It is likelyΒ that some mercury would have gone back into my body, in fairly high dosages.

What I found is a mineral which is found in volcanic ash. It is called zeolite.

It works like a magnet in the body and draws out all the mercury and toxins that exist in the body and then flushes them through the digestive system. I figured I would research it further as it may just offer us an alternative toxin release method!

Zeolite also seems to increase the rate of glucurodination in the liver. This is a process whereby toxins are made water-soluble so that they can be eliminated more easily from the body. When we take zeolite, the amount of pesticides, herbicides, and xenoestrogens released through the urine has been shown to increase as a result of the liver letting go of all its stored-up toxins. As we take liquid zeolites over time, the burden on our organs significantly decreases and the pH level of our body comes back into a healthy balance.

Along the same lines, zeolite is the only scientifically known compound to remove uranium-238 and may also be capable of removing radioactive plutonium and cesium as well. Uranium-238 is a type of radioactive uranium regularly used in depleted uranium weapons. It is also found as a by-product of nuclear power plants. It is radioactive, neurotoxic, an immunotoxin, and is linked to genetic abnormalities. When substances like uranium-238 or plutonium begin to decay, they cause a massive oxidation reaction, or free radical attack in the human body. Zeolite is scientifically shown to stop these oxidation reactions. Imagine what it could do for the toxins in our bodies!

I was intrigued by these statements and decided to see if there were any side effects to taking it.

I researched it everywhere and couldn’t find anything! I did discover that we have to be careful who we buy it through. So, I found a site that has a good reputation and whose product seems to validate that it is the pure and real thing we want. It is www.zeolite.com. I also discovered it on David Wolfe’s site and figured that was also a good sign!

I ordered mine yesterday and thought I might combine it with a basic detox at the beginning of December. Let me know if you want to join me. I am thinking around the 10th December. Just going to take zeolite and eat raw food for one week. Then take a day of not eating and flushing stuff out with apple juice. That’s it. That is all I want to do for now. One day of no food and lots of water and juice will probably be the hardest part.

I might up the detoxes as I feel stronger… I might even do the coffee enema… well maybe. So, let’s start with a milder version first and see how we go. Hey, we might only cope with 3 days… but I am willing to give it a go!

It would be awesome if any of you would do it with me, cos that way we can share the struggles of it all!

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    How do we get full? I always find I am so hungry by just eating fruit salad for breakfast. Any tricks? What about grains? What sprouting do you do? Do you think we will get too hungry? I don’t really want to lose anymore weight. How about you?
    Like the idea of Epsom Salt baths and skin brushing – I have done this on and off too… Coconut swirling – tick!

    I might have to find somewhere to do Panchakarma in India – that would be awesome! Excited is good!

    I am just going to try the Zeolite and see how I go! Hey, what is the worst that could happen?

    Looking forward to our detox! What recipe’s have you got? Do you have a dehydrater?

  2. Melissa

    Maybe I got that one wrong! Oh well I shall look into it – thanks for the info πŸ™‚

  3. Crissi

    Hi again Mel,
    I have never tried the charcoal for constipation (not sure about that one); but what I can say is that after taking it at night I get a bowel movement in the morning (warning: it is black just like the charcoal sorry to be so visual). When i get constipated, I tend to drift more towards fruits, veg and water with a teaspoon of Benefiber and this gets me going in at least 2 days without having to take a laxative.


  4. benita

    Melissa…great stuff…can’t wait πŸ™‚

    So, glass of warm lemonade to start with(not sweet of course)…..then fruit juice….then salad….and then veg juice…in between dandelion tea (i also like my green tea-i drink naturally decaf) and water…anything else?…maybe extra fruit if we get hungry…are we doing rice with salad for a bit of carb,or is that cheeky ? πŸ™‚
    I am not very good at taking supplements so I have all those in either powdered form or as a tea,so yes I am up for that too. Maybe we could through in couple of dead sea or Epsom salts baths,and skin brushing is very good for blood circulation(if you remember to do it that is-honestly there’s so much to do how do you fit it all in);and we could do that swirling of coconut thing you do,every day(i managed 15 minutes the other day but it gets boring)

    Panchakarma I am doing at the clinic for 14 days if all goes well,there will be lots of pampering massage,hopefully yummy food,meditating,yoga,aroma therapy…and maybe I will get instructions for what to do at home afterwards.I am trying not to expect too much from it but as you can see I am not doing well on that front,I get so excited that all those toxins will be out, I can’t help it πŸ™‚

    I read about Zeolite too and I have to say I am not sure about it as they all have their own story to tell and I just don’t know who to believe on if it is pure or not. I might ask my homeopath about it on Friday.

    Take care,B

  5. Melissa

    Hi Benita! So cool and so exciting that you are into all this stuff as much as me! πŸ™‚ Awesome! Lets do it – all the way raw for a week! Juicing twice a day and otherwise just raw food! Done!
    We can chat on Facebook too, just to motivate each other!
    I have tried Green Barley Grass but had to get it in a tablet and keep forgetting to take them – they are those powdery ones and I don’t like the taste! I was thinking what we could do is, do the detox and take all the “detox” related supplements with it – like Dandelion, Barley Grass, Spirulina, Chlorella. – if you have them that is. I have most of them and take them on those days I remember πŸ™‚ But, I could make a point of taking them with the detox.
    What are you doing for the Panchakarma? We could do that one together too – if you like….
    TM is great πŸ™‚ I used it when I first started with natural healing but you do need to work with a practitioner and with moving around it has been a little hard to maintain… Let me know how you go though πŸ™‚

  6. Benita Russell

    Hi Melissa,

    12th December is good, (we will finish just a day before my birthday on which I am planning to have my first cake since 1st August when I started with endo diet). So,perfect timing. Raw food makes me feel really good but preparing of it is very time consuming and you have to be very organised with all the overnight soaking and sprouting and there’s heaps of chewing to do. If you can coquer that ,then it’s plain sailing.When I did my version of detox back in August I did a combination of raw food and juicing..I had juices for breakfast and supper, and raw food salad at lunch…I think we should forget about cooked food in the week of detox as that would be no diff. to what we eat any other day and just go for it..it’s just one week right πŸ™‚ …what do you think?
    Benita x
    Whilst on the subject of detox…have you heard of Dr Gillian McKeith?..”You are what you eat” queen?…Well if you haven’t she has some super books and in one of them I found she talks about green barley grass as the Toxin Terminator. Have you heard of it or tried it? I am going to get some today to try.
    Also it seems that we looked up Ajurveda treatments about the same time and I am totally sold on that idea and will be doing the Panchakarma in spring sometime. I am starting with the initial course of TM in few weeks time as well, so soon I will be able to tell you how I feel about all that.

  7. Melissa

    Thank you Crissi. Is charcoal also used for constipation? I will definitely explore that one a little more! Would love to have you on the detox!

  8. Melissa

    Hi Benita. I am not totally sold on raw food. I always find the girls on raw to be so super skinny. They just don’t look healthy! Love to use the recipes though πŸ™‚ to incorporate into a cleanse. Maybe we can just go fruit and veg only for say 3 days – we can have it hot and cooked too? what do you think?
    I was thinking around the 12th December…just before the Christmas onslaught πŸ™‚ What do you think?

  9. Melissa

    Cool! We might have to adjust the detox slightly to fit in with the “winter chill” . You can stick to anything…just think of the pain you no longer want to have πŸ™‚
    Removal is definitely the first step though! Hope you heal well and your recovery is good πŸ™‚ big hugs

  10. Crissi

    Hi Mel,
    Great info as always. Just a little that I was told about the Amalgam fillings that you might find helpful. I was told that after removal of the fillings that it is very helpful to take charcoal tablets which are all natural and they are good for adsorbing the mercury; they are also good for removing gas, relieving indigestion, heartburn. Charcoal is said to be very adsorbent and adsorbs many gases. Anyway just thought I would share this with you as I am not sure what information you have about it and it uses but just sharing so u can have something to make you feel better faster; I usually take it for gas and get pretty good results. Enjoy the detox; thinking about joining you on that one, I just love detoxing.


  11. Benita Russell

    Hi Melissa,


    I was on raw/living food for nearly a month and would love to eventualy only eat raw food.I have lots of nice recipes wich make it much more enjoyable.The only problem I have is that it is winter here and raw food is cold πŸ™ but it will be a challenge for me. I can’t wait.
    We just need to talk about the details like the starting date etc.

    Best regards,Benita

  12. x

    I have a big pot of zeolite too (warning..it’s like drinking concrete!). I never seem to stick to these things, when problems continue.. (unlike you..you have more resolve) but, awaiting the removal of my final amalgam..I’ll try to remember to take the zeolite again from now.. will let you know.. not sure about the fasting as i have just had more surgery, and it’s winter.. but the powder i can do! good luck x

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