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Reduce Endometriosis Pain: 3 Things NOT TO DO

reduce endometriosis pain

Today I want to share some key things I see so many women do to try and reduce endometriosis pain. I know the internet and so many women are telling you to do these things but please know that they aren’t helping you.

So, today I want to share some key things NOT to do when you want to reduce endometriosis pain.

Avoid these 3 things you want to reduce endometriosis pain

Tip #1 Hot Water Bottles don’t reduce endometriosis pain long-term

Yes, I know you are attached to that hot water bottle. It has been your best-friend for your entire journey with endometriosis and all those painful periods. Here’s the problem. Your hot water bottle is a little like a good strong drink. It makes you feel better at the time and eases all the pain but it actually makes everything so much worse long term. You are simply exacerbating the endometriosis adhesions and triggering more inflammation.

Think about it… inflammation is hot, why add more hot to the already inflamed area? Want more info and need the researching bits on this? Read my recent on article on Endometriosis Pain Relief: Should you use hot or cold and also the interview with Chris on why you should stop using hot water bottles here.

I want to help you reduce endometriosis pain and this one is soooo common and yet using heat on the abdomen is causing so much damage.


Tip #2 Taking too many pain-killers

Oh this is your second best-friend in this whole endo struggle and here I am dissing them too! Oh no! What is a girl to do? But, just like tip 1#, these guys aren’t really your friend. They muck up your digestive health and make that area all inflamed and are a trigger for gut dysbiosis. Ever wonder why the pain doesn’t ease? It’s cos some of that pain might be coming from your colon, rather than endo. Constipation is a very common side-effect never mind more lasting effects like SIBO, Candida Albicans and all sorts of gut dysfunction. Unfortunately, they are also incredibly addictive.

What’s worse, pain-killers play havoc on your liver health. Every time you take them, you are adding to the load on your liver and if you know anything about endo and treating it naturally, you hopefully know that your liver and its health are crucial to actually allow you to reduce endometriosis pain.

That pain message is yearning to be heard and suppressing it with pain-killers isn’t really a long-term fix. You need to explore the reason for the pain and how to actually address the endometriosis lesions, adhesions and why that pain message is even there. Look deeper and quit the cover up. You know I am speaking from the heart when I tell you this: Your body wants you to resolve the REASON for the pain, rather than just suppressing the pain.


Tip #3 Taking hormone based treatments

I know you’ve been told that endometriosis is triggered by too many oestrogen’s. That it is essentially a hormone based condition caused by oestrogen dominance. Thing is… that is just a symptom and is not the true trigger. Besides, this is not the case for all women with endometriosis. The trouble with this theory is that women land up taking plant based or synthetic hormones in an attempt to regulate what they believe is too many oestrogen’s. We are assuming that by controlling hormones, we are going to reduce endometriosis and thereby reduce endometriosis pain.

When we take too many hormones and the back end is not working, we actually have an overload of hormones. Back end? Yes, your friend the liver and your digestion system as mentioned above. These guys make sure your hormones are all regulated and also ensure any excess can get out of your body properly. When those are backed up, then there is a backlog of too many hormones.

When I am talking about hormone based treatments, I am referring to anything that alters hormones. This could be Vitex, Red Clover and yes even Evening Primrose Oil. It can be the natural stuff or it can be synthetic stuff. Either way, we are not addressing the reason for endometriosis and in most cases it just compounds the imbalances which means more endo and more pain long-term.

In actual fact, we need to be exploring why there is increased inflammation with endometriosis and focus on treating the elevated inflammation, rather than hormones. New research is going in the same direction. More and more information is coming out about how ineffective the current treatment options are.

So, there you have it. 3 things to avoid to reduce endometriosis pain. I hope it gives you some insights on how to better manage your endometriosis so you can be more in control of your endometriosis.

Let me know if you need further insights on any of the things mentioned.

Hugs, Melissa x
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