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7 Natural ways to reduce Blood Clotting with Endometriosis

One of the things I realised when I was researching the blog I wrote on Fibrovan was the logic behind thinning the blood. See when our blood is thick and heavy, this promotes more clotting and endometriosis deposits on our insides! We want to reduce the clotting as much as we can and allow the natural flow to be as thin as safely possible. It is a risky to make our blood too thin as this will also reduce the bodies natural ability to clot. We need to be able to clot so if there is a problem, like we hurt ourselves the cut or wound can heal safely without too much blood loss. Make sense? I know we have started to hate the word “blood clot” but it is still a natural and important part of our bodies healing.

When the blood flows naturally, it becomes a natural period again and not something we hate and dispise. As the Chinese describe it…. heavenly water.

I decided to research some other options for thinning the blood naturally which wasn’t in a supplement but in a food. The advantage of this is that nature designs things to ensure we get all the necessary bits to absorb it and use it within the body. It also ensures we don’t take too much and of course it is much cheaper than buying more supplements 🙂

Here are 7 Natural Blood Thinners to reduce Blood Clotting for Endometriosis:

Please note: do not take any of these in high doses if you are already taking blood thinning medication.

1. Ginger

Yes you guessed it, this was always my favourite! I usually have at least two cups of ginger tea (home-made of course!) just before and during my period. It tastes yum and is super easy to make!

2. Dill

Dill is also one of my favourite herbs. It is a natural diuretic, which will help with the bloating and urinary issues you may have. You can chew the seeds to even help freshen your breath!

3. Garlic

This is seriously a remedy for just about anything. If you have any mucous build-up in the body, bacterial concerns or inflammation, then garlic will be your answer. It kills most infections! Have a garlic mushroom – roast a big field mushroom or portobello and soak it in garlic and olive oil! Yum and boy will it heal things inside, including thinning the blood. Hey, there’s a reason Vampires don’t like it!

4. Licorice Root

This is one I hadn’t realised was blood thinning or so beneficial. It is a really yummy tea – quite sweet! It also helps with inflammation in digestive tracts and helps flush out stuff we don’t want.

5. Cayenne Pepper

This one is super easy to add and has heaps of benefits outside of blood thinning. The big one is to help circulate the blood and invigorate the lymphatic system. Sprinkle on food with care as it can be quite spicy 🙂

6. St John’s Wort

I have always found this to be a great herb for depression or when you are just feeling a little low! Don’t take for too long as it does have sun and light sensitivity as a side-effect. It works wonders on PMS too, so a great one to take just before your period.

7. Ginkho Biloba

This one also stimulates circulation in the body. Also helps with memory and mental alertness. If you suffer from vericose veins and leg cramping then this one is definitely a brilliant one to add.


Okay Mel, so you have a major list here, which one should I take? All of them?

I personally like Ginger but also use St John’s Wort if I am struggling with any kind of sadness. I am also keen to add Ginkho Biloba to support my memory and increase my circulation.

As a guide I find increasing the quantity of any of these during pre-period days and on your period days helps heaps. You may also decide to only take them during those days. (especially when it gets better). I personally just take/drink/eat more of them just before my period and during my period.

Just pick the ones that sound good to you! Garlic, Cayenne Pepper and Dill are never bad to include in your diet and increase to higher quantities during those days. It isn’t necessary to take them continuously and definitely avoid taking Licorice Root and St John’s Wort for too long. (as in months). Mix and match is generally a good rule of thumb and that way you won’t get bored of them!

I don’t get them nasty clots anymore 🙂

A key to any of this is knowing when your period is due 🙂 If you don’t keep a good diary, you can download the ovulation calender which makes this super easy – it also tells you when you are ovulating and sends you an email each day to tell you where you are at.



Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. charmaine

    hi im using blood thiners from 2oo5 untill now and im also using cayeen pepper is it safe for me

  2. Melissa

    Hi Sommer and sorry for your struggles! It sounds like your body has simply gone out of balance -by quite a bit but that is okay. The diet shouldn’t make you loose too much weight but should supply your body with the best nutrients it needs and healthy food to give your body strength to heal and be better. I know it is hard to stick to but it does work – as you realise I am sure 🙂
    There are some chinese herbs which might alleviate your immediate symptoms of extra bleeding and clotting. Try Ghu Zhi Fu Ling Wan for now. Just try and cut out cold foods for now – ice-cream was my culprit too! Stick with lots of warming and heating foods like risotto, pumpkin and soups. Eat heaps – never starve yourself! http://endoempowered.com/my-new-treatment-plan-follow-up/

  3. Sommer


    I just found your site. Looking to treat my endo naturally. I have a long story also and had everything under control through diet until this last August when something went haywire. The summer months are hard for me as I like ice cream, especially when everyone else is eating it at the shops and i just sit there:( We were going camping and I just kept telling myself, one smores wouldn’t hurt. Well that turned into two or three of course. In August I had a battle with my endo that I hadn’t had in two years. Brought back horrible memories and tremendous amounts of pain. It hurt badly to sit and stand! Needless to say I have tried to stick to the “diet”. But a twist has appeared, and I am now having my period every 14 days and the clotting gets work each time! With only 5 to 6 days of relief from bleeding is not working well for the emotional aspect. I am ready to give up and need some encouragement. Have you run across any info on sudden change in cycle? Any advise would be great! I am worried to get to “involved” with the diet again as I did this two years ago and lost 50lbs going down to a weight of about 123lbs which made me look horrible. Felt like I was starving myself, actually it felt like my body was eating itself because it was so hungry. Sorry for going on and on, but feel like I am at the end of road:)

  4. Melissa

    Hi Melissa and nice to have you back 🙂 You can always go back on the chinese medicine and combine it with other natural methods which focus on pain reduction. Going for anti-inflammatory diets and focusing on inner core strength healing helped me heaps with the pain levels. There is chinese medicine which is fairly mild and easy to incorporate without massive expense. I use it whenever I notice the blood getting clotty or dark. It is called Gu Zhi Fu Ling Wan. You can get it off Amazon. Check it out in this article I did. http://endoempowered.com/my-new-treatment-plan-follow-up/

  5. Melissa K

    When I was taking Chinese herbs and doing enormous diet changes, my clotting disappeared. I ended up, emotionally, feeling really positive about seeing bright red, liquid blood, since my regular periods were never like that. I felt sort of proud of myself for being so productive, and felt like it was cleansing to let it go. If I had had an accompanying reduction in pain, I might have found some willpower to stick with the program beyond 4.5 months (now I’m clotty again). I remember my very first period when I was just eleven years old. No one ever told me that blood could be colors other than red and consistencies other than liquid, so I was terrified and had no idea what was happening to me. I remember, as an eleven-year-old, being worried that I was unclean, which is kind of a sad thought. I will tell any future daughters of mine that the blood might not be red or liquidy, and that that’s OK. By the way, the clotting is in line with Chinese Medicine theories around “blood stagnation.” I remember seeing those words and thinking – yes! that makes sense for me! I feel so stuck!

  6. Belinda

    Hehehe… I realised it too after I’d posted my comment *blush* Thanks for the tip on the Gu Zhi Fu Ling Wan!

  7. Melissa

    Ironic statement – thick and all that 🙂 ha ha. I also used Traditional Chinese Medicine and it definitely does wonders for the blood thickening and pain side of things. If you wanted a mild easy to get version, you could try Gu Zhi Fu Ling Wan. I found it pritty easily online and it does definitely help and it is very affordable. Not as strong or as effective as going to see someone but it will definitely help until you get to that 🙂

  8. Belinda

    How thick am I??? All this time, I have never made the connection between the clotting and Endo until now! I’ve been suffering from clotting for about 10 years, each year it gets steadily worse. My endo was described as “mild” in 2008, who knows how bad it is now though. I will certainly try your suggestions, but as soon as it is affordable I will be using Traditional Chinese Medicine as this worked wonders for me a couple of years ago, it thinned my bleeding out within two months and it was a totally painless period for the first time in years.

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